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Palmling is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies 2, and is unlocked by beating Day 16 of Mesopotamian Riverside. Palmling is a single use plant that lobs a coconut-shaped bomb at a group of zombies, or the most threatening, depending on the number of zombies in a lane.


Palmling is based on the Cocos nucifera, or coconut palm tree. The coconut being a bomb is a reference to the Wii game Kirby's Return to Dream Land.The coconut bomb can be found here.

A coconut palm tree

Almanac Entry

Palmlings lob a coconut explosive into a spot in their lane and then die.
Special: Tosses a coconut bomb which blows up in a 3x3 radius

Fling! Fling!"I'm Palmling, but I call myself Palm Fling!" Palmling exclaims. I now have to explain that he tosses coconuts, not flinging them.


Plant Food effect

When fed with plant food, Palmling will fling a massive coconut that blows up in a 5x5 radius, dealing 4000 damage.

Boosted by Bombard-mint

When boosted by Bombard-mint, Palmling will deal 200% damage and fling three coconuts.


Palmling is the mixture of a Cabbage-pult and a Coconut Launcher. Placing him behind other plants or behind Wall-nuts, Pumpkins and even Chard Guards, because the stopped zombies will be prioritized by Palmling.




  • Originally a plant that cleared the whole board but costed 700 sun, that was scrapped and also a stupid idea.
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