PvZ: SoC is a town-building RPG game.


Normal Plants

Plant Attack Skill Leader Skill Base Stats Unlocked from Training Cost Training Time Evolves to Attribute Bonuses Weaknesses Rarity in the Dice Roll
Peashooter Pea Cannon Pea Gatling Hyper

95 HP

25 ATK

Peashooting Range 100 Sun 20 seconds Repeater Wind


Earth ATK x2 Very Common
Sunflower Sun Pulse Sun Beam Heal Beam

70 HP

15 ATK

Sunflower Farm 150 Sun 50 seconds Power Flower Light

+45% ATK against Dark

+40% HP against Dark

N/A Very Common
Wall-nut Headbutt Armor Up Nut Bulwark

200 HP

50 ATK

Hut-nut 150 Sun 2 hours Tall-nut Earth 50% less damage taken Water ATK x2 Rare-ish
Potato Mine Spudow! Burrow N/A

25 HP

75 ATK

Potato Armory 25 Sun 1 hour Spudrocket Earth N/A Water ATK x2 Common-ish
Gun Tree Rapid Needle Stalwart Mega Sap

100 HP

20 ATK

Tree Orchard 150 Sun 15 minutes Admiral Oak Earth

+40% ATK against Wind

+50% HP against Wind

Fire ATK x2.5 Rare
Meteorite Flowerstar Meteorite Star Comet Crash Gamma Ray Meteorite

100 HP

23 ATK

Star Detector 275 Sun 22 minutes N/A Wind +40% ATK against Earth Water ATK x2 Ultra Rare

Stage 2

Base stats are equal to the original plant.

Name Attack Skill Leader Skill Unlocks at Evolves From Cost Training Time Bonuses Attribute
Repeater Repeat Spike Helm Double Time Peashooting Range Lvl 2 Peashooter 200 Sun Same as Peashooter Same as Peashooter, but doubled. Wind
Power Flower Flower Power Bad Vibes Groovy! Sunflower Farm Lvl 2 Sunflower 75 Sun 1.5 hours Same as Sunflower, but increased 50%. Light
Tall-nut Tackle Crystalline Armor Tallnut Battlement Hut-nut Lvl 2 Wall-nut  125 Sun 2 hours Earth
Spudrocket Bombard Cover Fire Mud Slap Spud Armory Lvl 2 125 Sun 4 hours Earth
Admiral Oak Tree Orchard Lvl 2 Earth

Stage 3

Base stats remain the same.

Name Attack Skill Leader Skill Unlocks at Evolves From Cost Training Time
Gatling Pea Quad Pea Vigilant Combat Training Peashooting Range Lvl 3 Repeater
Sun Pharaoh Cobra Laser
Walnut Bomb TBA

Event Only

Plant Attack Skill Leader Skill Base Stats Event Building Training Cost Training Time Attribute Bonuses Weaknesses Rarity
Ghost Pepper BOO! Possession Etheral

20 ATK

15 HP

Halloween Haunted House 0 2 hours Dark +50% damage against Light Light x3 ATK Very Rare
Sweet Potato Pummel Sweetness


50 ATK

250 HP

Thanksgiving Yam Storage 0 2 hours Earth 50% less damage taken N/A Rare-ish
Sting Bean Bee Sting Honey Burst Flight

175 ATK

15 HP

Spring Beehive 0 1 Day Wind +50% damage against Earth

Wind x1.5 ATK

Insanely Rare

Dice Roll

Plant Attack Skill Leader Skill Base Stats Rarity
Imitater Mimic Mimic Mimic ??? ???


Zombie Attack Skill Perk Leader Skill HP Bonuses Weaknesses Rarity
Browncoat Bite N/A N/A N/A


Very Common
Conehead Cone Whack Cone Strike N/A N/A 250 Common-ish


Production Buildings

Name Produces Cost Building Time Unlocked Area Max Amount
Solar Panel 25 Sun per 15 minutes 50 Coins 20 seconds Game Start 2x2 20
Gold Mine 50 Coins per 15 minutes 20 seconds Game Start 2x2 20
Gem Mine 1 Gem per hour 500 Coins 20 seconds Game Start 3x3 15

Plant Buildings


Name Produces Cost Building time Unlocked Area Storage Space Max Amount
Peashooting Range Peashooter (Lvl1), Repeater (Lvl2), Gatling Pea (Lvl3) 100 coins 20 seconds Research "Peashooting" 2x2 5 6
Sunflower Farm Sunflower, Power Flower, Sun Pharaoh 200 coins 2 minutes Research "Solar Power" 3x3 5 6
Hut-nut Wall-nut, Tall-nut, Walnut Bomb 500 coins 1 hour Research "Nutshells" 3x3 3 5
Potato Armory Potato Mine, Spudrocket, 450 coins 1 hour

Research "Spud Munitions"

2x2 5 9
Tree Orchard Gun Tree, Admiral Oak 1000 coins 1 hour Research "Oakography" 5x3 7 7


Name Produces Building Time Event Storage Area Max Amount
Haunted House

Ghost Pepper

1 hour Halloween 5 3x3 2
Yam Storage Sweet Potato 1 hour Thanksgiving 5 2x2 5
1 hour Christmas 2x2 2
Beehive Sting Bean, Sting Queen 1 hour Spring 3 2x2 5

Dice Roll

Other Buildings

Name Usage Cost Building time Area Unlocked
Library Research new technologies and plants. N/A N/A 3x3 Game start
Zen Garden Upgrades plants. N/A N/A 3x3 Game start
Seed Slot Increases storage space of buildings +1 100 coins 20 minutes 1x1 Level 5




Each time you level up, plants' base stats are increased 10%.

You can use 8 plants per level. The 1st plant is the leader. Some plants have skills that activate when they are selected as leaders.


You can bring 5 plants to battle another player. You can choose to play Protect the Leader or Elimination.


Eliminate the other team.

Protect the Leader

Kill the other team's leader plant to win.

The leader plants now have 10x their HP.


Diamond Zombie

Each day there is The Daily Diamond Event. This event features the Diamond Zombie. Defeating it rewards you 5-15 Diamonds.

The Dice Roll

Each day you can roll the Golden Dice 3 times. There will be 1 item on each side of the die. The side that it lands on will be added to your inventory. You can reroll or roll extra times by paying 1 diamond.

Pinata Party

Each week there is a pinata party.


There are 3 currencies.

  • Diamonds (Produced by the Gem Mine, from loot, or purchased for real money; used for speeding up production or extra rolls)
  • Coins (Produced by the Gold Mine; used for building buildings)
  • Sun (Produced by the Solar Panel; used for producing plants)