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Plants vs Zombies: Sendout! is a new Plants vs. Zombies game that features a new way to play in the series. It features many new members of the Plants and Zombies, as well as introduces a new play style, where plants are sent to destroy a zombie base.

This game uses it's predecessor's (Plants vs. Zombies 2) art style.

The Game Concept

The main concept of the game (in levels) is to send out plants to defend your base from zombies and destroy the zombie base in return. You have to spend Sun to play these plants.

Sunny Station

Your Sunny Station functions as both your base and sun generator.

As a base, it has a certain amount of HP, and if zombies damage the Sunny Station enough that is loses all it's HP, you lose the level. So, you must play plants to defend the station and destroy the zombie's station in return so that you can stop the zombies from coming and win the level.

You can upgrade your station's health using Gold CoinCoins. Zombie stations naturally get more health in harder levels.

Station Health (Level 1)
500 HeartPvZH

The Sunny Station also generates sun. You start a battle with 30SunPvZH immediately. It always starts level 1 and generates about 10 sun per second, and your sun bank is 200 (meaning you can only save up to 200 Sun Power). You can level up the Sun Power Generator to up to 5 levels every match. This is a sun power graph.

Sun Station Level Sun per second Maximum Sun
Level 1 10 per sec 200 SunPvZH
Level 2 15 per sec 300 SunPvZH
Level 3 25 per sec 500 SunPvZH
Level 4 30 per sec 800 SunPvZH
Level 5 40 per sec 1500 SunPvZH

Features and Mechanics

Sun Power

(See above for more details.) Sun Power in this game is what is used to spawn allies. A fraction at the right-hand corner of the screen shows you how much Sun Power you have. In a level, the Sun Power can be upgraded so it gets produced faster, but it will always reset back to 1 at the end of a level. However, upgrading with Gold CoinCoins you get from beating levels can help make the Sunny Station create more sun, and make even more sun when upgraded in levels.


A loadout is a group of ten plant units spaced out in fives by two bars. Bars will always contain 5 plant units, as there are no upgrades to level up bar space. You will place plant seeds for units you want to bring into a level into these loadouts. To switch between the two bars with plants in them, swipe/drag up or down. You start with 3 spaces for loadouts that you can fill with plant units and save. If you want more loadouts, you will have to purchase them with Gold CoinCoins.

Gold CoinCoins

Gold CoinCoins are the in-game currency of Sendout! They are acquired by completing levels, finishing subchapters or level packs, and completing gamemodes. They can also be bought in certain amounts using real money, or can be acquired when trading an unwanted unit for them. Amounts of Gold CoinCoins acquired vary from the difficulty of the tasks.


Sometimes, when playing a normal level, bosses may appear. Bosses are more powerful or new zombies that will appear in levels. Bosses also cannot be pushed behind the enemy base, but their reinforcements can.

Boss Shockwaves

Boss shockwaves will spawn with bosses. They will push back your units a little from the base so the boss and any reinforcements coming with it will have some time to block the path of their base from you. This ensures that in order to win a level, you must get past the boss first. Boss shockwaves will appear with any kind of boss, from bosses in Boss Events, to normal bosses in levels.


Knockbacks are features of units and enemies in this game, where when a certain percentage of their health is reached, they are pushed back some distance. Both plants and zombies have knockbacks. Boss zombies cannot be knocked back behind the base. However, lesser zombies and all plants can, meaning they will leave the base unguarded once knocked behind it, and the base can be attacked instead of the units.


Collectibles are items that are currently exclusive to Otherverse. These particular objects can be obtained from Small Worlds and boss battles. They usually have a very abstract design, and some are even in different art styles. Obtaining specific amounts of collectibles will grant you access to hidden minigames and bonus levels. Finding them all unlocks a secret boss battle. The amount maximum amount of Collectibles that you can obtain is 20, in which you have collected them all.


Areas are essentially clumps of levels in certain parts of the map. The amount of levels in an area has no limit, although usually the amount is kept at average rates. Uncompleted levels will have a marker on the red that's red. Completed levels have a blue map marker. Optional levels have a green map marker, and will transition to blue upon completion. When you finish a level in an area, new paths can potentially open, which will allow you to access new levels, sometimes more than one. Occasionally, there may not even be a new path created at all.

Optional Levels

Certain levels within areas are optional, for they are harder levels then the ones you will normally find in those parts of the map. Consequently, however, they offer big rewards that will help boost the player while battling throughout the game. These are optional levels. You can usually tell what an optional level on the map would look like, as, mentioned above, it's "uncompleted" map marker is green, unlike the reds of normal levels.

Small Worlds

Small Worlds are another type of Optional Level that is exclusive to Otherverse. Small Worlds can revolve around certain enemies, mechanics, and even be special levels that limit something that would normally be in the player's arsenal, such as the amount of plants they can bring to a level. Small Worlds also usually have multiple levels in them, most having only two or three. For beating Small Worlds, you can earn a Collectible and usually a normal small bonus rewards of Coins and, on rare occasions, a new Plant.

Event Areas

While still being related to the story mode areas listed above, areas accessed in events follow a much different layout. Usually when playing an event level pack, there will only be just one area, with no bonus optional levels. When one level is completed, there is no other choice there but to head to the next level in sequence.

Subchapter Areas

Essentially, subchapter areas are the same as event areas: there are no optional levels, and you must follow a set path.



Adventure mode is the story mode of Plants vs. Zombies: Sendout! It contains 6 areas of varying difficulty, as well as 20 optional levels in total embedded in those areas. Each area has an endboss, and all endbosses must be defeated to challenge Dr. Zomboss. Defeating Dr. Zomboss means you have completed Adventure Mode. Completing Adventure Mode will unlock Fivelanes mode, which is below.


Fivelanes mode is the gamemode unlocked after completing Adventure. It is essentially the same as Adventure mode, in the context of it's levels and areas. Instead of fighting on a straight path where allies must be constantly sent out, you now battle on five separate lanes, with both sides' bases stretching along on the end of the left and right sides of the paths. Allies can be spawned separately along these five lanes, as well as enemies. This mode also changes the capabilities of some plants and zombies, such as MC Zom-B's mic swing reaching a 3x3 area. This mode adds more difficulty and strategy to the game, but offers better rewards for completing levels than Adventure. Upon completing Fivelanes, you get 2,500 Gold CoinCoins and a gold trophy with the player's entered name embedded in it. This trophy will permanently appear on the menu screen of the game once earned.

I, Zombie

I, Zombie is another gamemode unlocked after completing Adventure. This mode takes place in an alternate universe where the plants have backed the zombies all the way back to Dr. Zomboss' base. Now, the zombies must work their way out and stop the plant invasions by taking over the source: the human's house. In this mode, the zombies are now the side that the player controls. It has almost the exact same level structure as normal Adventure, except now the player must work their way out to the human's house, which is where the final boss fight of this mode will take place. Funnily enough, the enemies in this mode are all real plants that you unlock and use in normal gamemodes. You will be given a set loadout of zombies for each level, meaning you will have to make a new strategy to find out how to deal with the plants using the set loadout given to you. Upon completion of I, Zombie mode, you get 3,000 Gold CoinCoins as well as a golden trophy of a Basic Zombie that will permanently appear on the menu screen of the game once earned.


Otherverse is a gamemode unlocked after completing Adventure. Otherverse will be a much bigger version of Adventure, with many new quirks and features to explore, including 8 different, unique areas, all updated with enemies found in both Adventure and the subchapters. 

Otherverse will play out much like Adventure, in the way of areas and optional levels. However, the similarities end there. The optional levels aren't actually levels, but are called Small Worlds, which will consist of 2 to 3 levels focusing on a certain mechanic. More information about this is located in the Areas section.

Introduced with Otherverse as well are Collectibles. These peculiar objects will grant you access to hidden levels, minigames, and even a boss battle if you collect enough. See Features and Mechanics for more information.

Pinata Party

Pinata Party is a feature returning from Plants vs. Zombies 2. In this game's version of the Pinata Party, players get to bring a specific loadout to the stage, which is randomly picked out of many other pre-created stages made for this gamemode. These stages will have a description of what zombies can be expected, ranging from vague to well detailed based on the difficulty of the stage. There are also zombies exclusive to the Pinata Parties which can be encountered. Each day at 12:00 AM, a new daily Pinata Party stage is chosen for players to attempt.

Upon beating a Pinata Party stage, the player gets to destroy 3 pinatas out of a grid of 12. These pinatas can have rewards ranging from Gold CoinCoins to Normal or Rare plant tickets. In each grid of pinatas, there is a grand prize awaiting in one of them. This prize could be a large sum of Gold CoinCoins, or even a unit exclusive to Pinata Parties. If five Pinata Party levels are won in a row, the player gets to destroy Señor Pinata, a large pinata resembling a zombie base. Señor Pinata could contain the aforementioned rewards of the grand prize, an Uber Super Rare unit, a Pinata Party-exclusive unit or an out-of-season Event unit.

Update History


Update 3.0 (Dimension Hoppers)

-Added the Otherverse

-Added Pinata Parties

-Added the Summer Nights event

Desc.: Welcome to the release of the big, bad, update 3.0! Well, it's not really bad...but it certainly is big. Big like space and the universe. Speaking of the universe...introducing the Otherverse! This new gamemode takes place in another dimension! Explore an advanced map filled with levels updated with powerful zombies from subchapters, and face exciting challenges in the Small Worlds, where your strategic abilities are truly put to the test. Now that's something to celebrate about! And what better way to celebrate than with a party. A Pinata Party! That's right, Pinata Parties are returning from Plants vs. Zombies 2! Take on a daily challenge for a chance at getting valuable rewards, such as...Pinata Party-exclusive plants?! Or how about you take on Senor Pinata, a big beefy pinata that can give you an UBER SUPER RARE? But to get to him, you gotta get through 5 parties in a row. Gee, I know what I'm doing this week!


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These are the previous updates of Plants vs. Zombies: Sendout!

Tree of Wisdom
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Update 2.7 (Zoo Planet)

-New, animal related plants

-New, animal related zombies

-New subchapters

Desc.: Since the zombie apocalypse, you can guess there won't be much use for zoo animals. In this case, the humans have set them free. How wrong they really are...introducing 2.7: Zoo Planet! This outdoorsy update will bring these animals to the battle of Plants and Zombies. Dogs, birds, snakes, kangaroos, even coyotes, oh my! Recieve one of 5 new animal-themed plants using Plant Tickets, and defeat critters and creeps alike in the three new subchapters coming to the game as well! Now that the cat's out of the bag, and wandering towards the battlefield, it's time to tame and shame in the new Update 2.7: Zoo Planet. Download today.

Update 2.6 (Anti-Plant Power!)

-Many new plants that target certain typings

-A new feature - Knockbacks

Desc.: Are you having trouble dealing with those pesky variant zombies? Look no further to Update 2.6: Anti-Plant Power! In this update, we have added many new plants to help deal with the villanous zombies. These plants can slow, freeze, and deal extra damage to their target typing! This might be blowing you away right now, but it didn't. Why? You just got knockbacked! This new feature of the game allows for both friends and foes to be pushed back when weakened enough. Push those pesky zombies behind that base, and damage it all you want. But be careful that your tricks aren't used against 2.6 today!

Update 2.5 (Xtra Aliens)

-A new zombie type: Aliens!

-5 new subchapters

-4 new Alien-type zombies

-4 new plants

-New gamemode: I, Zombie

Desc.: Ready for the biggest abduction of the century? Me neither. Prepare for the Xtra Aliens update! With the new appearance of Project Arv. in Lunar Lagoon, more of his buddies have decided to join the fight! Battle the new species across 5 new subchapters with 4 totally new plants, and even try out the zombies for a spin with I, Zombie! Download 2.5 now!

Update 2.0.2

-Secretly added new boss zombie

Update 2.0.1

-Bug fixes

Desc.: Just swatting some bugs so you can play happily.

Update 2.0 (Battle of the Toughest)

-1 new Subchapter, the hardest up-to-date

-6 new enemies (including bosses)

-3 new boss events

-Fivelanes mode

Desc.: Welcome to Sendout's biggest update yet! We have a lot to talk about. Our first new addition to the game is our toughest subchapter yet, Lunar Lagoon! Battle against extraterrestrials and astronauts alike, for a total of eight levels. We have also added Bosses! These extra tough zombies appear with their reinforcements in special events that will only appear for select amounts of time. Defeat these bosses to earn exclusive plants! Our final addition is Fivelanes mode. Have you wanted more difficulty out of Sendout? Maybe more strategy? Just for those who complete adventure, Fivelanes is here! Replay Adventure and send out units to battle zombies...on five different lanes?! New optional level plants await, as well as more variety and secrets in gameplay. Can you complete these challenges and hike over the difficulty spikes in this new update? Find out for yourself in Update 2.0: Battle for the Toughest.

Update 1.5.1

-Added 2 more subchapters

-Added 3 new zombies in subchapters

Update 1.5 (Subchapter Suprise)

-Added 5 starting subchapters

-5 new plants

-10 new zombies in subchapters

-Added descriptions for holiday plants

Desc.: Completed Adventure, but don't know what to do? Subchapters have you covered! Take on these collections of tougher levels!

Update 1.0 (Game Release)

-Added rest of Adventure mode

-Added tickets and base Gold CoinCoins content

-Added more zombies

-Added holiday events

Desc.: Beta's over, time for the real deal. Play through and finish Adventure, earn Gold CoinCoins, battle until you drop against new zombies, and face exclusive levels for certain holidays!

Closed Beta

-Only tutorial levels

-Only BASIC plants

-Only 6 zombies


These plants are used to defeat the base-destroying zombies and break down their base instead. Some plants are more outfitted to deal with specific types of zombies.

Plants with BASIC rarity are unlocked after completing a certain stage in the tutorial.

Others must be unlocked with Plant Tickets that can be bought with Gold CoinCoins, or gotten by completing events.

Plants unlocked with Plant Tickets can be traded in for Gold CoinCoins, and can be worth even more when upgraded.


These plants are the ones available in the game somehow or somewhere.

Serial Number Unit Ability and Information Sun Cost Image Recharge Rarity Update of Release Knockbacks Flavor Text
#1 Peashooter The first unit you unlock, the Peashooter uses low-range attacks to defeat enemies and is pretty well-rounded. 50 Peashooter2 4 Secs. BASIC Closed Beta 3 Ever since Zomboss started deploying zombie bases, and his fellow plants started to combat them, Peashooter has been looking back to see how the battle spiralled so out-of-control.
#2 Wall-nut Meatshielding unit. Melee unit meant to defend other units and absorb damage, but is not very damaging itself. 100 Wall-Nut2 6 Secs. BASIC Closed Beta 1 Ever since Wall-nut won his first bowling championship last fall, he's been trying to settle down. Unfortunately for him, the zombies came in with their bases at the last second. Now he's back at the frontlines, and he's not any kind of fan of it.
#3 Sunflower She may not be very powerful, but her mediocre-range attack allows her to hide behind cover whilst giving you extra sun. 75 Sunflower2 8 Secs. BASIC Closed Beta 2 Sunflower built the Sunny Station's automatic sun-generating feature in. Now she has big plans to release her own automatic sun-generating toasters. Don't ask why specifically toasters.
#4 Chomper A formidable, close-range attacker that can soak in a few hits, and deal big damage up close. 500 Chomper2 14 Secs. BASIC Closed Beta 3 Chomper is selling his line of enchanced breath mints. Unfortunately, he hasn't taken one himself...
#5 Bonk Choy A strong melee fighter, Bonk Choy moves fast and unleashes stunning punches, but has rather low health. 200 Bonk Choy2 9 Secs. BASIC Closed Beta 4 He's been costing the local gym a lot of money in new punching bags.
#6 Snow Pea A Peashooter variant that slows regular enemies it hits with an icy attack, at the cost of health. 350 Snow Pea2 12 Secs. UNCOMMON 1.0 2 Unlike what most would expect out of an ice-cold pea like him, Snow Pea would like to visit the beach next summer.
#7 Potato Mine Potato Mine runs up to enemies and explodes, dealing heavy damage, but has low health. 400 Potato Mine2 12 Secs. UNCOMMON 1.0 0 He hasn't gotten the chance to replace the batteries for his glowing attachment. Nobody seems to sell P0T4T0-brand batteries these days.
#8 Cactus Cactus is a strong ranged fighter that has a very long range, but has trouble if enemies get too close. 400 Cactus2 13 Secs. RARE 1.0 2 Cactus has been doing well on her plan of staying humble. She's been shooting thorns like always, and has adapted to a more of a "sniper" personality after she encountered zombies with firearms with some other plants...but she's still spongy on the inside. Good old Cactus.
#9 Cabbage-Pult A moderately strong fighter that can attack over defenses, shields, and other zombies. 800 Cabbage-pult2 20 Secs. RARE 1.0 2 Even after many weeks of researching and reading and checking with Crazy Dave to verify his information...he still hasn't found out how the zombies got onto the roof.
#10 Kart Chompers Comes onto the field in a rocket-propelled shopping cart, dealing heavy damage to any enemy it slams into, then spawns a Chomper. 1000
Kart Chomper2
30 Secs. SUPER RARE 1.0 3 Was invited to race with "some popular italian plumbers and a turtle". He declined - zooming on and around the streets is enough of an action-packed life for him.
#11 Lightning Reed Lightning Reed can shoot lightning bolts that can arc to multiple zombies, and consecutive hits can give an increased chance to stun enemies. 425 Lightning Reed2 8 Secs. RARE 1.0 3 Lightning Reed works at a power plant when he's not fighting zombies. It's shocking how well he does his job.
#12 Grape Ape A slow but strong monkey-grape hybrid. When he reaches the Zombies, he pounds them with the combination of high damage and area attacks, but is slow and is close-ranged. 600 10 Secs. SUPER RARE 1.0 2 Grape Ape volunteers at the zoo as a replacement for the gorillas when they have their medical appointments. Though sometimes when he's with the gorillas, he feels like he's home. I mean, sure, fighting zombies with the plants is cool and all, but sometimes he just wishes that he can go back to where he was in his life beforehand.
#13 Muncho Mother A mother to many Munchos, she can produce them constantly, bringing in extra allies to the fight.  875 35 Secs. UBER SUPER RARE 1.0 1 She works hard for her Munchos, but they eat as much as a Chomper every day! Parenting is hard.
#14 Munchos While these small Chompers may be not the strongest plant, they are still cheap to send, and will willingly fight and zombies. Can be used as a weak Meatshield. 30
3 Secs. UNCOMMON 1.0 1 Munchos of a feather, playing with their toy trucks together. They're not sure if they'll ever find out how to drive a massive 20,000 pound vehicle, but they don't really care.
#15 Fire Pea A Peashooter variant with the power of fire on it's side. It is Anti-Red and deals more damage over time to enemies it hits. 500
Fire Pea-1553431810
10 Secs. SUPER RARE 1.0 3

She works as a firefighter, and had to point out that she isn't what the others were called to put out multiple times, but she's a valuable member of their team.

#16 Tightrope Chomper A Chomper on a...well, a tightrope. It has a longer range then the regular Chomper and deals more damage, with the cost of a longer recharge time and more expensive cost. 550
20 Secs. SUPER RARE 1.0 2 Worked at a circus for a few years before "the tightrope incident" happened. No, we don't know what that was about either. But we do know that fighting zombies is more exciting, pays more, and Tightrope Chomper enjoys his new work.
#17 Alien Flower A Sunflower variant that produces more sun and deals more damage with Area Attack. It has a 30% chance to inflict a Freeze effect on enemies. 600 22 Secs. SUPER RARE 1.0 3 Alien Flower is going to try and prove the ZIA wrong about alien plant life. Is she crazy?!
#18 E.M Peach A peach that attacks using a blue electromagnetic field. Can only attack once, and disappears once done doing so. Anti-Metal and Anti-Electric. 500
EM... Peach
20 Secs. RARE 1.0 0 Don't use your phone at the dinner table. Especially if you're with E.M Peach.
#19 Citron A robot orange with a quick-firing laser beam, Citron can trade more blows than he will take in a battle. Anti-Metal. 625 25 Secs. SUPER RARE 1.0 2 Citron was originally here to chew bubblegum and kick Z-Mech butt, but since then he's gone to the store to get a new pack of gum. Now he can do both at the same time! Unless he's not capable of multi-tasking.
#20 Pea90 More of a mutation than a plant, Pea90 has morphed a P90 for a head. This feature allows it to shoot quickly. Anti-Metal and Anti-Regular. 700 20 Secs. SUPER RARE 1.0 3 Hoards frozen peas for ammunition. The grocery store manager isn't very fond of his habit but Pea90 doesn't care.
#21 Iron Maiden This tough meatshield stands strong and tall, with more health than others. While he may be costly and have a slower recharge, he still is powerful. Weakens zombies with low health. 250
Iron Maiden
15 Secs. SUPER RARE 1.0 2 His cousin Juggernut is a bit jealous that he got to work in cooperation with Cactus at one point. But would Juggernut really have wanted to be in the way of zombie missiles?
#22 Bomberpea

This Peashooter variant has a bomb for a head and shoots bombs that have a 50% chance to stun Black enemies.

200 15 Secs. RARE 1.0 2 His main fear is that someone would light the fuse on the back of his head. It really scares him, y'know?
#23 Juggernut This Wall-Nut variant is a polar opposite of its normal counterpart. He is a melee unit that moves fast, has a nice health amount and deals good damage upon slamming into an enemy. 600 20 Secs. SUPER RARE 1.5 4 Juggernut may be jealous of his cousin Iron Maiden, but Juggernut is just glad he was able to participate in battles against zombie heroes. Unfortunately, he developed a fear of rolling stones after that experience.
#24 Drum Plum This plant walks out onto the field with a drum. It attacks long range by beating the drum and using its booms to defeat zombies. 400 11 Secs. RARE 1.5 2 Has a fierce rivalry with Drum Major, who seems to have stayed in the card game industry.
#25 Squish This tiny Squash will make small hops onto the battlefield. Upon encountering a zombie, it will jump up and pound on its head for a melee attack. Has low health and can count for a meatshield as well. 125 5 Secs. UNCOMMON 1.5 3 Look, he may not be very good at crushing zombies, but he tries his best! And that's all that matters.
#26 Venus Flyzap This long-ranged carnivorus plant will charge up a laser in its mouth once encountering a zombie to shoot. After 4 seconds of charging, the laser fires and will deal massive damage to zombies with Area Attack and Anti-Black. 1100 30 Secs. UBER SUPER RARE 1.5 2 Venus Flyzap is a big fan of laser tag, but he prefers to use his own lasers instead of a plastic laser gun. This has gotten him kicked out on multiple occasions, but at least he won't get kicked out of the lawn by beaming down zombies.
#27 Magnet-Shroom Using its magnetic force allows it to have a 25% chance to freeze Metal enemies for 2 seconds. Works better in groups! 175
8 Secs. UNCOMMON 1.5 3 Works at a hardware store. The most efficient at storing buckets, but can't do anything about wood.
#28 Saturnip Uses her rings to deal damage to close enemies. Has a 40% chance to freeze Aliens. 200 12 Secs. RARE 2.5 2 Saturnips wasn't named after the planet Saturn. She was named after one of the kids at school who can spin hoola hoops the longest. No, you shouldn't tell her.
#29 Blackburry A hopping blackberry with a shovel. When he attacks, he will have a 50% chance to freeze Normal units. Area Attack. 320 15 Secs. SUPER RARE 2.5 2 His night shift has him working in the graveyard, where he bonks zombies back into their graves using his shovel. It's fun!
#30 Coconaut An extremely long ranged coconut with a laser pistol. Shoots hard and shoots moderately quickly. Has a 75% chance to freeze Electric units. 800 35 Secs. UBER SUPER RARE 2.5 3 As the first coconut in space carrying the first laser pistol in space which is the first to combat zombies in space, he's gotta say that he has a lot of firsts on his hands.
#31 Booming Onion Will roll up to enemies and blow up with a powerful Anti-Alien explosion. 180 10 Secs. UNCOMMON 2.5 0 Is a friend of Cherry Bomb, but has a different opinion on whether to explode or detonate. He likes to go BOOM!
#32 Doomato Uses powerful Area Attacks to deal hard-hitting damage. Anti-Red. 300 8 Secs. RARE 2.6 3 Bringing doom to the zombies is his hobby. To be honest, we're kind of afraid of him.
#33 Sun Gun Her power grows depending on what level your generator is. Anti-Electric. 620 18 Secs. SUPER RARE 2.6 2 Sun Gun used to be a normal Sunflower, until she put on this awesome sun-blasting weapon on her head! Now she's a normal Sunflower...but with an awesome sun-blasting weapon on her head. Her superpower story really isn't that great, but she enjoys it.
#34 Knives Chives Instead of long stalks, there are knives. These chives headbang to repeatedly stab the zombies with the knives. Anti-Black. 270 10 Secs. RARE 2.6 1 In their off-time they work as a sushi chef. Sure, they may be stinky after their work hours, but those are some delicate cuts they make.
#35 Prime Chompy A very strong, tanky, melee unit that will attack with long, drawn out bites that utilize Area Attack. Very strong against all typings except Metal. 1750 40 Secs. UBER SUPER RARE 2.6 4 Despite her name, Prime Chompy is now past her prime. She's only enjoying 5 zombies at once as a meal instead of 6.
#36 Lettuce Target A peculiar meatshield that will be targeted by zombies once in their range, in favor of other plants. A tankier meatshield. Weakens Black, Red, and Alien enemies. 415 9 Secs. SUPER RARE 2.6 2 Lettuce Target enjoys letting the plants use her target while she holds it up. But don't hit her instead of the target. That's where she gets mad.
#37 Horseshoe Shamrock Tosses metal horseshoes that will occasionally freeze Metal enemies. Also resists Metal enemy attacks. 505 16 Secs. RARE 2.6 2 He has a superiority complex over almost everything. Except horses. He's a big fan of horses.
#38 Beta-Carrotank This powerful carrot tank will shoot carrot missiles that will deal Area Attack explosions out to their frontline! But be careful, as this tank also fights in the frontline... 600 20 Secs. RARE 2.6 1 The Carrotank's drivers think that shooting their carrot missiles into the zombie's eyes will hinder their eyesight instead of help. So, far they think it's working.


This musical squash will play tunes that will make even the hardiest of zombies freeze to listen to his song. 180 9 Secs. UNCOMMON 2.6 3 Volunteered to play the kazoo bits in Dark Ages, but lost the role because he messed up a note at the very end. That memory has stuck with him ever since.
#40 Feral Peashooter

Sometimes you want to go wild. This wild Peashooter attacks quickly using survival-taught multi-hit combos to ensure his safety.

230 8 Secs. UNCOMMON 2.6 2 He's the missing link, but he doesn't know what that means yet.
#41 Corn Dog His barks will have a 50% chance to knockback enemies in general. Melee unit. 305 6 Secs. UNCOMMON 2.7 2 When you take him on a walk, be sure to have a tight grip on the leash, or he'll go chasing after a spot on Neighborville's Top Dog contest. (Spoiler Alert: He's not qualified on counts of being a vegetable.)
#42 Bananabird A spammable fruit bird that attacks with quick pecks against enemies. 75 5 Secs. RARE 2.7 1 Is she Bananabird because her body is banana shaped? Or is it because her beak is banana shaped?
#43 Dogwood Uses his moderate-range barks to weaken enemies, as well as a melee bite when zombies come close enough, which can knockback enemies. 505
14 Secs. SUPER RARE 2.7 2 Try to ignore him when he BARKs. Heh heh. Was that a good joke?
#44 Coyote Melon Uses a multi-hit single target attack to ravage enemies. Anti-Red. 305 9 Secs. RARE 2.7 3 Would usually prefer to hunt in packs, but she has enochlophobia. Yeah, she wasn't exactly privileged.
#45 Bird of Paradise Using it's Uber-long range, it's able to strech out and peck zombies with a multi-hit, quick single target attack. 950 27 Secs. UBER SUPER RARE 2.7 2 She may be called the Bird of Paradise, but she has never been to a place CLOSE to paradise. Not even the 5-star hotel she went out to last summer. None of it.
#46 Coffpea Shoots large coffee drops that creates coffee puddles, which hurt zombies that step in them. 600 18 Secs. RARE 3.0 1 There's nothing like a hot cup of coffee in the morning to wake you up. There's also nothing like a hot puddle of coffee to burn zombie feet.
#47 Teashooter Shoots large tea bags that are obstacles the zombies must destroy to proceed. 550 17 Secs. SUPER RARE 3.0 2 His favorite kind of tea? PEA-ch. 
#48 Black Eyed Pea Punches a zombie and the group behind him with Area Attack. Anti-Black. 400 15 Secs. UNCOMMON 3.0 3 The zombies he fights get injuries much worse than a simple black eye.
#49 Ice-Shroom Stuns all enemies on the field for 3 seconds and slows their movement afterwards before disappearing. 800 40 Secs. SUPER RARE 3.0 0 Ice-Shroom stands by his opinion that the zombies need to chill out. And he'll make em' do it too.
#50 Vase Weed An armored weed that may move very slow, but tanks a lot more damage than other meatshields.  100 14 Secs.  RARE 3.0 2 Vase Weed likes to imagine that he's a beautiful blooming flower in the vase. Unfortunately, this comes with a side effect of a superiority complex over other plants.
#51 Cattail Shoots homing spikes that target boss zombies first. 500
25 Secs. SUPER RARE 3.1 2 Most cats go meow, Cattail goes woof. She enjoys surprising people with this odd but simple trick. She's been doing it since 2009.
#52 Lima-Pleurodon Shoots beans that, when making contact with a zombie, have a 25% chance to summon a Wall-Nut. 750
30 Secs. UBER SUPER RARE 3.1 3 Lima-Pleurodon decided to enter the nut summoning business a little while ago. He's still figuring out the basics, but he belives that one day, he'll be able to summon even the most powerful and rumored nuts. 
#53 Savage Spinach His melee attack does very good, well-rounded damage to all enemy types. 400 15 Secs. UNCOMMON 3.1 2 Savage Spinach doesn't appreciate being called savage. He's a nice and calm guy when you get to know him. Maybe it's the fact that zombies make him lose his mind...and go savage.
#54 EMPeashooter Slowly shoots weak electric peas that chain damage across enemies and stuns for .5 seconds. 250 20 Secs. UNCOMMON 3.1 1 Electric Peashooter? No, he doesn't know that guy.
#55 Puff-shroom Very weak ally. Only one HP. However, costs 0. 0
4 Secs. UNCOMMON 3.1 1 Currently in a clan war against Pea-nut, Pokra and Repeat Moss. If you know, you know.
#56 Pea-nut Has as much defense as a Wall-Nut, but has better offensive capabilities. 200 10 Secs. UNCOMMON 3.1 2 Pea-nut acknowledges that there are people allergic to him. If you think it was easy to get used to that lifestyle, imagine people were allergic to YOU. Yeah. Chew on that for a bit.
#57 Pyre Vine Burns zombies and creates a burn effect where he attacks. Anti-Red. 14 Secs. RARE 3.1 3 Pyre Vine saves a lot of money on his heating bill in the winter. That’s why he was able to buy a sweet car last summer. This is where being a plant who’s constantly on fire takes you, kids.

Event Plants

These plants are slightly more powerful units that can only be unlocked via completing events and event stages, such as Feastivus.

Serial Number Unit Ability and Information Sun Cost Image Recharge Event of Availability Update of Addition Knockbacks Flavor Text
HOLIDAY#1 Spooky Squash Spooky Squash is a melee unit that will attack once and deal massive damage, then be knocked off the battlefield. It deals more damage to all enemy types except Metal. 700 30 Secs. Lawn of Doom 1.0 0 Spooky Squash used to be a Halloween prop. It really gets kinda depressing when you're just sitting there, doing nothing, pretending to be a pumpkin. But now he gets to move and crush things! Life is good, at least when you're in war with zombies.
HOLIDAY#2 Feasting Chomper Feasting Chomper has a greasy napkin around his neck and is a little bit "plump". He will slowly lumber towards zombies, where when he reaches them, will attack with a very strong bite. When he defeats an enemy, 20% of his health is healed. 650 25 Secs. Food Fight 1.0 3 A "snack" for him consists of a buffet. Don't let him get close to your fridge.
HOLIDAY#3 Sunflower Santa

Sunflower Santa wears a giant red hoodie and a hat with a giant bag over her shoulder. She doesn't produce sun, but she makes enemies that she defeats drop more sun.

400 20 Secs. Feastivus 1.0 2 She gives out presents to all the people and plants all over the world...but none for zombies. They're on the "Naughty-Brain Eaters" list.
HOLIDAY#4 Giftshooter Giftshooter has a present with a hole in it on his head. His pea shooting part sticks out of the gift. Anti-Black, as all that's in this gift is coal. 325 18 Secs. Feastivus 1.0 2 Works in cooperation wih Sunflower Santa to deliver presents all over the world. But if you get nailed in the head with the video game console you wanted this year...don't mention it to him.
HOLIDAY#5 Acorn Acorn is a glass cannon. He attacks rapidly and deals quick damage, but dies off quickly. He thankfully has a quick recharge, however. 140 9 Secs. PvZBFN Release Anniversary 1.0 1 Yodeling isn't a hobby. It's a lifestyle.
HOLIDAY#6 Night Cap Night Cap is a more well rounded unit then other event plants. She is agile, and can deliver some hard blows. However, her speed can be her downfall, so be sure to time the send... 190 14 Secs. PvZBFN Release Anniversary 1.0 2 Night Cap always tries to be the sneakiest plant on the lawn, but her bright pink color scheme contrasts a lot from her surroundings. The other plants feel bad for her.
HOLIDAY#7 Snapdragon Snapdragon is a fire-breathing plant that does very rapid damage with his long range spray. As an added bonus, Snapdragon is also Anti-Red. 300 23 Secs. PvZBFN Release Anniversary 1.0 4 When he sneezes he is a danger to himself, others around him, and property value.
HOLIDAY#8 Agent Pea Agent Pea can deal very good damage with just a few shots, as well as being Anti-Metal and having slightly long range. 400 20 Secs. Saving the Plants: Peas and Chompers 1.0 2 Was tasked with carrying secret zombie files along to a plant icon in Suburbia. Got lost along the way and ended up somewhere in a different country.
HOLIDAY#9 Mini-Chompers Inspired by the Garden Warfare organic with the same name, the Mini-Chompers are very picky and hungry. They will attack very quickly at close range when met with a foe, at the cost of moderately low health. 210 16 Secs. Saving the Plants: Peas and Chompers 1.0 3 They enjoyed their time as an accessory for Chompers, but they wanted to be their own...them. So they got a job fighting zombies on the lawn. But they figured out the hard way that things don't seem as easy when you're actually doing them, as opposed to when you're on the back of a being who eats zombies for dinner.
HOLIDAY#10 Earthball This little mushroom has a little rock orbiting it, representing the moon. Earthball will use this little rock to attack by making it spin very fast, and landing a single, powerful hit on those in it's short range, causing slow and knockback effects. 450 10 Secs. Earth Day Added shortly after 2.7 2 She takes her time to pick up litter to save the big planet she grew on.
HOLIDAY#11 Strawburst A manually-controlled plant that will grow over time. When tapped, he will launch a strawberry that deals more damage based on how long it was growing. Area attack. 800 30 Secs. Summer Nights 3.0 1 Strawburst doesn't mind popping his head off to kill zombies. It's his speciality. And plus, it's fun to see the look on the zombie's faces when you pop off your head, which explodes in your faces. Huh? Too far? Alright...
HOLIDAY#12 Pyrophyte  Sprays fire on the ground, which damages zombies and leaves them burning, even after they are off the fire ground. Burn effect wears off eventually. 600 20 Secs. Summer Nights 3.0 2 Huh? You haven't seen an effect like this before? Well, that's just normal for Pyrophyte. She's used to breaking new ground for the plants. But, inevitably, after they discover what she does, they're gonna begin copying her...but remember: she did the burn effect before it was cool.
BOSS#1 Assassin Chomper A well-known plant hitman. Attacks from the safety of meatshields using powerful daggers that Multi-Hit and weaken enemies. 730 22 Secs. Assassin of the Dead 2.0 2 He and Agent Pea share a friendly rivalry that can get just a tad bit too serious at times.
BOSS#2 Boxing-Choy Unlike his more reckless variant, Boxing-Choy will move in slowly and utilize powerful punches to knockback foes in range. 550 14 Secs. Champion of Mortals 2.0 1 As Bonk Choy's teacher, he knows all the tricks his student already knows. But he can't help but wonder: when will the student become the master?
BOSS#3 Silencesanthyum A previous librarian for a popular library, she's had it with loud noises, especially from Zombies. Thankfully, her freezing Area Attacks will make them freeze in place, and seal their rambling mouths shut. 610 19 Secs. Stay Mute 2.0 1 At the library she worked at previously, she had a lot of trouble with teenage plants disobeying her rules. So she took it into her own hands to make them stay quiet. Let's just say it worked out well for her...but not them.
BOSS#4 Burrowin' Chompy A young Chomper with a digging habit. Still wets the bed, but makes Zombies wet their pants when he leaps from the ground with a moderate range attack for a slowing effect. 240 11 Secs. Zercranium Hunt 2.0.2 3 Burrowin' Chompy works as a miner for the plants, digging up rare crystals, buried pirate treasure, and entire dinosaur skeletons. The other plants find him a little...doglike.
BOSS#5 Kangaroo Paw Kangaroo Paw is a plant from the outback. Targets for her attacks will experience indefintely weakened attacks. This effect won't work on boss zombies, however, and she only attacks once in a blue moon. Don't waste it! 650 25 Secs. Joey in a Pouch Some Time after 2.7 1 Her home country was a tough cookie, so she had to evolve all these tactics and abilities to ward off predators and hungry zombies. The other plants still think it's a bit overkill, but she always says they would've done the same in her situation.
PINATA#1 Party Thyme Party Thyme hosts many of his own parties. As such, he has a lot of experience on how to get it started, and that's by having guests! Whenever Party Thyme is knocked back, he summons multiple Peashooters to assist him, which spawn in front and behind him. Unfortunately, he has a long recharge, so be careful. 670 24 Secs. Pinata Party 3.0 2 Party Thyme was one of the most popular plants when he was younger. He always had the best, most crazy parties. But it all came to an end when some doofus broke his personalized disco dance floor tiles. Sure, he's gotten a new set of tiles since then, but it doesn't feel the same.
PINATA#2 Disco Chomper A Chomper who bites hard, but who parties harder. At first this Chomper will move at an average speed, and begin biting zombies. However, when Disco Chomper is knockbacked, he'll enter Disco Fever, which allows him to deal almost double the damage! 700 28 Secs. Pinata Party 3.0 2 Dressed up as a disco ball at a party to get more attention. Never looked back.
PINATA#3 Phat Beet A cost-effective, simple unit who does Area Attack to enemies. Begins attacking at somewhat of a mediocre distance. 175 9 Secs. Pinata Party 3.0 3 Phat Beat's a tough one. His glare is enough to make zombies stop in their tracks. His beats hit and hurt. And what he listens to in his headphones? Why, trap remixes of nursery rhymes.


Zombies are the enemies that reside in the bases which you attack. They have different attributes of which they are defined, and appear in every level of the game.

Enemy Name Ability and Information Image Damage Speed Health Attribute? Money Given When Defeated Knockbacks Flavor Text
Basic Zombie None. Just a weak, good old Basic Zombie. He appears as a basic peon. 2 Normal 10 Regular 50 3 Basic Zombie has a craving for brains. In fact, he ALWAYS has a craving for brains. Day, night, rain, shine, doesn't matter. Basic Zombie's hungry for brains.
Conehead Zombie Conehead Zombie is a slightly tougher version of Basic Zombie in both terms of health and damage. He also appears as a basic peon. 3 Normal 18 Regular 75 3 Conehead Zombie used to be your everyday Basic Zombie, until one day, while crossing the street, he finds it: a cone-shaped hat, with the perfect tint of orange. It’s fashionable! It’s a statement. He picks it up, puts it on his head...then the cars hit him.
Buckethead Zombie A tougher version of the Conehead Zombie, in health, but not damage. He appears as a slightly rarer peon. 3 Normal 28 Regular 100 2 The red stain on his bucket happened when some of the ketchup in his brain sandwich spilled off and created a permanent tomato stain. And he hates tomatoes.
Kicker Zombie A Zombie that used to play a lot of soccer. He uses moderately powerful kicks to attack your plants. Has a 25% chance of pushing your Plants back. 5 Slightly Faster 15 Red 130 3 If it wasn't for the unfortunate foot injury he got in the last game of his team's season, Kicker Zombie would've been invited to play on a professional soccer team. Not here and now, though.
Flag Zombie A faster zombie than all the zombies above. Has low health and damage, but can be a major threat in groups. 3 Fast 10 Regular 110 2 Although you may think it would be an exciting job to lead the zombie charge, Brian the spelling-impaired zombie is here to tell you that you're wrong. Un-dead wrong.
Imp These little buggers have low HP and damage, but an alarmingly high attack rate. 2 Slightly Faster 6 Regular 65 1 After mastering the melodica, Imp has signed himself up for harmonica tutoring classes. He hopes it'll work out well for him in the future.
Wimp Imp An Imp with very little damage and attack rate. However, for every 1/5 of it's health taken down, it will get progressively stronger... 1-2-3-4-5 Fast 10 Red 120 2 He would try benchpressing at the zombie gym if they replaced the weights with milk jugs, but that suggestion won't be implemented anytime soon.
Pole Vaulter Zombie Can jump over plant units to get to your base. Some plants can block him, however. 2 Fast, Then Normal 14 Red 150 2 Pole Vaulter Zombie may have already pushed himself into greatness back in 2009, but he's trying even harder to surpass greatness by trying to find out how to vault over Tall-nuts. Spoiler Alert: It's not possible.
Dark Zombie A MUCH faster Basic Zombie with more damage and health. 4 Fast 15  Black 160 4 Dark Zombie forgot why he turned to the dark side. It was something about being paid a hundred brains for elminating top plant figures? Yeah, his memory's a bit foggy.
Embarrassed Zombie A slower Basic Zombie, but has a longer range attack to keep him out of sight. 3 Slightly Slower 10 Red 145 3 He hopes that the pictures of his pants falling down during his Zombie Academy graduation aren't publicized. Oh...oops. Sorry.
Arvey A very slow, but very powerful zombie that uses magic and mysterious power to deal huge damage. Area Attack. 7 Slow 30 Normal 260 2 White eye syndrome is actually fairly common in zombies who have white eye syndrome.
MC Zom-B A powerful zombie that has the gruesome power of Area Attack. Doesn't need his jam to rap anymore. 5 Slightly Faster 24 Normal 230 3 His beat drops will make you fall down, where then he'll probably try and eat your brains.
Zomplane A Zomboss plane sent on a mission to destroy the base. Is fast, has Area Attack, and longer range than most zombies. 6 Fast 32 Black 280 1 Faked his pilot's license and thought nobody would notice. They didn't, but then he almost crashed his brand new Zomplane.
Sweatband Imp An Imp that goes running each day. Attacks fast and deals quick damage. 3 Fast 18 Black 190 2 Sweatband Imp takes pride in his daily routine of going on a jog in the mornings. His role model is Pole Vaulter Zombie, and Wimp Imp's role model is him.
Sledgehammer Zombie A zombie that has, simply put, had enough. Uses his sledgehammer to deal large damage to groups of plants. Area Attack. 6 Slightly Slower 26 Red 240 1 Originally tried playing cricket with the sledgehammer. It definitely did not go very well.
Dark Arvey A faster, but weaker, Arvey that attacks quickly. Area Attack. 4 Slightly Faster 22 Black 235 4 Dark magic is complicated stuff, man. First you need to read up on the latest spells in some cursed books, or make some potions with odd, nonsensical ingredients, or even consult with a witch. Dark Arvey has been through the struggle, but it always works out in the end.
Shady MC A slower MC Zom-B that possesses Area Attack. Damage and attack rate has improved. 6 Slightly Slower 20 Black 280 2 As the DJ for the annual senior zombie dance party, Shady MC can definitely say he's proven himself to be worthy of his cool name.
Electric Zombie A Basic Zombie that's fast. His attack rate is skyrocketing, not as much with health and damage, however. 2 Fast 10 Electric 180 1 Note to self: don't do electrical work in your home if you have little to no brains about the subject.
Electrimp An electric Imp. Now goes faster than everyone he knows. Health is his weakness, however. 1 Flighty 5 Electric 110 1 Travels at speeds that are slightly above neighborhood speed limits. And then some.
Electrified Arvey Arvey got struck by lightning. He goes much faster, but his damage is at an all-time low. Area Attack. 3 Fast 18 Electric 255 2 Getting electrocuted would normally be pretty fatal to a normal zombie, but Arvey was able to harness the energy to give himself a permanent speed boost. Often speaks too fast when ordering at fast food places.
Arfey Arvey's pet. Runs up to the plants and chews em' up with rapid attack speed. 4 Fast 15 Normal 200 3 Instead of coming after the cars, Arfey would make the cars come to him. It's really scary, especially if you're the one driving.
Metal Zombie An artificial zombie made to "acquire" the brains easily. Only takes one damage per hit. 3 Normal 5 Metal 150 1 Accidentally downloaded malware last month while clicking links on suspicious websites. Internet safety still applies to zombies, kids.
Iron's Best Friend The metal version of Arfey. The solid steel weighed him down, but that doesn't prevent him from attacking the plants. 5 Slightly Faster 8 Metal 215 2 Most people share the thought that robot dogs would be the future. Well, Dr. Zomboss is here to remove that thought...and remove the brains from your head using those same robot dogs.
Overpowered Zombie A Metal Zombie that was charging for too long. Got a massive power surge and now is faster and stronger. 4 Fast 10 Electric/Metal 195 2 A Metal Zombie was getting a bit impatient with the charging process, so they set the charge power from NORMAL to LIGHTNING BOLT. It wasn't until he realized it was too late that he found out what he had truly done.
Brawler Zombie A zombie that isn't afraid to beef up his opponents. Attacks with strong and quick punches. 5 Normal 14 Red 200 1 Brawler Zombie and Bonk Choy are fierce foes. They both practice hard in preparation for their next one-on-one match. When do they have one-on-one matches? Whenever they meet in public, of course.
Gargantuar A hulking, powerful beast of a zombie, possessing Area Attack and deals massive damage. Fortunately, attacks slow. Unfortunately, can throw an Imp about another 2/3 the way to your base. 10 Slow 50 Normal 600 3 Gargantuar is about 100% sure that none of the other zombies know how heavy that Imp on his back weighs. Sure, he may look like a little guy, but apparently beneath that smug smile is some kind of one ton weight, or something. It's always a sweet release to be able to toss him off.
Captain Deadbeard A long-range zombie that will single-target blast plants from the backlines.
Captain Deadbeard Grasstile
7 Slightly Slower 34 Normal 350 4 Captain Deadbeard and his ragtag crew have been sailing the seven seas for centuries. On their journeys, they've found treasure, hidden islands, and BRAINS!
Pirate Flag Zombie This variant moves slower than a normal Flag Zombie, but hits harder and faster. 4 Normal 22 Black 210 2 He leads the plundering pirates to victory! Or to getting their butts kicked. It really depends who they're up against.
Pirate Captain Zombie Jabs through the plant hordes by slicing his Area Attack hook hand. Has to wait a while before attacking again. 7 Slow 40 Black 400 3 He and Captain Deadbeard are constantly arguing about who's the true captain of the ship. All of the arguments usually end with weapons drawn and a lot of upset zombies.
Parka Zombie Has more health than other zombies, but has low attack. 3 Normal 20 Normal 200 3 A recent Zomboss Academy graduate, Parka Zombie was tasked with defending the Zomboss Arctic H.Q. In his free time he has snowball fights with his fellow zombies or eats yellow snow.
Ice Block Zombie Attacks by falling onto the plants. Has a 75% chance to freeze plants for 3 seconds after attacking. 5 Slightly Slow 30 Normal 330 2 Dared by another zombie to skinny dip in the pool last winter, and now he's encased in ice. He's a bit of a blockhead, but he doesn't care.
Miner Zombie Pickaxes through the plants. His helmet gives him more health. A well rounded zombie. 5 Slightly Faster 23 Normal 230 3 His "testing" so far reveals, after multiple chipped and lost teeth, rocks ARE NOT brains.
Imp-Driller A little Imp in a drilling robot. Attacks quickly and moves quickly. A bigger threat! 2 Fast 25 Metal 360 5 All the Miner Zombies get jealous of Imp-Driller because drilling holes in the caves seems MUCH easier than hitting rock walls with a pickaxe. Imp-Driller would tell them that having a drill malfunction on you while you make a hole in a wall is bad, but currently the exit door is jammed and he can't get out.
Knight Zombie A zombie in a suit of armor. Cuts down plants by slicing them with his mighty sword! 7 Slightly Faster 18 Metal 300 2 He would prefer to ride in elegantly on a horse to defeat the plants, but all the horses were scared that he'd eat their brains.
Jester Zombie He is probably crazy. Will quickly dance his way up to your plants, and attack just as quick when he reaches them. 4 Fast 24 Red 280 4 Jester Zombie doesn't enjoy to be called a "clown". What fools! Can't they tell the difference between some dummy with makeup and an elegant master of comedy who performs for the king? Such simpletons!
King Zombie the 1st Will move slowly, and be carried by multiple Peasant Zombies. When he reaches the plants, he will raise his golden stick, and the Peasants will toss him onto your plants, landing with a powerful Area Attack and freezing any survivors. Attacks slowly. 12 Slow 43 Normal 460 2 King Zombie the 1st had just been made king a few months ago. Now he's using his power wisely, or about as wise as a zombie, making his Peasant Zombie underlings carry him around and do his chores. He's pretty sure if they started a revolution, he could stop them, right? R-right?
Laser Toy Imp A slightly long ranged peon that will zap enemies in his range. Often appears with other peons. 3 Slightly Slower 12 Red 110 2 Who in their right mind gave an Imp a laser pistol? They must be so brainless to have done that.
Bumper Beamer A zombie in a bumper car with little red laser details. Crashes into plants for high single-target damage. 20 Fast 20 Electric 300 3 Although he's a grown adult zombie, he's having the time of his un-life in the bumper cars. 
Plateau Hiker Swats out against plants with his Area Attack cane. Moves slowly from his pack on his back. 5 Slightly Slower 29 Red 200 1 Hiked up a small platform and had to take a break. It wasn't long before he woke up and saw the huge mountain in front of him.
The Dead Face A giant floating zombie head. Will attack by taking a massive chomp out of your defense with Area Attack. Fortunately, super slow, and attacks super slowly. 20 Too Slow 50 Normal 510 2 An experienced fellow in the art of "Disobeying the Laws of Physics".
Astronaut Zombie A stronger peon, his suit makes sure he is more durable than other zombies. Attacks with a laser pistol, but has low range. 4 Normal 15 Red 170 2 Astronaut Zombie tripped when he was coming out of his spaceship. "First Zombie to Fall on the Moon" isn't the title he was looking for, but you get what you get.
Project Arv. An alienated Arvey variant, this version is the slowest Arvey of all, but he has insane range, and attacks with a multi-hit, 3 stage attack, with the third being a full ten damage and the other two being fives. Can become a massive threat. 10 Too Slow 40 Alien 600 2 Project Arv. wasn't actually part of any project. He just thought having "Project" in his name would make him seem more mysterious.
Alien Zombie An Alien variant of the basic zombie. A stronger peon. 3 Normal 14 Alien 120 2 Lost his UFO back in a different galaxy. Great. Now he'll have to go back to get it in the stinky Galactic Bus.
Implien A slower Imp that will attack with multi-arm slaps. Rarer Alien peon. 4 Slightly Slower 8 Alien 145 1 Implien prefers his toy spaceship close and his brains closer, and he'll bring them closer with his mind powers. Don't underestimate him.
Doomed Phace A Dead Face variant. Longer range than its original counter part due to having a strange Alien arm in it's mouth punching away enemies. However, he's weaker than the Dead Face. 6 Slightly Faster 35 Alien 550 3 Doomed Phace remembers drinking a strange chemical, blacking out, and waking up with an extra arm in his mouth. He thinks it's a blessing. All the other zombies think it's scary.
Cybrainz An iron Alien prototype for total destruction. Attacks with a powerful Area Attack ground smash. Limited to melee attacks due to being unfinished. 6 Normal 20 Metal/Alien 450 2 Cybrainz isn't all too bad if you're another zombie. He keeps the abandoned lab tidy and cozy, and would serve up a cup of tea for the two of you as you converse about brains. Unfortunately, if you were human, the interaction would involve a lot more brains. And not in any good ways.
Kangaroo Rider An Imp in the pouch of a kangaroo with boxing gloves. The kangaroo uses a multi-hit, single target attack to deal with plant foes. 6 (Per Hit) Slightly Faster 22 Normal 340 1 The kangaroo thinks the Imp is her joey, but the Imp gets to command her around. Weird how that works, huh?
Shadow Boxer K A black variant of the Kangaroo Rider that utilizes much more rapid multi-hit attacks, this time with Area Attack. 5 (Per Hit) Normal 15 Black 380 3 Don't talk to her about the time she hit her fist on the ceiling while practicing her uppercuts. Actually, don't talk to her at all, or the Imp in her pouch would be able to reach your brains.
Snake Charmer Carries his basket and a snake charming instrument. When he encounters a plant, he'll slam down the Area Attack basket on their head, then play his instrument to get the snake inside to get up, and bite multiple times!

7 (Initial Slam)

4 (Snake Bites)

Slightly Slower 21 Red 340 2 The snake prefers hip-hop, but the zombie doesn't know that.
Snake Wrangler Uses a snake as a moderate range whip. Has a 10% chance to knockback plants. 4 Normal 12 Normal 200 3 The snakes don't enjoy being used as a plant-hurting tool, but they do enjoy being fed with the luxury rat meals that the Wrangler gives them. Good deal, really.
Dragon Imp Breathes fire at a melee distance, which burns a large range of plants! 7 Fast 8 Red 160 1 His spirit animal is a dragon, and he feels closer to his true self when he's dressed in the dragon suit. The zipper got stuck, so he won't be changing out anytime soon, but he isn't currently worried about that.
Hunter Zombie Will snipe plants at an uber long range with his Area Attack sniper rifle. When they get close, he turns to swiping with a knife.

10 (Snipe)

4 (Knife Swipes)

Too Slow 20 Black 320 1 He doesn't actually kill any animals he hunts. He just does it for scenes of a zombie reality TV show. Don't tell ANYONE.
Taser Rifle Zombie An Electric variant of Hunter Zombie. Trades Area Attack and his knife for his Electric rifle shots to chain damage across plants! 

8 (Snipe)

5 (Chain)

Slow 25 Electric 350 3 Taser Rifle Zombie agrees with the others that future weaponry is very cool, but he wonders if there can be a time with too many future weapons. It's intriguing to him and it provides something to think about, even when you're a creature described as mindless.
Stinky Rat This rat will usually come in swarms, and will weaken whoever they hit, but need some time to attack afterwards. 4 Flighty 4 Normal 20 1 Despite their name, Stinky Rats enjoy a nice sewer water. Nevermind, their name fits.
Trashy Pigeon These little birds will dive-bomb plants at melee distance for a guaranteed knockback. 5 Fast 6 Normal 30 1 When the nice humans at the park stopped going to feed them, and the zombies took their place, they made the ultimate betrayal against the humans. Probably won't eat your brains if you bribe them with baguette.
Solid Tea Zombie When he gets knocked back, he drops a tea brick as a weak obstacle that the plants must destroy before advancing. 3 Normal 15 Normal 200 3 Nobody has the heart to tell him that his precious bricks are formed using cow manure.
Tomb Raiser Zombie Occasionally creates tombstones on the battlefield by throwing bones. Maximum of three bones can be thrown. 3 Slightly Slower 18 Red 250 2 Tomb Raiser Zombie enjoys chasing his invisible tail. None of the zombies understand why he acts like this. Maybe he's in his mid-unlife crisis.
Trash Compactor Zombie Holds a large trash compactor which slowly crunches up a plant in it's range, insta-killing it. Instant Kill Slow 25 Black 300 1 Works as garbage disposal in Zomburbia. Can't have a nice brain on the couch with trash everywhere, can you?
Dumpster Zombie Rides in a dumpster and deals massive damage to the first plant he crashes into, then stops moving. Will begin moving again after some time, with the same damage.
20 Slightly Faster 15 Black 350 1 "Stinky" is both an understatement and a compliment for him.
Trash Knight Weaker in HP but stronger in damage than his normal variant, Trash Knight targets the plant with the largest damage in his range. 9 Normal 15 Normal 290 2 He's the entire Executive branch of the Knights of the Round Dumpster.
Tin Can Zombie The can provides some extra health for him, and falls off when he's defeated as a weak obstacle 4 Normal 12 Normal 120 2 He and his can have been through many hardships and tough times, but they both work together to make the best of it.
Rust Titan A stiff zombie that slowly advances and will block attacks for other zombies. 0 Slightly Slower 20 Metal 250 1 The Rust Titan has learned to not take any more ridiculous dares from his friends the hard way. He definitely won't forget it any time soon.
Iron Door Zombie Non-event variant of Guard Zombie that holds an iron door that protects him and other zombies from harm. 3 Normal

15 (Door)

10 (Zombie)

Metal 200 2 He was going to sell the door, but then he saw a lawn full of happy plants, and decided to try the next best thing.
Lightning Rod Scientist Zaps the plants furthest from him, with a chain damage effect.

6 (Zap)

3 (Chain)

Fast 15 Electric 300 3 Still doesn't understand why somebody would throw away such an expensive piece of equipment. Then he saw the rust. Then he ate the rust. Then he once again asked himself why somebody would throw this away.
Battery Zombie Throws small batteries which have chain damage across plants.

5 (Battery)

5 (Chain)

Slightly Faster 10 Electric 150 2 He knows the rules. Don't throw them in a fire. Don't let them leak. DO throw them at plants for chain damage. DO acqurie brains.
Swashbuckler Walks out a few steps, then grabs a rope, and swings to the middle of the battleground. 4 Fast 10 Black 130 2 Attends rope-swinging classes every tuesday. Soon, he'll get his rope-swinger license. Maybe he’ll move on from his stealing lifestyle to become a rope-swinging teacher. Yep. This one’s definitely going places.

Event Zombies

These zombies appear during certain events that will take place in the game.

Enemy Name Ability and Information Image Damage Speed Health Attribute? Money Given When Defeated Event of Appearance Knockbacks First Level of Appearance Flavor Text
Trick or Treater Will bash plants with his pumpkin bin. Area Attack. 4 Normal 13 Black 240 Lawn of Doom 2 Little does he know he would have a better costume if he just went as his normal self.
Undead Spirit Will spook plants with his attacks, freezing them for 3 seconds. 1 Slightly Faster 8 Normal 80 Lawn of Doom 2 Uses really cheesy movie effects to make him seem more like a spirit - he's actually just a zombie with a blanket.
Mad Scientist Throws potions that will inflict a random effect negative effect on the target for 3 seconds. 3 Slow 25 Electric 300 Lawn of Doom 1 He likes showing other zombies that the two potions he brings along with him aren't just for show by making them explode in their faces. The other zombies usually aren't amused.
Frankentuar Crushes and zaps plants with his electric rod, and throws an Electrimp across the lawn at half health. Electric strikes can cause chain damage.

10 (Strike)

4 (Chain)

Slightly Faster 40 Electric 500 Lawn of Doom 1 His origins, name, and appearance are all coincidences with another well-known mad scientist and his creation, don't worry.
Zombie Turkey Will run up quickly to plants and peck very fast! 2 Flighty 3 Black 30 Food Fight 1 Did you know that there's 6 subspecies of turkeys that are all native to North America? Yeah, Zombie Turkey doesn't fit into any of those subspecies. They will eat your brains, though.
Pilgrim Zombie Will blast down plant enemies with a single-target musket at long range. 5 Slightly Slower 15 Red 210 Food Fight 3 Modeled for several cartoon studios by posing with his comically large gun.
Native Zombie Will chop through plants with their stone axes. 4 Normal 20 Red 260 Food Fight 4 He'll tell you firsthand that the turkey at the First Thanksgiving was a bit raw, but now all he can saw is "Brains".
Santa Brainz Will walk up to plants, pull a bomb out of a present, then drop it on your units. Area Attack. 5 Slow 25 Red 280 Feastivus 3 Delivers presents to the zombies when Sunflower Santa doesn't. They would be great if they worked together, except one's a plant and the other's a zombie.
Elf Imp Will walk onto the field with a present, then attack by slamming it on your plants. Single target. 4 Fast 8 Red 130 Feastivus 3 Santa Brainz works him and all the other Imps overtime without pay. He hasn't come up with the idea of going on strike yet.
Braindeer Will ram into your plants with a powerful single-shot attack. 9 Slightly Faster 30 Red 370 Feastivus 5 No, Braindeer doesn't have a red nose, unless light orange counts as red.
Electric Slide Will zap your plants with electric bolts. Can ark across closely-packed plants. 4 (Normal shot), 2 (Arc Shot) Normal 25 Electric 210 PvZBFN Release Anniversary 2 It took her a month of falling and dedication to be able to ride her roller skates correctly. 
80s Action Hero Will snipe your plants with his crossbow. 40% chance for one of his attacks to be Area Attack. 6 Slow 18 Black 260 PvZBFN Release Anniversary 1 The crossbow is made from movie props he stole from sets that fired him when they found out he was a zombie.
Space Cadet Will quickly fire lasers at moderate range. 3 Slightly Faster 15 Normal 200 PvZBFN Release Anniversary 3 Didn't expect that she'll be stationed to Earth when the plants attacked. Yeah, haha. That wasn't a fun week.
Bomb Mask Zombie Will take off his mask and throw at your plants, creating an Area Attack explosion. He then will put on another one. However, he stands up close to your plants. 4 Normal 20 Black 190 Saving the Plants: Peas and Chompers 4 He takes great pride in his mask, which he carved out of an actual bomb. The string on his mask often gets stuck on odd objects.
Tank Commander Will fire a powerful single-target round every once in a while. Defend your hard hitters! 50 Too Slow 30 Red 290 Saving the Plants: Peas and Chompers 2 He lost his tank but he still has a HUGE cannon!
Chemist Will shoot poisonous chemicals at your plants which linger and deal damage over time. 5 (Original Shot), 1 (Lingering Damage) Normal 18 Electric 260 Saving the Plants: Peas and Chompers 1 The Chemist takes great pride in mixing together cool looking colors of chemicals. These types of experiments usually end in fried hair and no more eyebrows.
Trash Picker Zombie Uses his Trash Picker to pull Plants closer to him. 1 Normal 14 Red 195 Earth Day 1 He enjoys taking care of his planet when he's not trying to eat brains. Zomboss made him an outcast for it, but Trash Picker doesn't mind. He'll do what he thinks is best for everyone.
Bomb Roller Zombie A stationary zombie that rolls bombs down the battlefield, which explode and deal Area Attack damage. 8 Stationary 8 Black 200 Pinata Party 1 He has a mixed relationship with Bomb Mask Zombie.
T-Shirt Cannoneer Launches t-shirts from his large cannon at plants. The shirts will get stuck on the plants, which slows them and weakens their attack. 5 Slow 15 Red 250 Pinata Party 2 Makes his appearance at zombie football games. He takes great pride at knocking the air out of an unsuspecting zombie with a wad of cotton.
Rodeo Gargantuar Pulls plants closer to him using his lasso, and smashes them with his Area Attack brand. 8 Normal 40 Red 525 Pinata Party 1 Why yes, this IS his first rodeo.
Sparkler Zombie A Basic Sparkler-holding zombie. He attacks by burning plants with his sparkler up close, which does 1 damage quickly. 1 Normal 10 Normal 60 Summer Nights 3 Learned to not hold the sparkler too close the hard way. That's why he wears this tank top instead of his suit and tie.
Sparkler Conehead A Sparkler Zombie with a cone that gives him extra protection. His sparkler burns plants up close, which does 2 damage quickly. 2 Normal 18 Normal 85 Summer Nights 3 He put the glasses on his cone so the cone could enjoy the fireworks as much as he does.
Sparkler Buckethead A Sparkler Zombie with a bucket that provides a lot of protection. His sparkler burns plants up close and deals 3 damage quickly. 3 Normal 28 Normal 110 Summer Nights 2 Sparkler Buckethead zombie got his bucket cleaned AND gave it some flair. He's finally living up to Zomboss' standards.
Grill Raiser Zombie A holiday variant of Tomb Raiser Zombie. This zombie will toss grilled sausages at his feet on multiple random points of the lawn. The grilled sausages will summon burning grills that serve as an obstacle on the lawn. They will deal 2 melee damage per second. 4 Slightly Slower 18 Red 215 Summer Nights 2 Some poor employee is going to really freak out when they discover their grills have a habit of disappearing. 
Rockethead Zombie A zombie with a firework rocket stuck on his head, which is lit up when he enters the lawn. This allows him to gain a great speed boost. However, this zombie can also fly past plants while doing a set amount of damage to the plants he passes. When he reaches the opposing base, he will begin to attack it by whacking it with his rocket for large amounts of damage.

5 (Passing)

9 (To Base)

Fast 7 Black 300 Summer Nights 1 He put on the rocket as an attempt to soar to the skies like a beautiful pheonix, but then he realized that the string leading to the inside got cut off by some meddling idiot who thought they were being funny. Well guess what, funny guy? Watch your brains. 
Thief Zombie Runs onto the lawn, stuffs a plant into a bag, then runs away, instantly killing the plant. Plant can be released by defeating Thief Zombie as he's running. Instant Kill Flighty 10 Black 150 Platinum Palace 1 Works part-time with Captain Deadbeard to steal treasures that his crew otherwise wouldn’t be able to take. Wondering if he should work there full-time now.
Guard Zombie A zombie holding a shield that will absorb damage for him until it breaks. 5 Slightly Faster

8 (Zombie)

15 (Shield)

Red 175 Platinum Palace 2 After being assigned to this post in the Platinum Palace, Guard Zombie has has a good time admiring things other than his bland shield, such as the sunset on the balcony, or the stunning glint of the interior. The unlife has it's unexpected joys.
Shock Absorber Guard A Guard Zombie holding a shield with lightning rods on it. Attacks by charging up a laser and firing it through up to 3 plants. 8 Fast

5 (Zombie)

10 (Shield)

Electric 200 Platinum Palace 1 He does it for the shock value, but moreso the "shock" part.
Hoarder Gargantuar Grabs a handful of Gold from a large pouch he holds and throws it at plants, spreading out damage. Throws a Coin Pelter Imp across the lawn at half health. 5 Slightly Faster 30 Black 450 Platinum Palace 2 It's not his fault he's so clingy with the treasure. It's just that he really took what Zomboss ordered him to do to heart.
Coin Pelter Imp Tosses coins at plants from a short range. Coins can knockback enemies. 4 Fast 12 Black 150 Platinum Palace 2 He knows that Hoarder Gargantuar will be pretty mad when he finds out that an Imp has been stealing Coins from him for months now, but you gotta take risks in the unlife too.

Boss Zombies

These zombies can only be found and fought during their respective events. They are very powerful and tanky, and shouldn't be messed with unless you have well-leveled plants.

Boss Name Ability and Information Damage Speed Health Attribute? Money Given when Defeated Event of Appearance Knockbacks Flavor Text
Serial Stabber A very quick zombie with a knife that will stab through your plants. His odd range will allow him to hide behind other zombies with melee attacks while he pushes from behind. His many knockbacks also allow him to bounce into cover when needed. 10 Fast 45 Black Fills Your Bank Assassin of the Dead 5 The Serial Stabber is a very prominent figure, appearing in multiple horror films. Zomboss  pays him a large sum of brains each month to clear lawns, and chats with him on the latest news on the lawn. The truth is that even Zomboss is a little scared of him. It's no surprise.
Metal Wrestler A slow but bulky beast, with Area Attack punches that will decimate defenses. His large amount of health (with a Metal attribute on top) and one knockback also means he will tank out your defenses for a long time, allowing other zombies to come and push through to your base. 15 Slow 50 Metal Fills Your Banks Champion of Mortals 1 This robotic menace takes pride in destroying opponents who dare challenge him in the ring. He coaches other zombies in his free time, for a large sum of brains per session.
The Quiet The Quiet is a less offensive-based boss, and takes a more sneaky route to attack. There will be many zombies spawning throughout the level, and their purpose is to let The Quiet hide behind them, so he won't be hurt until all the zombies in that section are gone. His color scheme also represents this, as it makes him hard to see. There are some exceptions that can hurt him while he's still hidden, but not many. His attacks all inflict Area Attack knockback too, so he can push to your base. To add insult to injury, The Quiet has 4 knockbacks to push him back into the safety of other zombies. His only weakness is that he has less-than average health for a boss zombie, but don't let that fool you into thinking he'll go down easily. 1 Slightly Slower 40 Normal 1 Stay Mute 4 The Quiet enjoys the peace of a house after the owner has had their brains eaten. No plants shooting out, or vegetables splatting about. Just a nice meal that he can enjoy in silence after he's successfully snuck in. He lives a life of this kind of luxury. You can say he's cheap in his tactics, or other negative adjectives, but don't try to look behind you after you say it all. He has his ways of getting there.
Mineral Moon Miner The Mineral Moon Miner is the tankiest boss yet, with 80 HP of bulk. He'll use this tankiness to be a shield for his support so they can advance with him. He'll also use this bulk to prepare attacks that will effect a large range of plants. Thankfully, there's a lot of time between attacks, and they aren't all too strong. Unfortunately, the attacks will grant those unlucky plants many status effects, including slow, weaken, and a single knockback. Whittle his health down little by little, and deal with support accordingly and quickly to be granted victory. 5 Normal 80 Normal Fills Your Bank Zercranium Hunt 2 Zomboss has put time, effort, pride, and the combined effort of many other zombies to create this beauty: a crystal-snatching machine that only takes one driver, runs on an efficient zercranium power source, and with lasers to boot. Why? Because lasers.
Kingaroo The Kingaroo is another odd boss. He is the first boss to utilize multi-hit attacks, and the first to deploy enemies where he is. Kingaroo's main ability is that he can summon support from where he is right out of the ground to immediately assist him. This support will usually be one or two Kangaroo Riders which will advance to the frontlines and tank for the boss. Unlike most other bosses, Kingaroo won't inflict status effects on your plants when he attacks, and has no Area Attack. However, still be wary of his summoning ability, and unusually powerful support. 12 (Per punch) Slightly Faster 60 Red 1000 Joey in a Pouch 3 After crowning himself king of the outback, Kingaroo set a number of rules in place, many of which only involve making his own life even easier. He's a selfish king, and the animal kingdom has been planning to overthrow him for a while now. You should come and watch the show.

Events and Event Stages

Upon getting up to a certain point of the game, the Events section can be accessed from the main menu. This brings all new stages that only come around on specific days, rewarding new plants, things to boost your game and introducing exclusive enemies only seen in those events. Down below are some of the events.

Event Name Lasts From... Desc. Level Count New Zombies Reward for Beating
Lawn of Doom Oct. 20 - Nov. 1 BoOoOoO! Looks like even the zombies celebrate Halloween! Will their shenanigans be stopped again on the spookiest time of year? 10 Trick or Treater, Undead Spirit, Mad Scientist, Frankentuar Spooky Squash
Food Fight Nov. 18 - Nov. 31 It's time for a tasty throwdown! Those zombies have never been hungrier than on Thanksgiving day. Will you keep your turkey on the table, or will your brain be on a plate? 10 Zombie Turkey, Pilgrim Zombie, Native Zombie Feasting Chomper
Feastivus Dec. 20 - Dec. 31 Tis the season to beat zombies...fa la la la, la la la la! Not even on Christmas Day do the undead settle. Beat these jolly good levels and get your own fighting gifts under your Christmas tree. 10 Santa Brainz, Elf Imp, Braindeer Sunflower Santa, Giftshooter
PvZBFN Release Anniversary Oct. 15 - Oct. 18 On the 18th of October, Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville released. Although it has its issues, it's still fun. In this event we honor it's release with new challenging levels, zombies, and 3 plants up for grabs! Can they be saved, or is it too late? 6 Electric Slide, 80s Action Hero, Space Cadet Acorn, Night Cap, Snapdragon
Saving the Plants: Peas and Chompers Nov. 6 Some of Zomboss' elite, equipped with plant-repelling attacks, have captured some equally-powerful plants! Break them out of their cell by defeating three new threats, and permanently acquire some valuable team members. 4 Bomb Mask Zombie, Tank Commander, Chemist Agent Pea, Mini-Chompers
Earth Day April 22 April 22nd is Earth Day. Unfortunately, the zombies couldn't even bother to pick up some litter, and have come to try to pick up your brains instead. Fend the undead off in 3 different levels, encounter the Trash Picker Zombie, and earn a delightful new plant: Earthball! 3 Trash Picker Zombie Earthball
Summer Nights June 25 - July 6 Time to celebrate that time of year, where the country became independent. Even the zombies are celebrating with sparklers and fireworks, and even setting up the grill. Why would they set up the grill? To cook your brains on, of course. Fend off the horde once more in 10 levels of celebratory chaos, and earn some plants that find this event just as important. 10 Sparkler Zombie Trio, Grill Raiser Zombie, Rockethead Zombie Strawburst, Pyrophyte
Platinum Palace August 5 - August 15 The clouds have cleared, and a palace with the extravagant glint of gold Coins can be seen in the distance! Unfortunately, Zomboss has taken this tower, and will defend his riches like he'll defend his brains. Take down Zomboss' army stationed at the palace, and maybe you'll get that loot for yourself. 10

Thief Zombie, Guard Zombie, Shock Absorber Guard, Hoarder Gargantuar, Coin Pelter Imp

1000 Gold

Boss Events

These are events that would feature stronger zombies than usual. These would be called Boss Zombies. Unlike bosses in the main Adventure mode or subchapters, these zombies only appear in select stages.

Boss Event Name Level Name Boss Featured Zombies Coming for Support Reward for Completion Update Added
Assassin of the Dead Drop Dead (Insane) Serial Stabber Dark Zombie, Conehead Zombie, Flag Zombie Assassin Chomper 2.0
Champion of Mortals Enter the Ring (Insane) Metal Wrestler Parka Zombie, Metal Zombie, Iron's Best Friend Boxing-Choy 2.0
Stay Mute Are You Deaf? (Insane) The Quiet Basic Zombie, Conehead Zombie, Electric Zombie, Dark Zombie Silencesanthyum 2.0
Zercranium Hunt Excavation or Termination?(Insane) Mineral Moon Miner Miner Zombie, Shady MC Burrowin' Chompy 2.0.2
Joey in a Pouch Kickboxer Challenge (Insane) Kingaroo Kangaroo Rider, Shadow Boxer K, Conehead Zombie Kangaroo Paw Some time after 2.7
Joker of Junk Dumpster Lord (Insane) Gallant Garbagier Dumpster Zombie, Trash Knight, Tin Can Zombie Recycle Radish 3.1


Upon completing Adventure mode, the Subchapters become available. These are tougher levels that feature new enemies not seen in Adventure, and follows a layout identical to event level pack layouts. These are the currently available Subchapters.

Subchapter Name Amount of Levels Overall Difficulty Desc. Update of Release
A Fresh Start 5 * Seeking more action from the undead? Subchapters will have that covered! Check out new level packs with new enemies, starting in the first chapter. 1.5
Plunder Port 4 * Pirates? Yes, zombie pirates, on the coast of the tropics! Can you make em' head back out to sea? 1.5
Shiverpace Slums 5 ** Antarctic cold strikes the poorer part of town. Can you take out the frozen trash before you freeze up? 1.5
Underground City 5 *** Cities of zombies, deep in the dirt, economies of ore, and plants coming to take it to the streets! 1.5
Dead Castle 6 **** A dark, spooky, haunted castle of the dead looms in the distance...what will it take to raid this manor? 1.5
Laser Theme Park 4 *** When you come to this place, we suggest you don't get on the rollercoaster. Oh yeah, and watch for zombies. 1.5.1
Jagged Plateau 6 ** These disrupted highlands have some undead caravans passing through. Will you block them out from getting to the town? 1.5.1
Lunar Lagoon 8 ****** A hidden zone of water has been found on the moon! Alien inhabitants and lucky astronauts await you in this battle for the deep end of the dark side! 2.0
Eruption Territory 5 ** An Alien zone within a powerful volcano ridge? Seems like the perfect attack spot. 2.5
Open-Ended Rendezvous 6 ***** When battling an intense war, you better get to the rendezvous. However, what happens if it's telegraphed you're moving there? 2.5
Cripple Hills 7 *** These hills feature a good mix of medium-difficulty levels for you to enjoy while you lie down and stare at the sky. 2.5
Lightly Salted Summits 6 **** Travel to the saltiest peaks of the mountains and battle against otherworldly zombies for possession of the rock salt! Who will be the one to claim the peak's seasoning? 2.5
Moving Lights Lab 6 **** Enter the old robotics lab, where robots were once produced...and soon forgotten. Battle the last remaining scrap figures and other zombies to clear the factories. 2.5
Home on the Range 8 ** Welcome to the wilderness, where animals thrive and survive. But, even in a such a dangerous place for humans and zombies alike, the undead still lurk. Can you clear them out and away from your outdoorsy dwelling? 2.7
Blister Bunker 6 **** An old fallout shelter from earlier wars has been found in the wilderness! Since then, it's been weathered, overgrown....and captured by zombie troops. Better expel them before they get to anything sneaky... 2.7
Star-Spangled City 5 *** This metropolis was once a clean, happy city. That is, until the zombies attacked. In a classic turf war of plant versus zombie proportions, take back this town so the townspeople can return to living in peace. 2.7

Gold CoinCoins Content

Gold CoinCoins have many uses in Sendout! as a currency. These uses include upgrading things and purchasing tickets, among other things. These ways to use Gold CoinCoins are listed here.

Upgrading Purposes

Upgrading troops in this game can make them more powerful. This increased power makes it easier to deal with late-game levels and events. Even the base can be upgraded.


Upgrading BASIC Ally 1 Lvl. (Up to Lvl. 20) - 20 Gold CoinCoins (Times 1.2 for each level-up)

Upgrading UNCOMMON Ally 1 Lvl. (Up to Lvl. 30) - 25 Gold CoinCoins (Times 1.5 for each level-up)

Upgrading RARE Ally 1 Lvl. (Up to Lvl. 30) - 30 Gold CoinCoins (Times 1.8 for each level-up)

Upgrading SUPER RARE Ally 1 Lvl. (Up to Lvl. 30) - 35 Gold CoinCoins (Times 2 for each level-up)

Upgrading UBER SUPER RARE Ally 1 Lvl. (Up to Lvl. 40) - 50 Gold CoinCoins (Times 2.5 for each level-up)

Upgrading EVENT Ally 1 Lvl. (Up to Lvl. 30) - 30 Gold CoinCoins (Times 1.5 for each level-up)


Upgrading BASE BLUEPRINTS (Base Health) 1 Lvl. (Up to Lvl. 10) - 40 Gold CoinCoins (Times 1.8 for each level-up)

Upgrading SUN POWER GENERATOR BLUEPRINTS (Sun Power + Sun Bank) 1 Lvl. (Up to Lvl. 10) - 200 Gold CoinCoins (Times 2 for each level-up)


Normal Plant Ticket - 100 Gold CoinCoins

Advanced Plant Ticket (Will always reward a Rare or higher) - 175 Gold CoinCoins

Insane Plant Ticket (Super Rare or higher) - 250 Gold CoinCoins

Premium Plant Ticket (Always Uber Super Rare) - 350 Gold CoinCoins

Ticket Pack (5 Different Spins) - 450 Gold CoinCoins

Premium Ticket Pack (10 Different Spins + 1 Guaranteed Uber Super Rare) - 800 Gold CoinCoins

Event Plant Ticket - 275 Gold CoinCoins (Only available during holiday events)

Event Ticket Pack (3 Spins at Guaranteed Event Plants) - 625 Gold CoinCoins (Only available during holiday events)


Main Menu Theme


Equipping Loadouts/Level Selection


Battle Theme 1

03 Manabu Namiki, Noriyuki Kamikura - Gentle Breeze

Battle Theme #2


Battle Theme #3


Credits (Defeat of Dr. Zomboss)

Ending Theme - Super Mario World - 128K MP3

Otherverse Battle Theme #1


Otherverse Battle Theme #2

ItF Theme 2

Small World Battle Theme #1

Inside the Inverted Pyramid

Small World Battle Theme #2

Another World

Special Levels/Boss Battle Theme #1

Plants vs. Zombies 2 - Modern Day Demonstration Mini-Game music

Pinata Party Theme

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