This creation is a submission to the Year of the Goat Contest!
North Flower


7 ndb

Sun Cost

275 sun




Has a wide variety of effects.

Almanac Entry

"North Flower was born on July 7th, 1979, has his own clothing line and art gallery, and gives to the less fortunate. Too bad he can't control his powers very well."


The North Flower is a frosty red-and-brown carnation. Its petals have some frost at the tips; the stem is almost completely frozen. The ice has a heavy purple tint, with almost no hint of blue.


North Flower's costume is a knit beanie with the Chinese year calendar on it.


The North Flower has a small handful of effects that activate at semirandom intervals. More than one ability may be active.


This starts upon planting and lasts for 27 seconds. When it is active, everything that isn't winter or fire-based (including your plants!) is slowed down to 50% speed in a 5x5 area. This has a 72% chance of activating every 37 seconds.


This always starts 47 seconds after planting and lasts for 17 seconds. When it is active, everything in a 3x3 area around the North Flower ceases to attack. This has a 22% chance of activating every 52 seconds.


This has a 7% chance of activating every 27 seconds. When it is active, all plants above, below, in front, and behind the North Flower directly gain the abilities of each other. This functions instantly. If it activates further times, diagonal plants are included; the range increases by 1 once each possible set of 4 is used.


This has a 2% chance of activating every 47 seconds per North Flower on the field; it only succesfully activates if there are two or more. Once it activates, small North Flowers grow on every plant. Plants stop attacking for exactly 0.7 seconds, and then act like North Flowers as well as their usual abilities.


All plants with health that is a multiple of 6 or 8 have it changed to the nearest multiple of 7 if they are in a 3x3 range of the North Flower. Zombies with green, blue, or black items may randomly stumble and drop them, if within a 5x5 range of a North Flower. If it is the 7th or 30th of any month, North Flowers active abilities twice as often, and they last twice as long. However, if used on March, June, or October, each North Flower planted has a 7% chance to fail to work at all.


  • North Flower is full of things considered "lucky" for those born in the Year of the Goat.
    • North is a lucky direction for those born in the YotG, 2 and 7 (as well as things that include them) are lucky numbers, red, brown, and purple are lucky colors, the 7th and the 30th are lucky days, those born in the YotG are often calm and make good teachers, and they work better in groups. July is the seventh month in the Gregorian calendar, and people born in 1979 are "Goats". Likewise, 6 and 8 are unlucky numbers, and March, June, and October are unlucky months.