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Plants vs Zombies: Sendout! is a new Plants vs. Zombies game that features a new way to play in the series. It features many new members of the Plants and Zombies, as well as introduces a new play style, where plants are sent to destroy a zombie base.

This game uses it's predecessor's (Plants vs. Zombies 2) art style.

The Game Concept

The main concept of the game (in levels) is to send out plants to defend your base from zombies and destroy the zombie base in return. You have to spend Sun to play these plants.

Sunny Station

Your Sunny Station functions as both your base and sun generator.

As a base, it has a certain amount of HP, and if zombies damage the Sunny Station enough that is loses all it's HP, you lose the level. So, you must play plants to defend the station and destroy the zombie's station in return so that you can stop the zombies from coming and win the level.

You can upgrade your station's health using Gold Coin.pngCoins. Zombie stations naturally get more health in harder levels.

Station Health (Level 1)
500 HeartPvZH.png

The Sunny Station also generates sun. You start a battle with 30SunPvZH.png immediately. It always starts level 1 and generates about 10 sun per second, and your sun bank is 200 (meaning you can only save up to 200 Sun Power). You can level up the Sun Power Generator to up to 5 levels every match. This is a sun power graph.

Sun Station Level Sun per second Maximum Sun
Level 1 10 per sec 200 SunPvZH.png
Level 2 15 per sec 300 SunPvZH.png
Level 3 25 per sec 500 SunPvZH.png
Level 4 30 per sec 800 SunPvZH.png
Level 5 40 per sec 1500 SunPvZH.png

Features and Mechanics

Sun Power

(See above for more details.) Sun Power in this game is what is used to spawn allies. A fraction at the right-hand corner of the screen shows you how much Sun Power you have. In a level, the Sun Power can be upgraded so it gets produced faster, but it will always reset back to 1 at the end of a level. However, upgrading with Gold Coin.pngCoins you get from beating levels can help make the Sunny Station create more sun, and make even more sun when upgraded in levels.


A loadout is a group of ten plant units spaced out in fives by two bars. Bars will always contain 5 plant units, as there are no upgrades to level up bar space. You will place plant seeds for units you want to bring into a level into these loadouts. To switch between the two bars with plants in them, swipe/drag up or down. You start with 3 spaces for loadouts that you can fill with plant units and save. If you want more loadouts, you will have to purchase them with Gold Coin.pngCoins.

Gold Coin.pngCoins

Gold Coin.pngCoins are the in-game currency of Sendout! They are acquired by completing levels, finishing subchapters or level packs, and completing gamemodes. They can also be bought in certain amounts using real money, or can be acquired when trading an unwanted unit for them. Amounts of Gold Coin.pngCoins acquired vary from the difficulty of the tasks.


Sometimes, when playing a normal level, bosses may appear. Bosses are more powerful or new zombies that will appear in levels. Bosses also cannot be pushed behind the enemy base, but their reinforcements can.

Boss Shockwaves

Boss shockwaves will spawn with bosses. They will push back your units a little from the base so the boss and any reinforcements coming with it will have some time to block the path of their base from you. This ensures that in order to win a level, you must get past the boss first. Boss shockwaves will appear with any kind of boss, from bosses in Boss Events, to normal bosses in levels.


Knockbacks are features of units and enemies in this game, where when a certain percentage of their health is reached, they are pushed back some distance. Both plants and zombies have knockbacks. Boss zombies cannot be knocked back behind the base. However, lesser zombies and all plants can, meaning they will leave the base unguarded once knocked behind it, and the base can be attacked instead of the units.


Collectibles are items that are currently exclusive to Otherverse. These particular objects can be obtained from Small Worlds and boss battles. They usually have a very abstract design, and some are even in different art styles. Obtaining specific amounts of collectibles will grant you access to hidden minigames and bonus levels. Finding them all unlocks a secret boss battle. The amount maximum amount of Collectibles that you can obtain is 20, in which you have collected them all.


Areas are essentially clumps of levels in certain parts of the map. The amount of levels in an area has no limit, although usually the amount is kept at average rates. Uncompleted levels will have a marker on the red that's red. Completed levels have a blue map marker. Optional levels have a green map marker, and will transition to blue upon completion. When you finish a level in an area, new paths can potentially open, which will allow you to access new levels, sometimes more than one. Occasionally, there may not even be a new path created at all.

Optional Levels

Certain levels within areas are optional, for they are harder levels then the ones you will normally find in those parts of the map. Consequently, however, they offer big rewards that will help boost the player while battling throughout the game. These are optional levels. You can usually tell what an optional level on the map would look like, as, mentioned above, it's "uncompleted" map marker is green, unlike the reds of normal levels.

Small Worlds

Small Worlds are another type of Optional Level that is exclusive to Otherverse. Small Worlds can revolve around certain enemies, mechanics, and even be special levels that limit something that would normally be in the player's arsenal, such as the amount of plants they can bring to a level. Small Worlds also usually have multiple levels in them, most having only two or three. For beating Small Worlds, you can earn a Collectible and usually a normal small bonus rewards of Coins and, on rare occasions, a new Plant.

Event Areas

While still being related to the story mode areas listed above, areas accessed in events follow a much different layout. Usually when playing an event level pack, there will only be just one area, with no bonus optional levels. When one level is completed, there is no other choice there but to head to the next level in sequence.

Subchapter Areas

Essentially, subchapter areas are the same as event areas: there are no optional levels, and you must follow a set path.



Adventure mode is the story mode of Plants vs. Zombies: Sendout! It contains 6 areas of varying difficulty, as well as 20 optional levels in total embedded in those areas. Each area has an endboss, and all endbosses must be defeated to challenge Dr. Zomboss. Defeating Dr. Zomboss means you have completed Adventure Mode. Completing Adventure Mode will unlock Fivelanes mode, which is below.


Fivelanes mode is the gamemode unlocked after completing Adventure. It is essentially the same as Adventure mode, in the context of it's levels and areas. Instead of fighting on a straight path where allies must be constantly sent out, you now battle on five separate lanes, with both sides' bases stretching along on the end of the left and right sides of the paths. Allies can be spawned separately along these five lanes, as well as enemies. This mode also changes the capabilities of some plants and zombies, such as MC Zom-B's mic swing reaching a 3x3 area. This mode adds more difficulty and strategy to the game, but offers better rewards for completing levels than Adventure. Upon completing Fivelanes, you get 2,500 Gold Coin.pngCoins and a gold trophy with the player's entered name embedded in it. This trophy will permanently appear on the menu screen of the game once earned.

I, Zombie

I, Zombie is another gamemode unlocked after completing Adventure. This mode takes place in an alternate universe where the plants have backed the zombies all the way back to Dr. Zomboss' base. Now, the zombies must work their way out and stop the plant invasions by taking over the source: the human's house. In this mode, the zombies are now the side that the player controls. It has almost the exact same level structure as normal Adventure, except now the player must work their way out to the human's house, which is where the final boss fight of this mode will take place. Funnily enough, the enemies in this mode are all real plants that you unlock and use in normal gamemodes. You will be given a set loadout of zombies for each level, meaning you will have to make a new strategy to find out how to deal with the plants using the set loadout given to you. Upon completion of I, Zombie mode, you get 3,000 Gold Coin.pngCoins as well as a golden trophy of a Basic Zombie that will permanently appear on the menu screen of the game once earned.


Otherverse is a gamemode unlocked after completing Adventure. Otherverse will be a much bigger version of Adventure, with many new quirks and features to explore, including 8 different, unique areas, all updated with enemies found in both Adventure and the subchapters.

Otherverse will play out much like Adventure, in the way of areas and optional levels. However, the similarities end there. The optional levels aren't actually levels, but are called Small Worlds, which will consist of 2 to 3 levels focusing on a certain mechanic. More information about this is located in the Areas section.

Introduced with Otherverse as well are Collectibles. These peculiar objects will grant you access to hidden levels, minigames, and even a boss battle if you collect enough. See Features and Mechanics for more information.

Pinata Party

Pinata Party is a feature returning from Plants vs. Zombies 2. In this game's version of the Pinata Party, players get to bring a specific loadout to the stage, which is randomly picked out of many other pre-created stages made for this gamemode. These stages will have a description of what zombies can be expected, ranging from vague to well detailed based on the difficulty of the stage. There are also zombies exclusive to the Pinata Parties which can be encountered. Each day at 12:00 AM, a new daily Pinata Party stage is chosen for players to attempt.

Upon beating a Pinata Party stage, the player gets to destroy 3 pinatas out of a grid of 12. These pinatas can have rewards ranging from Gold Coin.pngCoins to Normal or Rare plant tickets. In each grid of pinatas, there is a grand prize awaiting in one of them. This prize could be a large sum of Gold Coin.pngCoins, or even a unit exclusive to Pinata Parties. If five Pinata Party levels are won in a row, the player gets to destroy Señor Pinata, a large pinata resembling a zombie base. Señor Pinata could contain the aforementioned rewards of the grand prize, an Uber Super Rare unit, a Pinata Party-exclusive unit or an out-of-season Event unit.


Sendout Plant Page


Sendout Zombie Page

Events and Event Stages

Upon getting up to a certain point of the game, the Events section can be accessed from the main menu. This brings all new stages that only come around on specific days, rewarding new plants, things to boost your game and introducing exclusive enemies only seen in those events. Down below are some of the events.

Event Name Lasts From... Desc. Level Count New Zombies Reward for Beating
Lawn of Doom Oct. 20 - Nov. 1 BoOoOoO! Looks like even the zombies celebrate Halloween! Will their shenanigans be stopped again on the spookiest time of year? 10 Trick or Treater, Undead Spirit, Mad Scientist, Frankentuar Spooky Squash
Food Fight Nov. 18 - Nov. 31 It's time for a tasty throwdown! Those zombies have never been hungrier than on Thanksgiving day. Will you keep your turkey on the table, or will your brain be on a plate? 10 Zombie Turkey, Pilgrim Zombie, Native Zombie Feasting Chomper
Feastivus Dec. 20 - Dec. 31 Tis the season to beat zombies...fa la la la, la la la la! Not even on Christmas Day do the undead settle. Beat these jolly good levels and get your own fighting gifts under your Christmas tree. 10 Santa Brainz, Elf Imp, Braindeer Sunflower Santa, Giftshooter
PvZBFN Release Anniversary Oct. 15 - Oct. 18 On the 18th of October, Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville released. Although it has its issues, it's still fun. In this event we honor it's release with new challenging levels, zombies, and 3 plants up for grabs! Can they be saved, or is it too late? 6 Electric Slide, 80s Action Hero, Space Cadet Acorn, Night Cap, Snapdragon
Saving the Plants: Peas and Chompers Nov. 6 Some of Zomboss' elite, equipped with plant-repelling attacks, have captured some equally-powerful plants! Break them out of their cell by defeating three new threats, and permanently acquire some valuable team members. 4 Bomb Mask Zombie, Tank Commander, Chemist Agent Pea, Mini-Chompers
Earth Day April 22 April 22nd is Earth Day. Unfortunately, the zombies couldn't even bother to pick up some litter, and have come to try to pick up your brains instead. Fend the undead off in 3 different levels, encounter the Trash Picker Zombie, and earn a delightful new plant: Earthball! 3 Trash Picker Zombie Earthball
Summer Nights June 25 - July 6 Time to celebrate that time of year, where the country became independent. Even the zombies are celebrating with sparklers and fireworks, and even setting up the grill. Why would they set up the grill? To cook your brains on, of course. Fend off the horde once more in 10 levels of celebratory chaos, and earn some plants that find this event just as important. 10 Sparkler Zombie Trio, Grill Raiser Zombie, Rockethead Zombie Strawburst, Pyrophyte
Platinum Palace August 5 - August 15 The clouds have cleared, and a palace with the extravagant glint of gold Coins can be seen in the distance! Unfortunately, Zomboss has taken this tower, and will defend his riches like he'll defend his brains. Take down Zomboss' army stationed at the palace, and maybe you'll get that loot for yourself. 10

Thief Zombie, Guard Zombie, Shock Absorber Guard, Hoarder Gargantuar, Coin Pelter Imp

1000 Gold
Chill Caves January 10 - January 25 Welcome to the frozen tundra! We're here on an expedition to explore a mysterious cave system that is reported to disappear in the spring. We're on our way before conditions get too warm. Maybe there's a reason this cave disappears so often...maybe it's hiding something... 15 Sloth Gargantuar, Yeti Imp, Mammoth Rider Cold Snapdragon
Gloom Graveyard October 1st - October 15 The Lawn of Doom before Lawn of Doom has opened: the Gloom Graveyard. Watch your step, and watch your head: because zombies prowl at every turn in this dead dormatory. However, some odd plants are able to thrive in this environment: plants that have grown defenses to the naturally spawning zombies. They will be useful...but first you must conquer...the Graveyard. 10 Scarecrow Zombie, Skeleton Zombie, Crazy Cultist Willow Wisp, Ghost Pepper

Boss Events

These are events that would feature stronger zombies than usual. These would be called Boss Zombies. Unlike bosses in the main Adventure mode or subchapters, these zombies only appear in select stages.

Boss Event Name Level Name Boss Featured Zombies Coming for Support Reward for Completion Update Added
Assassin of the Dead Drop Dead (Insane) Serial Stabber Dark Zombie, Conehead Zombie, Flag Zombie Assassin Chomper 2.0
Champion of Mortals Enter the Ring (Insane) Metal Wrestler Parka Zombie, Metal Zombie, Iron's Best Friend Boxing-Choy 2.0
Stay Mute Are You Deaf? (Insane) The Quiet Basic Zombie, Conehead Zombie, Electric Zombie, Dark Zombie Silencesanthyum 2.0
Zercranium Hunt Excavation or Termination?(Insane) Mineral Moon Miner Miner Zombie, Shady MC Burrowin' Chompy 2.0.2
Joey in a Pouch Kickboxer Challenge (Insane) Kingaroo Kangaroo Rider, Shadow Boxer K, Conehead Zombie Kangaroo Paw Some time after 2.7
Joker of Junk Dumpster Lord (Insane) Gallant Garbagier Dumpster Zombie, Trash Knight, Tin Can Zombie Recycle Radish 3.1


Upon completing Adventure mode, the Subchapters become available. These are tougher levels that feature new enemies not seen in Adventure, and follows a layout identical to event level pack layouts. These are the currently available Subchapters.

Subchapter Name Amount of Levels Overall Difficulty Desc. Update of Release
A Fresh Start 5 * Seeking more action from the undead? Subchapters will have that covered! Check out new level packs with new enemies, starting in the first chapter. 1.5
Plunder Port 4 * Pirates? Yes, zombie pirates, on the coast of the tropics! Can you make em' head back out to sea? 1.5
Shiverpace Slums 5 ** Antarctic cold strikes the poorer part of town. Can you take out the frozen trash before you freeze up? 1.5
Underground City 5 *** Cities of zombies, deep in the dirt, economies of ore, and plants coming to take it to the streets! 1.5
Dead Castle 6 **** A dark, spooky, haunted castle of the dead looms in the distance...what will it take to raid this manor? 1.5
Laser Theme Park 4 *** When you come to this place, we suggest you don't get on the rollercoaster. Oh yeah, and watch for zombies. 1.5.1
Jagged Plateau 6 ** These disrupted highlands have some undead caravans passing through. Will you block them out from getting to the town? 1.5.1
Lunar Lagoon 8 ****** A hidden zone of water has been found on the moon! Alien inhabitants and lucky astronauts await you in this battle for the deep end of the dark side! 2.0
Eruption Territory 5 ** An Alien zone within a powerful volcano ridge? Seems like the perfect attack spot. 2.5
Open-Ended Rendezvous 6 ***** When battling an intense war, you better get to the rendezvous. However, what happens if it's telegraphed you're moving there? 2.5
Cripple Hills 7 *** These hills feature a good mix of medium-difficulty levels for you to enjoy while you lie down and stare at the sky. 2.5
Lightly Salted Summits 6 **** Travel to the saltiest peaks of the mountains and battle against otherworldly zombies for possession of the rock salt! Who will be the one to claim the peak's seasoning? 2.5
Moving Lights Lab 6 **** Enter the old robotics lab, where robots were once produced...and soon forgotten. Battle the last remaining scrap figures and other zombies to clear the factories. 2.5
Home on the Range 8 ** Welcome to the wilderness, where animals thrive and survive. But, even in a such a dangerous place for humans and zombies alike, the undead still lurk. Can you clear them out and away from your outdoorsy dwelling? 2.7
Blister Bunker 6 **** An old fallout shelter from earlier wars has been found in the wilderness! Since then, it's been weathered, overgrown....and captured by zombie troops. Better expel them before they get to anything sneaky... 2.7
Star-Spangled City 5 *** This metropolis was once a clean, happy city. That is, until the zombies attacked. In a classic turf war of plant versus zombie proportions, take back this town so the townspeople can return to living in peace. 2.7

Gold Coin.pngCoins Content

Gold Coin.pngCoins have many uses in Sendout! as a currency. These uses include upgrading things and purchasing tickets, among other things. These ways to use Gold Coin.pngCoins are listed here.

Upgrading Purposes

Upgrading troops in this game can make them more powerful. This increased power makes it easier to deal with late-game levels and events. Even the base can be upgraded.


Upgrading BASIC Ally 1 Lvl. (Up to Lvl. 20) - 20 Gold Coin.pngCoins (Times 1.2 for each level-up)

Upgrading UNCOMMON Ally 1 Lvl. (Up to Lvl. 30) - 25 Gold Coin.pngCoins (Times 1.5 for each level-up)

Upgrading RARE Ally 1 Lvl. (Up to Lvl. 30) - 30 Gold Coin.pngCoins (Times 1.8 for each level-up)

Upgrading SUPER RARE Ally 1 Lvl. (Up to Lvl. 30) - 35 Gold Coin.pngCoins (Times 2 for each level-up)

Upgrading UBER SUPER RARE Ally 1 Lvl. (Up to Lvl. 40) - 50 Gold Coin.pngCoins (Times 2.5 for each level-up)

Upgrading EVENT Ally 1 Lvl. (Up to Lvl. 30) - 30 Gold Coin.pngCoins (Times 1.5 for each level-up)


Upgrading BASE BLUEPRINTS (Base Health) 1 Lvl. (Up to Lvl. 10) - 40 Gold Coin.pngCoins (Times 1.8 for each level-up)

Upgrading SUN POWER GENERATOR BLUEPRINTS (Sun Power + Sun Bank) 1 Lvl. (Up to Lvl. 10) - 200 Gold Coin.pngCoins (Times 2 for each level-up)


Normal Plant Ticket - 100 Gold Coin.pngCoins

Advanced Plant Ticket (Will always reward a Rare or higher) - 175 Gold Coin.pngCoins

Insane Plant Ticket (Super Rare or higher) - 250 Gold Coin.pngCoins

Premium Plant Ticket (Always Uber Super Rare) - 350 Gold Coin.pngCoins

Ticket Pack (5 Different Spins) - 450 Gold Coin.pngCoins

Premium Ticket Pack (10 Different Spins + 1 Guaranteed Uber Super Rare) - 800 Gold Coin.pngCoins

Event Plant Ticket - 275 Gold Coin.pngCoins (Only available during holiday events)

Event Ticket Pack (3 Spins at Guaranteed Event Plants) - 625 Gold Coin.pngCoins (Only available during holiday events)


Main Menu Theme

Equipping Loadouts/Level Selection

Battle Theme 1

Battle Theme #2

Battle Theme #3

Credits (Defeat of Dr. Zomboss)

Otherverse Battle Theme #1

Otherverse Battle Theme #2

Small World Battle Theme #1

Small World Battle Theme #2

Special Levels/Boss Battle Theme #1

Pinata Party Theme

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