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Seed Packets

Seed packets can be earned by using the desired plant in-game, but cannot be earned if that plant dies in-game 3 times. Seed packets can also be earned by opening daily gifts, and Pinatas.

Mastery Skills

Mastery Skills replace the Mastery Skills are unlocked after beating Zomboss for the first time. Mastery Skills are unique to each plant.



Plant Image Description Way to unlock Sun cost Recharge Damage Toughness Plant Food effect
Peashooter Peashooter2.png Peashooters shoot peas at zombies. Available from the beginning 100 5 seconds 20 300 Shoots a barrage of peas.
Sunflower Sunflower2.png Sunflowers produce extra sun for you. Suburbia - Day 1 50 5 seconds N/A 300 Bursts out 150 sun immediately.
Wall-nut Wall-Nut.png Wall-nuts are defensive plants that protect plants behind it. Suburbia - Day 2 50 20 seconds N/A 4000 Restores itself to full health and gains metal armor.
Potato Mine PotatoMinePvZ2.png Potato Mines explode on contact, but takes time to arm itself. Suburbia - Day 3 25 20 seconds 1600 300 Arms itself immediately and summons two copies of itself to random tiles.
Chomper Chomper2.png Swallows a zombie whole, then has to recharge for a bit. Suburbia - Day 4 175 10 seconds 20 300 Swallows 3 nearby zombies then burps, pushing the remaining zombies back.
Cherry Bomb PVZIAT Cherry Bomb.png Cherry Bombs blow up zombies in a medium area. Player's House - Day 5 150 30 seconds 1800 N/A N/A

Pixelated Park

Plant Image Description Way to unlock Sun cost Recharge Damage Toughness Plant Food effect
Peashooter PeaxelLawn.png Peashooters shoot pixelated peas at zombies and can boost each other up when they defeat one. Pixelated Park - Day 2 150 5 seconds 20 300 Shoots a barrage of peas.
Joystick JSLawn.png Moves a group of zombies. Pixelated Park - Day 6 75 5 seconds N/A 300 Allows you to swipe zombies away while they are being moved.
8-Pit 8-PitLawn.png 8-Pits create pixelated spaceships that may shoot at or abduct zombies. Pixelated Park - Day 10 150 20 seconds 40 300 Creates a mother ship that abducts the strongest zombies on the screen.
Cyburr CRLawn.png Shoots light damaging, electrifying, piercing lasers down it's lane. Pixelated Park - Day 16 125 5 seconds 15 300 Shoots out a large laser randomly.
Pixelacorn PALawn.png Pixelacorns are defensive plants that divide into smaller Pixelacorns when eaten. Pixelated Park - Day 19 125 20 seconds 20 3000 Gains armor that can heal itself.
Binareed TBA.png Hacks a zombie's code, causing random effects. Pixelated Park - Day 24 150 30 seconds N/A 300 Destroys the strongest zombie onscreen.
Viris TBA.png Virises corrupt pixelated zombies, sometimes hypnotizing them and making them slower. Pixelated Park - Day 30 250 20 seconds 100 300 Creates a hacked Gargantuar.
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