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  • Greetings, fellow PvZCCers !

    As you probably know, since PvZ2, history has become a major component of the games, with various epochs and major events being used as context for the coolest, and sometimes the worst ideas.

    To help fight blandness in historical worlds, i've decided to open this thread, for anyone that needs help.
    I can fact-check stuff, gives you cool periods to work with, zombie ideas, and in general give a hand on everything related to history. If you need my help, just tell me ; it's entirely free !

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  • Cycladic Islands

    This world takes place around -2800 BCE, during the Cycladic period of Greece's history, where seafaring peoples settled on the small aegean islands and lead to the rise of a new civilization.

    The lawn is quite normal, and is located in a small coastal village, with a mediterra nean ambiance as well as a few houses around made out of stone and bearing a roof made out of sticks ; one the zombie side is a what appears to be a slope going towards the sea, while the player's side shows an early palace-like house, with a few jugs and vases as well as bronze weapons in front of it.

    This world has a only one gimmick, and one ambush :

    • Idols are mysterious statues, that will be set on certain tiles of the lawn before the level starts. They have a very high amount of HP, cannot be planted on or moved by any means and provides cover for zombies behind, especially when they are numerous.
    • Surprise ceremony ! summons Flute Players and Cycladic Zombies from all Idols past the 2nd lane

    The Brain Buster of this world is called Turnip the Beat ; it is a Special Delivery level, where Idols are scarce but almost only Harp Players and Flute Players spawn. The only plants delivered are Phat Beet, Aulophrys and Cerattleia


    • Cycladic Trio

    Basic variants. They all wear a loincloth and a baldric, but the Conehead variant has a cone-shaped hat and the Buckethead variant has a terracotta jug

    • Frying Pan Zombie

    This zombie carries a "frying pan", filled with burning oil. He walks faster than regular zombies, and when he reaches a plant, pours a bit of oil on it, scorching the tile. Extinguished by ice plants.

    • Statue Carver

    She carries a big statue on her back, that she drops on her tile at her death, killing any plants on it instantly. She also is immune to knockback and is tougher than regular zombies

    • Harp Player

    This zombie walks down the lane at a fast pace, and will cause zombies to spawn behind him on neighboring lanes

    • Flute Player

    Summoned by a Harp Player, he follows the lead at the same pace, instead of being as slow as a normal zombie

    • Cycladic Gargantuar

    This carries a large statue to crush plants, and instead of an Imp will throw a similar idol to crush plants once he reaches half of his health

    • Goblet Zombie

    This zombie installs himself at the very back of the lane, on a chair, and with a drinking goblet on his right hand. Every 15 seconds, he will send a goblet to a random zombie on the board, always being more advanced than the 4th zombie on the lane, which gives him a 10% damage resistance and a 17.5% speed boost

    • Zombot Seafaring Galley

    This large Zombot sits at the back of the lawn, showing only his flanks, and takes 2 entire lanes, plus one lane in front of it where a pile of idols sits and protects it, altough they have a low amount of health. During the bossfight, no idols will naturally spawn.
    The boss has multiple attacks :

    • Target a random plant and send a rocket on it, destroying the tile and leaving an idol on there.

    • Send a jug to a random zombie, giving it a 20% speed and damage resistance boost.

    • Send a barrage of obsidian arrows down a lane, clearing it of plants, idols and zombies

    • Use the oarmen on its back to push forward one of the idol piles and dropping another pile on the now empty tile.

    PLANTS :

    • Comfresh (200 Suns)

    Lobs chilling buds on 3 lanes, dealing very low damage but chilling its target

    • Cedart (325 Suns)

    Sprays small darts in a 75° degrees cone forward, which can pierce through one zombie

    • Bronze Bolet (25 Suns)

    Instant-use : deals no damage but cover a zombie in bronze, heavily slowing him down (can stack up with other effects)

    • Santorini Fava (250 Suns)

    Charges up for 10 seconds, and then explodes violently, dealing huge damage in a 4x4 area and covering it in ashes that make it unplantable for 15 seconds

    • Wallflower (125 Suns)

    The wallflower lobs weak seeds at incoming zombies but can be planted on idols and various obstacles

    • Aulophrys (275 Suns)

    Sends damaging shockwaves that deal less damage but earn a larger impact zone as they travel through the lawn

    • Cerattleia (125 Suns)

    The Cerattleia is an instant-use plant that hops down the lane when used, dealing medium area damage and stunning every zombies it encounters

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    • A Rouge Zombie
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  • Name : Age of Alpinisim 
    This world takes place in the early 1860's, in an actual period of history (look it up) known as the Golden Age of alpinism, where the art of climbing mountains became more and more known and respected.

    The lawn here is quite peculiar ; it is a big, snowy slope, with the player's house (a large tent, with a campfire near it) on top, and the zombie's side (a large rift, with the remains of a small camp along random pieces of equipment) at the bottom. The lawn is a classic mountain, with a bit of inoffensive snow and a few rocks, while the background shows a big chain of mountains.

    The gimmicks are simple :

    • Boulders will sit on random tiles, preventing planting and acting as obstacles. Zombies will take a few seconds to get on top and carry on, but in general won't be affected, while your plants will have to destroy them in order to get rid of it. What makes boulders somewhat interesting is that if they suddenly take a lot of damage, they will fall down the lane, dealing one instant-kill worth of damage to anything they touch.
    • Blizzard works like an ambush, and will cover the screen for a few seconds before revealing new zombies that spawned halfway through the lawn
    • the Slopped Lawn prevents straight shots, fumes and similar projectiles from reaching their target. Only a few plants such as catapults, electric reeds, bowling bulbs, etc... are able to shoot normally. Due to the peculiar typology of the lawn, there is also no lawnmowers, making AA quite hard when compared to other worlds.

    New Zombies :

    • Tied Zombies

    Always in groups of 3, these zombies are tied to each other by a rope, and can sometimes be in different lanes ; as long as the front one is still walking forward, they will ignore plants, and can stop eating them in order to keep up the pace

    • Alpenstock Zombie

    This guy uses a large walking staff, that allows him to go faster than other zombies on the snow. Not much to say here

    • Supply Zombie

    This zombie carries a box of supplies on his back, that will make any zombie behind him and on the lanes next door get slightly faster, in order to catch up with him. At his death, unlike other zombies who just roll down the slope, he will leave his crate there, as an item that the next zombie can pick up, in order to assume the same role. If it is not picked up, it will start getting covered by snow, and after around 40 seconds will disappear

    • Boulder Zombie

    This lad is a bit more buff than other zombies, and pushes forward an enormous boulder, which crush plants on its way and absorb damage. If he gets killed before his boulder, he will leave it there as an obstacle.

    • Sling Zombie

    This zombie carries a bunch of rope, that he will swing above his head for a few seconds before throwing it towards the nearest objects ; if it is a plant, he will slowly drag it towards him, and if it is a rock, he will place a rope between it and his spot, which allows zombies to travel faster until the boulder is removed

    New plants :

    • Daisy Chain (75 Suns, Sluggish)

    Based on the eponymous tool, the Daisy Chain can be used on a plant to secure it, allowing it to not get dragged by Sling Zombies

    • Edelweiss (100 Suns, Sluggish recharge)

    The Edelweiss clears a 3x3 area around her during blizzards, allowing her to prevent the spawning of new zombies, and freezes zombies that swallow her

    • King-of-the-Alps (225 Suns, Fast recharge)

    This plant rolls down the lane frozen snowballs, which chill zombies and deal more damage as it travels through the lawn

    • Rock-Jasmine (175 Suns, Slow recharge)

    This defensive plant mostly just sits there, and cannot be moved by any means. It has a high health, and its most interesting particularity activates upon her death, where she will roll down the lane/slope, dealing high damage to anything she encounters

    Here it is, tell me if you want to use it

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    • A Rouge Zombie
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  • It's called the "Vendel Age", based on the eponymous period from the history of Sweden, right before the Vikings.

    The lawn is quite simple : a snowy plain, with a few dirt roads outside of the lawn, a large longhouse as the player's house and a tombstones as well as a strange mound on the player' side ; shields, broken spears and axes are scattered around, while the background shows a large snowy plain with a few trees and longhouses.

    The gimmicks here are quite peculiar ; the terrain has weird piles of snow, called Snow Piles, which cannot be planted on and slow down zombies that try to pass through. These can be thawed up to place plants on the tile under them, but at the beginning of each wave the previously covered tiles will be snow again, which is thankfully harmless for the plants unless they are low-growing like spikeweeds.

    Zombies will function in a peculiar way : when they enter the lawn, instead of going right through the snow piles, they can switch lanes to enter a normal tile, and will even walk vertically if needed to follow the trail instead of walking through the snow.
    The second gimmick is Wooden Paths, which will be ALWAYS be followed by zombies, even if it means they will take more time than if they ran through the snow piles or the normal tiles. These cannot be covered by snow and plants cannot be normally planted on it

    Zombies are quite peculiar ; there's the basic trio, of course, but with a roster of new fellas that play with the new pathways :

    • Helmet Zombie

    Not much to say, just a knight zombie clone

    • Warrior Zombie

    He is equipped with a shield that has a quite high toughness, and a sword that can be used to hack plants at close range ; he is however exposed when he attacks, and certain attacks can ignore his shields (fumes don't work but lasers and lobbed shots do)

    • Drinking Horn Zombie

    This zombie is equipped with a drinking horn, that he will drink from every 2 tiles to heal himself by 30% and get a slight speed boost of 10%, which can accumulate to reach 40%

    • Vendel Rider

    This zombie is constantly seen riding on a horse's back, which makes him walk slightly faster than normal zombies and also allows him to ignore the negative effects of Snow Piles ; he will completely ignore the pathways too. Once the horse is vanquished (protected toughness), the rider will jump off its body and the continue like a normal zombie. Catapults will automatically aim for the rider instead of the horse, and if they vanquish him first, both the horse and the rider will die

    • Javelin Zombie

    This guy carries a heavy javelin, that he will throw at the first plant he encounters. However, to do so, he must reach the first tile of the lawn, and it takes him a bit of time to start throwing it. Afterwards, he will act like a normal zombie. The javelin itself instantly kills plant, and will stay on the tile to act as a weak obstacle ; if the javelin zombie reaches it, he can pick it up and throw it again

    • Tafl Zombie

    This guy carries a big tafl board (a popular norse boardgame), that over time will accumulate snow on it. As the snow accumulates, the board game (which serves as as shield) will get stronger and stronger, making it harder to break it. If the zombie reaches a plant, he will normally eat it, but if there if enough snow on the board, he will simply bury the plant under it, creating a Snow Pile and resetting the board game's HP.

    Concerning plants, there's only this one :

    • Backberry

    Stolen from PvZ3, this plant costs 150 suns, and shoots blackberries that will aim for the furthest zombie in the row, dealing a bit more damage than a pea
      Else i got nothing, apart from potential plants which would be based on stuff such as weath, barsleys, flax, vetches, oat, rye, corn spurrey and gold-of-pleasure (rye, flax, oat and barley being the most important ones).

    Welp, that's all. If you want to use it, tell me, and it's all yours

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  • a Dinky Pack Gift from me?

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  • Claim a free Valenbadge!

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  • Wizard Badge, Fortune Charm

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  • Heya, peasants !

    The Timeless Discord Server just opened !

    Click on this link to join now !

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  • Claim a free Sunflower Badge!

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  • Super Timeless Zombie Fighting Tournament !

    This project is a very shitty idea, where teams of players have to dict a fictional zombie his moves in order to takedown another. Everyone has first to choose a team, between the two that are gonna fight ; for the sake of simplicity, let's say here that Basic Zombie A and Basic Zombie B are fighting. Players from the team A have to order to do a certain move, with of course a few exceptions : moves must be short enough, spanning only a second, and be logical (for example, a zombie cannot jump 3 meter in the hair or break the other's skull with his little pinkie). Then, the other team has to reply accordingly, by parrying, blocking, taking the attack or simply moving. If a zombie takes a hit, his HP will diminish. Every zombies have a certain amount of HP and attack power, which is made to be balanced between all of them so none should be stronger. Zombies also have a speed value, which determines their speed and swiftness. For example, a Carpenter Zombie has a speed value of 3, while a Rotten Raider has a speed value of 3.5. If a player happens to do an action which is impossible, any member can ask for it to be changed. This can happen however only if the action was at least 3 comments ago

    Let's present our fighters !

    To bring a bit of good diversity, each fighter is coming from a different era. They are :

    • Carpenter Zombie (Ancient Egypt), with 200 HP and a speed value of 3. He carries an old copper saw as a weapon, and has wooden planks on his right arm as shield-like ornament (/)

    • Fallen Knight (Dark Ages), with 200 HP too and a speed value of 2 but also a chainmail armor that protects from soft hits. He doesn't wield any shields but however has a knightsword (Sani/Dave)

    • Atgeir Carrier (Viking), with 200 HP and a speed value of 1.6, along no protection. He has a large atgeir (polearm), but else carries nothing. (/)

    • Rotten Raider (Pirate), which has 400 HP, a speed value of 3.5 but no protections or weapons. He however has large claw-like fingers, and his quadrupedal gait gives him more mobility (/)

    These currently are the only 4 fighters, but more might be added in later editions.

    How do i register for this more-than-horrendous event !?

    That's simple !
    Simply register for a team in the comments by replying with the zombie's name. To participate, players have to tell the zombie's next move to others. If validated, it will be considered as done and the enemy team will do its next move. It is important to notice that every once in a while, the arbiter (my dumb ass) won't be able to monitor the fight, and thus it will be stopped momentaneously until he gets back. The arbiter (me, again) will decide of the damage done, if the move was possible or not and can answer questions regarding the zombies as well as details on their morphology.
    This "game" will function like a tournament, and will provide minor rewards to players that manage to win

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