Mourning Glory is a plant that brings plants back that were previously eaten by Zombies. As well as that, they will release a new Plant every huge wave, or ambush attack. It is unlocked after Smoky Dimension - Day 9 of Plants vs. Zombies: Dimensional Travels.


A fun strategy is using them in conjunction with Machu Peachu, since the Machu Peachu will steal the abilities of eaten plants, and Mourning Glories will bring them back. They can also be helpful for building strategies, since they will release more plants each huge wave.


Mourning Glory

Mourning Glories will bring back dead plants, and release more plants during huge waves.

Special: Releases plants if there are adjacent tiles.

Although plants appreciate Mourning Glory's ability to keep plants alive, she never is invited to funerals. After all, who wants to see more zombies? No one, that's who.

Cost: 150

Recharge: Mediocre


  • Originally it was a plant called Grain Grave.


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