Normal Plants

Name Image Description Sun Cost Recharge Plant Food Unlocked in Level
PVZIAT Peashooter
Shoots peas at zombies. 100 Fast Shoots 60 peas. Unlocked from Start
PVZIAT Sunflower
Creates bonus sun. 25 Fast Creates 150 sun. Tutorial Level 1 or Unlocked from Start (Depends if you skip Tutorial or not)
PVZIAT Wallnut
Protects other plants from Zombie Bites. 50 Sluggish Gains metal armor. Tutorial Level 2 or Unlocked from Start (Depends if you skip Tutorial or not)
Potato Mine
PZIAT Potatomine
Instantly kills zombies by exploding but takes time to arm. 25 Sluggish Instantly arms and spawns 2 armed potato mines in empty spaces. Tutorial Level 3 or Unlocked from Start (Depends if you Skip Tutorial or not)
Chibi Cherry# Chibi Cherry Shrinks 3 zombies that stomp on it, making them weaker then disappears. 25 Sluggish Clones itself in 2 other areas Your House level 1
Iceberg Lettuce PVZIAT Iceberglettuce Freezes zombies that step on it then disappears. Can rid of flames. 0 Sluggish Freezes every zombie on screen but doesn't deal damage. Your House level 2
Eats a zombie then takes 30 seconds to chew. 150 Fast Swallows 5 random zombies. Your House level 3
Fires bomb seeds in 3 lanes at a time. 300 Fast Shoots 60 bomb seeds in all 3 lanes. Your House level 4
Obsidian Lettuce#
Obsidian lettuce
Once stepped on, it will temporary burn the zombie, making it deal slow damage. 0 Medicore Burns all zombies on the screen but disappears afterwards. Your House level 5
Cherry Bomb
Cherry Bomb2G
Explodes in a 3x3 area. 150 Sluggish None Zombie Hideout Level 1
Shoots weak kernels but sometimes shoots stunning butter. 100 Fast Shoots butter at every zombie. Zombie Hideout Level 2
Daisy Small Mari Creates bronze coins and rarely silver coins, 50 Medicore Creates 500 coins then disappears. Zombie Hideout level 3
Frisbrang +@ BloomerfrisbeePvZ2 Shoots a Frisbee that hits 3 zombies twice. 125 Fast Shoots a giant Frisbee that hits 3 lanes. Zombie Hideout level 4
Cabbage-pult CabbagePultPvZ2 Lobs stronger cabbages at zombies, but can't stun zombies. 100 Fast Shoots cabbages at every zombie Zombie Hideout level 5
PVZIAT Torchwood7
Sets peas that go by it on fire, making them deal splash damage, be stronger and possibly burn zombies. 150 Fast Goes napalm, making any peas that go by it napalm. Zombie Hideout level 6
Sun-shroom ? PVZIAT SunShroom Is cheaper than Sunflower but makes less sun, though it grows to make normal sun in 45 seconds and makes big sun in another 45 seconds. 25 Fast Grows automatically to full size and makes 250 sun. Zombie Hideout level 7
Puff-shroom ? Puff-shroom Night2 Shoots weak spores at zombies but disappears after 2 minutes. 0 Fast All Puff-shrooms activate and shoot 30 spores, their timers also reset. Mythical Forest level 1
Stone Fruit# StoneFruit Turns a plant to stone, making them get +90 HP for 3 minutes but they can't attack. 100 Sluggish None Mythical Forest level 3
Spikeweed Spikeweed PvZ2 Damages zombies that step on it. 100 Fast Brings all zombies in its lane to its space. Mythical Forest level 6
Fume-shroom ? Fume-SHroom Shoots fumes that hits multiple zombies. 125 Fast Uses its fumes to bring all zombies to the start of it's lane. Mythical Forest level 9
Hypno-shroom*? Hypno-shroom2PvZ2 Makes a zombie fight for you! 75 Sluggish Hypnotizes 5 random zombies on the screen. Mythical Forest level 11
Poison Ivy# Goddamnpoisonivyalthoughitlookskindacute Poisons the zombie who eats it 75 Medicore Similar to Potato Mine Mythical Forest level 12
Scaredy-shroom*? ScaredyShroomRevernPvZ2 Shoots powerful spores but hides when zombies get close. 25 Fast Shoots 60 spores and can't become scared for 2 minutes. Mythical Forest level 14
Sting Bean# StingbeanPvZ2 Pokes zombies quickly dealing low damage. 75 Fast Shoots a spike that hits all the zombies in it's lane. Mythical Forest level 17
Magnet-shroom*? PVZIAT Magnet shroom Takes magnetic objects from Zombies. 75 Medicore Takes all magnetic objects and shoots magnetic objects at all zombies. Mythical Forest level 20
Plantern* PVZIAT Plantern Rids of fog and whoever dies in it's 3x3 area drops sun. 75 Fast Increases it's range to 5x5 temporary. Mythical Forest level 22
Bamboo Slicer@+* Raiz De Bamboo Slices zombies 5 tiles ahead of it, dealing heavy damage but attacks slowly. 250 Fast Hits all zombies in its lane for heavy damage. Mythical Forest level 26
Wooden Archer@+* Oak Archer2 Shoot the strongest zombie in its lane with arrows. 125 Fast Shoots all zombies on screen. Mythical Forest level 28
Lily Pad! Pvz 2 lily pad Lets plants be planted in water! 25 Fast Makes Lily Pads around it in a T shape. Wave Beach level 1
Tangle Kelp! Tangle KelpPvZ2 Takes a zombie that goes over it. 25 Sluggish Takes 5 random zombies underwater. Wave Beach level 2
Bananachucks@+ Banana Splitter Hits zombies 4 tiles ahead of it quickly. 150 Fast Spins and hits all zombies in a 4x4 area. Wave Beach level 5
Narcissus+!* NarcissusO Shoots bubbles at zombies and can slow them down. 175 Fast Shoots a giant bubble that deals more damage Wave Beach level 9
Lightning Reed Lightning Reed2 Shoots a weak electric bolt that arcs through multiple zombies. 100 Fast Makes a giant cloud that constantly zaps zombies for 45 seconds. If the zombie that it was above dies, it goes to another zombie. Wave Beach level 13
Power Lily PVZIAT Powerlily Creates 1 plant food. 200 Sluggish None. Wave Beach level 18
Guacodile!* OfficialGuacodile Shoots avocado pits at zombies, but does a heavy damaging bite when a zombie touches. Can be planted in water or on land. 125 Fast Shoots 2 guacodiles that bite zombies then return to the planted guacodile. Wave Beach level 23
Sea Star@+! Sea Starfruit Rolls down the lane, damaging any zombie it hits. Also works on land. 200 Medicore None Wave Beach level 29
Coffee Bean* COFFEE BEAN PVZ2 Wakes up mushrooms and speeds up plants in a 3x3 area. The speed-up lasts for 2 minutes. 75 Fast None Chomp Town level 2
Aspearagus * Aspearagus(K3NPE) Shoots stalks that go through multiple zombies. 150 Fast Shoots stalks at every zombie. Chomp Town level 5
Red Stinger* RedStinger Gets stronger (shooting 5 petals at a time at 1st column) closer to home and more defensive (getting Tall-nut health at 9th column) away from home. 224 Medicore Shoots a giant laser that hits every zombie in it's lane. Chomp Town level 8
Cocoaken Willow CocoakenWillow Has health of Infi-nut, once bitten a certain amount of times, it releases 5 cocoakens in each lane. 250 Slow Releases 3 cocoakens in each lane and regrows it's vine if it already lost it. Chomp Town level 11
PVZIAT Repeater
Shoots twice the peas! 200 Fast Shoots 120 peas then shoots a heavy hitting pea Chomp Town level 13 (if not gotten through Fusion Machine)
Snapdragon Snapdragon PvZ2 Breathes fire in 3 lanes, in the lane it's planted its fire does slightly more damage. 200 Fast Grows wings and deals heavy damage in a 3x3 area. Chomp Town level 15
Magic Vine+* Power Citrus Shoots plasma balls that do more damage to zombies with metal objects and robot zombies. 175 Fast Shoots a giant plasma ball that arches between multiple zombies, deals even more damage to metallic/robot zombies. Chomp Town level 19
Fruit Vine# Fruit vine Shoots apples that sometimes burst on contact, dealing splash damage in a 3x3 area. 150 Fast Shoots a giant apple which bursts on contact, dealing splash damage in a 5x5 area. Chomp Town level 23
Trumpet Vine+@* Morning Glory Shoots music notes at zombies that sometimes puts them to sleep. 250 Fast Shoots 10 music notes at 10 different zombies, 4/5 of these zombies will fall asleep. Chomp Town level 26
Poppy#& Poppy Shoots poppy seeds which have a chance of popping zombies (can only pop zombies once they have less than 20 health.) and instantly pop objects that can be popped. 300 Medicore Shoots a storm of poppy seeds, 5 zombies will pop. Chomp Town level 29
A.K.E.E.* AKEE Shoots a lobbed-shot seed that bounces through every zombie in the lane, dealing 5 damage on the first hit and loses 1 point of damage for every zombie it hits until it does only 1 damage. 275 Fast Shoots a giant seed that deals 10 damage and stays that way as it hits multiple zombies in every lane. Chomp Town level 32
Small Chestnut Team*+ Chest-nut2 Summons up to 5 chestnuts that have 10 HP each to attack zombies, they can't go on water though. It takes 7 seconds to summon 1 chestnut. 250 Medicore Summons 5 chestnuts and a "commando" chestnut, the commando chestnut then runs through, hitting every zombie in it's lane dealing 10 damage and each chestnut follows, dealing 5 extra damage. It then summons enough chestnuts to reach it's chestnut summon limit. Chomp Town level 34
Hot Potato* PVZIAT HotPotato Melts frozen or winter plants. 0 Medicore None Given before entering the Frosty Cavern
Vanilla#% Vanilla Sneezes vanilla at zombies which has a chance of slowing them down but can be stacked with frost and doesn't go away by fire. 250 Fast Shoots 60 vanillas at zombies in it's lane then slows every zombie on screen. Frosty Cavern level 1
Pepper-pult* Pepper-pult2 Deals heavy damage and warms nearby plants. 400 Fast Shoots peppers at every zombie. Frosty Cavern level 4
Flameflower# Flameflower Shoots fire 5 spaces ahead of it which has a chance of leaving a damage flame (that can't be planted on) 200 Fast Shoots a fire trail ahead of it covering the whole lane. Frosty Cavern level 7
Ice-shroom Ice-shroomPvZ2 Freezes every zombie on the screen for 10 seconds. 125 Slow Frosty Cavern level 10
Melon-pult Melon-pult2 Shoots melons at zombies, dealing mild splash damage. 325 Fast Shoots melons at every zombie Frosty Cavern level 13
Rafflesia+* Rafflesia Fires bubbles that sometimes stop zombies. 150 Fast Shoots bubbles at every zombie Frosty Cavern level 16
Pepper*+@ Yellow Pepper Explodes dealing 60 damage in a lane. 100 Slow None Frosty Cavern level 19
Burr# BurrCC00picrequest Sticks to a zombie for 30 seconds, damaging them. 50 Medicore Clones itself 5 times and all of them stick to the strongest zombie (only if planted on the ground.) Frosty Cavern level 22
Snow Pea^-
PVZIAT Snowpea
Shoots frosty peas that slow zombies down. 150 Fast Shoots 60 peas and freezes the lane. Frosty Caverns level 24 (if not gotten through fusion machine)
Closed Mouth Pea# CMP on Tile Takes 5 seconds to start shooting then shoots and closes it mouth again while the next shot will have 1 more pea. 200 Medicore Automatically opens it's mouth and shoots 60 peas, it will shoot 4 peas next time it shoots. Frosty Caverns level 25
Veltron#* VeltronLily8763cpNMTTile Shoots electric blasts that sometimes burst into two. 300 Fast Shoots 5 electric blasts at 5 random tiles ahead of it. Frosty Caverns level 27
Flax Cannon* Dies Ist Ein Flax Cannon Why Was That In German Dus Dun Ray (Wat) Shoots in 2 lanes. 175 Fast Shoots 60 spores in both lanes. Frosty Caverns level 29
Fire Gourd Fire Gourd26 Tap on it to breath heavy-dealing fire 5 tiles ahead of it, then falls asleep for 45 minute. 200 Fast Shoots a huge damaging fire across the whole lane Frosty Caverns level 32
Snowdrop# Snowdrop Almanac Slow turns plants into their frozen counterparts and sometimes releases a chilling wind. 100 Medicore Fires a gush of wind that freezes all zombies in place for a limited time. Frosty Caverns level 35
Snokra# Snokra Fires different sized snowballs that deal different damage, but always slows the zombie that gets hit by it down. 175 Fast Shoots a giant snowball that hits every zombie in it's lane for heavy damage and slows them all down. Frosty Caverns level 38
Boomegranate*@+ Pomegranate2 Rolls down the lane and explodes in a 3x3 to the first zombie it hits. 200 Slow None Frosty Caverns level 41
Pepperbomb# Pepperbomb Explodes in a 3x3 area, dealing 60 damage and burning zombies. 175 Slow None Frosty Caverns level 44
Boneshooter# Boneshooterpartylover Shoots peas but sometimes shoots a bone that hits every zombie in it's lane twice. 175 Fast Shoots a giant bone that hits every zombie in 3 lanes twice. Gloomy Manor level 1
Doom-shroom* DoomShroomAS2 Explodes, instantly killing most zombies on screen. 200 Very Slow None Gloomy Manor level 4
Ghost Pepper GhostChiliPvZ2 Haunts zombies 2 tiles ahead and 2 tiles behind it for 10 seconds before exploding (dealing 30 damage) in a 3x3. It also can't be eaten. 75 Medicore Haunts every zombie in a 5x3 area ,it also resets the timer. Gloomy Manor level 7
Were Pear# PvZASWerePearNormal Shoots pear seeds at day but at night it unleashes it's true power. 175 Fast At Day-Turns into it's Werewolf form and hurts zombies in a 3x3 area. At Night-Hurts zombies in a 3x3 area, does more damage than the day version. Gloomy Manor level 10
Wildfire Stump*+ Wildfire Stump2 Haunts plants nearby so they hurt zombies that bite them and makes pea projectiles fire 300 Fast Increases range to 5x5 for a limited time. Gloomy Manor level 13
Swap Chomp#@* Switcher Pitcher Once a zombie gets near it, it will eat that zombie and fire a random projectile, then it will need to charge for 15 seconds before it can eat again. 300 Medicore Shoots 10 random projectiles in it's lane, then 100% shoots a frozen melon. Gloomy Manor level 16
Zomplant#* Zomplant125 Bites at zombies but sometimes bites the plant ahead or behind it instead (it can't bite fellow Zomplants). 75 Fast Gains a football helmet and rams every zombie (and plant) ahead of it, dealing heavy damage. Gloomy Manor level 19
Thyme Bomb#@ ThymeBomb Stops time for 10 seconds, in which any new plant you plant can attack but nothing else than, then disappears. 300 Very Slow None Gloomy Manor level 22
Mourning Glory# Mourning Glory Every minute, it creates 3 free seed packets. 300 Slow Creates 5 free seed packets. Gloomy Manor level 25
Lava Guava* Lava Guava2 Explodes once a zombie touches, dealing high damage and leaving a lava tile for 30 seconds, no plants can be planted there at the time but zombies are hurt by stepping on it. 75 Medicore Creates a fissure 5 tiles ahead of it, dealing damage to zombies for 5 seconds, can't explode during this time. Gloomy Manor level 28
Cree-pea# Cree-pea Shoots peas and has a chance to "haunt" zombies, making them get more damage over them. 175 Fast Shoots 60 peas then haunts every zombie on screen. Gloomy Manor level 32
Sun Bomber# 90px-Grass No Plants Changes all sun to sun bombs for a minute. 350 Very Slow None Gloomy Manor level 35
Venus Flytrap*+ PVZOL Venus Flytrap Holds up to 5 zombies without being eaten. 50 Medicore Eats all zombies it's eating and eats 5 random other zombies. Gloomy Manor level 38
Pumpkin PumpkinPVZIAT Protects the plant that's inside. 125 Medicore Gains iron armor and also activates the plant inside's plant food ability. Gloomy Manor level 41
Scythe-weed# Sycthe-weed That ''Shing!''s The Dar Ray Hurts zombies and heals nearby defensive plants. 250 Slow Hurts zombies in a 3x3 area and heals nearby defensive plants by 30 HP Gloomy Manor level 44
Small Radish*+ RADISH ALMANAC Has higher HP than most plants and prevents plants from being pulled and pushed, it also hits zombies ahead of with it's leaf. 100 Medicore Gains iron armor Chinese Plains level 1
Tornacorn*@+ Tornado Acorn Fires it's acorn cap that hits multiple zombies twice and has a chance to fire a tornado that deals heavy damage to any zombie caught in it. 275 Medicore Creates a giant tornado that deals heavy damage in 3 lanes. Chinese plains level 4
Pineapple Cannon*+ PineappleCannonPvZ2 Shoots heavy damaging pineapples at zombies. 300 Fast Shoots a giant pineapple that deals 90 damage at the strongest zombie on screen. Chinese Plains level 7
Coco Sharpshooter*@+ COCONUT PVZAS ALMANAC Shoots milk at zombies which sometimes slows them down, this slowing effect doesn't go away by fire. 175 Fast Shoots a giant gush of milk that sends zombies back. Chinese Plains level 10
Small Bamboo Cage*+ SmallBambooCage Attacks 3 tiles ahead of it, dealing low but fast damage 150 Fast Gains a red bandana and spins in a 3x3 area, dealing 20 damage. Chinese Plains level 13
Blueberries*+ Blueberries AS Shoots 3 weak blueberries at a time, having a chance to stun the zombie it hits. 325 Fast Shoots 60 blueberries that stun zombies. Chinese Plains level 16
Healschio*+ (Use PvZ:AS Pistachio PF photo) Pistac poder Heals plants around it by 10 HP every 10 seconds. 400 Slow Heals all plants on screen to full health then disappears. Chinese Plains level 19
Spikewood*@+ Ironwood Hurts any zombie that eats it, then falls down, dealing heavy damage once fully eaten. 350 Medicore Gains iron armor, giving it more health and damage. Chinese Plains level 22
Poison Pitcher*@+ Pitcher Plant AS Shoots spit that has a chance to poison zombies, making them take damage over time. 200 Fast Shoots a giant sludge bomb that deals 30 damage and poisons all zombies on screen. Chinese Plains level 25
Orangmental*@+ BadOrangeNew Bites zombies and has a chance to either poison, burn or slow zombies down. 450 Fast Grows giant and eats 5 random zombies, then it shrinks back to normal size. Chinese Plains level 28
Pomegranate-pult+ Pomegranate PultPVZOL Lobs pomegranates that deal more damage to armored zombies. 200 Fast Shoots pomegranates at every zombie. Chinese Plains level 32
Dandepuff*@+ PVZOL Dandelion Deals light damage in a 3x3 area. 125 Fast Glows blue, making it deal more damage and attacking faster for the remainder of the level (or until it's eaten) Chinese Plains level 35
Sakura# Sakurapicture Shoots different damaging cherries at zombies 200 Fast All cherries turn yellow, dealing more damage for the remainder of the level (or until it's eaten) Chinese Plains level 38
Orchid*@+ Orchid Cactus2 Shoots lasers that hit all zombies in it's lane dealing heavy damage, but takes 30 seconds to charge up each time. 350 Fast Instantly charges and shoots a red laser, dealing even more damage. Chinese Plains level 41
Charm Mushroom*+ Charm MushroomAS Shoots hearts which have a low chance of hypnotizing zombies (doesn't work on bosses or above 159 HP) 375 Medicore Shoots 5 hearts at the 5 strongest zombies, hypnotizing them all (doesn't work on bosses) Chinese Plains level 44
Cactus* CactusNEW-0 Shoots spikes that hit all zombies in it's lane and hides when zombies are close, dealing spiky damage! 200 Fast Turns it's spikes blue, dealing more damage! New Zombie City level 1
Strawburst* StrawburstPvZ2 Grows it's berry to deal either low, medium or high damage! Takes 30 seconds to charge to full power and deals splash damage. 300 Fast Grows to it's big form instantly and creates a giant strawberry, dealing 40 damage to all zombies on screen. New Zombie City level 4
DJ Pea# Dj Pea Grass Shoots music notes that have different effects depending on the music that's playing (in non New Zombie City levels, you can choose 3 attacks out of 7 that he can do, these 3 will randomly change) 200 Fast Shoots 60 music notes, which always confuses the zombie it hits. New Zombie City level 7
E.M.Peach E.M.Peach3 Stops all robotic zombies in a 5x5 area in their tracks for 7 seconds. 50 Slow None New Zombie City level 10
Radish-pult# Radish-pult2 Usually deals 1 nds but has a 5% chance to instantly KO any zombie but bosses and anything that's starting HP is more than 159 HP (Gargantuars and stronger) 275 Medicore Shoots radishes at every zombie and instantly KO's the strongest zombie but bosses and anything that's starting HP is more than 159 HP. New Zombie City level 13
Toadstool*-? Toadstool Eats zombies and creates sun, eats slower than Chomper. 200 Medicore Eats 5 random zombies and makes 250 afterwards. New Zombie City level 13 with Radish-pult (if not gotten through fusion machine)
Abrus cadabra# Abrus cadabra2 Attacks zombies using poison magic, which has a chance to poison zombies, hurting them even more. 300 Fast Shoots a giant toxic ball in it's lane, dealing 40 damage to every zombie in the lane. New Zombie City level 16
Hiding Bush@*+ Small Bush PvZAS Hides a plant, making it so zombies ignore it for 2 minutes, then fades away. 50 Slow None New Zombie City level 19
Turlip# TurlipLily8763cpPvZ2Style Shoots electric balls but sometimes shoots it's robotic spider on it's head, attaching itself to a zombie and attacking like a burr for 7 seconds. 200 Medicore Shoots 3 robotic spiders at 3 random zombies then shoots 5 electric balls at 5 random zombies. New Zombie City level 22
Roseateer@*+ Rose Swordsman2 Stabs zombies 2 tiles ahead of it. It does more damage the higher the starting HP the zombie had (Max of 20 damage for zombies that start with 159 HP or more and does 5 damage to boss zombies) 175 Fast Stabs in a 3x3 area then makes a Z, dealing 40 damage total to any zombie caught in the attack. New Zombie City level 25
Shamrock* Shamrock2Reap Deals heavy damage but hides when zombies are 2 tiles ahead of it. 250 Fast Gets above the ground if it's hiding and shoots a heavy-damaging laser for 5 seconds, slowing zombies down. New Zombie City level 28
Phatbeet* Phatbeet Does melee attacks that change depending on the song that's playing. (In non New Zombie City levels, you can choose 3 attacks out of 7 that he can do, these 3 will randomly change) 250 Fast Spins and hits zombies in a 3x3 area, dealing heavy damage. New Zombie City level 31
Squash Squash! Squashes a zombie ahead of it, instantly KOing it. 50 Medicore Jumps up and squashes 3 random zombies, then goes back to it's square. New Zombie City level 34
Starfruit Starfruit2C Attacks in 5 different directions! 125 Fast Spins, shooting stars all around it. New Zombie City level 37
Bombatillo# Bombatillo Constantly regrows an explosion, dealing 60 damage in a 3x3. Takes 30 seconds to recharge one explosion and has 15 HP. 350 Medicore Launches 3 bombs that deal 60 damage in a 3x3 area in 3 random tiles. New Zombie City level 41
Healixflower# Healixflowertile Shoots rainbow beams and has a chance to heal the plant ahead of it. 250 Fast Heals all plants on screen and fires a super-heavy laser at the strongest zombie in a 3x9 area. New Zombie City level 44
Bamboo Shoot* BambooShootNew Shoots heavy damage lobbed spike balls. 300 Fast Shoots spike balls at every zombie. New Zombie City level 47
Trans-plant# Normal Trans-plant Tap on it to change it's form to either an attack form, defensive form or sun-producing form 250 Medicore Shoots 100 red projectiles, makes 200 sun and makes itself immortal for 5 seconds. New Zombie City level 50
Stallia Stallia Slows all zombies down in a 3x3 area for 15 seconds. 0 Medicore Slows all zombies on screen New Zombie City level 53
Snake Gourd# SnakeGourdHyper Deflects projectiles launched by zombies and also has higher HP than most plants. 150 Medicore Spins and throws 7 random projectiles on it's lane. It also gains metal armor. New Zombie City level 56
Magic Mushroom*+? Magic-shroom2 Shoots cards that deal different damage and can either burn, freeze, stun, slow, poison or (very rarely) hypnotize zombies. 225 Medicore Summons 4 hypnotized bucketheads and 1 hypnotized Gargantuar. New Zombie City level 59
Pea Pod* Pea Pod2 Grows more heads to deal more pea damage over time, you can plant on it to speed up the process 200 Fast Shoots 60 peas per head, meaning more heads = more damage! Zomboss Mountain Level 1
Cotton Cloud# (created by CompliensCreator3000, lacks a page) Cotton Cloud Allows plants to be planted in the sky, can also be planted on land so zombies eat the cloud first then the plant. 25 Fast (in Zomboss Mountain), Medicore (every other world) N/A Zomboss Mountain level 2
Spring Bean Spring Bean2 Bounces a zombie back then sleeps for 15 seconds. 50 Fast Bounces all zombies back then sleeps for 5 seconds. Zomboss Mountain level 4
Bowling Bulb* BowlingBulbPvZ2 Shoots 3 different bulbs, the aquamarine one is the weakest and takes 2 seconds to recharge, the blue one is the middle damaging one and takes 5 seconds to recharge and orange is the strongest and takes 10 seconds to recharge. 200 Fast Shoots 3 powerful electric bulbs Zomboss Mountain level 6
Bonk Choy* Bonk Choy2 Rapidly punches zombies ahead or behind it. 150 Fast Spins, dealing damage in a 3x3 area. Zomboss Mountain level 8
Citron* Citron2 Charges up an electric blast that deals 40 damage and 10 damage around it, but takes 30 seconds to charge up. 350 Fast Makes a giant electric ball that brings all zombies in it's lane back then explodes, dealing 70 damage in a 3x3 area. Zomboss Mountain level 10
Blover Blover123 Blows away any flying zombies. 25 Fast N/A Zomboss Mountain level 10 (with Citron)
Anthurium*+ Ampthurium2 Shoots energy blasts that deals more damage if planted around electric-based plants (Citron, Veltron etc.) 125 Fast Shoots a giant electric ball that falls down and hits every zombie on screen for 20 damage (Does +10 damage for each electric plant near it in a 3x3 area, leading for a max of 110 damage!) Zomboss Mountain level 12
Ground Cherry*+ Lantern Cherry2 Sends all flying plants and zombies straight to the ground. 25 Slow N/A Zomboss Mountain level 14
Magnifying Grass Magnifying Grass2 Tap on it to spend sun on a powerful attack. 50 Fast Shoots a heavy damaging rainbow laser that lasts longer the more sun plants are on screen. Zomboss Mountain level 16
Scapple*@+ Apple AS Shoots powerful seeds but if a zombie touches it, it freaks out and runs across the lane, dealing 5 damage to all zombies in its lane. 300 Fast Gains iron armor making it so it doesn't run until it withstands 25 bites. It also shoots 60 powerful apple seeds at zombies. Zomboss Mountain level 18
Pod-zol# Podzol Collects all zombies in its lane then adds 1/2 of the total HP to its total hp. 325 Medicore Absorbs all zombies in its lane and adds the whole total of HP to its current health. Zomboss Mountain level 20
Thyme Warp* Thyme Warp2 Sends all zombies back to the starting point but heals their health, can't restore broken armor. 125 Very Slow N/A Zomboss Mountain level 22
Rollmato*@+ Tomato2 Shoots tomato seeds but when tapped, it'll roll across the lane, dealing damage to all zombies in that lane. 200 Medicore Rolls down the lane then returns back to where it was before. Zomboss Mountain level 24
Plantbrush# Plantbrushicon Shoots sap in zombies' faces up to 3 times, stunning them, works with fire plants. 75 Medicore Spins around and hits all zombies in a 3x3 with sap. Zomboss Mountain level 26
Wrecking Blueberry# Wrecking Blueberry Lily8763cp Smashes zombies ahead of it, instantly killing them but sleeps for 50 seconds. 350 Slow Smashes all zombies ahead of it then rests for 25 seconds. Zomboss Mountain level 28
Virose# Virose Has 25 HP but will slowly make clones of itself on empty tiles. 75 Medicore Summons 5 more clones. Zomboss Mountain level 30
Foggus#*? Foggus Covers plants with fog, preventing zombies from seeing them, however plants like Plantern rid the fog. The fog itself lasts for 1 minute before fading. 75 Sluggish N/A Zomboss Mountain level 32
Sleep-shroom#? SleepShroomTile1 "Sleeps" for 10 seconds to release a powerful attack, charges twice as long in day stages unless a Coffee Bean is used, making it the only mushroom which can attack in the day time without Coffee Bean, though weaker. 150 Medicore Awakens instantly and fires 5 powerful stars. Zomboss Mountain level 34
Unholy Sprout# Lily8763cpVersionUnholySprout Curses zombies on the same tile as it with many different effects. 175 Sluggish N/A Zomboss Mountain level 36
Tile Turnip Tile Turnip2 Creates a power tile for the player. 0 (increases by 250 then times 2 every time it's planted) Sluggish N/A Zomboss Mountain level 38
Lotex*+@ Cycloque2 Spins and lures all zombies in a 3x3 area to it for a limited time, then splits then back again, can be planted in the sky. 75 Sluggish N/A Zomboss Mountain level 40
Pumpkin Pumpkin PvZ2 Can be planted inside to protect any plant inside of it. 125 Sluggish Gains iron armor and activates the plant inside's plant food ability. Zomboss Mountain level 42
Imitater Imitatercopy Imitates a plant allowing you to use 2 plants in one level! Depends on Plant Depends on Plant Depends on Plant Zomboss Mountain level 44
Hoardry Willow# Hoardry Willow "Hoards" objects that drop by it and fires then when touched. 300 Sluggish Grabs 5 zombies' objects and fires them, it also keeps a copy of those objects in its chest. Zomboss Mountain level 46
Gooseberry# GooseberryType1 Attacks zombies by it in the water it also flies to another water spot when "eaten" up to three times. It has different looks depending on where the player lives. 150 Medicore Gains Golden or Pedriot armor, depending on where the player lives, both gives the gooseberry more HP. Zomboss Mountain level 48
Miracle Berry# Pixlr Miracle Berry Gives a boost to plants but sometimes gives the plant a negative effect. 250 Sluggish N/A Zomboss Mountain level 50
Primal Peashooter Primal Peashooter2 Shoots rocky peas that sometimes stuns or knocks back zombies. 200 Fast Shoots 10 rocky peas that 100% knock zombies back. Zomboss Mountain level 52

Fusion Plants

These plants are gotten by fusing other plants together (note:They aren't put in order of when they can be fused.)

Name Image Description Plants need in order to make plant Plant Food Upgrade Sun Cost Recharge
Shoots peas and blocks zombies using the health of a Wall-nut. Peashooter + Wall-nut (forced to be done for Fusion Machine tutorial) Shoots 60 peas and gains a metal helmet. 125 Medicore
Twin Sunflower*^
PVZIAT Twin Sunflower5
Gives double the sun! Sunflower + Sunflower Gives 300 sun 100 Fast
Triplet Sunflower+* ProperTripleSun Triple the sun! Twin Sunflower + Twin Sunflower or Twin Sunflower + Sunflower Gives 450 sun 150 Medicore
PVZIAT Repeater
Shoots twice the peas! Peashooter + Peashooter Shoots 120 peas then shoots a heavy hitting pea 175 Fast
Snow Pea^
PVZIAT Snowpea
Shoots frosty peas that slow zombies down. Peashooter + Iceberg Lettuce. Shoots 60 peas and freezes the lane. 150 Fast
Ice Prince Pea$ PVZIAT Ice Queen Same as Snow Pea but fires 2 snow peas. Snow Pea + Snow Pea Same as Repeater but also freezes the lane. 275 Fast
Ice Queen Pea^*
Ice Queen Pea
Same as Ice Prince Pea but fires 3 snow peas. Ice Prince Pea + Ice Prince Pea or Ice Prince Pea + Snow Pea Freezes 3 lanes and then shoots 180 snow peas. 350 Fast
Blocks zombies and prevent zombies from jumping over it. It also has more toughness than Wall-nut Wall-nut + Wall-nut Gains metal armor 125 Sluggish
grass bean ask is coming soon
Same as Dandelion but also slows zombies down. Dandelion + Iceberg Lettuce Same as Dandelion but also slows zombies down 400 Medicore
Takes multiple bites to eat zombies and grows into a Chomper after eating 5 zombies. Chomper + Chibi Cherry Inhales 3 zombies and grows into a Chomper 75 Fast
Flaming Pea^
Flaming PeaC
Shoots flaming peas that deal extra damage but also can burn zombies and deal splash damage. Peashooter + Obsidian Lettuce Shoots 60 flaming peas then shoots a giant flaming pea 125 Fast
Forestfire Pea@
Same as Flaming Pea but stronger Flaming Pea + Flaming Pea or Flaming Pea + Torchwood Burns the whole lane dealing heavy damage. 225 Fast
Napalm Peashooter#
Is even stronger than Forestfire Pea and also lights normal peas into fire peas. Forestfire Pea + Forestfire Pea or Forestfire Pea + Torchwood Burns 3 lanes, dealing heavy damage. 325 Fast
Buttercup (Wikia-Critic)
Similar to Kernel-pult, however it also butters the zombie that eats it Kernel-pult + Kernel-pult Its petals glow, increasing its chance to butter zombies 175 Fast
Marigold^ Marigold PvZ2 Creates silver coins and rarely gold coins. Daisy + Daisy Creates 1,000 coins then disappears. 75 Medicore
ultra legend golden mari Super Mari Creates Gold Coins and rarely Gems. Marigold + Marigold Creates 5,000 coins then disappears. 150 Sluggish
Hits 6 zombies at a time, twice. Frisbrang + Frisbrang Shoots a giant boomerang in 3 lanes. 125 Fast
Flamerang$& TBA Same as Bloomerang but has a chance to burn zombies. Bloomerang + Flaming Pea or Bloomerang + Torchwood or Bloomerang + Obsidian Lettuce Shoots a giant flaming boomerang in 3 lanes. 200 Fast
Igneous Cabbage# Igneous Cabbage Almanac Same as cabbage-pult but deals splash damage and can burn zombies. Cabbage-pult + Obsidian Lettuce or Cabbage-pult + Torchwood Shoots flaming cabbages at every zombie 200 Fast
Twin Sun-shroom$&? TBA Acts like 2 Sun-shrooms at the cost of one space! Sun-shroom + Sun-shroom Both grow to full size and make 400 sun. 75 Fast
Re-Puff$? PVZIATGatlingPuff Shoots 2 spores at a time, otherwise same as Puff-shroom. Puff-shroom + Puff-shroom Same as Puff-shroom but activates all of the Puff-shroom and Re-Puffs 0 Fast
Spiky Spikeweed*^& TBA Same as Spikeweed but deals more damage. Spikeweed + Spikeweed Same as Spikeweed 200 Fast
Spikerock*^ PVZIAT Spikerock Deals less damage than Spikeweed but is more resistant than Spikeweed. Spikeweed + Stone Fruit Same as Spikeweed 150 Fast
Sun-pult# Sun-pultFPF Shoots sun which you can either collect or let the sun hit zombies. Sunflower + Cabbage-pult or Sun-shroom + Cabbage-pult Gives 250 sun then shoots un-collectable sun at every zombies. 200 Medicore
Goop-shroom*^? GoopShroom2PvZ2 Same as Fume-shroom that can poison and slow zombies down. Fume-shroom + Poison Ivy Same as Fume-shroom 250 Fast
Iron Scaredy-shroom$&? TBA Same as Scardey-shroom but it has the same health as a wall-nut Scaredy-shroom + Wall-nut Shoots 30 spores and gains metal armor 50 Medicore
Beeshooter^* PVZIAT Beeshooter Shoots bees that deal more damage than Peashooter Peashooter + Sting Bean Same as Peashooter 150 Fast
Glowlight Peashooter# PVZST Glowlight Peashooter Shoots peas like a peashooter that can burn zombies and also lights up a 3x3 area and works like a Plantern. Peashooter + Plantern Shoots 60 peas and increases range to a 5x5 area. 200 Fast
Seashooter#! Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 5.55.10 PM Is like a peashooter but without the need of a Lily Pad! Peashooter + Lily Pad Shoots 60 peas 100 Fast
Seaweed#!& TangleKelp Like an underwater Spikeweed, but dies after 3 minutes. Spikeweed + Tangle Kelp or Spikeweed + Lily Pad Brings all zombies in it's lane to it's tile. 100 Fast
Sea-shroom ^*!? SeaShroom2PvZ2 Works like an underwater puff-shroom Shoots 60 spores, all other Puff-shrooms and Sea-shrooms join in. Puff-shroom + Lily Pad 0 Fast
Sea Lily#!^ Sea Lily Shoots petals at zombies, when it's eaten, it has a 25% chance to make 1 plant food. Has 10% to make another plant food and shoots 60 petals. Power Lily + Lily Pad 200 Sluggish
Bolt Magnet shroom #? Bolt magnet Collects an object then shoots an electric arch that go through multiple zombies. Collects all objects then creates clouds, the more objects it collected, the more clouds are summoned. Magnet-shroom + Lightning Reed 250 Medicore
Cophee Pea-n# Cophee Pea-n Wakes up mushrooms and speeds up plants in a 3x3 area for as long as it's planted and shoots coffee at zombies that torchwoods evaporate. If a zombie eats it, all mushrooms in it's 3x3 range go back to sleep and plants move 1/2 as fast for a minute. Shoots 60 coffee peas. Coffee Bean + Peashooter 200 Fast
Aspearstinger$ TBA Shoots more stalks at a time when closer to the home. Shoots 90 stalks in it's lane, Aspearagus + Red Stinger 400 Medicore
Dragonfruit#^ Dragon Fruit Shoots dragonfruits at zombies that burst on impact but eats them if they get too close, can't shoot dragonfruits when eating. Swallows the zombie it's eating (if it was eating a zombie), then shoots a giant dragonfruit in it's lane, dealing heavy damage. Red Stinger + Chomper 200 Fast
Winter Melon^ WinterMelon2 Shoots frozen melons at zombies that deal splash damage and slow zombies down. Shoots frozen melons at every zombie. Melon-pult + Iceberg Lettuce or Melon-pult + Ice-shroom 500 Fast
Jalapeno^ PVZIAT Jalapeno5 Explodes, dealing heavy fire damage in it's lane. None Pepper + Obsidian Lettuce 175 Slow
Chilly Pepper^* Chilly Pepper Explodes, dealing heavy ice damage in it's lane. None Pepper + Iceberg Lettuce 175 Slow
Lava Fruit@*+^ Penetrating Magma Fruit Takes time to arm like a potato mine but once armed, it explodes into lava in a 3x3 area, stronger than a Lava Guava. Arms instantly and creates a lava trail for 5 seconds, can't explode during this time. Potato Mine + Lava Guava 100 Medicore
Toadstool* Toadstool Eats zombies and creates sun, eats slower than Chomper. Eats 5 random zombies and makes 250 afterwards. Chomper + Sunflower or Chomper + Sun-shroom 200 Medicore
electric bomckoll Freezer Reed Zaps zombies that also slows them down, it only slows down the first zombie it zaps though. Creates a hailstorm, slowing and rapidly damage the zombie below the cloud. Lightning Reed + Iceberg Lettuce 200 Fast
Pepper-pult*^ Pepper-pult2 Shoots heavy damaging peppers and keeps nearby plants warm. Shoots heavy damaging peppers at every zombie Pepperbomb + Cabbage-pult or Pepperbomb + Melon-pult 350 Fast
White Radish*^+ White Radish2 Like Small Radish but with more health Gains iron armor that gives it more health Small Radish + Small Radish or Small Radish + Wall-nut 200 Medicore
Coconut Cannon^ Coconut Cannon2 Tap on it to shoot a heavy-damaging coconut, takes 40 seconds to recharge. Shoots a giant coconut that sends zombies back then explodes, dealing heavy damage in a 3x1 area. Coconut Sharpshooter + Pineapple Cannon 400 Fast
Wildberries#^* WildBerries Shoots 3 weak wildberries at a time that has a chance to burn zombies. Shoots 60 wildberries that burn zombies. Blueberries + Obsidian Lettuce 350 Fast
Sun Bean^ PVZIAT Sun Bean Once a zombie eats it, it drops sun. Makes itself glow, making the zombie that eats it instantly die and drop 300 or more sun. Spring Bean + Sunflower or Spring Bean + Sun-shroom 50 Medicore
Thunder Bean# FreePlant5 Once a zombie eats it, it will shock other zombies until it dies. Makes a thunder cloud shocking zombies, then makes it so once a zombie its eat, it explodes in a 3x3 area. Spring Bean + Lightning Reed 175 Slow
Chard Guard Chard Guard2 Swings zombies back 3 times, then becomes a defensive plant. Regains all of it's leaves and sends every zombie in it's lane back, dealing 3 damage to each of them. Spring Bean + Wall-nut 75 Medicore
Electro Bulb# (created, lacks a page, belongs to another user) ElectroBulbPvZ2 Shoots a power electric plant food bowling bulb, but takes 45 seconds to shoot. Instantly shoots 3 electric bulbs. Bowling Bulb + Lightning Reed 300 Medicore
Beet^* BeetPVZIAT2 Does more damage than Bonk Choy but only attacks ahead of it and slower. Spins, hurting zombies in a 3x3 area Phatbeet + Bonk Choy 150 Fast
Beetboxer^* BeetBoxerPVZIAT2 Same as Beet but with more health Same as beet but also gains iron armor. Beet + Wall-nut 225 Medicore
Split Pea^* SplitPea2 Shoots 2 peas ahead and behind it Shoots 120 peas both ahead and behind it. Peashooter + Bonk Choy or Repeater + Bonk Choy 225 Fast
Celery Stalker^ Celery Stalker2 Waits until zombies are close to it then attacks from behimd. Gains metal armor Bonk Choy + Wall-nut 75 Medicore
Airsparagus+*@ Aspiragus2 Shoots 2 sets of asparaguses at a time and can fly. Shoots asparagus at every zombie. Aspearagus + Cotton Cloud 250 Fast
UFO fruit Saucer Squash2 Charges an attack similar to Citron but does less damage and doesn't explode, it takes only 15 seconds to charge. It can also fly. Same as Citron, but does 40 damage instead of 70 and doesn't explode. Citron + Cotton Cloud 250 Fast
Electric Blueberry Electric BlueberryNMTtile Takes 25 seconds to charge an electric cloud that deals 70 damage to a random zombie. Creates a giant cloud that deals 100 damage to all zombies on screen. Lightning Reed + Blueberry 300 Slow
Battery Vine# Batteryvinelawnhd "Tickles" zombies nearby, shocking them and sending electric shocks to close by zombies. Shocks all zombies in it's lane. Lightning Reed + Bonk Choy 175 Fast
Snapple# SNAPple Shoots apple seeds at zombies but does a powerful rush once a zombie touches it. Sends 2 Snapple clones to rush into the lane. Scapple + Guacodile 175 Fast
Phantomato#^ Phantomato Steals the health of the zombie closest to it, it also deals light damage ahead of it. Steals the health of the stronger zombie on screen. Rollmato + Ghost Pepper 125 Medicore
Sap-fling^ Sap-fling Lobs sap that leaves puddles to stalls zombies, though it doesn't deal damage. It works with fire plants. Creates 10 sap puddles in 10 random locations. Cabbage-pult + Snow Pea 100 Fast
Storm Shroom#? Storm Shroom Shoots lightning that deals less damage than Lightning Reed, but is cheaper. Creates 3 weak lightning clouds that attack multiple zombies. Puff-shroom + Lightning Reed 50 Fast
Smushroom#? Smushroom Smashes 5 zombies ahead of it then raises the attack of all mushrooms on screen. Raises the attack of all mushrooms on screen for 50 seconds. Wrecking Blueberry + Fume-shroom 300 Fast
Sprungder# Sprungder Bounces up to 5 zombies, electrifying them all before sleeping. Bounces all zombies back and electrifies them. Spring Bean + Thunder Bean 75 Medicore
CocoTree-pult# Normal Coco-tree pult Fires different damaging coconuts that bounce through multiple zombies and boundaries. Fires 5 normal coconuts, 2 electric coconuts, 1 big coconut, 1 explosive coconut and 1 split coconut at 10 random tiles Bowling Bulb + Melon-pult or Bowling Bulb + Coconut Cannon 225 Fast
Creates clones of itself out of defeated zombies. Shoots 3 powerful spores at 3 zombies, these zombies almost always turn into more Spore-shrooms with increased health. Virose + Puff-shroom or Virose + Scaredy-shroom 175 Fast
Dynapple# Empireappletile Explodes when eaten but also can be tapped to explode, being tapped makes it deal more damage. Creates 3 more of itself, which explode instantly. Scapple + Cherry Bomb 175 Sluggish
Creates light beams that sometimes send zombies up and gives health to nearby plants. It also lights up in a 3x3 area and creates sun in night stages. However, it uses sun to attack. Shoots a giant beam that deals heavy damage and increases the sun-production rate of all sun-producing plants on screen, including it if used during night stages. Healixflower + Ground Cherry or Healixflower + Sun-pult 225 Medicore
Rotobaga^ Rotobaga2 Flies and shoots rutabagas in an X shape. Spins and shoots heavy damaging rutabagas. Starfruit + Cotton Cloud or Tile Turnip + Cotton Cloud 175 Fast
Sweet Potato SWEET POTATO2 Lures zombies from three lanes to it. Heals all HP and lures zombies from all 5 lanes to it, it also gains armor to protect iself. Lotex + Potato Mine 175 Sluggish
Burr-ger# Burr-ger Lures zombies from three lanes to it then attacks. Heals all of its HP then creates 5 burrs that attach to 5 random zombies. Lotex + Burr or Burr + Wall-nut 225 Sluggish
Saturnip# SaturnipJungle Spins around the lawn in a circle pattern for 7.5 seconds, killing any zombie it touches then dissappears. N/A Lotex + Tile Turnip 200 Slow
Fritanga# Fritaya Fires different types of fire at enemies. Shoots a white fire that deals heavy damage and splash for 10 seconds then goes back to firing whatever it was firing before. Torchwood + Cherry Bomb or Strawburst + Cherry Bomb 175 Fast
Hurrikale Hurrikale Blows away and chills zombies. N/A Iceberg Lettuce + Blover or Snow Pea + Blover 100 Sluggish
Cornado Cornado Takes any zombie or plant in its wake to the start of the lane, dealing heavy damage along the way. N/A Kernel-pult + Blover 200 Sluggish
Snowy Sarcodes# Snowsirentile Shoots slowing snowballs and lets other plants in a 3x3 chill zombies. Creates snow in a 5x5, slowing all zombies in the snow pile and letting those plants chill zombies for a limited time. Snowdrop + Snow Pea 175 Medicore
Termitater# TermitaterPremium Blocks off zombies, creates Potato Mines (rarely) and fires lasers. Fires 3 lasers in 3 random lanes that deal heavy damage and end with an armed Potato Mine in a random location in that lane Potato Mine + Virose 400 Medicore
Extraterresthemum# Crysanthemumtile Flings certain zombies either to the start of the lane or off-screen in a 3x3 then charges for 30 seconds. Glows and flings 15 zombies off-screen, it then charges for 10 seconds. Ghost Pepper + Dandepuff 250 Medicore
Acewood# Acewooed Tosses balls of pollen that deal light damage and splash but the damage "spreads" like a virus, each giving splash until it reaches 10 zombies. Becomes a pollen mortar and fires 7 giant pollen balls at the 7 strongest zombies, the pollen's damage spreads like a virus between other zombies. Mangogleam + Virose/ Dandelion + Virus /Dandepuff + Virose 200 Fast
Threepeater*^ 1Threepeater Fires 3 peas in 3 lanes Shoots 180 peas in 3 lanes. Repeater + Dandelion 325 Fast
Windbloom# WindflowerLawn Creates mini tornadoes that KO zombies in a 3x3 area but takes a long time to fire (30 seconds) Creates a huge tornado in a 5x5 area that sends all of them to the start of the lanes and chills them. Blover + Narcissus 200 Medicore
Celery Cannon# Celery Cannon2 Shoots celery stalks that split on impact to hit multiple zombies and sometimes paralyze them. Shoots a giant celery stalk that hits the 3 strongest zombies that all hit in a 3x3 area and paralyze all zombies on the main tile. Celery Stalker + A.K.E.E. 275 Fast
Primal Wall-nut^* Primal Wall-nut2 Has more HP and can be planted faster than Wall-nut. It also resists being crushed by anything. Gains stone armor which gives it +120 HP Wall-nut + Primal Peashooter 100 Fast
Primal Sunflower Primal Sunflower Creates 75 sun at a time at a fast rate. Gives 250 sun Sunflower + Primal Peashooter 75 Fast
Shhrinking Violet Shrinking Violet3 Shrinks zombies in a 3x3 area, shrinks already small zombies to oblivion. Shrinks all zombies on screen, small zombies are instantly killed. Chibi Cherry + Chibi Cherry 75 Slow
Violetage# Electric Violet Fires weak splitting electric bolts and paralyzes all zombies in a 3x3 area once touched. Creates a giant thunder cloud that zaps 5 zombies to deal heavy damage and paralyzes them. Lightning Reed + Shrinking Violet 150 Medicore
Iceberg Cabbage-pult# Iceberg Cabbage-pult Lobs slowing cabbages that sometimes freeze zombies completely for a limited time. Same as Cabbage-pult but all are slowed down and 5 random zombies are frozen. Cabbage-pult and Iceberg Lettuce 225 Medicore
Golden starfish

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