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  • Just came here to say that ur profile pic is cool

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    • A Rouge Zombie
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  • So I want to run some plants by you before making them final. This includes my (albeit late) possible contest entries. If you want to, of course.


    Contest entry. Offensive plant, regularly shoots three bamboo shoots (each dealing 1 damage point) at a PSROF. Every 20 seconds, it fires three hypnotic shoots, which hypnotize the zombie they hit. It'll then resume its regular attack after 5 seconds. It'll cost 300 sun with a slow seedpacket recharge.

    It's meant to be an expensive, late-stage plant. While Caulipower is random and slightly quicker, Gladormadsu is slower and condensed to its lane, but it hypnotizes more zombies.

    PLANT FOOD: Fires a 25 nds projectile in each lane, and then hypnotizes the three strongest zombies on the board (highest health).

    I feel like this might be horribly OP, but I like the concept and design of it, so I'm wondering ways to improve it.


    Instant-use, 125 sun and sluggish recharge. Covers a 5x5 area in Bombegranate-like spikes (same damage output, only hurt zombies once). Basic idea, and potential Contest Entry if Gladormadsu is irredeemable.


    Final possible contest entry. 150 sun. Lobs its 3 damage projectile every 3 seconds. If one of these projectiles kills a zombie, it creates a semi-permanent fertile tile. Fertile tiles boost plants planted there. 10 ndb health increase, and 2 nds damage increase, if possible. Fertile tile can be removed if it's:

    • Replaced by another plant's tile (Gold Leaf, Tile Turnip, Zircornium, but not Lava Guava or Sap-fling)
    • Drenched in water (tide changes, Cascanna)
    • The same plant is planted there again after the previous plant dies (reference to intercropping, heehee)

    PLANT FOOD: Makes a random column completely filled with fertile tiles.


    Aquatic. 225 sun and fast recharge. Throws a trident at a PSROF. Trident is half as fast as a normal projectile. Trident deals 2 nds, as well as pierces through every zombie in the row. Once it reaches the end of the row, it'll turn around and head back down a different row. Aurichalum will then move either up or down to go to the same row as the trident. Rinse and repeat. Trident's direction favors rows with more zombies. Aurichalum can share a tile with a plant (unless the tile is scorched or otherwise infertile).


    Utility plant, undecided sun cost and recharge. Initially doubles defense of surrounding plants (3x3). After a new wave of zombies approaches, it'll halve the defense of surrounding plants, but also double their damage output. Like a Veil-shroom take 2.


    First stage: Adds basic armor on every plant around it, increasing health by 30 ndb.

    Second stage: Activates plant food for 3 random plants around it (2 if there are only 3 plants around it, one if only two around, does not activate another Calengula's plant food).


    Flower Pot-like utility plant. 100 sun, mediocre recharge. Allows for three plants to be on the same tile, excluding usual rooted plants and the such. Zombies eat the plant on top, the the middle, then bottom, and then the Beanpole itself.

    PLANT FOOD: Creates a Beanpole somewhere else on the board, more likely to create one on the same column, or the two adjacent columns.

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    • With the projectile speed and what you said about it waiting for its projectile to come back, it's effectively a weaker Laser Bean that switches rows and can stack infinitely. Honestly, I'm not sure how to balance this thing properly, especially with its ability to stack.

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    • Maybe change projectile speed, or change sun cost?

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    • A Rouge Zombie
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  • Hello Yammer, This is Vergel from the Apocalyptic Arena team (of one people) ( guess what meme? ) and I just copied the message below from PvZ wiki because you seemed to have not replied to it but anyway...

    I just read your post on the Plants vs Zombies: Apocalypse Assault page in PvZ: CC. And I just left a message for you there. Like I said there, feel free to give me suggestions. You will be credited as such.

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  • Hi, welcome to Plants vs Zombies Character Creator Wiki, or PvZCC for short! Thanks for your edit to the Guiltree page.

    Make sure you read the wiki rules to make sure you comply with our rules and don't violate them.

    Here are some tips that can help you when you are creating a page:

    When creating a page, make sure that your creation is original. To help you with that, check this page.
    Also, make sure that your page follows the correct layout. To help you with that, please check this page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything! Have a nice experience here on PvZCC! :)

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