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Plants vs. Zombies: Dimensional Travels is the 9th game in the main Plants vs. Zombies series.

Game Modes

  • Adventure Mode - Go on an adventure with Crazy Dave and Parallel Dave defeating zombies to get to the right place!
  • Mini-games - Fun little games with extra challenges.
  • Puzzle Mode - Help grows a bigger jucier brain, the zombies need something to eat.
  • Survival Mode - Challenges where you build the best defense to defeat as many zombies as possible!
  • Mix n' Match Mode (NEW) - Endless area where each wave you'll see the combined effect of two areas.
  • Zen Garden - Nice place to take care of plants. The more plants in the garden, the fewer zombies will attack.
  • Creation Mode (NEW) - Lets you build your own plants, zombies and levels for the game, creations can be shared through the Steam Workshop.


See here.


See here.


  • Normal Dimension - Similar to "Day" from Plants vs. Zombies. No extra effects added, but starting on level 10 a pool is added, but you have to use Aspearagus and Shamrock to attack it, until you get Lily Pad in the Flood Dimension. Roof Levels are added once the Ladder is obtained in the Angled Dimension.
  • Smoky Dimension - A deep fog covers the screen, resulting in making it hard to see. Plants such as the Blover and Plantern can remove fog however, but make Mushrooms fall asleep.
  • Angled Dimension - Many odd angles are added, however, this causes peas to go straight towards walls, luckily, Catapults can shoot normally. Zombies have trouble at angles, with the exception of Vehicles and Hikers.
  • Frost Dimension - Mushrooms, like in Cloudy Dimension, are awake at day. Plants will sometimes freeze, but Torchwoods and Heat-shrooms keep them warm. Plants that are already frozen such as Snow Pea and Pine Freeze however, won't freeze.
  • Flood Dimension - A deep amount of water covers the screen, making Lily Pads neccesary. Many Zombies luckily don't return, but new aquatic ones appear.
  • Deep Dark Dimension - Very few lights, making Planterns quite necessary. Zombies holding Plant Food however, slightly glow.
  • Cyber Dimension - Many advancements in technology have been made, causing for some Zombies with new abilities that make them stronger. 
  • Power Dimension - The more plants placed, the more powerful the zombies become. The more powerful the plants are, the more powerful the zombies become.
  • TBA
  • Neo Dimension - This area takes place in a spot in the space of a colourful dimension, covered in neon-coloured tiles. These tiles have effects on plants and zombies. The tiles change colour every now and again. Some squares don't have any tiles, however.
  • TBA
  • Fire Dimension - Played inside of a volcano with a lava stream. Occasionally lava geysers fly out of the lava and scorch plants and zombies. Also, any plant or zombie on the square that the geyser flies out from will get burned.
  • TBA
  • Dungeon Dimension - From the time warp from Prehistoric time back to present, you find yourselves randomly teleported... Into a dark dungeon. There is very ambient and dim lighting, and no sunlight anywhere. However, it's because the zombies that live here harvested all the light. Kill zombies to obtain light! and defeat the dungeon guardian Dr. Zombones to get out of this mess! (Made by DPS :P)
  • Dimension Z, this is the final world in the game, and is where Zomboss is fought. This level utilizes some of the toughest zombies in other worlds, as well as the final fight with Zomboss.

Bonus Areas

  • TBA


Name Image Description Unlocked at level Plant Food Upgrade Sun Cost Recharge
PVZIAT Peashooter.png
Basic attackers which fire at a normal rate. Beginning of Game Shoots several peas for 5 seconds. 100 Very Fast
PVZIAT Sunflower.png
Supplies sun to get Plants Normal Dimension Day 1 Creates 125 Sun 50 Very Fast
PVZIAT Wallnut.png
Blocks off zombies with its chewy shell. Normal Dimension Day 2 Gains tough metal armor. 50 Mediocre
Bomberry latest?cb=20170730144529 Explodes when planted, firing off all of its drupelets. Normal Dimension Day 3 N/A 75 Mediocre
Potato Mine
PZIAT Potatomine.png
Explodes a Zombie or few, but needs time to arm. Normal Dimension Day 4 Launches 2 more Potato Mines. 25 Mediocre
Snow Pea
PVZIAT Snowpea.png
Freezes Zombies with each pea. Normal Dimension Day 5 Freezes the lane and shoots several peas for 5 seconds. 150 Very Fast
Fires Boomerangs hitting 3 Zombies, twice. Normal Dimension Day 7 Shoots 10 Boomerangs in every direction. 150 Fast
Shoots 2 Peas. Normal Dimension Day 8 Shoots several peas for 5 seconds, than a giant one. 200 Fast
Shoots asparagus stalks in 3 lanes. Normal Dimension Day 9 Shoots several stalks across 5 lanes for 5 seconds. 125 Fast
Shoots powerful rainbows in 3 lanes, but hides when zombies are near. Normal Dimension Day 10 Shoots rainbow in lane which does massive damage to all zombies underneath. 175 Fast
Bonk Choy
Punches rapidly forwards and backwards. Normal Dimension Day 11 Punches Zombies in a surrounding area. 100 Fast
Cherry Bomb
Blows up an area of Zombies. Normal Dimension Day 13 N/A 150 Sluggish
Gives bronze, gold and silver coins.

Normal Dimension GATE 2

Gives 5 random coins. 50 Fast
Gatling Pea
PVZIAT GatlingPea Iron Barrel.png
Shoots four peas at a time. Normal Dimension GATE 5 Shoots a large barrage of peas, topped with 4 large peas. 300 Fast
Blows away fog and flying attacks. Smoky Dimension Before Level N/A 25 Fast
Close range plant which rolls away over time, can be sped up by Blovers. Smoky Dimension Day 1 Summons 4 more Tackleweeds and a Blover 125 Fast
Puff-shroom Night2.png
Shoots short-ranged spores at Zombies. Smoky Dimension Day 2 Shoots rapidly for 5 seconds. All Puff-shrooms in a 5x5 area will also activate. 0  Very Fast
Sun-shroom Night2.png
Creates small sun first and normal sun later. Smoky Dimension Day 3 Grows to the largest size and creates sun along the way. 25 Very Fast
Shoots long ranges spores, but hides, boosted by fluffy things. Smoky Dimension Day 4 Shoots rapidly for 5 seconds and it doesn't hide. 25 Very Fast
Fume-shroom Night2.png
Shoots fumes in a small area. Smoky Dimension Day 5 Fires a large fume cloud dealing massive damage and pushing all zombies back. 50 Fast
Lights up an area, and can also keep plants warm. Smoky Dimension Day 7 Lights up the whole screen temporarily. 25 Fast
Slows all Zombies on screen, freezes Zombies in a 3x3 area. Smoky Dimension Day 8 N/A 75 Sluggish
Mourning Glory
Spawns Plants during huge waves or other Zombie filled occasions. Smoky Dimension Day 9 Summons plants immediately on 5 random times. 150 Mediocre
Explodes a large area but leaves a crater. Smoky Dimension Day 10 N/A 150 Slow
Hypno-shroom Night.png
Hypnotizes a zombie when eaten. Smoky Dimension Day 11 The zombie it hypnotizes becomes a Gargantuar. 50 Mediocre
PVZIAT Squash.png
Squashes a group of Zombies. Smoky Dimension Day 12 Squashes the 2 strongest Zombies, and any others underneath it. 50 Mediocre
Shoots spikes with a chance of multi-hit, and shoots down flying zombie. When zombies get near, it hides to deal ground damage. Smoky Dimension Day 13 Shoots spikes rapidly in the air for 3 seconds and on the ground for 5 seconds. 100 Fast
Switches behavior of 3 zombies that step on it. Smoky Dimension GATE 1 Places 2 switchgrasses above and below it. 150 Sluggish
Gloom-shroom PvZ2.png
Shoots heavy-duty sludge in an area around it. Smoky Dimension GATE 2 Shoots sludge paralyzing zombies and doing 50 damage, but only in its range. 150 Fast
PVZIAT Cabbagepult.png
Flings cabbages at zombies. Angled Dimension Before Level Fires heavy-duty cabbages at all Zombies. 100 Very Fast
Flings weak Cloudberries, but saves sun. Angled Dimension Day 1 Shoots Cloudberries at every Zombie on screen. 25 Very Fast
PVZIAT Kernel-pult.png
Flings kernels, occasionally butter. Angled Dimension Day 2 Fires Butter at every Zombie. 100 Very Fast
Flings frozen Cucumbers, can go on water. Angled Dimension Day 3 Shoots Cucumbers at Every Zombie on screen. 175 Very Fast
Rhubarbed Wire
Rhubarbed Wire3.png
Protects a plant and damages Zombies in a large area. Angled Dimension Day 4 Creates 2 more Rhubarbed Wires. 225 Mediocre
PVZIAT Jalapeno.png
Explodes damaging a whole row. Angled Dimension Day 5 N/A 125 Sluggish
Fires explosive seeds in three lanes. Seeds can float above angles. Angled Dimension Day 7 Fires many explosive seeds across the screen. 275 Fast
Eats a zombie, takes time to chew. The stronger the Zombie is, the longer it takes. Angled Dimension Day 8 Instantly swallows, and will bite Zombies afterwards without chewing. 150 Very Fast
Coffee Bean
Coffee Bean K3NPE.png
Wakes up mushrooms. Angled Dimension Day 9 N/A 25 Fast
Lobs melons which do high damage with splash damage. Angled Dimension Day 10 Shoots melons at every Zombie. 200 Fast
Blocks low-flying attacks and has a lot of health. Angled Dimension Day 11 Gains Heavy-Duty Armor 100 Mediocre
Dragonfruit-pult Dragonfruit Pult.jpg Flings powerful dragonfruits which may catch fire. Angled Dimension Day 12 Fires dragonfruits across the screen, some may be fiery. 300 Fast
Chili Bean
Chili Bean2.png
Makes the Zombie which eats it explode and release gastrointestinal distress. Angled Dimension Day 13 Launches 3 more Chili Beans. 50 Mediocre
Can attack with fire with decent range squares. Angled Dimension GATE 1 Shoots a large fire which burns all zombies in the area. 150 Fast
Can eat 5 zombies at a time, but then chews for a minute. Angled Dimension GATE 3 Swallows any Zombies it has previously, and then eats any others without chewing, at all, no exceptions. 250 Fast
Protects a plant it surrounds. Angled Dimension GATE 4 Gains heavy armor. 100 Mediocre
Winter Melon
Lobs freezing melons. Angled Dimension GATE 5 Shoots frozen melons at every Zombie. 400 Fast
Flower Pot
Flower Pot.jpg
Allows you to place plants on the roof, and on a few surfaces plants usually can't go on. Normal Dimension Day 16 Creates 3 more Flower Pots. 25 Very Fast
Launches clementines across the row,dealing light damage to most zombies and fair damage to the final one. Normal Dimension Day 17 Launches clementines at all zombies on screen. 150 Very Fast
Popcorn-pult AS.png
Flings popcorn which scatters across an area when thrown. Normal Dimension Day 18 Launches popcorn at all zombies on screen, which may scatter around and hit more zombies. 150 Fast
Melon Slice-pult.png
Launches slices of melons, which do half the damage of normal melon-pults. Normal Dimension Day 19 Launches melon slices at all zombies on screen. 175 Fast
Lobs more and more limes over time. Normal Dimension Day 20 Lobs Limes at all zombies on screen depending on its current amount. 150 Very Fast
Flings canteloupes which deal massive damage. Normal Dimension Day 21 Launches canteloupes at all zombies on screen. 250 Very Fast
Flings flaming peppers that deal splash damage, and heats up plants around it. Normal Dimension Day 22 Launches fireballs at all zombies on-screen. 200 Fast
Mango Pult.png
Takes zombies apart and flings the remains. Normal Dimension Day 23 Captures all zombies on screen, then launches them when enough zombies are back on. 375 Fast
Hot Potato
Hot Potato2.png
Heats up Plants so they don't freeze. Frost Dimension Before Level N/A 0 Very Fast
Pine Freeze
Pine Freeze.png
Spins around, damaging all zombies in a 3x3 area and chilling them. Frost Dimension Day 1 Fires frozen spikes in many directions which chill zombies. 175 Fast
Iceburg Lettuce
Iceberg Lettuce2.png
Freezes the zombie that steps on it. Frost Dimension Day 2 Freezes all zombies on screen. 0 Mediocre
Lights peas on fire. Frost Dimension Day 3 Fire burns heavilier. 175 Fast
Slows a lane of zombies, and pushes them back to the start. Frost Dimension Day 4 N/A 100 Fast
Fire Gourd
Fire Gourd2.png
Shoots poweful flames ahead of it when tapped, but needs cooldown time. Frost Dimension Day 5 Burns all zombies ahead of it in three lanes. 200 Mediocre
Gives plants in a 3x3 area around it fire-based effects, and fires fireballs itself. Frost Dimension Day 7 Range increases to 5x5. 175 Sluggish
Flaming Pea*
Flaming PeaC.png
Shoots flaming peas at zombies. Frost Dimension Day 8 Shoots a large stream of blue fire peas for 3 seconds. 150 Very Fast
Traps a Zombie in place, but is vulnerable when a Zombie is trapped. Frost Dimension Day 9 Traps all Zombies in the row. 150 Fast
Sticks to a zombie and damages it over time, eventually slowing it to a stop. Frost Dimension Day 10 Kills all zombies in a 3x3 area, and moves on to another zombie. 25 Mediocre
Pea Pod
Pea Pod2.png
Can be planted on many times for more power. Grows more heads over time. Frost Dimension Day 11 Shoots 5 enormous peas. 75 Very Fast
Flings sap at zombies which deals no damage, but slows them down. Stacks with ice plants. Frost Dimension Day 12 Launches sap at all zombies onscreen. 100 Fast
Fires frozen grapes that freeze zombies completely. Frost Dimension Day 13 Fires frozen grapes at every zombie on screen. 250 Mediocre
PVZIAT Habanero.png
Burns 3 lanes of zombies to a crisp. Frost Dimension GATE 3 N/A 225 Slow
Ice Queen Pea*
Ice Queen PeaC.png
Shoots a frozen pea which chills zombies or an ice pellet which freezes them completely. Frost Dimension GATE 4 Shoots a barrage of ice pellets for 5 seconds. 250 Fast
Superfreeze Pea
Superfreeze Pea PvZ2 Thumbnail.png
Shoots a superfreezing pea that chills zombies and freezes them for 10 seconds. Frost Dimension Gate 5 Freezes the lane and shoots a barrage of superfreezing peas for 5 seconds. 200 Fast
Lily Pad
Supports water plants. Flood Dimension Before Level Spawns 2 more Lily Pads. 25 Very Fast
Shoots water and seeds at zombies, seeds do minimal damage. Flood Dimension Day 1 Shoots water filled with seeds, rusting a lot and doing a lot of damage. 225 Fast
Shoots stars in 5 directions. Flood Dimension Day 2 Spins around shooting several stars. 100 Very Fast
Tangle Kelp
Drags a zombie underwater. Flood Dimension Day 3 Entangles all zombies in the row. 25 Mediocre
Fires powerful bullets in every row. Flood Dimension Day 4 Freezes all Zombies on screen. 275 Fast
Shoots bubbles every second and can be planted on several times, but every minute one will die until only one is left. Flood Dimension Day 5 Each head shoots 15 bubbles. 75 Very Fast
Spring Bean
Spring Bean2.png
Springs a Zombie back, into water if possible. Flood Dimension Day 7 Springs all zombies on screen. 50 Mediocre
Defensive plant that prevents an area from being crashed by waves. Flood Dimension Day 8 Gains thick metal armor. 150 Sluggish
PVZIAT Threepeater.png
Shoots peas in 3 lanes. Flood Dimension Day 9 Shoots a barrage of peas. 300 Very Fast
Peat Moss
Fires short-ranged explosive spores. Flood Dimension Day 10 Fires explosive spores to various squares on the screen. 400 Fast
Power Lily
PVZIAT Powerlily.png
Creates a singular plant food. Flood Dimension Day 11 N/A 175 Slow
Increases range of attacking plants. Flood Dimension Day 12 N/A 100 Mediocre
Fires pits from a distance, and rushes at zombies that touch it. Flood Dimension Day 13 Releases two rushing Guacodiles and pushes zombies back. 125 Very Fast
Homing Thistle
Homing Thistle2.png
Shoots homing spikes in various rows. Flood Dimension GATE 2 Fires powerful spikes that attack many zombies. 250 Fast
Garlic AS.png
Diverts zombies to other lanes. Flood Dimension GATE 3 Diverts all zombies on screen into other lanes. 50 Fast
Speeds up plants in an area, and provides a dim light. Charges up a light beam that can be fired at will. Deep Dark Dimension Before Level Lights up whole screen and fires a powerful blast down the row. 75 Mediocre
Pushes Zombies that reach your house to the back. Deep Dark Dimension Day 1 Pushes back all Zombies on the screen. 500 Slow
Seeps health from nearby zombies and gives it to plants. Deep Dark Dimension Day 2 Seeps health from every zombie on screen and gives it to every plant that lost health. 275 Mediocre
Makes Zombies older and weaker. Deep Dark Dimension Day 3 Adds a monocle to another plant without dying. 225 Mediocre
False Alder
False Alder2.png
Transforms into the strongest Zombie. Deep Dark Dimension Day 4 N/A 200 Mediocre
Angel's Trumpet
Creates more sun the less sun you have. Deep Dark Dimension Day 5 Creates 5 versions of its current sun state. 100 Fast
Fires shots in four directions and hovers above obstacles. Deep Dark Dimension Day 7 Fires many powerful shots in its directions. 150 Fast
TBA Deep Dark Dimension Day 8 TBA TBA TBA
Weakens 12 Zombies that bite it. Deep Dark Dimension Day 9 Restores health and weakens all zombies in the lane. 225 Mediocre
Launches butter onto the square in front of it, Zombies who step on the buttered squares are slowed down. Deep Dark Dimension Day 10 Launches butter across the screen. 100 Mediocre
Sucks up small zombies, can collect sun and coins in front of it.

Deep Dark Dimension Day 11

Sucks up 10 Zombies, and spits out a ball of Zombies which will hurt others. 100 Mediocre
Kindle Dindle
Shoots small fires at zombies that let them light up an area. Deep Dark Dimension Day 12 Makes all zombies on the screen glow to reveal their location. 125 Fast
Grabs zombies and slams them against the ground. Suffers fatigue if the zombie has too much health. Deep Dark Dimension Day 13 Brings all zombies in the lane towards it, and throws them away. 225 Fast
Magic Mushroom
Magic Mushroom.png
Shoots energy spheres which come with many mystical effects. Deep Dark Dimension GATE 2 Fires a powerful energy beam down the lane, dealing massive damage, and constantly giving random effects. 175 Fast
Twin Sunflower
PVZIAT Twin Sunflower5.png
Creates 2 suns at a time. Deep Dark Dimension GATE 3 Creates 10 suns. 100 Fast
Lightning Reed
Lightning Reed2.png
Shoots lightning which arcs onto various Zombies. Cyber Dimension Before Level Creates a thundercloud which zaps 5 zombies to death. 125 Very Fast
Shoots peas which go to metallic zombies if there are any Cyber Dimension Day 1 Shoots several Magnet Peas for 5 seconds. 125 Fast
Shakes rewards out of zombies without killing them. Cyber Dimension Day 2 Shakes all zombies near it, making them drop coins. 50 Mediocre
When two are planted, it can teleport zombies. Cyber Dimension Day 3 Sucks up all zombies in a 3x3 area. 75 Fast
Steals metal armor. Cyber Dimension Day 4 Steals all metal armor on screen, and fires it back at zombies. 150 Fast
Shoots energy blasts which have a chance of sending zombies back. Cyber Dimension Day 5 Shoots a large energy beam, doing massive damage and sendng all zombies to the back. 175 Fast
Magnifying Grass
Magnifying Grass2.png
Fires a powerful attack if you spend 25 sun on it.

Cyber Dimension Day 7

Spends no sun to shoot a very powerful rainbow at several zombies, boosted if Sun-producing plants are near. 50 Very Fast
Electrocutes zombies which get close to it. Cyber Dimension Day 8 Tangles up all zombies in a 3x3 area and electrocutes them to death. 175 Fast
Shoots EMPeas which disable vehicles and robots for 3 seconds. Cyber Dimension Day 9 Shoots several EMPeas for 5 seconds. 250 Fast
Disables vehicles in an area.

Cyber Dimension Day 10 

N/A 25 Mediocre
Shoots balls of plasma at zombies.

Cyber Dimension Day 11

Shoots 20 balls of plasma. 375 Fast
Laser Bean
Laser Bean PvZ2.png
Shoots lasers across the row.

Cyber Dimension Day 12

Shoots a large powerful laser dealing massive damage. 250 Fast
Shoots beams of light in 3 directions, can enhance light-based projectiles. Cyber Dimension Day 13 Shoots powerful massive damage dealing beams of light across the screen. 225 Fast
Gold Magnet^
Gold Magnet2C.png
Turns metal armor into money and collects money. Cyber Dimension GATE 1 Steals all metal armor and turns it into money 250 Fast
Weaker than a Wall-nut, but health regenerates over time.

Cyber Dimension GATE 4

Creates a barrier across the column. 50 Mediocre
Power Radish
White Radish2.png
Defensive plant which is immune to the powers of zombies. Power Dimension Before Level Creates 2 more Power Radishes 75


Removes health from zombies that eat plants. Power Dimension Day 1 Range increases to a 5x5 area, and deals more damage. 125 Mediocre


Spikes Zombies that step on it. Also breaks rolling attacks. Power Dimension Day 2 Brings all zombies to it, breaks any rolling attacks and doing lots of damage. 100 Very Fast

Umbrella Leaf

Blocks off attacks in a 3x3 area. Power Dimension Day 3 Sends all zombies in 3 lanes flying off screen. 100 Fast
Eats zombies on the ground, can also gobble up zombies in the sky. Power Dimension Day 4 Eats all zombies in its path, low ground and flying. 225 Mediocre
Serves as a defensive plant, but has a second layer which rolls down the lane killing zombies in its path. Power Dimension Day 5 Gains tough metallic armor. 75 Sluggish
Sneezes, slowing down zombies. Has a chance of infection to slow other zombies. Power Dimension Day 7 Blows back and infects all zombies in its lane. 100 Fast
Lotus Flower
Lotus Flower2.png
Can hypnotize five zombies, but only on the water. Power Dimension Day 8 Hypnotizes two additional zombies. 200 Mediocre
Takes time to arm, but when it explodes the kernel serves as light splash damage. Power Dimension Day 9 Summons 2 more Popcorns 50 Sluggish
Can bump zombies offscreen, and knock back projectiles. Power Dimension Day 10 Pushes all zombies within 2 columns in front of it to the back with great force, damaging them. 225 Mediocre
Boosts the powers of plants around it. Power Dimension Day 11 Boosts all plants to their full potential in a 5x5 area. 175 Mediocre
Deals massive damage in two rows. Power Dimension Day 12 N/A 125 Sluggish
Coconut Cannon
Coconut Cannon2.png
Click on it to fire an explosive coconut. Power Dimension Day 13 Launches a large coconut which sends all zombies in the lane back, then explodes. 400 Fast
PVZIAT Spikerock.png
Heavily spikes zombies and withstands 6 smashes.

Power Dimension GATE 2 

Brings all zombies to it destroying all rolling attacks and dealing lots of damage. 200 Fast
Carrocket Launcher†^
Carrocket Launcher.png
Fires carrots across the row which deal massive damage in an area once it reaches the end. Power Dimension GATE 5 Shoots carrot missiles in every lane. 200 Mediocre
Gives plants a small boost in health. Astro Dimension Before Level Spawns 2 more Pinecones on unprotected plants. 25 Mediocre
Shoots missiles that do high damage and home like Cattail spikes. Astro Dimension Day 1 Shoots several missiles for 2 seconds. 250 Fast
Saturn Peach†^
Saturn Peach.png
Creates rings which deal light damage in an area around it. Astro Dimension Day 2 Creates a large, powerful ring affecting the whole screen. 175 Very Fast
Anti-Gravity Pot
Can be dragged to be moved. Astro Dimension Day 3 Creates another Anti-Gravity Pot 50 Fast
Fires bees which may stick to zombies and deal minor damage over time. Astro Dimension Day 4 Fires 60 bees. 150 Very Fast
Flies above zombies and shoots wood at them. Astro Dimension Day 5 Fires powerful blocks of wood at many zombies. 250 Fast
Shoots purple goo in a short range which stuns zombies. Astro Dimension Day 7 Fires goo at all zombies in the lane 175 Fast
Short-ranged attacker which does high damage to most zombies, and can squash smaller zombies. Astro Dimension Day 8 Pulls all zombies to it and squashes them. 325 Fast
Morning Glory†^
Morning Glory.png
Creates more sun if you have low amounts of sun. Astro Dimension Day 9 Creates five of its current sun tier. 100 Very Fast
Orchid Cactus†^
Orchid Cactus.png
Takes time to fire, but eventually blooms firing spikes in 5 rows. Astro Dimension Day 10 Shoots massive spikes in all rows. 150 Very Fast
Onion AS.png
Fires onion rings which send zombies into different rows. Astro Dimension Day 11 Shoots onion rings at every zombie in its row. 200 Sluggish
Split Pea
Fires one pea forwards and two peas backwards. Astro Dimension Day 12 Shoots 60 peas forwards, and shoots the same backwards, but with a giant pea. 100 Very Fast
Pear AS.png
Duplicates the plant next to it. Astro Dimension Day 13 N/A 100 Mediocre
Jupiter Peach
Fires powerful rings in an area around it. Astro Dimension GATE 3 Fires an ultra-powerful ring doing outstanding damage. 275 Mediocre
Square Root
Fires seeds which do varying increments of damage. Astro Dimension GATE 5 Shoots 20 random seeds. 200 Fast
Follow Pea
Follow Pea2.png
Shoots Peas which follow your cursor. Neo Dimension Before Level Shoots large Cursors which follow your cursor. 200 Very Fast
Shoots Ice Cream which slows Zombies, but has a chance of infection. Neo Dimension Day 1 /Bonus Plant Shoots 10 balls of Ice Cream with high infection. 225 Very Fast
Poppy Poppy.png Shoots objects which may make zombies pop. Neo Dimension Day 1 /Bonus Plant Pops Zombies in a 3x3 area. 275 Mediocre
Blinds the first zombie that steps on it, with a unique effect. Neo Dimension Day 2 Blinds various zombies. 100 Sluggish
Launches various grapes and wine. Neo Dimension Day 3 Fires various grapes and wines at every zombie on screen. 125 Fast
Fox-shroom Fox-Shroom.png Makes sun temporarily fall at night. Neo Dimension Day 4 N/A 125 Very Slow
Alienweed Alienweed.png Shoots lasers with many effects. Neo Dimension Day 5 Shoots a large laser across the row. 150 Sluggish
Black-eyed Pea
Black-Eyed Pea2C.png
Shoots Sneaky Peas which go behind one Zombie. Neo Dimension Day 7 Shoots several Sneaky Peas for 3 seconds. 225 Very Fast
Toxic Airum Toxic Airum.png Makes plants smell like Zombies to be ignored. Neo Dimension Day 8 N/A 150 Fast
Double Pea Zzczczc.png Shoots 2 types of peas, can turn around. Neo Dimension Day 9 Same as Repeater with 2 giant peas. 225 Fast
Makes Zombies say their lines. Neo Dimension Day 10 N/A 150 Sluggish
Durian AS.png
Spikes zombies in a 3x3 area, destroys 3 rolling objects of zombies. Neo Dimension Day 11 Moves along the lane rapidly spinning, dealing massive damage. 175 Mediocre
Heavenly Peach
Heavenly Peach P.png
Heals all plants in a 3x3 area.

Neo Dimension Day 12

Instantly gives all plants twice as much health than they normally have. 125 Mediocre
Tile Turnip
Tile Turnip2.png
Creates a Power Tile on the space.

Neo Dimension Day 13

N/A Increasing Mediocre
Power Citrus†^
Power Citrus.png
Fires energy balls deal more damage to armored zombies. Neo Dimension GATE 2 Shoots several energy balls down the lane, gaining more power until it shoots a giant one. 200 Fast
Apple AS.png
Shoots apple juice which stuns zombies in a 3x3 area, but needs time to shoot.

Paradox Dimension Before Level

Fires a lot of apple juice, which paralyzes all zombies in a 5x5 area pernamently. 175 Mediocre
Slowfully chokes zombies' heads off, but can only take one at a time. Paradox Dimension Day 1 Takes in all zombies in a 3x3 area around it and kills them. 225 Fast
Rolls up to a zombie and explodes, but rolls slowly, and can be vaulted over. Paradox Dimension Day 2 N/A 75 Mediocre
Cauliflower AS.png
Shoots fluff dealing light damage, but saves sun. Paradox Dimension Day 3 Shoots large amounts of fluff for 3 seconds. 25 Very Fast
Explodes, paralyzing all zombies in a 3x3 area, doing minor damage over time. Paradox Dimension Day 4 N/A 75 Mediocre
After some time, it goes underground and becomes a tree which acts as a defensive plant. Paradox Dimension Day 5 Instantly grows into a tree and gains metal armor. 125 Mediocre
Grave Buster
PVZIAT Grave Buster1.png
Destroys graves on its space and gives rewards for it. Paradox Dimension Day 7 N/A 25 Fast
Defensive plant which takes metal if a Magnet-shroom is next to it. Paradox Dimension Day 8 Steals metal from all zombies on screen and uses it to boost its health. 175 Slow
Chard Guard
Chard Guard.png
Flings 3 zombies backwards, then serves as a shield. Paradox Dimension Day 9 TBA 50 Mediocre
Serves as a defensive plant, but zombies that bite it get hurt. Paradox Dimension Day 10 Gains metal armor doubling its health. 100 Sluggish


Spikes through many zombies with its spear. Paradox Dimension Day 11 Trows a spear across the lane damaging all zombies it hits. 200 Fast
Blood Orange†^
Bites zombies which squeezes acid juice on them, giving them a burning effect. Paradox Dimension Day 12 Creates 2 more Blood Oranges. 175 Mediocre
Banana Splitter†^
Banana Splitter2.png
Splits into two Bananas that go into a random place and explode into Banana Goop that freezes zombies. Paradox Dimension Day 13 N/A 150 Slow
Fires powerful rainbow blasts in each lane, but hides when zombies get near. Paradox Dimension GATE 1 Fires a large rainbow in 3 lanes which deals massive damage to all zombies underneath. 250 Fast
Aloe Vera†^
Aloe Vera.png
Stops plants from burning, extinguishes fire attacks. Fire Dimension Before Level Heals all plants on screen of their burn. 75 Very Fast
Fire Gourd
Fire Gourd2.png
Breathes fire which does fair damage when clicked on. Fire Dimension Day 1 Shoots powerful fire across the strongest zombies. 200 Fast
Yellow Pepper†^
Yellow Pepper.png
Destroys 5 squares in a row. Fire Dimension Day 2 N/A 75 Sluggish
Aqua Pea†^
Fires water peas with minor splash damage, and extinguishing fire attacks. Fire Dimension Day 3 Fires 60 water peas. 150 Fast
Coconut Spotting Station^
Coconut Spotting Station.png
Increases range of plants in a 3x3 area around it, can also show where the next zombie is coming from. Fire Dimension Day 4 Range increases to 5x5. 150 Mediocre
Ghost Pepper
Haunts Zombies that get close, but explodes after a limited time. Fire Dimension Day 5 Haunts all zombies in front of it. 125 Mediocre
Tomatomic Bomb†^
Tomatomic Bomb.png
Explodes in a 5x5 area dealing large amounts of damage. Fire Dimension Day 7 N/A 200 Sluggish
Freeze Shroom.png
Shoots projectiles which leave zombies pernamently chilled. Fire Dimension Day 8 Shoots a wildfire of it's random spores, weakning all zombies by 3nds and freezing them 175 Fast
Lights up an area around it with fire which gains power, but eventually needs to reload its attack. Fire Dimension Day 9 Lights up the whole screen for 3 seconds. 475 Mediocre
Rock Melon
Rock Melon (CC00).png
Fires music notes which hypnotize zombies after a while. Fire Dimension Day 10 Fires hypnotic notes across the screen. 250 Fast
Explodes, turning all zombies in an area into money. Fire Dimension Day 11 N/A 325 Slow
Makes plants shoot fire projectiles or create more sun- or just catch on fire. Fire Dimension Day 12 Gives all plants in a 3x3 area fire powers. 75 Slow
Spore Tree
Shoots large spores, but needs time to grow. Fire Dimension Day 13 Grows to full size and shoots 10 giant spores. 325 Fast
Explodes, diverting all zombies in a 3x3 area into other lanes. Prehistoric Dimension Before Level N/A 100 Mediocre
Grows over time, gaining more and more power. Prehistoric Dimension Day 1 Grows two sizes, and shoots a large area of effect spore. 75 Fast
Small-shroom AS.png
Makes zombies smaller, so they do less damage. Prehistoric Dimension Day 2 Shrinks all zombies in its lane. 50 Fast
Fires arrows which deal fair damage and instantly kill animal zombies. Prehistoric Dimension Day 3 Shoots a large arrow dealing massive damage to all zombies in the lane. 175 Fast
Fires soundwaves which grow the further on the screen they get. Prehistoric Dimension Day 4 Fires a large soundwave dealing massive damage to all zombies in front of it. 175 Fast
Blows gusts of wind which slow down zombies that get near, also blows away flying zombies. Prehistoric Dimension Day 5 Instantly blows all zombies on the lane back to the back column. 75 Sluggish
Silk Tree
Tangles zombies in silk, slowing them down. Can get many at a time. Prehistoric Dimension Day 7 Tangles up all zombies on the screen in silk. 125 Mediocre
Fires goop which sticks to a zombie, damaging them and making them chew slower. Prehistoric Dimension Day 8 Goops all zombies in the lane, dealing large amounts of damage. 150 Fast
Army Root
Fires 4 heat seeking missiles that deal massive damage, but fires slowly. Prehistoric Dimension Day 9 Fires a missile at every zombie onscreen. 425 Mediocre
Makes zombies which create lots of sound slower. Prehistoric Dimension Day 10 Stops all zombies on screen for a moment. 25 Mediocre
String Bean
Wraps up zombies behind it, then brings them to it. Prehistoric Dimension Day 11 Wraps up all zombies behind it, and takes them towards it. 75 Sluggish
Palm Bomb

Can fire 6 explosive dates whenever wanted.

Prehistoric Dimension Day 12

Regrows all of its dates, and launches a large date which explodes with massive power. 325 Mediocre
Bowling Bulb
Fires bulbs across the lane that bounce across multiple zombies. Prehistoric Dimension Day 13 Fires 3 hyper-charged bulbs which explode on contact. 200 Fast
Fires powerful soundwaves which expand over time. Prehistoric Dimension GATE 2 Fires a soundwave which instantly kills all zombies in its path. 275 Fast
Fires darts which do fair damage, but hides when zombies get near. Also pops balloons. Prehistoric Dimension GATE 4 Becomes brave and fires 30 darts in 5 seconds. 150 Fast
Dragonfruit Pult.jpg
Flings decent damaging Dragonfruits at Zombies. Chance to throw a higher damaging dragonfruit Dungeon Dimension Before Level Splash damage will turn into instant kills for 3 lobs. 200 Fast
Oxeye Daisy
Oxeye Daisy.png
Powerfully rams zombies with its horns. Dungeon Dimension Day 1 Sends an army of bulls across the lane to attack all zombies. 225 Fast
Makes plants in an area around it hyperactive. Dungeon Dimension Day 2 N/A 75 Mediocre
Breathes a wall of fire in 3 lanes. Dungeon Dimension Day 3 Breathes a 3x3 fiery square in front. 150 Fast
Shove Nut
Shove nut.png
Moves all zombies in the lane back to the first square. Dungeon Dimension Day 4 N/A 0 Sluggish
Tobacco Plant
Tobacco Plant2.png
Poisons as well as diverts zombies. Dungeon Dimension Day 5 Deal 20 damage instead of 10 from each bite. 225 Sluggish


Rolls around for a while, then explodes. Dungeon Dimension Day 7 N/A 125 Fast
Bamboo Nunchuk†
Bamboo Nunchuk.png
Hits zombies in a 3x3 area. Dungeon Dimension Day 8 Twirls around, doing massive damage to all zombies in its radius. 225 Fast
Makes Zombies explode for some time after eaten. Dungeon Dimension Day 9 Creates two more Bomb-shrooms. 100 Sluggish
Pitcher Plant†^
Pitcher Plant AS.png
Takes in liquids and fires them back at zombies. Dungeon Dimension Day 10 Fires a large gush of water which deals intense damage. 150 Mediocre
Cacao Bean
Speeds up plants, but makes zombies face a sugar coma. Dungeon Dimension Day 11 Creates 2 more Cacao Beans. 125 Mediocre
Fires peas and blocks off zombies. Dungeon Dimension Day 12 Shoots 60 peas and gains armor, restores health. 150 Mediocre
Saw Palm
Cuts the health of all zombies in an area by half, but needs time between slices. Dungeon Dimension Day 13 Spins around instantly killing all zombies in its range. 350 Fast
Sea Dragon.png
Fires water which does damage and puts out fire attacks. Dungeon Dimension GATE 1 Kills all zombies in a 3x3 area by flooding it. 200 Fast
Cob Cannon
Click on it to fire deadly cobs of corn. Dimension Z Before Level Fires five cobs of corn in various spaces across the screen. 600 Fast
Cooking Pot
Cooking Pot.png
Can combine many plants and zombies. Dimension Z Day 1 N/A 425 Sluggish
Wall-nut Tree
Wall-nut Tree3.png
Throws various Wall-nuts at zombies every minute. Dimension Z Day 2 Throws a Wall-nut in each lane. 450 Sluggish
Power Plant
Activates a random power up without spending coins. Dimension Z  Day 3 N/A 625 Very Slow
Machu Peachu
Machu Peachu2.png
Takes the ability of plants which are eaten previously. Dimension Z Day 4 Combines the Plant Food effect of every plant it has taken power of. 825 Slow

* - Adventures or Garden Warfare Plant converted to 2D style.

^ - Battle style changed.

† - Upcoming or region-specific plant.

Yeti Plants

These plants are dropped by the Zombie Yeti. Often, they are stronger, have a special ability, or are overall more useful. However, they are harder to get.

Name Image Description Plant Food Sun Cost Recharge
Sun Bean
Sun Bean2.jpg
Zombies which eat it will drop sun when damaged. The zombie which eats it explodes into sun. 50 Mediocre
Able to be rotated to shoot spores in any direction. Fires many spores in the direction its rotated in. 125 Fast
Exchanges coins for seed packets. Creates five seed packets for use. 425 Slow
Aquatic plant in which two plants can be placed upon it, fires cannonballs at zombies. N/A 150 Mediocre
Shoots random types of peas. Shoots a large barrage of random peas for 5 seconds. 250 Fast
Explodes into many types of coins. N/A 100 Mediocre
Shoots skull-like seeds which leave a zombie poisoned, dealing more and more damage over time. Spins around, shooting seeds in all directions. 225 Fast
Absorbs lots of damage from zombies, very hard to get over. Gains metal armor, giving it twice as much health. 350 Sluggish
Four-Leaf Blover†^
Four-Leaf Blover.png
Blows away all fog and airborne zombies. All zombies blown away drop a gold coin. N/A 175 Mediocre
Mystic Sunflower*
Mystic Sunflower.png
Creates sun, but also fires energy blasts with slight splash damage. Creates 5 suns and fires 20 energy blasts. 150 Fast
Electric Blover†^
Electric Blover.png
Can blow away zombies when clicked on, but takes time to recharge. Blows all zombies on screen back to the start, then shocks them all dealing damage. 250 Mediocre
Acid Lemon†
Acidic Citrus2.png
Fires lemon juice that corrodes metal armor. Fires a powerful blast of lemon juice down the lane, corroding armor and damaging zombies. 125 Mediocre
Water Lotus
Fires seeds rapidly, fires more seeds in water. Fires several large missile-like seeds which blow up zombies. 200 Fast

Bonus Plants

These plants require special effort to unlock, but will be accesible to all accounts.

Name Image Description Unlocked By... Plant Food Upgrade Sun Cost Recharge
Radioactive Banana
Shoots radioactive blasts, in a range of 4 squares. Takes 30 seconds to recharge. Completing Adventure Mode without EVER losing your brains. Channels radioactivity in a 3x3 area. 325 Mediocre
Cotton Cloud
Cotton Cloud.png
Lets you place above plants, so zombies can't eat it. Defeat NASA zombie with only Helmet Plants and instant kills. Creates 2 more Cotton Clouds 50 Fast
Ability is random based on any other plant you have. Get every achievement. Changes ability. 125 Mediocre
Vanilla Vanilla.png Shoots balls of Ice Cream with a chance of infection. Make it to level 100 in a challenge zone, if Poppy wasn't unlocked. Shoots 10 Ice Cream balls with a high infection rate. 225 Fast
Poppy Poppy.png Shoots objects which may make Zombies pop. Make it to level 100 in a challenge zone, if Vanilla wasn't unlocked. Pops Zombies in a 3x3 area. 275 Fast



Name Image Description First Encounter Toughness Speed

Browncoat Zombie 

Basic Zombie2.png
Regular everyday garden-variety Zombie.

Normal Dimension Day 1

Average Basic
Flag Zombie
Flag ZombiePVZ2.png
Browncoat Zombie but faster and carries a flag.

Normal Dimension Day 2 

Average Hungry

Conehead Zombie

Traffic-cone wearing Zombie with extra protection.

Normal Dimension Day 3

Protected Basic

Buckethead Zombie

Wears bucket for a lot of health. A lot more health.

Normal Dimension Day 5

Hardened Basic
Billboard Zombies
Billboard Zombies.png
Groups of zombies which carry billboards.

Normal Dimension Day 7

Protected Creeper
Ducky Tube Zombie
Floats atop the sea, or at least a swimming pool.

Normal Dimension Day 10

Average Basic
Pole Vaulter Zombie
Jumps over one plant.

Normal Dimension Day 12

Solid Basic
Hipster Zombie
Hipster Zombie.png
Underneath his large leather jacket might be containing the most ancient form of listening to music.

Normal Dimension Day 14

Possibly Protected Basic
PVZIAT Gargantuar.png
Kind of a big deal.

Normal Dimension Day 15

Great Hungry
PVZIAT Imp.png
Light zombie thrown past your defenses.

Normal Dimension Day 15

Light Speedy
Balloon Zombie
PVZIAT Balloon Zombie.png
Flies past your defense, balloon can be popped or blown away.

Smoky Dimension Day 1 

Average Speedy
Football Zombie
Fast, powerful zombie.

Smoky Dimension Day 3

Dense Speedy
Catapult Zombie
Catapult Zombie2.png
Flings basketballs at your defense.

Smoky Dimension Day 7 


Creeper, then Hungry

Screen Door Zombie
PVZ2 Screen Door Zombie.png
Has a screen door sheild bypassed by fumes.

Smoky Dimension Day 9 

Protected Basic
Flying Carpet Zombie
Flying Carpet Zombie2.png
Makes a plant cannot be shoveled and its projectile cannot damage zombies but damage plants instead every 40 seconds. Smoky Dimension Day 11 Dense Speedy
Prospector Zombie
Prospector Zombie2.png
Flies across your defense if not defeated in time.

Smoky Dimension Day 14 

Solid Stiff
Coffin Zombie
Large coffin slows down a much faster zombie inside.

Angled Dimension Day 5

Dense Basic then Speedy
Pianist Zombie
Pianist Zombie.png
Rides a piano, making zombies dance and crushing plants.

Angled Dimension Day 7 

Hardened Creeper
Chicken Wrangler Zombie
Releases a flock of chickens after a few shots are taken.

Angled Dimension Day 14

Average Basic
Zombie Chicken
Weak zombie chickens that come in large groups.

Angled Dimension Day 14

Fragile Flighty
Zombie which provides power with ice and steam.

Frost Dimension Day 6 

Machined Creeper
Zombie Bobsled Team
Zombie Bobsled Team2.png
Four zombies which follow ice trails.

Frost Dimension Day 6

Average Basic (Hungry in Bobsled)
Ice Block Zombie
Ice Block ZombiePvZ2.png
Ice Block gives lots of health, can be melted with fire.

Frost Dimension Day 8

Dense Stiff
Snorkel Zombie
Underwater travelling zombie.

Flood Dimension Day 1 

Protected Hungry
Surfer Zombie
Surfer Zombie2.png
Rides past plants on water, and is immune to lobbed shots on land. Flood Dimension Day 3 Protected Hungry
Fisherman Zombie
Fisher Zombie2.png
Drags plants towards it. Flood Dimension Day 9 Protected Unmoving
Dolphin Rider Zombie
Dolphin Rider Zombie2.png
Aquatic zombie with a trained dolphin to jump over plants.

Flood Dimension Day 5

Solid Flighty, then Basic
Imp Cannon
Imp Cannon.png
Constantly fires Imps at your defense. Flood Dimension Day 9 Protected Unmoving
Jack-in-the-Box Zombie
Jack-in-the-Box Zombie2.png
Carries an explosive surprise. Deep Dark Dimension Day 5 Average Hungry
Parasol Zombie
Carries a parasol, which when activated, protects 3 lanes of zombies in its radius. Deep Dark Dimension Day 7 Protected Basic
Disco Zombie
PVZIAT Disco Zombie.png
Boogies with his backups to get your brains, and maybe also the hip.

Deep Dark Dimension Day 9

Solid Hungry
Backup Dancer
PVZIAT Backup Dancer Zombie.png
Works with the leader to boogie across the lane.

Deep Dark Dimension Day 9 

Solid Hungry
Pogo Zombie
PVZIAT Pogo Zombie.png
Bounces over plants. Deep Dark Dimension Day 11 Solid Basic
Explorer Zombie
Explorer Zombie2.png

Zombie with a torch to burn away your plants.

Dungeon Dimension Day 1

Solid Hungry
Jester Zombie
Spins around, deflecting shots at plants. Dungeon Dimension Day 5 Protected Hungry
Knight Zombie
Has a lot of health, but walks slower. Dungeon Dimension Day 7 Machined Creeper
Wizard Zombie
Transforms plants into passive sheep. Dungeon Dimension Day 11 Solid Creeper
Zombie King
Can grant any zombies in a 3x3 area a knight helm. Dungeon Dimension Day 13 Dense Unmoving
Zombie Yeti
Treasure Yeti2.png
A rare and mysterious creature which seems to be a seed collector. Throughout at random. Dense Basic
Future Zombie^
Future Zombie2.png
A time-travelling zombie which appears at random. Has extra health because of his poly-polymer jumpsuit. At random. Solid Hungry
Dr. Zomboss
Controls various robots to get your brains in various fights.

Cyber Dimension Day 15 and Dimension Z Day 5

Undying in all his robots. Unmoving

^ - Battle style changed.


  • Glider Zombie
  • Fog Machine Zombie
  • Lantern Zombie
  • Cryogenics Zombie
  • Hiker Zombie
  • Firearm Zombie
  • Schrödinger Zombie
  • Undead Cat
  • Squirbo Hunter Zombie
  • Eskimo Zombie
  • Snow Plow Zombie
  • Ice Skater Zombie
  • Ice Cream Zombie
  • Hockey Zombie
  • Boat Rider Zombie
  • Piranha Leader Zombie
  • Zombie Piranha
  • Zombie Pirate Team
  • Wine Zombie
  • Boomerang Zombie
  • Fortune Teller Zombie
  • Flatwood Monster Zombie
  • Zombinary
  • Mini-Zombot
  • Lightning Rod Zombie
  • Zomborg Model-A
  • Zomborg Model-B
  • Zomborg Model-C
  • Virus Zombie
  • Hacker Zombie
  • Meditation Zombie
  • Energy Blast Zombie
  • Jeff the Killer Zombie
  • Shuttle Rider Zombie
  • Astro-Suit Zombie
  • NASA Zombie
  • Fire Extinguisher Zombie
  • Glowstick Zombie
  • Vaccine Zombie
  • Party Zombie
  • Zombie Dinosaur
  • Chimera Zombie
  • Zombot Hybrid-izer
  • Juggernaut Zombie
  • Air Raiding Zombie
  • Rading Imps
  • Freddy Kuegure zombie
  • Zoom zombie


  • The game more so resembles earlier versions of Plants vs. Zombies 2, with sun being worth 25 again, Zombies spawn less quickly, and the maps are branched out with gates.
  • Bronze coins replace silver coins as the $10 value, with silver coins now being $50, and gold coins staying at $100, similar to in Plants vs. Zombies 2. Gems also are replaced with diamonds, which are worth 1000.
  • Fog is less thick in this game, but covers the whole screen.
  • Many plants recieved buffs and nerfs.
    • Bloomerang fires slightly faster.
    • Marigold grows over time, first giving bronze coins, then silver coins, then gold coins.
    • Blover now briefly stuns zombies when blowing.
    • Puff-shroom no longer disappears, but its plant food was lowered to a 5x5 area.
    • Scaredy-shroom is faster around Dandelions and Sheep.
    • Plantern's range is now more circular.
    • Doom-shroom's crater now recharges more quickly.
    • Gloom-shroom now fires heavy-damaging shots slowly, rather than light-damaging shots quickly.
    • Chomper's chewing time is quicker.
    • Coffee Bean can also be used to speed up plants for 15 seconds.
    • Pea Pod slowly grows more heads over time, but can still be planted on to speed up the process.
    • Garlic's health was increased to 45.
    • Fire Mushroom and Ice Mushroom from Chinese Dark Ages of PvZ2 were combined into Magic Mushroom, which fires energy spheres with many effects.
    • Lightning Reed deals 1.5 damage to metal wielding zombies, and 1 damage to zombies in water, 2 damage to metal-wielding zombies in water.
    • Magnifying Grass now deals 40 damage and costs less to use.
    • Citron now has slight splash damage.
    • Laser Bean fires slightly more quickly, but deals a little less damage.
    • Gold Magnet was entirely revamped, now stealing metal and turning it into money.
    • Umbrella Leaf now can block any shots launched at it, including Imps. However, its sun cost and recharge were changed.
    • Tile Turnip now simply raises in 250 each planting rather than doubling.
    • Ghost Pepper now lasts slightly longer.
    • Bowling Bulb now has a green bulb which deals 7.5 damage. Aquamarine was buffed to 2.5 and Orange was buffed to 10. Blue was weakened to 5. It now constantly recharges its bulbs based on a pattern, starting with aquamarine, then aquamarine, then blue, then aquamarine, then blue, then green, then aquamarine, then blue, then green, then orange, which repeats itself over time. Its plant food now increases in damage with each shot, the first one dealing 30, the next one dealing 40, then 50, then 60.
    • Pea-nut's health was increased to 60.
  • Every plant from Plants vs. Zombies, Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time, and Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars returns.