This creation is a submission to the Year of the Goat Contest!
Northern Daisy fires petals rapidly at a very short range. It will fire more and more petals when a additional Magic Flower is planted.
Northern Daisy

Sun Cost:

175 (+50 every additional Northern Daisy)




Very Short


Average (7)


1 (Flower)


Will fire more petals with every Northern Daisy planted.

Created By:


Plant Food Effect

Every Northern Flowers fires 27 petals. However, it was still very short-ranged.


Northern Flowers may be useful in groups, but due to their short range, they may be useless at times. Putting defense may save the Northern Flowers to certain disasters. Pumpkin is the best choice.

Due to their increasing price and their recharge, it may be a pain at times. Stocking up sun for the Northern Flowers is mostly recommended.

Do NOT ever use this to zombies deflecting your projectiles. It may end losing the levels

It is extremely useful for Survival Levels, but only a few will do. Numerous Northern Daisies may be useful, but hordes of zombies may stop them.

Its Plant Food is extremely useful in large groups, but its range may affect its usefulness. If there are much tough zombies near the Northern Daisies, it may be useful.

Surburban Almanac Entry

Northern Daisy

Northern Daisies will fire more petals with every Northern Daisy planted.

Damage: 1 nds.

Northern Daisies are great musicians. They can make lovely melodies out of their petals. The beat are always lovely. But due to the shutdown of their musical show, they show their powers of music to the zombies


  • Northern Daisy has a few things that is related to the Year of the Goat.
    • Its Plant Food effect contains two of the lucky numbers.
    • Musician is one of the best-suited careers for this Year of the Goat.
    • Most of the lucky colors are contained of this plant.