Mummy Zombie
Mummy Zombie
Created by Ghostmedic1223


Boss Zombie


15400 normal damage shots


Extremely High



Mummy Zombie is a Boss Zombie on temple you have to beat him on 10 level on temple.


Tape Wrap: Wraps tapes on your plants, doing 3 bites worth of damge, also stunning them for 3 sec.

Undead Cry: Summons a mummified imp that is like a normal imp, but takes 5 hits to kill, faster and is wrapped in bandages.

Wrath: Makes the screen flash twice, then all plants become darker and slower for twenty seconds.

Bandage Heal : Heals 500 shots

Undead Minions: Turns all the plants in the far right column into zombies, and sends 1 zombifier into each lane

Mummy Tape: Hypnotizes and turns around one plant.

Egyptian plague: activates one of 5 plagues listed below

frogs (common): creates zombie frogs that jump over plants

desease (uncommon) makes 2 rows of plants wilt and die

thunder and hail (extremly rare) hail rains down on 5 random rows of the area automatically destroying any plants on the rows

locusts:(common) locusts are released onto one column eating any plant on it

darkness: (rare) the entire screen is plunged into darkness for 30 seconds.

Mummy'd:Summons a wave of mummified zombies. Mummified zombie health is normal +2.

Pharoah's Curse:All plants in 3x3 range from a random spot become mummified zombies.

Thousand Year Slumber:Falls asleep for 10 seconds,becoming invincible while sleeping,regaining 1,000 shots. Also makes a plant fall asleep so you have to use a Coffee Bean on it.

Desert Heat: Area becomes a Day Desert that wilts plants within 60 seconds. To stop the attack,put a Cool Bean on him.

Dark Force Tempest: Creates a Dark Tempest Cloud that unleashes a mother of all storms,doing 144 dmg to each plant on the feild.

Dance Of Death: Begins to dance,killing all plants on feild,also doing 100 nds to himself.

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