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Plants vs. Zombies: Because It Never Ended is a Plants vs. Zombies spin off game created by Ghostcrawling45. PvZ: BINE borrows its art style and character designs from Plants vs. Zombies 2, its predecessor, and reuses mini games from both previous games in the series.


The plants are celebrating but the zombies are not gone. Why? Because it never ended.


Ghostcrawling45 (Owner)

Ericwuyq (Helping)

Krushaoftheworlds (Helping)

Cowsgomoo48 (Helping)

Juba315 (Helping)

JDFRG1 (Helping)

TheDogpack042406 (Helping)

HyperPeas (Helping)

Dt1000 (Helping)

Boifiend (Helping)



PvZ: BINE features the standard PvZ mechanics, using Sun to plant Plants and protect your house from the Zombies. This game also includes time portals from Modern Day.


The plants are the protagonists of the game, along with the player. They are planted on the tiles of the lawn to protect your brains from zombies. Some produce sun, some attack, and some protect.

Plant Types

Plants vs. Zombies: Because It Never Ended/Plant Types


Zombies are the antagonists of the game. Their goal is to reach your house and eat your brains by walking across the lawn towards your house. Some Zombies also use portals to reach you from different time periods.



Coins occasionally drop after you defeat a zombie or use Dicentra. They can be used to make purchases in the shop or, rarely, within levels.


Tickets can be used to unlock different game modes and certain Event Plants.

Lawn Mowers

Lawn Mowers are at the end of each lane and destroy all zombies there when touched.

Plant Food

During the game, players have a plant food bar that recharges over time, eventually giving Plant Food. When fed to a Plant, that Plant will gain a temporary power boost unique to it.


Tacobilities can be activated by feeding Plants Tacos, and they are permanent but smaller boosts to a Plant's abilities.


The shop is a mechanic in PvZ: BINE. You can use tickets and coins to buy stuff here.


Game modes


Adventure mode is the main mode of PvZ: BINE. Similar to PvZ2, you discover new worlds and time portals as you progress through the game.

Zen Garden

Zen Garden is a side mode where you grow plants in a mini garden by watering them, and when they are fully grown you receive boosts or coins. It costs 50 tickets to unlock.


Battlez is a gamemode where you can play against other people. It has exclusive plants and zombies. It costs 100 tickets to unlock.


Note: Plants that have a link next to their icon have broken S template links


Name Difficulty Plants Obtained Side Level Plants Zombies Encountered
Player's House Hjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.png Peashooter2.pngSunflower2.pngWall-nut2.pngPotato Mine2.pngRepeater2.pngBonk Choy2.pngPVZIAT Snowpea.pngCherry Bomb2.pngPea Pod2.pngSquash2.pngCabbage-pult2.pngFire Peashooter2.png Spikeweed2.pngChokecherryBine.png Basic Zombie2.png Flag Zombie2.png Conehead Zombie2.png Buckethead Zombie2.pngAll-star Zombie2.pngPVZIAT Pogo Zombie.pngGargantuar2.pngImps.pngZombot Tomorrow-tron2.pngAeast.pngWWW.pngPW.png
Deadly Nights Hjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.png Puff-shroom2.pngSun-shroom2.pngChomper3PvZ2.pngFume-SHroom.pngPVZIAT Grave Buster.pngPVZIAT Jalapeno5.pngSolar Sprout.pngGrim ChoyBine.pngPVZIAT Magnet shroom.pngFumeShroomPVZAS.pngImitater2.pngCoffee Bean1.png Spikerock2.pngArf.png Basic Zombie2.png Flag Zombie2.png Conehead Zombie2.png Buckethead Zombie2.pngNewspaper Zombie2.pngPVZ2 Screen Door Zombie.pngGIGAGARG.pngZombot Tomorrow-tron2.pngAeast.pngWWW.pngPW.png
Power Outage Hjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.png Plantern2.pngScaredy-shroom in Almanac (PvZPP).pngHurrikale2.pngLightning Reed2.pngMed RoselleBine.pngChard Guard2.pngHypno-shroom2.pngStunion2.pngPumpkin2.pngStarfruit2.pngToadstool.pngDoom-shroom2.png Grasssporeshroom.pngGrapeshotLawn.png Basic Zombie2.png Flag Zombie2.png Conehead Zombie2.png Buckethead Zombie2.pngNewspaper Zombie2.pngPVZ2 Screen Door Zombie.pngGargantuar2.pngGargantuar2.pngZombot Tomorrow-tron2.pngAeast.pngWWW.pngPW.png


Name Difficulty Plants Obtained Side Level Plants Zombies Encountered
Tropical Vacation Hjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.png Lily Pad2.pngIceberg Lettuce2.pngBloomerang2.pngTangle Kelp2.pngPvZBA Sea-shroom.pngCoconut Cannon2.pngSnapdragonPvZ2.pngGarlic2.pngTorchwood2.pngChili Bean2.pngIngameAKEEPvZ2LC.pngWasabiWhip2.png Seaweed WackerBine.pngSilver Thorn.png Basic Zombie2.png PVZIAT Ducky Tube Zombie.pngFlag Zombie2.pngConehead Zombie2.png Buckethead Zombie2.pngSurfer Zombie2.pngSnorkelZombie2.pngGargantuar2.pngImps.pngImp Cannon2.pngTreasure Yeti2.pngOctopus-thrower2.pngSharktonic Sub.pngAeast.pngWWW.pngPW.png
Antarctic Lakes Hjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.png Hot Potato2.pngPermahlia.pngHot Cocoa.pngPepper-pult2.pngTBA.pngPyrosian Shield.pngCandlegrassBine.pngFlurry FlowerTile.pngDandefriyinBine1.pngWaterdragonfruit.pngIceweed2.pngTBA.png GlacitianaBine.pngChillowtile.png Basic Zombie2.pngCave Zombie2.pngFlag Zombie2.pngConehead Zombie2.pngBuckethead Zombie2.pngZombie Bobsled Team2.pngTreasure Yeti2.pngHeli.pngBungee Zombie2.pngGargantuar2.pngYeti Imp2.pngZombot Tuskmaster 10,000 BC2.png
Elevation Invasion Hjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.png KernelPultPvZ2.pngUmbrella Leaf2.pngMelonPultPvZ2.pngPVZIAT Threepeater.pngPVZIAT Twin Sunflower5.pngTall-nut2.pngGatlingPeaAllStars.pngCactus-1.pngWinter Melon2.pngRotobaga2.pngBucketpult.pngAspiragus2.png Blover2.pngAvo-pult grass.png Basic Zombie2.pngFlag Zombie2.pngConehead Zombie2.pngBuckethead Zombie2.pngLadder Zombie2.pngBungee Zombie2.pngHeli.pngGargantuar2.pngZombie Bobsled Team2.pngZomboni2.pngZombot Tomorrow-tron2.pngAeast.pngWWW.pngPW.png
Slimy Swamps Hjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.png Kiwibeast2.pngPerfume-shroom2.pngSmako.pngWater WoodBine.pngShammed RockBine.pngTBA.pngEndurian2.pngTBA.pngGoo Peashooter2.pngInferno2.pngGold Bloom2.pngWrecking LogBine.png TBA.pngTBA.png TBA
Deep Space Hjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.png TBA.pngLaser Bean2.pngTBA.pngPruning Cloud.pngLava Guava2.pngBlue StarBine.pngMagnifying Grass2.pngMeteorangeBine.pngGold Leaf2.pngEscape Root2.pngTendrils VoidBine.pngSteel GypsyBine.png Egrett Flower2.pngMoonbean67.png
Pl@y3r5 H0u53 Hjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.png Red Stinger2.pngInfi-nut2.pngThyme Warp2.pngElectric Currant2.pngTile Turnip2.pngFlaming Sword2.pngShrinking Violet2.pngDoubled Mint69.pngVenus Legtrap23.pngGrimrose2.pngElectric Peashooter2.pngTBA.png Crying OnionBine.pngCaulipower2.png TBA


Name Difficulty Plants Obtained Zombies Encountered
Battle Easy Hjala.pngHjala.png Dicentra3.pngTcuke.pngKangaroo Paw.png Varies
Battle Hard Hjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.pngHjala.png Chilled VinesBine.pngDevil Chili.png8-Bit Winter Melon.png Varies


See all plants here.


See all zombies here.


The Unsleepy Boi
Use 5 coffee beans on a Impatien in a single level.
Difficulty:Easy Creator:Cowsgomoo48
Beat Adventure mode
Difficulty:Hard Creator:Ghostcrawling45
Time for a Vaca
Beat Day, Night, and Power Outage
Difficulty:Medium Creator:Ghostcrawling45
Imagine Losing
Beat another player in battlez
Difficulty:Medium Creator:Ghostcrawling45
Beanz Are Rad
Unlock Spear Bean, Chili Bean, and Rad Bean
Difficulty:Medium Creator:Ghostcrawling45
Grow Up
Complete a level using only Solar Sprout for sun production
Difficulty:Medium Creator:Krushaofworlds
Candy Butter?
Have a Tacobility Candy Corn Cannon stun a zombie with butter
Difficulty:Medium Creator:Krushaofworlds
Can’t Beat the Classics
Defeat a Gargantuar with just a Peashooter
Difficulty:Hard Creator:Krushaofworlds
Green Thumb
Unlock every single plant in the game
Difficulty:Hard Creator:Ericwuyq
Holiday Spirit
Beat all the holiday levels
Difficulty:Medium Creator:Ghostcrawling45
What a Catastro-Pea
Beat a Medium Difficulty level using only Peashooters, Sunflowers, and Torchwoods.
Difficulty:Hard Creator:Cowsgomoo48
Good Memories
Beat a Travel World with only returning plants.
Difficulty:Meduim Creator:Ghostcrawling45


Upcoming content





  • This game was originally going to be named Plants vs. Zombies: Revenge of the Zombies.
  • Tickets were originally planned to be Gems instead.
Ghost's Stuff
PvZ2 Plants

Shadow Sunflower

Other plants

8-Bit Winter Melon, Avo-pult, Bucket-pult, Candlegrass, Candy Corn Cannon, Chilled Vines, Chomping Vine, Crying Onion, Dandefriyin, Daysy, Devil Chili (PvZ: Bine), Dicentra, Doubled Mint (PvZ: Bine), Flaming Sword, Flurry Flower, Foul Cranade, Grim Choy, Guardian-nut, Kangaroo Paw (PvZ: Bine), Med Roselle, Portal Pea, Rad Bean, Sappy Tree, Seaweed Wacker, Solar Sprout, Solar Boom, Spear Bean, Sprass, Stretch-shroom, Sugar Cane, Tuff-shroom, Venus Trap (PvZ: Bine), Water Wood, Whiteweed, Rolling Log


Plants vs. Zombies: Because it never ended, Plants vs. Zombies: Ultra


Deadly Nights, Antarctic Lakes, Power Outage, Tropical Vacation, Elevation Invasion, Pl@y3r5 H0u53


Antarctic Lakes, Black Broccholi, Chillow, Chokecherry, Glacitiana, Greg, The Stunion, Hollyshock, Hot Cocoa, Kitty Corn, Silver Thorn, Impatien, Permahlia, Pyrosian Shield

Unusable Templates

Ghostcrawling45's Stuff, Ghost's Stuff, PvZ: Bine Staff, Golden Aple staff

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