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Please Stay Safe

The world is a very weird place right now and it's a hell of a time to be alive. Most of us haven't even seen something this big and global in our entire lifetime. I didn't think it was gonna get this bad and I'm sure some of you also didn't as well.

COVID-19 is a very real thing and it has already taken the lives of thousands of people, and sadly thousands more will be taken. I want to stress the importance of not going outside for now unless you really need to. It is so important that you stay home. Don't go out unless it is absolutely necessary. If you need food or some other necessity then fine, otherwise don't.

You can't have the attitude of "I probably won't die from it so I don't care." You may not die from this virus but that doesn't mean you can't carry it around with you or give it to another person who won't be as lucky as you. Save the world, stay inside. Please.

Stay safe, I love you all <3

A Rouge Zombie
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  • Sorry to bother you, but did I qualify for the rewards of the Boss Hunt? I think I haven't gotten any.

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    • Don't worry, MintLeaf should get to everyone soon (fingers crossed)

      If it doesn't get you by, let's say a week for good measure, let me know and I'll ring you up manually, alright?


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    • Thanks! I will wait then.

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    • A Rouge Zombie
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  • after i write some stuff on a page it doesnt let me click save page

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    • A Rouge Zombie
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  • dont edit other people's userpages without their permission

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  • Torchwood Part 1

    Legend has it Giga Torchwood was locked away in a magic chest because of his immeasurable rage. Waiting in that chest's purgatory his rage only continued to grow and multiply. Now he is released and searching for vengeance.


    Cycle 6, current phase: Aqua Pages


    Remember to reply here at least once a day for 4 days to be opted in for rewards when the Hunt ends on July 27th! If you're opted in, you can spend 30 Gems to buy Prem. Rewards alongside regular ones.

    Giga Torchwood Rewards
    Free Reward Prem. Reward Health %
    Community Challenge Event, 5 Gems -300 Edit Debt 85%
    Chill N' Grill Contest, -300 Edit Debt 5 Nuggets 70%
    Fireweed Badge, 6 Gems 1 Charm 55%
    3 Dinky Packs, -300 Edit Debt 1x Mega All Sets Pack 40%
    Lava Guava Badge, 7 Gems 3 Charms 25%
    Campfire Challenge, 7 Gems, -300 Edit Debt -1000 Edit Debt 10%
    Exclusive Giga Torchwood Badge, -400 Edit Debt,
    3 Nuggets, 5 Gems, Marketplace Sales
    1x Superboss Pack, 20 Gems 0%

    Giga Torchwood is too angry to be hurt by puny users, so to actually deal damage you need to complete an objective. When you complete the objective, Giga Torchwood cools off and can be damaged for a short period of time, usually a few days. After that time has passed, you must repeat the objective to continue damaging Giga Torchwood. Important: Once a user has created 2 Aqua Pages, they are locked out from having any more of their Aqua Pages count towards the objective for the rest of the Hunt, but this doesn't stop them from making Frosty Pages.

    Note: Aqua Pages are any creation that involves water in any way. Anything from being based on water, to being vaguely related to it. Examples are Submerge-mint and Watermelon Vine.
    Giga Torchwood Damage Objectives
    Objective Cool Off Duration Cycle
    Create 2 Aqua Pages 7 days 1
    Create 2 Aqua Pages 6 days 2
    Create 3 Aqua Pages 5 days 3+

    Over time, Giga Torchwood will slowly gain Rage. Rage is represented as a purple bar under the normal health one. When Giga Torchwood's Rage meter is filled, he will burst into a fiery fury, using his attacks more often, gaining heavy armor, and healing a little bit of health - Rage fills faster when Giga Torchwood is cooled off, but the effect can only be activated when Giga Torchwood is not cooled off and up to 6 times only over the Boss Hunt duration. While Giga Torchwood is enraged, he can't be cooled off with Aqua Pages, and instead requires Frosty Pages. If this objective is not completed in the time given, the Hunt is lost.

    Note: Frosty Pages are any creation that involves ice in any way. Anything from being based on ice, to being vaguely related to it. Examples are Icy Holly and Winter Poboostukawa.
    Giga Torchwood Rage Objectives
    Objective Cycle Time Given
    Create 2 Frosty Pages 1 8 days
    Create 3 Frosty Pages 2 7 days
    Create 4 Frosty Pages 3 6 days
    Create 5 Frosty Pages 4+ 5 days

    But when you complete this objective, how do you actually hurt Giga Torchwood, Sani? Well, dear user, I've got a fancy AI program set up for Boss Hunts, and like a bunch of other stuff. This program automatically detects activity such as making pages, editing pages, making templates, that sort of stuff and transfers it into % damage. You hurt Giga Torchwood just by being active as long as you're able to.

    There's also attacks Giga Torchwood can use every so often. These are meant to hinder progress, and target random users. However, if you are very active, the program (Giga Torchwood's AI), will target you more often. Giga Torchwood is more likely to use attacks while Cool Off is active, but that doesn't mean he can't use them while in Torch Mode.

    Note: Burning users can't contribute to the Hunt until the burn duration is over.

    Giga Torchwood Attacks
    Attack Name Weight Effect
    Blazin' Blast 21pt Burns up to 3 users for 2 days.
    Flare Up 36pt Gain 25% armor for 3 days.
    Log Vent 27pt Fills Rage meter by 5% for each burning user.
    Hot Topic 16pt Increases burn time for burning users by 1 day.
    Pure Rage 43pt Fills Rage meter by 35%.
    Lumber Support 49pt Heals 3% for every 25% of Rage Meter filled.


    Oh that's hot!

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  • {{DarkGargolithsBadge}}

    Headstone Carver SuccessHD
    Neptuna 12
    Gargologist HD
    HD Zombot Stomp
    Defensive End HD
    Gargologist HD
    Dark Gravestones Badge
    Start by playing a Headstone Carver on turn 1. On turn 2, it is ESSENTIAL that you play a Gargologist. This means that on turn 3, you can play a Surprise Gargantuar! Then on turn 4, you can play a Cursed Gargolith to start making your Gargs all hide in Gravestones! Then on turn 5 you can play a Wannabe Hero to make your opponent immediately concede!
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  • Hi, is there any issue with the Marketplace?

    I'm saying this because I commented two days ago I wanted a Badge and I haven't gotten an answer. Maybe I've just been impatient, but I don't know.

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  • Is there any template that works as/makes a timer? And if there is, can you explain me how to use it?

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  • When is the MintBadge getting released?

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