Vergel Nikolai

aka The Nerf Guy

  • I am from Cebu, Philippines
  • I was born on September 1
  • I am Male
A Rouge Zombie
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  • Howdy. Remember me? DavetheFave11? Anyways, i'm just come here to ask...can I help with PvZ Apocalyptic Arena?

    (though I don't think you're active anymore though, unfortunately)

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  • Oi. Vergel. I've heard you've calmed down, and...well, maybe we could have a little chat. On Discord.

    Of course, if you don't want to, I completely don't understand.

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    • A Rouge Zombie
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  • Can you please add:

    A Chomper Hero and a

    MC Zom-B Hero (if you're comfortable with it)

    Thanks from


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  • Yes, I saw that.

    How about this. If the people there decide not to kick me, can I do my actions from here?


    PS. Spore blast on the only enemy.

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    • OK, TheO. I have decided. Since Hal has joined, Fairy said this is cheating, Jel-LOL said this is much if a hassle, and everyone want to archive you, and for the fact that this is the Plants vs Zombies Character Creator wiki (which has nothing to do with our RPG (or character creation)), I will just do what is right. To archive your character until you come back (with a free space in hand). 

      OK, that was a long explanation. But let me deduct each of them.

      1. I talked to Fairy before you ever sent the "tell everyone" post. Indeed, it's cheating. For bot controls are only for players who promised to come back within a week. And our rule is "Once gone for a month, you're out!", so your not control request will be invalid.

      2. Jel-LOL left a message in the thread. He said it will he frustrating for me. Not just I will be opening 2 tabs, but 5, in my phone! It will be too laggy and judging by my phone, it only has 2 hour battery life due to it being 3 years old and tablets are a bit restricted during class days. And you do know that I am keeping track on my 2nd RPG (Timewarped Skirmish) and Larry's RP, as well as that talk page of me and N00bslayer about our MOBA coalition. So having this will only waste both time and space of my browser.

      3. DDP just said that he'll be absent for 2 months too. And I remembered that both of you had the quest from Freya, which will happen anytime soon. Since both of you were out, you can tell me who should I give the mission to for both your absence. I'll give DDP his 2 months excuse. If he doesn't come back within 3 months, I'll kick him out for you to enter. But if your behavior goes worse, I'll kick AND ban you instead.

      4. And lastly, this is the PvZCC wiki. My wall is for the purpose of collaborating with other people who might want to help me out in my projects and vice versa. So this thread is really irrelevant other than the purpose of sending an urgent distress call.

      So there you have it. Don't hate me for saying this (I know you get easily triggered), but this is for the purpose of keeping the thread active, safe, friendly, and fair. I am to continue the footsteps of Murabito and lamarepeater in making this game live on, for the series has been in some major pauses and handled by 4 users (I'm the fourth). So what's in the thread, stays in the thread. What's in the PvZ wiki, must be in the PvZ wiki. No bridges. No ports. No crossroads from other sites. This is Vergel Nikolai. See you at the great beyond...

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    • 1, 2, and 4: I see. Mag goes unconscious and mysteriously appears with the group again in 2 months real time (or more) :(

      3: Give it to Kalos. Mag would want that. And, also, How can my behavior get worse while I'm blocked?

      Last paragraph: See you later... Sad you couldn't take me. I feel like that's it; I'm finished with this RPG. I don't know why.

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    • A Rouge Zombie
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  • Hello Vergel,

    I saw your PvZ Apocalyptic Arena project and instantly liked it. I don't play MOBAs in general, but I'd like to ask if you want to make a game with me.

    I thought of a Hero-Shooter (like Overwatch), like CoD, but you can only play as selected heroes. I already thought of about 25 heroes and some maps. Please write back if you're intesested, ok?

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    • Your Ernie is a great idea!

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    • Hello Schlauer. It's me, Vergel. It's been a long time that we have spoken to each other. I got some new hero ideas for your game. Also, since this is a coalition, you can also suggest heroes for my game (Plants vs Zombies: Apocalyptic Arena). I just made pages for some of them and I am free to make more, especially ideas from others. So feel free to suggest.

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    • A Rouge Zombie
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  • Hi, welcome to Plants vs Zombies Character Creator Wiki, or PvZCC for short! Thanks for your edit to the Plants vs Zombies: Apocalyptic Arena page.

    Make sure you read the wiki rules to make sure you comply with our rules and don't violate them.

    Here are some tips that can help you when you are creating a page:

    When creating a page, make sure that your creation is original. To help you with that, check this page.
    Also, make sure that your page follows the correct layout. To help you with that, please check this page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything! Have a nice experience here on PvZCC! :)

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    • A Rouge Zombie
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