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"Again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again. You feel like this game might never end. You feel like you've done this for millions and millions of years. That is, because, you have. And you're getting sick of it all. Every day, every night, you've been digging, plowing, and planting, waiting for an end to the madness, waiting for the ending that you so deserves. Yet it never comes. But tonight, something is different. Something is wrong. You must find your way out of this nightmare before it consumes you, once and for all."

Plants Vs. Zombies: Scorched Earth is a tale of guilt, madness, terror, and flames. It is a tower defense game, much like the Plants Vs. Zombies you know and love, but with a dark, insidious twist. Featuring original edits based off Plants Vs. Zombies 2, Plants Vs. Zombies: Scorched Earth will feature new plants, new zombies, new locations, and never-before-seen original mechanics. As soon as I finish making them, at least. New update coming soon, hopefully!


It has been eons since you first picked up your shovel, and started planting seeds to defend against the undead, and it has since then become a routine, a chore, and you feel neither fear of the zombies, or joy at their defeat, in fact, you no longer feel anything at all. You've been planting on since then, and the monotony has become overwhelming. You've attempted to quit, but every time, the urge to foster on pulls you back from the brink, and you are once again forced to endure this meaningless existence.

But tonight, something is very wrong.

You don't know when it began, but tonight, you noticed that things were not as they were. The night has gone on for far longer than it should have, your house, your safe-haven and jail warps and twists at the corner of your eyes, and you look back at it to see the charred and dilapidated remains of what was once your home, your mind boggles as you inspect the damage, and realizes that it had been like that for a very, very long time.

How had you not noticed that? Has your home always been like that?

But then something else caught your attention. Something terrible. A putrid smell fills your nostrils, laughter echoes across the lawn. You turn back to look at the street, and caught the glimpse of something moving towards you in the dark. A hazy, shambling form. It was dark, and shadowy, unlike the brightly colored corpses that so often roamed your lawn.

You looked at it, and it looked back at you.

And for the first time in eons, you feel it.


Self-preservation kicks in, and you retrieve them. Your precious plant seeds. Your trusty shovel. This is it.

This is the end.

This is the final test.


Image Name Information Usage Maximum Amount
Retribution The best motivator. This is your most basic form of in-game currency. Spend them wisely. Retribution can be generated by Her, or they can erupt from the ground. Allows for the creation of defensive and offensive plants. 6000. Try not to collect any more, or something real bad might happen.
Egress These shiny orbs falls to the ground at times, in irregular intervals. They call out to you, whispering your name. You feel that they are important, and that's saying a lot, in this world of unimportance. As you later learn, they allow the purchase of some... curious artifacts. Hang on to these things, will you? Maybe, in time, you'd be able to use them to buy something really special, who knows? Maybe a way out, or a friend. Unknown.
Madness These pulsing spheres erupts from the ground at times, in irregular intervals. They scream at you, insulting you and urging you to do unspeakable acts. Yet they feel familiar to you, and somewhat warm. You decide to hang onto them for now. When you collect enough of them, you can use them as a boost. Every time you activate them, you lose consciousness, and wake up hours after, finding that a bunch of plants have been planted on your lawn, and that you're much further than you were moments ago. Unfortunately, these spheres come with some disturbing side-effects, as they can take a serious toll on your sanity. They only appear in the first world of the game. 666. Again, try not to exceed that amount.


Image Name Attack/Abilities Retribution Costs Notes
Him He, for lack of a better term, periodically blasts a bright ray of Plant Light at the hordes, penetrating every single one of them in a row, slowly weakening the enemy until they crumble to dust. 100 "I can't believe he's here, of all places. I'd given up hope on him a long time ago. He whispers things to me. Dear old d This isn't him. Can't get too attached."
Her She, for lack of a better term, will regularly spawn Retribution, making Her one of the most important plants in the game. 50 "What's wrong with me? It's not them. They're not them. Where's the pills"
Husk Husks are one of the first defensive plants that you will encounter. He can keep the enemy for quite a while, while also being able to hurt them slightly, as their true form constantly emits Plant Light. 50 "These things are a life-saver, but I can't bring myself to use them. Moments after I plant them, I hear their screams as they are devoured alive by those things. They don't deserve this. don't get attached."
Hatred With their stems and vines of barbed steel, Hatred reach out to the nearest zombie, grabs onto them, and pulls them towards it, ripping deep into the zombie's flesh and meat in the process, dealing extremely large amounts of damage to them, and heavily incapacitates them, but not kill them, as it releases. The downside to this is that it might accidentally grabs on to other zombies, dragging them closer to your house. u "First time I planted one of these, it immediately locked onto a Scorcher, and launched a steel vine at it. The vine shoved itself into the Scorcher's torso, emerged from the back, then ripped back into the Scorcher's limbs, repeating the process a dozen time, while dragging the body across the lawn. Then, rapidly, it retracted it's vine, releasing It's prey, creating countless more gashes in the Scorcher's flesh from the retreating barbed wire. The Scorcher didn't die immediately. First time I've heard a Scorcher scream."
Hemlocks Hemlocks fires it's poisonous, deadly petals in a 2-second stream at the zombies, in 4 directions. Up, down, left, and right. Unfortunately, Hemlock's supply of petals can be depleted quickly, and would need time to resupply itself with more ammunition. 150 "Mother told me about these fellas a long time ago. She called 'em "Cicuta", said they were highly poisonous. Said we should stay clear of 'em. Now, these things are saving my life."
Heckler Hecklers slightly slows down the incoming wave of zombies in a row, by pointing its Plant Light at them. The more of them are planted in a row, the slower the zombies become. 125 "Just wish they wouldn't laugh at me so much."
Halt The Halts immobilizes enemies in the 3 rows nearest to it for 10 seconds, also keeping new enemies from entering said rows. If an enemy is close enough, it'd be disintegrated. When the 10 seconds are up, it will disappear. 175 "It keeps chattering it's teeth whenever I'm near, and the eyes both move independently of each other. Very disturbing."
Holes The holes, when planted, will instantly devour from 5 to 10 enemies from every screen at once before disappearing. It is to be noted that using a hole will decrease a slight amount of sanity. 250 "I looked into the void and it looked back at me. And it had too many eyes."


Image Name Information Attack/Abilities Notes
Scorchers Shambling, decrepit, and shadowy, the Scorchers slowly approaches your house from the darkness, burning everything in it's wake. Even worse, when a Scorcher appears, several other are sure to follow. Through trial and error, you have made an extremely encouraging discovery, a way to terminate its existence: Plant Light. Shambles through your lawn, burning plants in their path. Comes in groups. "I saw one of these things look right at me, and it was smiling too. What the hell?"
Stormers Unlike the Scorchers, the Stormers, as you've dubbed them, works alone. These beings erupts lightning from their body, striking everything near it. The Stormers protrudes some kind of triangular growth from it's cranium, which acts as some sort of protection against your plants. A Stormer is, unfortunately, much faster than a Scorcher. Two times faster than a Scorcher, and two times more protected, the Stormers rushes through your lawn, blasting lightning to any plant near it in a 3x3 space. Mercifully, however, there can only be 3 Stormers at any given moment, not a single more. "These things are deafening. The sounds these things make brings me back to the olden days, when I used to cower under blankets and pillows to hide from my p I HATE LIGHTNING."
Blinders The Blinders are one of the most dangerous beings you have come across. They are slow, very slow, yet they are almost indestructible, probably due to their cranial protrusion. Your Plant Light has very little effect on them, for the Blinders possesses their own unholy light, which neutralizes all but the most concentrated rays of Plant Light. Worse still, is that when they appear, they appear everywhere at once. Blinders have the ability to neutralize weak Plant Light rays, so beware. Multiple plants will be needed to take them down, but this process will take a long time, as the Blinders have 5 times the the health of a Stormer, though its speed is nearly a third of a Scorcher. Blinders will not spawn alone, as when they spawn, a Blinder will be spawn in all 5 rows at once. "When I first saw one of these things, I kinda stared at it for a few minutes. Not sure what happened, but I lost track of time. When I snapped out of it, it was half-way across the lawn. Unsettling. Must not look at them again, something's not right."
Hellfire Hellfire will occasionally erupt from the ground and consume your plant. The frequency of this happening will steadily increase. Better stock up on Retribution, huh? Kills one of your plants, making the area unplantable for a few seconds. "NO! NO! No more fires! NO MORE!"
The Burning Man The Burning Man will come once every level starting from 1-6. You mustn't harm him. A single cut on him, and your sanity will crumble. Remove every offensive plant in his path, or face dire consequences. He will approach your house. Let him through, unimpeded. "No. Oh, God, no. I'm so sorry."
The Burning Woman The Burning Woman will come once every level starting from 1-6. You mustn't harm her. A single cut on her, and your sanity will crumble. Remove every offensive plant in her path, or face dire consequences. She will approach your house. Let her through, unimpeded. "I'm so sorry. Please. Please forgive me. I didn't know."
Screechers The Screechers will arrive in large hordes, extremely speedy, yet extremely fragile, they can easily end your game in seconds if you don't take themm down soon enough. They also generate distortions around themselves, draining your aanity faster. Kill them quickly and they won't be a problem. Don't and you die or your sanity dwindles. "I feel that these things signifies that something is coming. Something very bad. I don't know how long I can keep doing this."
"The Survivor" The Survivor will spawn only once, on level 1-9, as a mini-boss. The Survivor goes through randomized attack cycles, and can summon Hellfire, Screecher hordes, multiple waves of enemy at once, and has the ability to use his hands to manipulate your plants and projectiles. Thankfully, he doesn't move towards your lawn. Just hit him until he dies. Trust me, it's harder than it aounds. Good luck. "The only thing to come out of the flames, also the least deserving."



Throughout the game, there will be a bar to the lower left corner of the screen, there will be a purple bar, indicating your sanity. Sanity will be one of the key feature of the first world in the game.

Above: the Sanity bar, full, half-empty, and empty.

At the start of the level, the sanity bar will be full, and bright purple. When you start to lose your sanity, your sanity bar will become darker. When your sanity bar is entirely black, then, unfortunately, you have lost.

There are a plethora of ways that you can lose your sanity, many of which are unfortunately unpreventable. These includes the following:

Losing your plants: Losing one of your plant (especially defensive plants) occasionally reduces a tiny sliver of your sanity, not enough to make much of a difference in regular levels, but a huge concern in longer levels in the game. This can be prevented by purchasing the "Indifference" item.

Picking up too much Retribution: If you pick up too much Retribution, (over 6000) then your sanity will deplete rapidly. This can be prevented by simply not picking up additional Retribution, though the player would have to wait for the abandoned Retribution to de-spawn, as to not accidentally trigger a game over.

Having too many zombies build up: If the player is not able to dispatch zombies quickly enough, then the increasing amount of zombies on-screen can trigger dips in the Sanity bar.

Planting too quickly: If a player plants too quickly, then the Sanity bar will begin to decrease until the player's actions have slowed down to an acceptable rate,

Activation of Madness: By using Madness, the player can skip a portion of the level, at the cost of a significant amount of sanity (about a fifth).

Insanity-induced Hallucinations: See below, Effects of sanity deprivation.

Time: Unfortunately, the player's sanity, even if left alone, with very slowly decrease in tiny amounts. This will only halt when there is no zombies on-screen at the time.

Fortunately, there are also ways to restore your sanity, or at least, keep it at reasonable levels.

Clearing a horde: Dispatching a horde of zombies will greatly restore your sanity.

Taking Pills: Pills are items that can be purchased to be used in a level, though the price of 40 Egress might be a bit too high for some players, Pills automatically restores 50% of the sanity bar, and reinforces it for several minutes, being highly useful in later levels of the game.

Effects of sanity deprivation

As your Sanity bar gets lower, the visuals of the game will begin to alter, increasing the difficulty of the game. These changes are at follows.

100%-31% Sane: The game proceeds as normal with no visual differences.

A Scorcher "Illusion". Sanity is 25% here.

30%-21% Sane: The game progressively begins to have a red hue. The player begins to hallucinate "Illusions", which are blurrier versions of the regular zombies. These "Illusions" serves no purpose, other than be distracting for the player. As sanity continues to decrease, the Illusions becomes clearer, until at 55% where they will become indistinguishable from regular zombies, aside from the fact that all projectiles pass through them harmlessly, and the fact that it's unable to hurt any of your plants. As the effects become more intense, the sanity bar will drop even faster.

The game on 14% sanity.

20%-10% Sane: The game becomes progressively darker and glitchier. The player's seed cards fades to blank, and the game starts glitching. Light static appears on the screen. The player is forced to rely on memory to pick out and select plants, as each cards are now indistinguishable from each other. "Illusions" will appear extremely often, with every third zombie being a fake. Audio corrupts heavily, and sounds that doesn't correlate with what's on-screen can be heard, gaining in frequency as sanity decreases.

A blank seed pack.

The game as seen at 1% sanity.

9%-1% Sane: The game becomes almost unplayable, as the game rapidly degenerates into a white void, and most details of the zombies and plants are washed out. Audio is non-existent at this point, consisting of heavily garbled static. Large amounts of "Illusions" starts to appear, sometimes outnumbering the real zombies.

0% Sane: Everything in the game is white. The player's game ends almost immediately. If the player was able to achieve 0% sanity within 2 minutes, they will unlock the "Driven to madness" achievement. There is a rare chance of a hidden message would appear after the player reaches 0% sanity, though what this message is is as of yet unknown.


The Notes as seen in-game.

This is an extremely useful item that can be acquired after the fifth level of the first world (1-05) and acts as something to document the plants and zombies that you have encountered. Bits of lore are also strewn among the pages and entries, constantly updating as you encounter newer plants and zombies. After it has been acquired, the notes can be viewed anytime the player wishes.

It should be noted that unencountered plants and zombies will not appear in the notes, nor will there be a placeholder for them.



Like the previous game, Plants Vs. Zombies 2, there is a level selection system where the player can select multiple worlds to play through. There are 5 worlds in the game in total, each with a different major mechanic, and each with it's host of unique zombies, and plants.


This is the first world of Plants Vs. Zombies 2, and consists of 10 levels, 10 zombies, and 8 plants. The major mechanic of Madness is the Sanity bar. This is the world where the Notes can be found.


The layout of Madness is the familiar modern day suburb house from Plants Vs. Zombies 1 and Plants Vs. Zombies 2, but It's in a state of constant night time, and the actual house itself is charred black. The signage around the house has been blacked out, and white eyes stare back at every corner of the neighborhood.

On level 10, the player will encounter a boss, the defeating of which would [FURTHER INFORMATION UNAVAILABLE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE]


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