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It's time for a road trip!
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Plants vs Zombies: Road Trip!

Plants vs. Zombies: Road Trip is a fun tower defense game that functions similarly to Plants vs. Zombies 2, but also takes some inspiration and some features from others. It takes its visual appearance and a decent amount of gameplay from Plants vs. Zombies 2, but is also inspired by Plants vs. Zombies 3. If you like Road Trip 1, you'll love Road Trip 2! Go check out this game's smashing sequel!


Welcome to Greensburg, where the battles never end. Greensburg is a wonderful town with very diverse regions and unfortunately a ton of zombies. Like, the place is filled with zombies. Nuzzled by the south-side Cranky Creek, you'll start your adventure in the Training Woods, then move on to the Pleasant Plains, the Sleepy Hollow, Mallow Marsh, and so on. Of course, on your quest to topple the Zombossian hierarchy, you'll find new floral friends, undead un-friends, and save regions all throughout. Just make sure to avoid the mysterious Zomboss Island over to the north, you won't like it there.

Your Dev Team


To The Stars!

Patch Notes

  • Prepare to be appeased with the newest store plant - Pea Vine!
  • New plants like the Magnifying Grass added to Star Fleet Hangar
  • New zombies like the Cyborg Hunter added to Star Fleet Hangar
  • Handful of balance changes aimed at making all plants relevant
  • Some levels have been shortened to make the game more enjoyable
  • Added more brain busters to the lineup of levels for more variety
  • The ravine in Star Fleet Hangar is horizontal instead of vertical

Balance Changes


  • Buckshot
    • Decreased damage from 385 -> 320
    • Decreased deviation from 90* -> 45*
  • Squash
    • Decreased sun cost from 4 -> 3
  • Lightning Reed
    • Increased chain targets from 6 -> 8
  • Snapdragon
    • Increased sun cost from 5 -> 6
  • Dogwood
    • Increased sun cost from 2 -> 3
  • Gloom-shroom
    • Increased damage from 180 -> 200
  • Chard Guard
    • Increased damage from 100 -> 400
  • Spikeweed
    • Increased sun cost from 1 -> 2
    • Increased damage from 80 -> 100
    • Decreased attack speed from 0.8s -> 0.5s
  • Cheery Blossom
    • Increased speed boost from 60% -> 100%
    • Decreased PF speed boost from 600% -> 500%
    • Increased PF duration from 1s -> 1.5s
  • Garlic
    • Decreased health from 3000 -> 2000
    • Effect triggers after 1 bite instead of 5
  • Aloe
    • Increased healing from 25 -> 30
  • Powhai
    • Increased sun cost from 3 -> 4
  • Heal Peel
    • Decreased attack speed from 2.8s -> 2.2s
    • Increased PF duration from 6s -> 18s
  • Guacodile
    • Increased seed damage from 270 -> 300
  • Imp Pear
    • Increased recharge from 6s -> 12s
  • Phat Beet
    • Decreased attack speed from 0.6s -> 0.5s
  • Virtualmond
    • Decreased sun cost from 7 -> 4
    • Decreased sun dropped from 2 -> 1
    • Decreased PF stun from 6s -> 1s
  • Nightshade
    • Increased PF projectiles from 2 -> 3
  • Shadow-shroom
    • Decreased attack speed from 1.1s -> 0.5s
    • Increased poison damage from 80/s -> 120/s
  • Sage Mage
    • Decreased damage from 175 -> 0
    • No longer targets zombies she can't hypnotize
  • Energrape
    • Decreased recharge from 35s -> 25s
  • Potion Palm
    • Decreased sun cost from 4 -> 3
  • Rindbreaker
    • Decreased attack speed from 3s -> 1s
    • Decreased damage from 165 -> 125
  • Royal Bluet
    • Increased sun cost from 5 -> 6
  • Astro-shroom
    • Increased sun cost from 1 -> 4
    • Triggers when a plant is planted anywhere
  • Astrocado
    • Decreased sun cost from 9 -> 7
    • Decreased damage from 2640 -> 1000
    • Decreased attack speed from 7s -> 4s

Patch Notes

  • Journey across the stars in the new region - Star Fleet Hangar!
  • New Star Fleet Hangar plants featuring the celestial Astrocado
  • New Star Fleet Hangar zombies featuring the Moon Rock Zombie
  • Amazing store plants - whippin' Whipotle and chippin' Chip Damage
  • A war-tastic zombie leader to fight in Battle Arena - the Grand Warlord
  • Major rebalancing for zombies and improvements to zombie tags
  • Removed upgrade plants and made coins a bit easier to obtain
  • Added a minor overhaul to how Graveyard calculates its rewards
  • Various changes to parts of the game to make it even cooler than before

Balance Changes


  • Gloom-shroom
    • Decreased sun cost from 5 -> 4
  • Chomper
    • Decreased sun cost from 7 -> 6
  • Garlic
    • Increased sun cost from 2 -> 3
  • Sunflower Seed
    • Decreased sun cost from 2 -> 1
  • Sap-fling
    • Decreased attack speed from 2s -> 1s
  • Budminton
    • Increased damage from 240 -> 360
  • Aloe
    • Decreased PF duration from 6s -> 5s


  • Imp
    • Decreased health from 800 -> 700
  • Cell Phone Zombie
    • Increased unarmored speed from 4.8m/s -> 4m/s
  • Bird Feeder Zombie
    • Increased health from 1500 -> 2000
  • Zombologist
    • Increased health from 3500 -> 4000
  • Zom-Blob
    • Decreased health from 1800 -> 1400
  • Vimpire
    • Decreased health from 1400 -> 900
    • Increased damage from 125 -> 150
    • Increased healing from 125 -> 300
  • Batty Witch
    • Increased health from 2000 -> 3000
    • Increased death spawn from 2 -> 6
  • Plunger Zombie
    • Increased pull damage from 120 -> 180
    • Increased pull distance from 1 -> 2
    • Decreased pull cooldown from 12s -> 10s
    • Increased pull range from 5 -> 7
  • Disco Zombie
    • Decreased attack speed from 0.9s -> 0.6s
    • Decreased spawn move delay from 1s -> 0.5s
  • Pop Star
    • Increased slow duration from 5s -> 11s
  • Spooky Ghost
    • Decreased health from 3000 -> 1500
  • Trunk Zombie
    • Increased spawn count from 8 -> 10
  • Teacup Imp
    • Increased damage threshold from 200 -> 250
  • Actor
    • Now blocks piercing attacks when acting
    • Acting time is no longer affected by slows
  • Jumpsuit Trainee
    • Decreased health from 2200 -> 2000
  • Ooze Monster
    • Decreased health from 2600 -> 2300
  • Goo Glider
    • Decreased health from 1400 -> 900
    • Increased impact damage from 400 -> 500
  • Gargantuar
    • Decreased health from 36000 -> 34000
  • Rolling Rocker
    • Increased damage from 90 -> 180
  • Pianist Zombie
    • Decreased speed from 3.8m/s -> 6m/s
  • Prospector Zombie
    • Decreased fuse delay from 12s -> 9s
  • Digit Heroine
    • Increased glitch duration from 8s -> 12s
  • Impfinity Clone
    • Decreased health from 950 -> 500
    • Decreased cloning speed from 4s -> 3s
    • Increased max clones from 7 -> 14
    • Now has the Machined tag
  • Funky Monkey
    • Increased glitch duration from 12s -> 24s
  • Breakdancer Zombie
    • Decreased push distance from 1.6 -> 1.5
  • Zombie Rocketeer
    • Decreased health from 1350 -> 1000
    • Increased self pushback from 2 -> 3
    • Increased speed from 2.5m/s -> 1.5m/s
  • Zombones
    • Increased health from 1400 -> 1800
  • Shadow Stone Imp
    • Increased health from 5000 -> 5400
  • Shadow Shield Zombies
    • Decreased health from 3125 -> 2500
    • Increased speed from 4m/s -> 3m/s
    • Illusions no longer walk through plants
  • Sleepwalker
    • Decreased health from 4000 -> 2000

Patch Notes

  • Rolling back some of the changes in v1.6.0 plus improvements
  • Added Hypno Root, Shiver Vine, and Mega Vine plants for coins
  • Hypno Root hypnotizes zombie attackers while defending a plant
  • Shiver Vine shoots freezing icicles while defending a plant
  • Mega Vine provides a massive damage buff to a plant inside
  • Buildings have all been re-added and are back in business
  • Removing Buildings caused way more issues that it solved
  • Coin plants now only cost 500,000 coins instead of 800,000
  • Decreased sun fall speed from 2-4 seconds to 4-5 seconds
  • Plant Food is now gained every 35 seconds instead of every 30
  • Buffed early-game plants to make Story Mode less difficult

Balance Changes


  • Peashooter
    • Increased damage from 140 -> 160
    • Decreased Plant Food shots from 75 -> 50
  • Sunflower
    • Plant Food now also heals Sunflower to full
  • Bonk Choy
    • Increased attack speed from 0.4s -> 0.5s
    • Increased damage from 80 -> 130
  • Potato Mine
    • Increased damage from 1650 -> 3000
    • Increased arming time from 5s -> 18s
  • Buckshot
    • Increased damage from 245 -> 385
  • Squash
    • Increased damage from 2000 -> 2500
    • Increased Plant Food damage from 4000 -> 5000
  • Pine Needler
    • Increased damage from 40 -> 80
    • Decreased range from 6 -> 5
  • Cabbage-Pult
    • Increased damage from 210 -> 420
  • Kernel-Pult
    • Decreased sun cost from 6 -> 5
    • Now throws butter every 4th shot
  • Orchidstra
    • Increased healing from 240 -> 480
  • Windowpine
    • Increased damage from 345 -> 745
    • Increased Plant Food damage from 920 -> 2400
  • Starfruit
    • Increased damage from 200 x5 -> 240 x5
  • Appease-Mint
    • Increased damage from 220 -> 480
  • Lightning Reed
    • Increased damage from 80 -> 140
    • Increased chain damage from 120 x4 -> 140 x6
    • Increased chain targets from 4 -> 6
  • Grody Grape
    • Increased damage from 40 x9 -> 50 x9
    • Increased armor damage from 80 x9 -> 100 x9
  • Witch Hazel
    • Increased attack speed from 3.4s -> 3.8s
  • Weeping Willow
    • Now deals 200 damage per sun the plant costed rather than a flat 800
  • Ail-Mint
    • Increased damage from 40/sec -> 200/sec
  • Enforce-Mint
    • Increased damage from 420 -> 680
  • Bombard-Mint
    • Increased damage from 500 -> 2000
  • Fila-Mint
    • Increased max targets from 3 -> 9

Patch Notes

  • Road Trip 1 will still receive these kinds of small updates
  • Added new Gloom Vine plant that can be purchased with coins
  • Gloom Vine fumes around and powers a shadow plant inside
  • Fixed Stickers change from last patch not being applied
  • Battle Arena now repeats its existing seasonal content
  • Reworked Battle Arena as promised in the v1.6 update
  • Merged Battle Arena and Stickers as they are connected
  • Fixed Lotus Spout's knockback being higher than intended
  • Grody Grape's damage clouds have been reworked greatly

Balance Changes


  • Decreased Peashooter price from 3 -> 2
  • Increased Bonk Choy health from 625 -> 725
  • Decreased Potato Mine arm time from 6.5 -> 5
  • Increased Buckshot damage from 215 -> 245
  • Increased Starfruit price from 3 -> 4
  • Decreased Grody Grape price from 5 -> 4
  • Increased Grody Grape damage from 90 -> 120
  • Increased Squash price from 3 -> 4
  • Increased Squash damage from 1500 -> 2000
  • Increased Lotus Spout damage from 30 -> 40
  • Decreased Lotus Spout range from 3-7 -> 3-5
  • Increased Witch Hazel price from 2 -> 3
  • Increased Witch Hazel damage from 100 -> 200
  • Increased Gloom-shroom damage from 150 -> 180
  • Increased Buttercup damage from 80 -> 120
  • Increased Bloomerag damage from 210 -> 260
  • Increased Garlic health from 2000 -> 3000
  • Decreased Gumnut health from 520 -> 320
  • Decreased Blockbuster price from 5 -> 4
  • Increased Blockbuster damage from 210 -> 420
  • Increased Yeti Moss health from 1400 -> 2100
  • Increased Aloe healing from 13 -> 25
  • Increased Aloe price from 1 -> 2
  • Decreased Pumpkin price from 3 -> 1
  • Increased Pepper-pult damage from 500 -> 600
  • Increased Powhai damage from 180 -> 200
  • Increased Powhai range from 0.5 -> 1
  • Increased Powhai health from 500 -> 900
  • Decreased Zoybean Pod health from 600 -> 300
  • Decreased Shadow Peashooter price from 5 -> 4


  • Decreased Disco Zombie health from 2800 -> 2400
  • Increased Pop Star song slowing from 30% -> 50%
  • Increased Actor Zombie acting time from 5 -> 10
  • Decreased Digger Zombie dig speed from 1.3 -> 0.5

Patch Notes

  • This is Road Trip 1's last big update, but Road Trip 2 is only just beginning
  • Stickers are now always available in Rush Race and Battle Arena game modes
  • Battle Arena has been reworked to be less competitive and have weekly seasons
  • Clubs have been removed from Road Trip and are no longer part of the game
  • Plants, zombies, and even environments have undergone serious balancing
  • Buildings have been removed from Road Trip and their bonuses are elsewhere
  • Increased the effectiveness of grinding by buffing Mariold and other farms
  • Removed StarCaps and Gems, everything now costs coins including plants
  • Massively increased how many coins you can squeeze out of Caketank
  • You can can earn Zombucks from Zombie Raids as a bonus win reward

Balance Changes


  • Increased Peashooter plantfood shots from 60 -> 75
  • Decreased Sunflower price from 4 -> 3
  • Increased Wall-Nut plantfood range from 3 -> 5
  • Increased Wall-Nut health from 3300 -> 3600
  • Decreased Bonk Choy price from 4 -> 3
  • Increased Buckshot price from 4 -> 5
  • Increased Buckshot weapon accuracy from 5 -> 3
  • Increased Squash price from 2 -> 3
  • Decreased Lotus Spout weapon push from 1 -> 0.5
  • Decreased Lotus Spout plantfood push from 3.5 -> 2
  • Decreased Lotus Spout fire rate from 5 -> 3
  • Decreased Lotus Spout price from 7 -> 4
  • Decreased Lotus Spout damage from 120 -> 30
  • Decreased Pine Needler damage from 65 -> 40
  • Decreased Pine Needler price from 3 -> 2
  • Increased Kernel-Pult price from 5 -> 6
  • Decreased Orchidstra price from 5 -> 4
  • Decreased Windowpine price from 7 -> 5
  • Decreased Windowpine fire rate from 5.7 -> 5.4
  • Increased Starfruit damage from 180 -> 200
  • Decreased Lightning Reed damage from 100 -> 80
  • Increased Lightning Reed chain damage from 60 -> 120
  • Increased Grody Grape damage times from 3 -> 4
  • Decreased Witch Hazel damage from 300 -> 100
  • Increased Witch Hazel plantfood targets from 5 -> 7
  • Decreased Witch Hazel fire rate from 6.4 -> 3.4
  • Decreased Witch Hazel health from 500 -> 300
  • Decreased Witch Hazel price from 7 -> 2
  • Decreased Weeping Willow damage from 900 -> 800
  • Decreased Weeping Willow cooldown from 2.4 -> 0
  • Decreased Fume-Shroom weapon push from 0.4 -> 0
  • Decreased Fume-Shroom price from 4 -> 3
  • Decreased Fume-Shroom fire rate from 2.7 -> 1
  • Decreased Fume-Shroom damage from 115 -> 90
  • Decreased Snapdragon price from 7 -> 5
  • Decreased Bowling Bulb damage from 330 -> 180
  • Decreased Bowling Bulb fire rate from 5.2 -> 1.5
  • Decreased Dogwood price from 4 -> 2
  • Increased Dogwood recharge from 10 -> 20
  • Increased Dogwood weakness from 60 -> 100
  • Increased Dogwood plantfood weakness from 100 -> 200
  • Decreased Gloom-Shroom price from 6 -> 5
  • Decreased Ice Lettuce damage from 400 -> 300
  • Decreased Ail-Mint price from 100 -> 90
  • Decreased Chardguard fire rate from 5 -> 3
  • Increased Buttercup stun from 3 -> 6
  • Increased Chomper chew time from 12 -> 18
  • Increased Chomper melee from 160 -> 320
  • Decreased Spikeweed price from 3 -> 1
  • Increased Melon-Pult price from 7 -> 10
  • Increased Melon-Pult damage from 900/450 -> 1350/675
  • Decreased Bloomerang fire rate from 3.8 -> 3
  • Decreased Bloomerang price from 5 -> 3
  • Increased Cheery Blossom boost from 20 -> 60
  • Increased Cheery Blossom recharge from 10 -> 120
  • Increased Enforce-Mint price from 100 -> 110
  • Increased Garlic health from 1000 -> 2000
  • Increased Sunflower Seed sundrop from 2 -> 3
  • Increased Sunflower Seed health from 500 -> 1000
  • Decreased Sudge-Shroom fire rate from 5 -> 3
  • Decreased Sludge-Shroom price from 6 -> 4
  • Decreased Gumnut price from 4 -> 1
  • Increased Blockbuster health from 825 -> 1700
  • Decreased Suniper price from 3 -> 2
  • Increased Suniper fire rate from 14.6 -> 18
  • Increased Sap-Fling slow from 50 -> 60
  • Increased Sap-Fling plantfood damage from 1400 -> 3000
  • Increased Budminton bounces from 6 -> 9
  • Decreased Budminton bounce range from 3x3 -> 2
  • Decreased Yeti Moss cooldown from 1.2 -> 0
  • Increased Yeti Moss health from 900 -> 1400
  • Decreased Yeti Moss price from 5 -> 4
  • Decreased Aloe price from 3 -> 1
  • Decreased Pumpkin price from 4 -> 3
  • Decreased Celery Stalker damage from 100 -> 80
  • Decreased Powhai price from 4 -> 3
  • Decreased Heal Peel fire rate from 4.2 -> 2.8
  • Decreased Heal Peel price from 5 -> 3
  • Increased Guacodile fire rate from 3 -> 4
  • Decreased Reinforce-Mint price from 100 -> 90
  • Decreased Reinforce-Mint weapon push from 1.5 -> 1
  • Decreased Shrinking Violet price from 3 -> 1
  • Decreased Shrinking Violet range from 3x3 -> 1x3
  • Decreased Imp Pear recharge from 8 -> 6
  • Decreased 8-PIT health regen delay from 7 -> 3
  • Increased 8-PIT health regen rate from 200 -> 500
  • Decreased 8-PIT price from 4 -> 3
  • Decreased Phat Beet fire rate from 1.2 -> 0.6
  • Decreased Phat Beet damage from 110 -> 65
  • Increased Virtualmond price from 5 -> 7
  • Decreased Zoy Bean Pod price from 4 -> 2
  • Increased Mech Nut price from 4 -> 6
  • Decreased Mech Nut fire rate from 5 -> 3
  • Decreased Stunion damage from 60 -> 30
  • Increased Fila-Mint price from 100 -> 110
  • Decreased Moonflower price from 7 -> 4
  • Decreased Nightshade cost from 5 -> 3
  • Decreased Petrified Oak fire rate from 3/0.5 -> 2/0.3
  • Decreased Grimrose price from 7 -> 3
  • Increased Grimrose recharge from 14 -> 30
  • Decreased Dusk Lobber price from 8 -> 6
  • Decreased Shadow Peashooter price from 7 -> 5
  • Decreased Pokra price from 5 -> 3
  • Increased Dazey Chain damage from 120/150/180 -> 160/240/300
  • Decreased Dazey Chain fire rate from 4 -> 3
  • Increased Hypno-Shroom price from 1 -> 2
  • Increased Sage Mage healing from 35 -> 100
  • Increased Sage Mage plantfood healing from 125 -> 300
  • Decreased Sage Mage price from 5 -> 4
  • Decreased Energrape price from 4 -> 2
  • Increased Energrape recharge from 12 -> 35
  • Decreased Potion Palm fire rate from 4 -> 2
  • Decreased Potion Palm price from 6 -> 4
  • Increased Potion Palm acid duration from 5 -> 15
  • Increased Royal Bluet grow time from 25 -> 30
  • Decreased Royal Bluet fire rate from 3 -> 2
  • Increased Puff-Shroom weapon range from 3 -> 4
  • Increased Mossling movement speed from 1 -> 3
  • Decreased Marigold fire rate from 16 -> 14
  • Removed health decay from Blastberry Vine
  • Decreased Blastberry Vine price from 2 -> 1
  • Removed health decay from Pyre Vine
  • Removed health decay from Shine Vine
  • Removed health decay from Blackbarrier
  • Decreased Blackbarrier price from 2 -> 1
  • Removed health decay from Poison Ivy Vine
  • Decreased Poison Ivy Vine price from 2 -> 1
  • Removed health decay from Weather Vine
  • Increased Spring Bean price from 2 -> 4
  • Decreased Onion Ring weapon push from 2 -> 0.4
  • Increased Onion Ring damage from 130 -> 260
  • Decreased Onion Ring fire rate from 5.8 -> 2.2
  • Decreased Fire Peashooter fire rate from 2.6 -> 2.1
  • Decreased Sun-Shroom cost from 4 -> 3
  • Increased Blover recharge from 8 -> 30
  • Deceased Blover price from 2 -> 1
  • Decreased Scarecrop price from 4 -> 3
  • Decreased Shell Doom price from 9 -> 7
  • Increased Enlighten-Mint price from 100 -> 110
  • Decreased Frag-Mint price from 100 -> 90
  • Decreased Ele-Mint price from 100 -> 80
  • Decreased Toadstool price from 6 -> 5
  • Decreased Winter Melon price from 8 -> 6


  • Increased Billboard Zombie group size from 3-8 -> 5-9
  • Decreased Zombologist fire rate from 0.6 -> 0.5
  • Increased Donut Roller donut damage from 800 -> 2000
  • Decreased Donut Roller donut health from 6000 -> 5000
  • Decreased Spore Zombie health from 3150 -> 3000
  • Decreased Pop Star health from 3600 -> 2800
  • Decreased Squirrel Herder health from 3000 -> 1500
  • Decreased Solar Panel Zombie health from 6000 -> 5000
  • Decreased Turbo Shark Sub health from 16000 -> 12000
  • Increased Toxic Barrel Imp health from 500 -> 600
  • Decreased Goo Glider speed from 1.4 -> 1.7
  • Decreased Auto-Goo Tank health from 14000 -> 5000
  • Decreased USO health from 10000 -> 7000
  • Increased Molten Whacker weapon damage from 25 -> 100
  • Increased Molten Whacker lava damage from 200 -> 1000
  • Decreased Molten Whacker health from 4000 -> 3000
  • Increased Wild Cowboy group size from 4-10 -> 7-14
  • Increased Piano Zombie damage from 4000 -> 5000
  • Decreased Piano Zombie fire rate from 0.2 -> 0.1
  • Increased Piano Zombie group size increase from 4 -> 7
  • Decreased Piano Zombie health from 10000 -> 4000
  • Decreased Rodeo Legend health from 8000 -> 5000
  • Decreased Rodeo Legend blast damage from 6000 -> 1000
  • Decreased Breakdancer Zombie health from 2000 -> 1725
  • Decreased Donut Robot health from 16000 -> 8000
  • Decreased Mecha Tron Dino health from 7400 -> 6900
  • Increased Shadow Stone Imp health from 1800 -> 5000
  • Increased Rainbow Bass in-out time from 4 -> 6
  • Decreased Rainbow Bass health from 2000 -> 1000
  • Decreased Diamond Rock Robo health from 10000
  • Decreased Unicorn Gargantuar speed from 4.6 -> 6
  • Increased Pigeon health from 50 -> 60
  • Decreased Bat health from 85 -> 45


We can't just stay home and relax. We need to go out into the world and find out where these plants are going, and stop the zombies once and for all!

Adventure is a way to progress through the single-player campaign while picking up fun plants and un-fun zombies along the way. While going through Adventure, you'll go through Milestone Levels, where you'll have a specific set of zombies arranged in a unique way each time you play the Level. When you complete a Milestone Level on the first attempt on Hard difficulty, you'll Master it and get cool and awesome rewards. You'll get more rewards when you Master a Milestone Level and you'll earn a fancy Hammer to upgrade buildings after Mastering 6 Milestone Levels in a row. However, if you don't quite get the Mastery on a Milestone Level, don't fret, there's plenty of Milestone Levels available for you to Master or you can pay 50,000 coins to reset it and get another shot at Mastery.

You can freely choose whatever difficulty to play for each Milestone Level, but you must beat Medium to unlock the next Milestone Level, and all three difficulties for Boss Fights to unlock the next Region and set of Milestone Levels.

To get the most out of Milestone Levels, zombucks are your friend. Zombucks allow you to instantly complete (Insta-Beat) Mastered (completed on the first try) Milestone Levels at a rate of 1 zombuck to 1 instant completion. You can have up to 10 zombucks at once, and you can earn them by Mastering Milestone Levels. You can buy 20 of them for 40,000 coins.

Difficulty Zombie Count % Zombie Diversity % Zombie Density % hStarth hDelayh hZombuckh hCosth
Easy 100 60 100 10 sec 1
Medium 150 70 135 6 sec 1
Hard 200 80 150 1 sec 2

Milestones hhMasteryhh hhCoinshh Mastery Zombucks hhNormalhh hhCoinshh hInsta-Beath hCoinsh
1-19 700 coins 1 zombuck 50 coins 25 coins
20-39 900 coins 1 zombuck 70 coins 45 coins
40-59 1100 coins 2 zombucks 90 coins 55 coins
60-79 1300 coins 2 zombucks 110 coins 65 coins
80-99 1500 coins 3 zombucks 130 coins 75 coins
100-119 1700 coins 3 zombucks 150 coins 85 coins
120-139 1900 coins 4 zombucks 170 coins 95 coins
140-159 2100 coins 4 zombucks 190 coins 105 coins
160-179 2300 coins 5 zombucks 210 coins 115 coins


As you progress through Adventure, you'll rescue some Regions from the zombie attack. Buildings are located on various different Regions in Greensburg, and will give you special benefits to help you get ahead. You unlock them by reclaiming them the Regions they’re on. This is done by defeating Milestone Levels in the Adventure campaign.

Regions Milestones Starting Sun Boss
Park Plaza 1-19 5 Zombot Roof Raider
Sleepy Hollow 20-39 5 Zombot Bat Blaster
Mallow Marsh 40-59 4 Zombot Camp Flamer
Obscene Oozevoir 60-79 6 Zombot Sticky Squisher
Gold Rush Range 80-99 4 Zombot Finer Miner
Cyber Central 100-119 7 Zombot Zany Zapper
Basalt Valley 120-139 5 Zombot Smokey Mortar
Crystal Cove 140-159 6 Zombot Twinkle Tower
Star Fleet Hangar 160-179 3 Zombot Lunar Lurker

Park Plaza

Park Plaza is the first Region unlocked in the game. Park Plaza has nothing unique to its name other than a few ambushes.

Modifiers Ambushes Timehhhhhh
None - Park Plaza is the only Region in the game without any Region Modifiers. Pigeon Plunge - 6-17 Pigeons will spawn on random tiles to the right of the 6th column.
Worst Wurst - 4-8 Hot Dog Imps will spawn on random tiles to the right of the 4th column.
Day - Sun falls from the sky at a normal rate.

Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow is the second Region unlocked in the game. Sleepy Hollow is a dark and spooky place with fog and tombstones.

Modifiers Ambushes Timehhhhhhh
Tombstones - Tombstones block straight-shot projectiles from hitting the zombies behind them and can't be planted on. In Sleepy Hollow, they can spawn by themselves, similar to Night in Plants vs. Zombies. Tombstones have 1600 health and have only the Obstacle Tag.
Brain Fog - All columns to the right of the 6th are covered in a dense fog which hides zombies inside from being seen by you or your plants, but sometimes the fog retreats a column or so for a short while.
Bat Attack - 3-9 Bats will spawn on random tiles to the right of the 5th column.
Necromancy - 80-90% of Tombstones will spawn in a zombie. The spawned zombie has a 50% chance to be a Browncoat, a 30% chance to be a Conehead, and a 20% chance to be a Buckethead.
Lights Out - 3-5 sun will be deducted from your balance, and all sun-producing plants will be stunned for 2-4 seconds.
Evening - Sun falls from the sky 2 times slower than normal.

Mallow Marsh

Mallow Marsh is the third Region unlocked in the game. Mallow Marsh has stumps and marshmallows, and is generally a confusing region.

Modifiers Ambushes Timehhhhhh
Stumps - Some tiles have indestructible stumps on them which can't be planted on and block projectiles for Squirrels behind them.
Marshmallows - They have the ability to grant a 20% speed boost and heal 500 health to a zombie that walks on them. The effects will stack up to three times.
Squirrel Chase - 9-18 Squirrels will spawn on random tiles to the right of the 7th column.
Mallow Mortar - 5-7 Marshmallows will spawn on empty tiles to the right of the 2nd column and to the left of the 10th.
Fin-tastic - 1-2 Bling Sharks spawn on random tiles to the right of the 4th column. Then all Bling Sharks and Super Shark Subs are healed to full and gain a 50% damage boost for 6 seconds.
Morning - Sun falls from the sky 20% slower than normal.

Obscene Oozevoir

Obscene Oozevoir is the fourth Region unlocked in the game. Obscene Oozevoir is most compatible with Pirate Seas in function and play.

Modifiers Ambushes Timehhhhhh
Oozevoir Platform - In this Region, the player's lawn is split up into three sections. The first 5 columns function as they normally would.
Oozevoir Bridges - The right side is different, with bridges connecting the zombie spawn to the first 5 columns allow them to travel normally onto your lawn. While 3 random rows will not have any bridges, they can still be attacked by ambush zombies landing halfway across the lawn. The rows with the bridges will function as normal.
Oozevoir Ooze - The third and final part is the ooze tiles, which no plants can be planted on and zombies will instantly be vanquished if they land in ooze.
Monster Mash - 1-4 Ooze Monsters will spawn on the leftmost ooze tiles, and they are immune to the instant vanquish caused by ooze tiles.
Toxic Waste of Time - 2-3 Toxic Waste Imps will spawn on the leftmost bridge tiles.
Ink! - A random row of plants is gooped over 2 seconds.
Day - Sun falls from the sky at a normal rate

Gold Rush Range

Gold Rush Range is the fifth Region unlocked in the game. Gold Rush Range has a different sized lawn than usual, alongside some cool molten lava and minecarts.

Modifiers Ambushes Timehhhhhh
Gold Rush Range Lawn - Gold Rush Range's lawn is 5x10, unlike most zones which are 6x8. This means that not only do you have a little less space to work with, but the zombies have to travel further.
Lava - Some tiles are covered in Lava, which can't be planted on and deal huge damage to any plants that may have been there before the cheese. Each level will have 12 lava tiles on random tiles to the right of the 4th column and last for 20-40 seconds individually.
Minecarts - There are minecart rails and minecarts on your lawn anywhere to the left of the 4th column, but there can be no more than 2 minecarts at once. While nothing can be placed on a minecart rail, plants can be placed into a minecart and moved along the rail at will.
Yee-Haw! - 10-26 Wild Cowboys spawn on random tiles to the right of the 7th column.
Melting Away - An entire column is randomly covered in Lava, but it will never be a column with Minecarts.
Do-si-do - Zombies switch lanes randomly 1-4 times, and Wild Cowboys get a 50% damage boost for 8-10 seconds.
Groundbreaker - A Gargantuar spawns on a random tile, but it will always spawn to the right of the 7th column.
Noon - Sun falls from the sky 25% faster than normal

Cyber Central

Cyber Central is the sixth Region unlocked in the game. Cyber Central has Slider Tiles as its sole gimmick, but has interesting ambushes.

Modifiers Ambushes Timehhhhhh
Slider Tiles - Slider Tiles move zombies to adjacent lanes, and can't be planted on or removed in any way. Up to 10 Slider Tiles can exist at once, and Funky Monkeys and 8-Bit Zombies can choose to ignore them unless there's a plant in the adjacent lane attacking them. Arcade Delivery - 2-4 Arcade Machines spawn on random tiles, and instantly spawn 1-3 8-Bit Zombies. The spawned 8-Bit Zombie has a 50% chance to be an 8-Bit Conehead, and a 50% chance to be an 8-Bit Buckethead. The Arcade Machines will crush any plants they land on, but will always spawn to the right of the 1st column and to the left of the 6th.
Power Up - All zombies become immortal and move 25% faster for 6 seconds.
Bug Report - 5-10 random plants are glitched out for 4-6 seconds individually, and Plant Food is produced 50% slower for 12 seconds.
Evening - Sun falls from the sky 50% slower than normal.

Basalt Valley

Basalt Valley is the seventh Region unlocked in the game. Basalt Valley has a slightly smaller lawn, and has very complicated Smoked and Steamed Tile mechanics.

Modifiers Ambusheshhhhhhh Timehhhhhh
Basalt Valley Lawn - Basalt Valley's lawn is 5x8, unlike the normal 6x8 lawns in other zones. Basalt Valley's lawn is split in half, with one side consisting of Smoked Tiles, and the other consisting of Steamed Tiles.
Smoked Tiles - Smoked Tiles slow zombies that walk on them down by 50%, but makes them deal 100% more damage. Plants placed on Smoked Tiles deal 100% more damage, but attack 50% slower. Every 12-36 seconds, a random Smoked Tile will transform an adjacent Steamed Tile into a Smoked Tile. Powered Shadow Plants are immune to Smoked Tile effects.
Steamed Tiles - Steamed Tiles speed up zombies that walk on them by 100%, but makes them deal 50% less damage. Plants on Steamed Tiles attack 100% faster, but deal 50% less damage. Every 12-36 seconds, a random Steamed Tile will transform an adjacent Smoked Tile into a Steamed Tile. Powered Shadow Plants are immune to Steamed Tile effects.
Hot Spot - 25-30% of Steamed Tiles will become Smoked Tiles.
Boiled Over - 25-30% of Smoked Tiles will become Steamed Tiles.
Shaky Ground - All Steamed Tiles and Smoked Tiles will switch places.
Night - Sun does not fall from the sky. At all. Nope. Bring your own sun.

Crystal Cove

Crystal Cove is the eighth Region unlocked in the game. Crystal Cove has a smaller lawn than usual, and some super funky tiles to go with it.

Modifiers Ambusheshhhhhhh Timehhhhhh
Crystal Cove Lawn - Crystal Cove's lawn is 5x6 tiles, unlike other Regions with larger lawns.
Diamond Tiles - 4-8 Diamond Tiles spawn on random tiles. When a plant is planted on a Diamond Tile, it automatically activates its Plant Food effect. Diamond Tiles have a 15-second cooldown between uses, and each one can only be used three times.
Emerald Tiles - 4-8 Emerald Tiles spawn on random tiles. When a plant is planted on a Diamond Tile activates its Plant Food effect, all other plants on Emerald Tiles activate their Plant Food effect as well. Emerald Tiles have a 15-second cooldown between uses, and each one can only be used three times.
Diamond Dazzle - All Diamond Tiles are refilled.
Gem Shuffle - All Diamond Tiles and Emerald Tiles are moved to random unoccupied tiles.
Day - Sun falls from the sky at a normal rate.

Star Fleet Hangar

Star Fleet Hangar is the ninth Region unlocked in the game. Star Fleet Hangar has a larger lawn than usual, but has an interesting low-gravity and ravine gimmick.

Modifiers Ambusheshhhhhhh Timehhhhhh
Star Fleet Hangar - Star Fleet Hangar's lawn is 8x10 tiles, unlike other Regions with smaller lawns.
Sun Sucker 9000 - Sun-producing plants will produce sun 50% slower than usual.
Low Gravity - Projectiles from both plants and zombies move 50% slower and knockback effects are amplified by 50%.
Ravine - A massive crack cuts through the lawn, spanning from lane 4 to lane 5 and dividing the lawn in two. Plants can't be planted on the ravine and any zombies that fall in will be vanquished.
N/A Night - Sun does not fall from the sky. At all. Nope. Bring your own sun.

Adventure Bosses

In Adventure, a boss fight appears at the end of each Region. Each Boss has a unique set of skills which makes them challenging and fun to defeat. Each Boss has 3 Stages which will change up the attacks of the boss, making the fight escalate and tensions rise. When you defeat a Boss on all three difficulties (Easy, Medium, and Hard), you will gain access to the next Region and its Milestone Levels. Bosses have 20% less health on Easy difficulty, regular health on Medium, and 50% more health on Hard and use attacks faster the higher difficulty it is.

Bosshh Image ML Stage 1 Health 1 Stage 2 Health 2 Stage 3 Health 3
Zombot Roof Raider Grasstile.png Milestone Level 19 Summons large groups of zombies (Roof Rally) and teleports up to 6 zombies (Warp) forwards 2 tiles. 34000hhh Fires instant-vanquish missiles at plants (Suburban Strike), Roof Rally spawns even more zombies, and Warp can teleport 2 more zombies 1 tile further. 36000hhh Suburban Strike fires 4 more rockets, Roof Rally can spawn twice as many zombies faster, and Warp can teleport 5 more zombies 1 tile further. 38000hhh
Zombot Bat Blaster Grasstile.png Milestone Level 39 Summons large groups of zombies (Summoning) and makes zombies immortal (Grave Rave) for a short time. 35000hhh Creates walls of Gravestones (Unearth), Summoning spawns even more zombies, and Grave Rave lasts 4 seconds longer. 37000hhh Grave Rave lasts 8 seconds longer and gains 1x3 tile AoE, Summoning can spawn twice as many zombies faster, and Unearth covers a second column in Gravestones sooner. 39000hhh
Zombot Camp Flamer Grasstile.png Milestone Level 59 Summons large groups of zombies (Forest Hogs) and attacks with piercing orbs of light (Mega-Mallow). 36000hhh Repairs and grants armor (Survivalist), Forest Hogs spawns even more zombies, and Mega-Mallow deals twice as much damage. 38000hhh Mega-Mallow stuns plants on impact and is larger, Forest Hogs can spawn twice as many zombies faster, and Survivalist grants stronger armor to zombies. 40000hhh
Zombot Sticky Squisher Grasstile.png Milestone Level 79 Summons large groups of zombies (Sticky Spawning) and fires big lasers (Big Blaster Boi), taking out plants and zombies and spawning Ooze Monsters. 37000hhh Heals for 500 health (Rebuild), Sticky Spawning spawns even more zombies, and Big Blaster Boi affects a 3x4 area instead of 3x2. 39000hhh Big Blaster Boi doesn't vanquish zombies, Sticky Spawning can spawn twice as many zombies faster, and Rebuild heals for 2500 health. 41000hhh
Zombot Finer Miner Grasstile.png Milestone Level 99 Summons large groups of zombies (Whistle Blower) and fires burning missiles (Hot Rockets) at your plants which cover tiles in molten lava. 38000hhh Sprays plants with fire (Firefighter) and ignites them, Whistle Blower spawns even more zombies, and Hot Rockets fires more missiles. 40000hhh Hot Rockets heals Finer Miner for 1000 health, Whistle Blower can spawn twice as many zombies faster, and Firefighter deals three times as much damage and can be used in conjunction with other attacks. 42000hhh
Zombot Zany Zapper Grasstile.png Milestone Level 119 Summons large groups of zombies (Mega Ultra Blip) and shoots glitching lasers (Galact-Assault) at your lawn. 39000hhh Upgrades zombies into bigger, tougher forms (Upgrade Max), Mega Ultra Blip spawns even more zombies, and Galact-Assault fires more missiles. 41000hhh Galact-Assault fires three times as many lasers per volley, Mega Ultra Blip can spawn twice as many zombies faster, Upgrade Max can transform zombies into Gargantuars, and can shuffle the board (Cyber Shuffle) at will. 43000hhh
Zombot Smokey Mortar Grasstile.png Milestone Level 139 Summons large groups of zombies (Crumble Call), makes a few plants at a time take more damage (Sedimentary) and shoots explosive boulders at your plants (Boulder Bash). 40000hhh Sedimentary makes plants take four times as much damage, Crumble Call spawns even more zombies, and Boulder Bash souls are much more unstable. 42000hhh Boulder Bash heals Smokey Mortar for 500 each time they connect, Crumble Call can spawn twice as many zombies faster, and Sedimentary lasts forever and is used much more often. 44000hhh
Zombot Twinkle Tower Grasstile.png Milestone Level 159 Summons large groups of zombies (Starz Align), massively heals all zombies (Miracle), and can transform plants into Puff-shrooms (Magic Trick). 41000hhh Miracle heals twice as much, Starz Align spawns even more zombies, and Magic Trick affects more plants. 43000hhh Magic Trick affects even more plants, Starz Align can spawn twice as many zombies faster, and Miracle increases zombie max health substantially and heals a lot more. 45000hhh
Zombot Lunar Lurker Grasstile.png Milestone Level 179 Summons large groups of zombies (Space Force) and fires big lasers (Star Destroyer), taking out plants and zombies and spawning Neutron Imps. 42000hhh Heals for 500 health (Moon Up), Space Force spawns even more zombies, and Star Destroyer affects a 3x4 area instead of 3x2. 44000hhh Star Destroyer doesn't vanquish zombies, Space Force can spawn twice as many zombies faster, and Moon Up heals for 2500 health. 46000hhh

Milestone Levels

Adventure currently goes from Milestone 1 to Milestone 179. Not every Milestone unlocks new content.

Special Modifiers

  • None - Normal battle rules apply
  • Hourglass - Survive for a set amount of time! Zombies will keep on coming until that clock hits zero, so you'll be in it for the long haul.
  • Last Stand - Build a defense with a limited amount of sun. Sun-producers can't be used and free plants must be planted during the level.
  • Special Delivery - A conveyor belt will supply plants for you to use for free!
  • Locked and Loaded - Survive using a lineup of plants that is chosen for you!
  • Forced Friend - You have to use one or more plants, the rest is your choice!
  • SOS - Protect these pre-planted plants at all cost! Don't let them be vanquished!
  • Mold Colonies - Survive without being able to plant on amy Mold Colony tiles.
  • Trample Flowers - Zombies can't pass a set lane, or the flowers will be trampled.
hhRegionhh Milestone Level Special Modifiers hhhhhhhhhhhRewardshhhhhhhhhhh
Training Yard

Back to Basics

Tutorial None Peashooter, Browncoat
Training Yard

Double Up

Tutorial None Wall-nut, Conehead, Flag Zombie
Training Yard

Walling Off

Tutorial None Sunflower, Imp
Training Yard

First Stand

Tutorial Last Stand (45 sun) Bonk Choy, Buckethead
Training Yard

Road Trip!

Tutorial None Park Plaza
Park Plaza

Walk in the Park

1 None None
Park Plaza

Power Jog

2 None Potato Mine, Power Walker
Park Plaza

Timed Attack

3 Hourglass (3 min) Buckshot
Park Plaza

Grilled Treats

4 Trample Flowers (Column 3) Squash, Hot Dog Imp
Park Plaza


5 Mold Colonies (Columns 4-5) Cell Phone Zombie
Park Plaza

Flying Freaks

6 None Lotus Spout, Bird Feeder
Park Plaza

Conveyor Clash

7 Special Delivery (Peashooter, Wall-nut, Bonk Choy, Lotus Spout, Squash, Potato Mine) None
Park Plaza

Mutt Patrol

8 Last Stand (65 sun) Pine Needler, Dog Walker Zombie
Park Plaza

Muddy Grass

9 Forced Friend (Choice with Cabbage-pult) Cabbage-pult
Park Plaza

Sunny Days

10 None None
Park Plaza

Buttering Me Up

11 None Kernel-pult
Park Plaza

Product Placement

12 Special Delivery (Kernel-pult, Orchidstra, Cabbage-pult, Bonk Choy, Banyammer, Pine Needler) Billboard Zombie
Park Plaza

Plants, The Musical

13 Hourglass (3 min) Orchidstra
Park Plaza

Green Boosters

14 None Zombologist
Park Plaza

Playground Scuffle

15 Mold Colonies (Columns 2-4) Windowpine
Park Plaza

Five Way Fight

16 Locked and Loaded (Starfruit, Sunflower, Wall-nut, Peashooter, Cabbage-pult, Potato Mine) Starfruit
Park Plaza

Caloric Stop

17 Last Stand (50 sun) Donut Roller
Park Plaza

Don't Tread Here

18 Trample Flowers (Column 2) None
Park Plaza

Plaza in Peril

19 Boss Fight with Zombot Roof Raider Sleepy Hollow
Sleepy Hollow

Resting Overlook

20 None None
Sleepy Hollow

Chain Lightning

21 Forced Friend (Choice with Lightning Reed) Lightning Reed
Sleepy Hollow


22 Last Stand (60 sun) Zom-Blob
Sleepy Hollow

Mushroom Grotto

23 None Grody Grape
Sleepy Hollow

Magical Elements

24 Special Delivery (Witch Hazel, Grody Grape, Lightning Reed) None
Sleepy Hollow

Count Impula

25 None Witch Hazel, Vimpire
Sleepy Hollow

Glimmering Woods

26 Trample Flowers (Column 5) None
Sleepy Hollow

Shockback Grove

27 SOS (Column 2: Endangered Lightning Reeds) None
Sleepy Hollow

Burial Brains

28 Mold Colonies (Columns 3-6) Weeping Willow, Funeral Crasher
Sleepy Hollow

Deeply Rooted

29 Hourglass (2 min 30 sec) Fume-shroom
Sleepy Hollow


30 Last Stand (52 sun); SOS (Column 4: Endangered Fume-shrooms) Batty Witch
Sleepy Hollow

The Airway

31 Forced Friend (Choice with Weeping Willow and Witch Hazel) Balloon Zombie
Sleepy Hollow


32 Hourglass (5 min) Plunger Zombie
Sleepy Hollow

Spores Galore

33 None Snapdragon, Sporeratic Shroomhead
Sleepy Hollow

Mold Quash

34 Special Delivery (Dogwood, Fume-shroom, Lightning Reed, Gloom-shroom, Cabbage-pult, Squash, Wall-nut); Mold Colonies (Columns 4-6) Bowling Bulb
Sleepy Hollow

Choreographing the Undead

35 Hourglass (6 min) Dogwood, Disco Zombie
Sleepy Hollow

Log Crash

36 Locked and Loaded (Peashooter, Fume-shroom, Sunflower, Lightning Reed, Dogwood, Wall-nut) None
Sleepy Hollow

Songs from the Soul

37 Hourglass (6 min) Gloom-shroom, Pop Star
Sleepy Hollow

Spine Tinglers

38 SOS (Columns 1-2 Endangered Iceberg Lettuces) Iceberg Lettuce, Spooky Ghost
Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow Showdown

39 Boss Fight with Zombot Bat Blaster Mallow Marsh
Mallow Marsh

Gooey Front

40 Trample Flowers (Column 4) Chard Guard
Mallow Marsh

Squirrel Transport

41 Special Delivery (Buttercup, Melon-pult, Chomper, Chard Guard, Fume-shroom, Peashooter) Buttercup, Trunk Zombie
Mallow Marsh

Mallow River

42 SOS (Column 4: Endangered Chard Guards) Chomper
Mallow Marsh

Unsurvival of the Fittest

43 Hourglass (6 min) Survivalist
Mallow Marsh

Vermin Run

44 Mold Colonies (Columns 1-3) Spikeweed, Squirrel Herder
Mallow Marsh

Smore Plains

45 Locked and Loaded (Spring Bean, Weather Vine, Sunflower, Buckshot) None
Mallow Marsh

Heating Tea

46 SOS (Column 3: Endangered Fire Peashooters); Mold Colonies (Columns 2 and 4) Teacup Imp
Mallow Marsh

Cloudy Melt

47 Last Stand (50 sun) Melon-pult
Mallow Marsh

Mixed Veggies

48 Locked and Loaded (Sunflower, Iceberg Lettuce, Chard Guard, Cabbage-pult, Squash) None
Mallow Marsh

Something in the Ground

49 Special Delivery (Bloomerang, Potato Mine, Spikeweed, Buttercup) Bling Shark
Mallow Marsh

Sweeter Seether

50 Hourglass (5 min) Graveyard Mode, Bloomerang
Mallow Marsh

Power Panels

51 Forced Friend (Choice with Cheery Blossom) Solar Panel Zombie
Mallow Marsh


52 SOS (Column 4: Endangered Buttercups) Actor
Mallow Marsh

Shark Hour

53 Hourglass (4 min) None
Mallow Marsh

Mount Velvet

54 Special Delivery (Snapdragon, Starfruit, Blastberry Vine, Pyre Vine) Cozy Camper
Mallow Marsh

Tea in Tents

55 Mold Colonies (Columns 1, 3, 5, 7) None
Mallow Marsh

Grounded Metal

56 Special Delivery (Fire Peashooter, Onion Rings, Spring Bean, Scarecrop) Super Shark Sub
Mallow Marsh

Sugar Rush

57 Trample Flowers (Column 6) Cheery Blossom
Mallow Marsh

Sinkdown Lake

58 Last Stand (45 sun) None
Mallow Marsh

Mallow Marsh Mix-Up

59 Boss Fight with Zombot Camp Flamer Obscene Oozevoir
Obscene Oozevoir

Oozed Out

60 Hourglass (6 min 30 sec) None
Obscene Oozevoir

Stuck Stumble

61 Hourglass (5 min) None
Obscene Oozevoir

The Diversion

62 SOS (Column 6: Endangered Garlics) Garlic
Obscene Oozevoir

Forged in Fire

63 Locked and Loaded (Gumnut, Garlic, Buttercup, Sun-shroom, Bonk Choy) Sunflower Seed, Blacksmith Zombie
Obscene Oozevoir

Can of Catastrophe

64 Mold Colonies (Columns 1-4) Toxic Waste Imp
Obscene Oozevoir

Splat Zone

65 SOS (Column 4: Endangered Sludge-shrooms) Sludge-shroom
Obscene Oozevoir

Safety Suit

66 Forced Friend (Choice with Gumnut) Jumpsuit Trainee
Obscene Oozevoir

Factory Rules

67 Forced Friend (Choice with Gumnut and Sludge-shroom) None
Obscene Oozevoir

Tin Can Danger

68 Hourglass (5 min) Gumnut
Obscene Oozevoir

It Came From the Goo!

69 Forced Friend (Choice with Pea Vine) Ooze Monster
Obscene Oozevoir

Icky Tiles

70 None None
Obscene Oozevoir

Snatch or Pass

71 Forced Friend (Choice with Blockbuster) Blockbuster
Obscene Oozevoir

Above and Around

72 Trample Flowers (Column 4) Ladder Zombie
Obscene Oozevoir

Ooze Machine

73 Hourglass (3 min) Suniper, Z-Tech Goopinator
Obscene Oozevoir

Slime Defenders

74 Last Stand (55 sun) None
Obscene Oozevoir

Ink Attack

75 None Sap-fling, Goo Glider
Obscene Oozevoir

Mega Mash

76 None Ooze Monster
Obscene Oozevoir

Tanks a Lot

77 Special Delivery (Budminton, Sap-fling, Snapdragon, Yeti Moss, Poison Ivy) Budminton, Auto-Goo Tank
Obscene Oozevoir

Sky Drop

78 Hourglass (5 min) USO
Obscene Oozevoir

Oozevoir's Sluggish Struggle

79 Boss Fight with Zombot Sticky Squisher Gold Rush Range
Gold Rush Range

Dry Plains

80 SOS (Column 7: Endangered Peashooters, Column 8: Endangered Spikeweeds) None
Gold Rush Range

Walking Ways

81 Last Stand (30 sun) Yeti Moss
Gold Rush Range

Cartway Avenue

82 Last Stand (40 sun) None
Gold Rush Range

Giga Tantrum

83 Forced Friend (Choice with Aloe) Aloe, Gargantuar
Gold Rush Range

Burner Spout

84 Locked and Loaded (Sunflower, Gloom-shroom, Gloom Vine, Garlic, Pumpkin) Molten Whacker
Gold Rush Range

Cowboy Gang

85 Mold Colonies (Columns 1-2); Trample Flowers (Column 3) Pumpkin, Wild Cowboy
Gold Rush Range

Stacking Stones

86 Mold Colonies (Columns 3-6) Rolling Rocker
Gold Rush Range


87 Hourglass (4 min) Pepper-pult, Pianist Zombie
Gold Rush Range


88 Special Delivery (Pepper-pult, Snapdragon, Celery Stalker, Fume-shroom, Kernel-pult, Buttercup) None
Gold Rush Range

Droughtdry Desert

89 Locked and Loaded (Snapdragon, Sunflower, Pepper-pult, Melon-pult, Powhai) None
Gold Rush Range

Their First Rodeo

90 None Celery Stalker, Rodeo Legend
Gold Rush Range

Heavy Armada

91 SOS (Column 5: Endangered Melon-pults) None
Gold Rush Range

Yeehaw Rock

92 Last Stand (40 sun) Powhai
Gold Rush Range

Key Clackers

93 Hourglass (3 min) None
Gold Rush Range

Dynamic Factor

94 Forced Friend (Choice with Buttercup and Powhai) Prospector Zombie
Gold Rush Range


95 SOS (Column 3: Endangered Potato Mines) Heal Peel
Gold Rush Range

Eruption Valley

96 Trample Flowers (Column 3) None
Gold Rush Range

Going Under

97 Mold Colonies (Columns 2, 4, 6, and 8) Guacodile, Digger Zombie
Gold Rush Range

The Long Winding Road

98 Forced Friend (Choice with Guacodile and Potato Mine) None
Gold Rush Range

End of the Trail

99 Boss Fight with Zombot Finer Miner Cyber Central
Cyber Central

Foundation of Tech

100 Trample Flowers (Column 3) Shrinking Violet
Cyber Central

Error Interior

101 None Imp Pear, Digit Heroine
Cyber Central

Slider's Bloom

102 Trample Flowers (Column 5) None
Cyber Central

Guacodile Stampede

103 Special Delivery (Imp Pear, Shrinking Violet, Guacodile) 8-pit
Cyber Central

Digit Doubles

104 Hourglass (3 min) Impfinity Clone
Cyber Central

Beet Drop

105 SOS (Columns 1-3: Endangered Phat Beets) None
Cyber Central

Cyber Sneak

106 Locked and Loaded (Imp Pear, Shrinking Violet, Wall-nut, Iceberg Lettuce) Phat Beet, Street Ninja
Cyber Central

Finely Attuned

107 Locked and Loaded (Imp Pear, Shrinking Violet, Phat Beet, Zoybean Pod) None
Cyber Central

Power Plus

108 Hourglass (5 min) None
Cyber Central

Gone Retro

109 Hourglass (4 min) Arcade Zombie
Cyber Central

Charging the Arcade

110 None Virtualmond
Cyber Central

Tossing Turn-Up

111 SOS (Column 1: Endangered Zoybean Pods, Column 2: Endangered Chard Guards); Mold Colonies (Columns 3-4) None
Cyber Central

Bug Fix

112 Mold Colonies (Columns 1-4) Zoybean Pod, Funky Monkey
Cyber Central

Rock Star

113 Forced Friend (Choice with Zoybean Pod) Punk Zombie
Cyber Central

Dance Dance Simulation

114 Last Stand (30 sun), Trample Flowers (Column 3) Mechadamia Nuts, Breakdancer Zombie
Cyber Central

Bombastic Blasts

115 Special Delivery (Stunion, Iceberg Lettuce, Shrinking Violet, Imp Pear, Phat Beet) Zombie Rocketeer
Cyber Central

Rolling Surprises

116 Hourglass (5 min) Donutron 5000
Cyber Central

Intersector Protector

117 Last Stand (32 sun) Stunion, Glitter Zombie
Cyber Central

Dinosaur Duel

118 Mold Colonies (Columns 4-8) Mecha-Tron Dino
Cyber Central

Cyber Central Clash

119 Boss Fight with Zombot Zany Zapper Basalt Valley
Basalt Valley

Lowly Grassland

120 SOS (Column 4: Endangered Iceberg Lettuces) None
Basalt Valley

Skeletal Structure

121 Trample Flowers (Column 5) Zombones
Basalt Valley

Night and Day

122 Locked and Loaded (Moonflower, Nightshade, Shadow-shroom, Sun-shroom) Moonflower
Basalt Valley

Special Attraction

123 Trample Flowers (Column 6) Nightshade, Shadow Stone Imp
Basalt Valley

Mood Lighting

124 None Lantern Zombie
Basalt Valley

Star Tome

125 Forced Friend (Choice with Moonflower) Shadow-shroom
Basalt Valley

Rock Belt

126 Special Delivery (Fila-mint, Bombard-mint, Enforce-mint, Conceal-mint, Appease-mint, Ail-mint, Reinforce-mint) Moon Muncher
Basalt Valley

Float Far

127 Hourglass (6 min) Winged Warrior
Basalt Valley

Firefly Strait

128 Last Stand (30 sun) Petrified Infernoak
Basalt Valley

Twilight Casting

129 Hourglass (6 min) None
Basalt Valley

Steamsmoke Patch

130 SOS (Column 2: Endangered Moonflowers) Grimrose
Basalt Valley

Objective Overlook

131 Forced Friend (Choice with Dusk Lobber); Mold Colonies (Columns 1-3); SOS (Column 4: Endangered Melon-pults) None
Basalt Valley

King's Valued

132 None Dusk Lobber, Black Knight
Basalt Valley


133 Last Stand (25 sun); SOS (Column 1: Endangered Imp Pears); Mold Colonies (Column 2) None
Basalt Valley


134 Hourglass (6 min 30 sec) Shadow Peashooter
Basalt Valley

All Connected

135 SOS (Column 4: Endangered Pokra) Shadow Shield Zombies
Basalt Valley

Jabbing Line

136 Forced Friend (Choice with Pokra); Trample Flowers (Column 3) None
Basalt Valley

Disorderly Tiling

137 Hourglass (6 min) Pokra
Basalt Valley

Dragon's Den

138 Trample Flowers (Column 7), Hourglass (6 min) Golden Dragon
Basalt Valley

Basalt Valley Battleground

139 Boss Fight with Zombot Smokey Mortar Crystal Cove
Crystal Cove

Do You Believe In Magic?

140 None None
Crystal Cove

Palm Arena

141 Hourglass (5 min) None
Crystal Cove

Diamond Beach

142 None Dazey Chain
Crystal Cove

Fairy Shores

143 Hourglass (6 min 30 sec) Fairy Imp
Crystal Cove

Hypno Haven

144 SOS (Column 5: Endangered Hypno-shrooms) Hypno-shroom
Crystal Cove


145 None Wizard
Crystal Cove

Turnabout Tide

146 Forced Friend (Choice with Sage Mage); Trample Flowers (Column 4) Sage Mage
Crystal Cove

Sleeping Stand

147 Last Stand (28 sun) Sleepwalker
Crystal Cove

Golden Wind

148 Hourglass (4 min) Energrape, Crystal Mage
Crystal Cove

Glory Stripes

149 Mold Colonies (Columns 1-3, 5-6, 8) None
Crystal Cove

Gemstone Monument

150 None Diamond Drake
Crystal Cove

Oaken Brewery

151 Forced Friend (Choice with Potion Palm) Potion Palm
Crystal Cove


152 SOS (Columns 2-4: Endangered Imp Pears) None
Crystal Cove

Fishing in the Cove

153 Last Stand (24 sun), Mold Colonies (Columns 1-2, 6) Rainbow Bass
Crystal Cove

Woven Dreams

154 None Rindbreaker
Crystal Cove

Legacy Castle

155 Hourglass (5 min) None
Crystal Cove

Shard Ocean

156 Last Stand (16 sun) Crystal Crusher
Crystal Cove

Rainbow Lagoon

157 Trample Flowers (Column 5) None
Crystal Cove

Divine Horns

158 Trample Flowers (Column 4), Mold Colonies (Columns 1-3), Hourglass (7 min) Royal Bluet, Unicorn Gargantuar
Crystal Cove

Crystal Cove Catharisis

159 Boss Fight with Zombot Twinkle Tower Star Fleet Hangar
Coming Soon - Star Fleet Hangar Levels


Fighting zombies is tiring work, let's have some fun! And fight more zombies. Ugh.

Casual gameplay! Have some fun playing unique and interesting minigames. Mini-games are game modes that have the player choose plants, use a conveyor belt to provide plants or force the player to use a set of plants to complete a certain goal. New mini-games will be added regularly!


  • Slot Machine - The player must spend 2 sun to pull the lever in order to get plants, more sun, or sometimes Plant Food, while at the same time they must defend their house from zombies. In order to complete this mini-game, the player must acquire 100 sun.
  • It's Raining Seeds - Seed packets fall from the sky in this mini-game, and they will disappear if the player does not plant their plants shortly after they fall.
  • Column Like You See 'Em - Play on a traditional 5x10 lawn but with a twist - each plant the player plants will be duplicated on each lane in that column, and the zombies will come in much greater numbers.
  • Survival of the Greenest - The player starts with 60 sun and must survive for at least ten waves, but can continue afterwards. The player cannot plant free plants or sun producers. The player must plan a strategy before starting. Every round passed grants the player 6 more sun.
  • Hungry Hungry Guacodile - The player controls a Guacodile line which slowly gets longer and longer. The player must try to defeat all the zombies without touching any of their other Guacodiles.
  • Seeing Stars - The player has to fill up certain tiles on the lawn with Starfruit to form the shape of a giant star. The player will lose the level if their brains get eaten or after 5 minutes.
  • Bonk Beat - The player manually controls two Bonk Choys to punch (and instantly vanquish) Browncoats. Browncoats will come very quickly, exclusively on the two lanes, but will come in very specific patterns, so that when the player taps the Bonk Choy to kill them it is synchronized with the background music (a random track from the original Plants vs. Zombies). Punching off-beat will stun all Bonk Choys for 4 seconds, which will most likely cause the Bonk Choys to be eaten and you to lose.
  • Mix and Match - The player must tap on the signs of Billboard Zombies to reverse them and reveal a symbol and match the ones of the same kind in order to vanquish them. It requires a little bit of strategy rather than just tapping randomly. There is a Sun, Bucket, and Skull symbol.
  • Invisi-Ghoul - Play on a traditional 5x10 night lawn with a haunted twist - all zombies are invisible, so you'll never know what's coming! You'll want to prepare plants in all plants, as zombies come in greater numbers and only your plants will be able to see those ghoulish ghouls.


  • Slots of Doom - Identical to traditional Slot Machine, but the lever costs 4 sun, takes twice as long to spin, there are four times as many zombies, and you need 300 sun to win.
  • It's Drizzling Seeds - Identical to traditional It's Raining Seeds, but there are three times as many zombies, seed packets spawn 50% slower, fall 50% faster, and disappear when they hit the ground.
  • Bonk Bruising - Identical to traditional Bonk Beat, but the background music is a random song from Neon Mixtape Tour, there are five Bonk Choys and five lanes, and there are twice as many zombies.
  • Survival of the Meanest - Identical to traditional Survival of the Greenest, but the player starts with 40 sun, the player can only choose 4 plants, there are twice as many zombies, and the player only gains 3 sun after each round.
  • Shattered and Scattered - Identical to traditional Mix and Match, but there is a Sun, Bucket, Skull, Clover, Leaf, and Roadcone symbol, the Billboard Zombies move 50% faster, and there is a 1-second cooldown between taps.
  • Grave Mistake - Play on a traditional 5x10 night lawn but with a spooktacular twist - each plant the player plants loses 5% of its max health every second, meaning that each plant has a maximum lifetime of 20 seconds. You'll have to fight smart and think fast, you must survive for 15 minutes to complete this mini-game.

Challenge Packs

  • Wall-nut Bowling - In Wall-nut Bowling, the player uses Wall-nuts to attack zombies by placing them behind the red line and rolling them towards zombies. When a Wall-nut hits a zombie, it will roll away at an angle, possibly hitting more zombies. Occasionally, the conveyor belt will bring Explode-o-Nuts, which are red Wall-nuts that will explode in a 3x3 area dealing twice as much damage as a normal Wall-nut. Another possibility is a Primal Wall-nut, which will knock zombies back 2 tiles and stun them for 3 seconds, dealing the same damage as a Wall-nut. Lastly is the Jugger-nut, which keeps rolling down the lane, not moving into other lanes, dealing four times as much damage as a Wall-nut on the first impact, and twice as much after. Each level takes place in Park Plaza, Sleepy Hollow, or Mallow Marsh randomly.
Wall-nut Bowling Challenge Pack
Name Conveyor Speed Nut Rarity Zombies Waves Primary Reward
Bowling Shoes 1.4 sec Wall-nut (100%) Browncoat (1 hit), Conehead (2 hits), Buckethead (3 hits), Brickhead (4 hits) 9 2500 coins
Alleyway Blast 1.6 sec Wall-nut (85%), Explode-o-Nut (15%) Hot Dog Imp (1 hit), Cell Phone Zombie (3 hits), Disco Zombie (2 hits), Backup Dancer (1 hit) 7 2500 coins
Mixed Tricks 1.5 sec Wall-nut (80%), Explode-o-Nut (20%) Actor (2 hits), Brickhead (4 hits), Wild Cowboy (1 hit), Punk Zombie (1 hit) 8 2500 coins
Oops! All Bombs! 0.9 sec Explode-o-Nut (100%) Gargantuar (10 hits), Imp (1 hit), Rodeo Legend (4 hits), Bull Rider Imp (2 hits), Glitter Zombie (2 hits), Cell Phone Zombie (3 hits) 5 2500 coins
Strike! 1.7 sec Wall-nut (80%), Explode-o-Nut (10%), Jugger-nut (10%) Impfinity Clone (2 hits), Street Ninja (2 hits), Mecha-Tron Dino (4 hits), Actor (2 hits), Black Knight (3 hits) 12 2500 coins
New Ball 1.4 sec Wall-nut (50%), Explode-o-Nut (25%), Primal Wall-nut (25%) Browncoat (1 hit), Conehead (2 hits), Buckethead (3 hits), Brickhead (4 hits), Flag Zombie (1 hit), Glitter Zombie (2 hits), Jumpsuit Trainee (2 hits) 5 2500 coins
Breaking Barriers 1.5 sec Wall-nut (70%), Explode-o-Nut (20%), Jugger-nut (10%) Billboard Zombies (2 hits), Brickhead (4 hits), Disco Zombie (2 hits), Backup Dancer (1 hit) 8 2500 coins
Tough Love 1 sec Primal Wall-nut (50%), Jugger-nut (50%) Imp (1 hit), Buckethead (3 hits), Brickhead (4 hits), Gargantuar (10 hits), Rodeo Legend (4 hits), Bull Rider Imp (2 hits) 7 2500 coins
Knight of the Living Dead 0.9 sec Wall-nut (80%), Explode-o-Nut (10%), Primal Wall-nut (10%) Black Knight (3 hits), Browncoat (1 hit), Conehead (2 hits), Hot Dog Imp (1 hit), Actor (2 hits) 9 2500 coins
Mixed Nuts 1.5 sec Wall-nut (50%), Explode-o-Nut (40%), Jugger-nut (10%) Plunger Zombie (1 hit), Toxic Waste Imp (1 hit), Punk Zombie (2 hits), Glitter Zombie (2 hits) 6 2500 coins
Deja Vu 1.4 sec Wall-nut (40%), Primal Wall-nut (60%) Browncoat (2 hits), Conehead (4 hits), Buckethead (6 hits), Brickhead (8 hits) 3 2500 coins

  • Vasebreaker - Vasebreaker involves breaking open vases to reveal its hidden contents that can be helpful or harmful to the player. The object remains the same: to build a defense to defeat the zombies, albeit carefully as the vases are randomized. The focus of this puzzle is to utilize the player's ability to think critically to formulate a strategy based on the various types of plants given, versus the stage's different types of zombies. Each vase will either have a plant or zombie in it, except for the green vases with leaves printed on them, which will always contain plants, and the purple vases with the zombie face, which will always contain zombies. Vasebreaker offers a unique variation on the basic gameplay by allowing the player to control the speed at which the new plants or zombies arrive. Each level takes place in Park Plaza, Sleepy Hollow, or Mallow Marsh randomly.
Vasebreaker Challenge Pack
Name Plants Zombies hhhSpecialhhh hhhVaseshhh Primary Reward
Square One 5x Peashooter, 4x Wall-nut, 2x Banyammer, 3x Bonk Choy 6x Browncoat, 3x Conehead, 1x Buckethead 2x Plant
2x Zombie
2500 coins
Corn Dogs 5x Kernel-pult, 4x Fume-shroom, 5x Cabbage-pult 8x Hot Dog Imp, 2x Dog Walker Zombie 5x Plant
3x Zombie
2500 coins
Big Deal 6x Melon-pult, 5x Rotobaga, 1x Bombard-mint 11x Buckethead, 4x Jumpsuit Trainee, 3x Gargantuar 4x Plant
4x Zombie
2500 coins
Dino-Sore 5x Onion Rings, 2x Powhai, 4x Guacodile 3x Digger Zombie, 2x Mecha-Tron Dino, 2x Fairy Imp 11x Plant
8x Zombie
2500 coins
Pearful Planning 10x Imp Pear, 2x Spring Bean 4x Imp, 2x Hot Dog Imp, 2x Teacup Imp, 2x Bull Rider Imp 0x Plant
10x Zombie
2500 coins
Power Bolts 3x Lightning Reed, 1x Fila-mint 10x Bird Feeder, 10x Batty Witch 4x Plant
8x Zombie
2500 coins
Loose Ends 2x Moonflower, 3x Nightshade, 2x Shadow Peashooter, 5x Dusk Lobber 6x Brickhead, 6x Pianist Zombie, 5x Moon Muncher, 1x Spooky Ghost 5x Plant
2x Zombie
2500 coins
Sweet Tooth 5x Phat Beet, 4x Chomper, 3x Fire Peashooter, 1x Appease-mint 8x Donut Roller, 4x Donutron 5000, 5x Hot Dog Imp 12x Plant
9x Zombie
2500 coins
Death Metal 3x Gloom-shroom, 2x Zoybean Pod, 1x Pokra, 3x Blastberry Vine 5x Zombones, 4x Punk Zombie, 6x Brickhead 1x Plant
7x Zombie
2500 coins
Monster Mash 3x Iceberg Lettuce, 3x Bonk Choy, 5x Shell Disaster, 1x Puffball 6x Zombones, 3x Batty Witch, 6x Gargantuar 9x Plant
15x Zombie
2500 coins

  • I, Zombie: In I, Zombie, the player "plants" zombies with sun to destroy plants and get to the brains at the end of each row. A level is completed when all of the brains have been eaten, but if the player runs out of sun before all the brains are eaten, they will lose. Each Sunflower eaten gives you 8 sun. Each level takes place in Park Plaza, Sleepy Hollow, or Mallow Marsh randomly, but you always start off with 14 sun. Plants spawn from the 1st column to the column the Divider is in, and you can deploy zombies anywhere to the right of the Divider.
I, Zombie Challenge Pack
Name Zombies Plants Divider Location Primary Reward
Brainz? Browncoat (1 sun), Conehead (3 sun), Buckethead (5 sun) 6x Potato Mine, 6x Sunflower, 6x Chomper, 6x Starfruit Column 4 2500 coins
Floral Scent Browncoat (1 sun), Conehead (3 sun), Buckethead (5 sun), Flag Zombie (3 sun), Bling Shark (4 sun) 3x Imp Pear, 3x Snapdragon, 3x Sunflower, 7x Red Stinger, 7x Bloomerang, 7x Bonk Choy Column 5 2500 coins
Tension Browncoat (1 sun), Conehead (3 sun), Buckethead (5 sun), Flag Zombie (3 sun), Bling Shark (4 sun), Power Walker (3 sun), Brickhead (7 sun) 4x Sunflower, 10x Spikeweed, 8x Pepper-pult, 8x Fume-shroom, 3x Wall-nut, 3x Lightning Reed Column 6 2500 coins
Happy P-Day Browncoat (1 sun), Conehead (3 sun), Buckethead (5 sun), Flag Zombie (3 sun), Bling Shark (4 sun), Power Walker (3 sun), Brickhead (7 sun), Balloon Zombie (4 sun), Actor (3 sun), Zombones (3 sun) 8x Cabbage-pult, 8x Kernel-pult, 8x Pepper-pult, 8x Chomper, 8x Pokra, 8x Nightshade, 8x Fire Peashooter, 8x Sunflower Column 8 2500 coins
Big Brain Time Browncoat (1 sun), Conehead (3 sun), Buckethead (5 sun), Flag Zombie (3 sun), Bling Shark (4 sun), Power Walker (3 sun), Brickhead (7 sun), Balloon Zombie (4 sun), Actor (3 sun), Zombones (3 sun), Disco Zombie (6 sun), Impfinity Clone (5 sun), Gargantuar (15 sun) 16x Melon-pult, 16x Snapdragon, 16x Sunflower Column 8 2500 coins
Giant Problem Browncoat (1 sun), Conehead (3 sun), Buckethead (5 sun), Flag Zombie (3 sun), Bling Shark (4 sun), Power Walker (3 sun), Brickhead (7 sun), Balloon Zombie (4 sun), Actor (3 sun), Zombones (3 sun), Disco Zombie (6 sun), Impfinity Clone (5 sun), Gargantuar (15 sun), Super Shark Sub (20 sun) 8x Shell Disaster, 10x Starfruit, 16x Infernoak, 14x Sunflower Column 8 2500 coins

  • Beghouled: The lawn will be filled with plants, and the player can swap adjacent plants to form a match of at least three to make them to disappear and gather sun (1 sun for a match of 3, 3 sun for a match of 4, and 6 sun for a match of 5 or more). When matched, the plants will disappear and replacements will drop down from the top of the screen; making longer matches, creating multiple matches with one swap (known as a combo) or creating additional matches from dropped plants (known as a cascade) will award 3 extra sun for each individual match compared to a standard match.

    When a plant is eaten, a crater will be formed which prevents further plants from filling that tile. The sun gathered from matches can be used to upgrade the types of plants present on the field (as well as any other plant of the same type dropping down) instead of the normal ones. The goal of the mini-game is to reach the specified number of matches while preventing the zombies from making it across the lawn. Some plants have received branching upgrade paths which are mutually exclusive, which means that once a path is picked, the other is unavailable for the rest of the level. Each level takes place in Park Plaza, Sleepy Hollow, or Mallow Marsh randomly.
Upgrade Paths
PeashooterFire Peashooter (35 sun)Shadow Peashooter (80 sun)
Wall-nutGarlic (45 sun)Chard Guard (90 sun)
Puff-shroomFume-shroom (20 sun)Gloom-shroom (65 sun)
Cabbage-pultKernel-pult (40 sun)Pepper-pult (85 sun)Melon-pult (100 sun)
Pine NeedlerBloomerang (30 sun)Laser Bean (60 sun)
Bonk ChoyCelery Stalker (45 sun)Pokra (75 sun)
RotobagaStarfruit (50 sun)
SnapdragonPetrified Infernoak (60 sun)
Hypno-shroomSage Mage (55 sun)Zoybean Pod (85 sun)

Beghouled Challenge Pack
Name Zombies Plants Match Goal Primary Reward
Nutrition Domination Browncoat, Conehead, Buckethead, Pop Star, Jumpsuit Trainee, Hot Dog Imp, Teacup Imp, Donut Roller, Glitter Zombie Peashooter, Wall-nut, Puff-shroom, Cabbage-pult 100 Matches 2500 coins
Quickdraw Browncoat, Conehead, Buckethead, Bling Shark, Hot Dog Imp, Imp, Teacup Imp, Balloon Zombie, Disco Zombie, Donut Roller, Punk Zombie Peashooter, Wall-nut, Puff-shroom, Cabbage-pult, Pine Needler 110 Matches 2500 coins
Boogie Brainz Browncoat, Conehead, Buckethead, Digger Zombie, Winged Warrior, Actor, Breakdancer, Balloon Zombie, Disco Zombie, Moon Muncher Peashooter, Wall-nut, Puff-shroom, Cabbage-pult, Pine Needler, Bonk Choy 120 Matches 2500 coins
Progressive Browncoat, Conehead, Buckethead, Plunger Zombie, Dog Walker Zombie, Cell Phone Zombie, Bird Feeder, Batty Witch, Trunk Zombie, Glitter Zombie Peashooter, Wall-nut, Puff-shroom, Cabbage-pult, Pine Needler, Bonk Choy, Rotobaga 130 Matches 2500 coins
Flintlock Browncoat, Conehead, Buckethead, Bling Shark, Hot Dog Imp, Disco Zombie, Donut Roller, Wild Cowboy, Moon Muncher, Power Walker, Teacup Imp Peashooter, Wall-nut, Puff-shroom, Cabbage-pult, Pine Needler, Bonk Choy, Rotobaga, Snapdragon 140 Matches 2500 coins
Bag of Tricks Browncoat, Conehead, Buckethead, Hot Dog Imp, Arcade Zombie, Punk Zombie, Black Knight, Zombones, Wild Cowboy, Rodeo Legend, Power Walker, Gargantuar Peashooter, Wall-nut, Puff-shroom, Cabbage-pult, Pine Needler, Bonk Choy, Rotobaga, Snapdragon, Hypno-shroom 150 Matches 2500 coins


Unlocks at Milestone Level 50
Graveyard is an endless survival mode in Road Trip. You get 40 sun to make a defense, and get no more sun naturally nor can you use free plants or sun producers. The goal in Graveyard is to survive as many waves of zombies as you can to earn more and more rewards. Typically, you should be able to get to wave 40 or so, but it's possibly to go much higher. Beginning a Graveyard run costs 8 Gems, and has a 5-minute cooldown which starts once your run is finished.

Waves Completed Zombie Power Zombie Count Zombie Density Gained Sun Earned Coins Earned Gems Earned Zombucks
1-4 100 20-30 40% 2 40 0 0
5-9 110 30-40 60% 3 140 8 0
10-19 120 40-50 80% 4 240 10 0
20-29 140 50-60 100% 5 340 12 1
30-39 160 60-80 120% 6 440 15 1
40-49 180 80-100 140% 7 540 18 2
50-79 220 100-140 180% 8 740 22 3
80-119 300 140-300 260% 9 1240 30 6
120+ 500 300-640 400% 10 2840 48 11

Game Mechanics, Currencies, and Shop


Sun is the main currency used in the actual battles in the Plants vs. Zombies series. It is used to plant the plants on your lawn. Sun is obtained from sun-producing plants, such as the Sunflower, and falls from the sky every 4-5 seconds under normal circumstances. The way sun in Road Trip diverts from traditional PvZ games in terms of sun is that each sun is worth 1, but the economy is shaped around that.

Plant Food

Plant Food functions similar to Plants vs. Zombies 2. They are special abilities stored in a bar at the bottom of the screen, which can only fit three. You get one every 35 seconds. You then place it on a plant to make them activate a powerful ability.


Shovel is an item that is used to dig up plants. The shovel does not cost the player any coins or sun to be used, meaning it can be used an infinite amount of times in a single level as long as the player has plants to remove on the lawn, and it has no recharge between each use. When the player shovels up a plant, they get 1/3 of the plant's sun cost back (rounded up). The player cannot get any shoveled up plants back in any way (of course, other than replanting them).


Coins are the main form of currency used. You earn coins from winning battles, playing Graveyard, and pretty much everything in Road Trip rewards you with coins. Coins are used for loads of things, like upgrading buildings, and a bunch of other stuff. You can also buy some cool stuff from the shop using coins. This includes awesome plants and even hammers!

You can buy plants in the shop for coins.
Blastberry Vine = 500,000 coins
Pyre Vine = 500,000 coins
Shine Vine = 500,000 coins
Blackbarrier = 500,000 coins
Poison Ivy = 500,000 coins
Gloom Vine = 500,000 coins
Hypno Root = 500,000 coins
Shiver Vine = 500,000 coins
Mega Vine = 500,000 coins
Spring Bean = 500,000 coins
Onion Rings = 500,000 coins
Fire Peashooter = 500,000 coins
Sun-shroom = 500,000 coins
Blover = 500,000 coins
Scarecrop = 500,000 coins
Ele-mint = 500,000 coins
Enlighten-mint = 500,000 coins
Frag-mint = 500,000 coins

You can buy hammers in the shop for coins.
1 hammer = 200,000 coins
2 hammers = 350,000 coins
4 hammers = 600,000 coins

Zombie Raids

Zombies will keep on coming! It's almost as if they're programmed to do so!

01001111 01001011 00100000 01000010 01101111 01101111 01101101 01100101 01110010

Tapping on a Region's portrait will zoom you in for a personal view of the individual Region and its signature buildings. This is where you’ll find brand-new zombie raids, randomly generated levels based on how many Milestone Levels you've cleared and which Region it is. Two Regions will have three Zombie Raids to complete each day, but you'll have to complete those ones before you'll get any new ones.

Primary Difficulty Modifier

Selected Region Zombie Count Zombie Diversity Zombie Density
Park Plaza 80 50 70
Sleepy Hollow 85 55 75
Mallow Marsh 90 60 80
Obscene Oozevoir 95 65 85
Gold Rush Range 100 70 90
Cyber Central 105 75 95
Basalt Valley 110 80 100
Crystal Cove 115 85 105
Star Fleet Hangar 120 90 110

Additional Difficulty Modifier

Milestone Levels Cleared Zombie Count Zombie Diversity Zombie Density
1-10 +4 +4 +4
11-20 +6 +6 +6
21-30 +8 +8 +8
31-40 +10 +10 +10
41-50 +12 +12 +12
51-60 +14 +14 +14
61-70 +16 +16 +16
71-80 +18 +18 +18
81-90 +20 +20 +20
91-100 +22 +22 +22
101-110 +24 +24 +24
111-120 +26 +26 +26
121-130 +28 +28 +28
131-140 +30 +30 +30
141-150 +32 +32 +32
151-160 +34 +34 +34

Party Raids

Caketanks are a perfect mix of cake, tank, and zombie. Mostly zombie.

I like cake and tanks! Not zombies, though. Two outta three!

Every Friday, one of your Zombie Raids will become a Party Raid. Party Raids are roughly 40% denser and harder than normal Zombie Raids. If you lose, the Party Raid will become a normal Zombie Raid.

Caketank Details

Caketank only appear in Party Raids as the final zombie.

  • Caketank take up a 3x3 area.
  • Caketank have no limit on how many layers you can clear.
  • A layer is 5K damage dealt.
  • Caketank travel to the 7th column, then stop.
  • Caketank retreat after 1 minute.
  • Every layer cleared, you'll earn 250 coins.
hhhZombiehhh Image hhhhAbilityhhhh Layer Cooldown Layer Health Column Tags
Caketank Cake Tank2.png Like a big, zombie pinata. Celebratory! 4 sec 5000 7th column Zombie, Sturdy, Gourmet


Each Region unlocks a building. All buildings provide either a boost to an existing mechanic, generate resources, or grant you an entirely new mechanic. Each building can be upgraded to level 5 using coins to improve their functionality.


Market produces coins for you to collect twice a day without any storage limitations. Twice a day, you'll be able to claim a set amount of coins for free from the Market. Claim more coins when your Market is upgraded, as well as gain bonuses for periods of inactivity.

Building Level Upgrade Cost (Coins) Upgrade Cost (Hammers) Production Collection Cooldown Inactivity Bonus
1 N/A N/A 250 12 hrs 60/day
2 20,000 coins 1 350 11.5 hrs 65/day
3 45,000 coins 2 475 11 hrs 70/day
4 100,000 coins 3 600 10.5 hrs 75/day
5 250,000 coins 4 850 10 hrs 80/day

Dark Oak Mill

The Dark Oak Mill gives you a de-fence-ive fence wall as a last-resort barrier before the zombies would have entered your house. The fence is... a fence, so it will only block ground zombies. One fence per battle. The fence gets tougher and slightly bigger as you upgrade Dark Oak Mill.

Building Level Upgrade Cost (Coins) Upgrade Cost (Hammers) Fence Health Fence Width
1 N/A N/A 120 0.1 tile
2 30,000 coins 1 140 0.15 tile
3 60,000 coins 2 160 0.2 tile
4 120,000 coins 3 180 0.25 tile
5 280,000 coins 4 200 0.3 tile

Battle Bonfire

The Battle Bonfire will speed up the rate that you gain Plant Food. The first Plant Food will be produced even faster, allowing you to jump into action with ease. Get an even faster speedup as well as boosted starting charge when your Battle Bonfire is upgraded.

Building Level Upgrade Cost (Coins) Upgrade Cost (Hammers) Speed Boost Primary Boost
1 N/A N/A 2 sec 2 sec
2 20,000 coins 1 3 sec 4 sec
3 50,000 coins 2 4 sec 6 sec
4 120,000 coins 2 6 sec 9 sec
5 260,000 coins 3 8 sec 14 sec

Research Facility

The Research Facility adds a chance to Overcharge plants fed with Plant Food, causing the next plant planted of its type to immediately active its Plant Food Power upon planting, with a bigger chance for the first plant. The chance to Overcharge increases as you upgrade the Research Facility.

Building Level Upgrade Cost (Coins) Upgrade Cost (Hammers) Overcharge Chance Primary Chance
1 N/A N/A 1% 2%
2 40,000 1 1.5% 3%
3 85,000 coins 2 3% 6%
4 145,000 coins 3 4.5% 9%
5 260,000 coins 4 7% 14%


The Z-Mint grants you zombucks every once in a while, but only one at a time. Zombucks takes a long time to mine, and you can claim whatever has been earned once a day, similar to Market. Produce more zombucks that will be left over by upgrading Magic Mine, which counts towards the next zombucks produced because zombucks is rounded down when claimed.

Building Level Upgrade Cost (Coins) Upgrade Cost (Hammers) Production Collection Cooldown
1 N/A N/A 1 48 hrs
2 45,000 coins 1 1 42 hrs
3 100,000 coins 2 1 36 hrs
4 250,000 coins 3 2 30 hrs
5 400,000 coins 4 2 24 hrs

Club Jubilee

Cherry Bomb's icon

Club Jubilee gives you a RTCherryBomb.pngCherry Bomb to use once per level. RTCherryBomb.pngCherry Bomb is an Instant Plant, meaning it only gets stronger when Club Jubilee is upgraded, and you can only use RTCherryBomb.pngCherry Bomb once per battle, that's it. RTCherryBomb.pngCherry Bombs explode in a 3x3 area, dealing high damage.

Building Level Upgrade Cost (Coins) Upgrade Cost (Hammers) Cherry Damage Armor Pierce Primary Cooldown
1 N/A N/A 2000 0% 24 sec
2 80,000 coins 1 3000 15% 23 sec
3 300,000 coins 2 4000 30% 22 sec
4 650,000 coins 3 5000 45% 21 sec
5 1,000,000 coins 4 6000 60% 20 sec

Spicy Tofu Shack

Spicy Tofu Shack allows you to summon an addition zombie raid to a chosen Region every so often. Summoned raids are less difficult than normal ones, and they still give the same rewards as normal raids do and count as if they were normal towards anything. The cooldown and raid power go down as Spicy Tofu Shack is upgraded.

Building Level Upgrade Cost (Coins) Upgrade Cost (Hammers) Raid Power/Density Cooldown
1 N/A N/A 90% 24 hrs
2 15,000 coins 1 85% 22 hrs
3 40,000 coins 2 80% 20 hrs
4 100,000 coins 3 75% 18 hrs
5 200,000 coins 4 70% 16 hrs

Gem Mine

Gem Mine produces gems for you to collect every once in a while without any storage limitations. Twice a day, you'll be able to claim a set amount of gems for free from the Gem Mine. Claim more gems when your Gem Mine is upgraded, as well as gain bonuses for periods of inactivity.

Building Level Upgrade Cost (Coins) Upgrade Cost (Hammers) Production Collection Cooldown Inactivity Bonus
1 N/A N/A 1.0 44 hrs 0.60/day
2 80,000 coins 1 1.4 39 hrs 0.70/day
3 175,000 coins 2 1.8 34 hrs 0.80/day
4 300,000 coins 3 2.2 29 hrs 0.90/day
5 450,000 coins 4 2.6 24 hrs 1.0/day

Moon Base

Moon Base increases the number of coins you earn from all sources by a certain percentage. This percentage increases as Moon Base levels.

Building Level Upgrade Cost (Coins) Upgrade Cost (Hammers) Extra Coins % Cooldown
1 N/A N/A 10% 24 hrs
2 15,000 coins 1 20% 22 hrs
3 40,000 coins 2 30% 20 hrs
4 100,000 coins 3 40% 18 hrs
5 200,000 coins 4 50% 16 hrs

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