Merry Mountain is the first event world in Plants vs. Zombies Odyssey. It takes place on the Merry Mountain town, a festive town located next to a giant, snowy mountain.

There are a total of 4 new plants to be found, and 4 new zombies to encounter.

Order of events

After the player taps the Present icon on the world map, there are introduced to Bing, an elf that lives in a small spruce building near the town of Feastiville. He allows the members of the RV (Crazy Dave, Sapling of Wisdom, Merchant Zombie, the Travel Log and the player) into his home. Bing tells the gang that zombies are invading his home, and Crazy Dave asks the player to set up a defense to beat the zombies near the Merry Mountain, a giant mountain near Feastiville.

After beating Day 4, the player unlocks the Merry Mountain stall, allowing the player to gain a new powerup, Snow Powder, that covers the first zombie that enters with permanently slowing snow.

New plants

  • GiftwhitesOdyssey.png Giftwhites - Giftwhites, when they bloom, produce a wave of gift wrap-like projectiles, but they have a 25% chance of failing and becoming defective.
  • Wreath CoverOdyssey.png Wreath Cover - Wreath Covers spread some cheer around the plants nearby, giving them a slight cut on recharge time. They can be planted over other plants.
  • Winter MelonOdyssey.png Winter Melon - Winter Melons do heavy damage and chill groups of zombies, and do knockback to flying ones.
  • Norfall PineOdyssey.png Norfall Pine - Norfall Pines grow overtime, increasing their toughness, when at low health, they will fall, dealing massive damage depending on how tall it is.

New zombies

  • Christmas CelebratorOdyssey.png Christmas Celebrator - Christmas Celebrators mark the arrival of a huge festive "wave" of zombies and throw candy canes that speed up zombies near the candy canes.
  • Present ImpOdyssey.png Present Imp - Present Imps wander into the lawn and when their outer shell is destroyed, will reveal their explosive presents, dealing heavy damage in a 3x3 area.
  • GargiftuarOdyssey.png Gargiftuar - Gargiftuars wander onto the lawn and crush plants with their gift sacks. Present Imps will drop from said sacks whenever a plant is destroyed.
  • TobogganZombieOdyssey.png Toboggan Zombie - Toboggan Zombie push a toboggan that collects lobbed-shot projectiles. They then throw your own projectiles back at you.



Being an optional world, these levels are moderately difficult, some of which are a bit challenging.

  • Easiest level: Merry Mountain - Auroral Alps
  • Hardest level: Merry Mountain - Gargiftuar's Barge

Actual Levels

Day Plants Zombies Flags Notes Prize*
Chosen Pre-planted
1 - Auroral Alps Choice with GiftwhitesOdyssey.png Basic ZombieOdyssey.pngFlag ZombieOdyssey.pngConehead ZombieOdyssey.pngImpOdyssey.pngNewspaper ZombieOdyssey.png24px24pxIce SkaterOdyssey.png 1 GiftwhitesOdyssey.png
2 - Christmas Celebration Choice Basic ZombieOdyssey.pngConehead ZombieOdyssey.pngImpOdyssey.pngPole VaulterOdyssey.pngGargantuarOdyssey.pngIce SkaterOdyssey.pngChristmas CelebratorOdyssey.png 2 Last Stand level (2250 sun) Money Bag.png
3 - Kissing under Mistletoe Choice with Wreath CoverOdyssey.png 1 PeashooterOdyssey.png, 1 Wreath CoverOdyssey.png Basic ZombieOdyssey.pngConehead ZombieOdyssey.pngBuckethead ZombieOdyssey.pngImpOdyssey.pngPole VaulterOdyssey.pngNewspaper ZombieOdyssey.pngIce SkaterOdyssey.pngChristmas CelebratorOdyssey.png 2 Objective: Defeat 5 zombies in 5 seconds. Wreath CoverOdyssey.png
4 - Boxing Day Choice Basic ZombieOdyssey.pngConehead ZombieOdyssey.pngBuckethead ZombieOdyssey.pngImpOdyssey.pngNewspaper ZombieOdyssey.pngIce SkaterOdyssey.png24pxChristmas CelebratorOdyssey.pngPresent ImpOdyssey.png 3 Merry Mountain's Market Stall
5 - Gargiftuar's Barge PeashooterOdyssey.pngWall-nutOdyssey.pngPotato MineOdyssey.pngSnow PeaOdyssey.pngCherry BombOdyssey.png Basic ZombieOdyssey.pngConehead ZombieOdyssey.pngBuckethead ZombieOdyssey.pngImpOdyssey.pngNewspaper ZombieOdyssey.pngGargantuarOdyssey.pngIce SkaterOdyssey.pngChristmas CelebratorOdyssey.pngPresent ImpOdyssey.pngGargiftuarOdyssey.png 3 Special Delivery level Winter MelonOdyssey.png
6 - Bashing Presents PeashooterOdyssey.pngPotato MineOdyssey.pngTall-nutOdyssey.pngGranny SmithOdyssey.pngWinter MelonOdyssey.png Basic ZombieOdyssey.pngConehead ZombieOdyssey.pngBuckethead ZombieOdyssey.pngImpOdyssey.pngPole VaulterOdyssey.pngGargantuarOdyssey.png N/A Vasebreaker level Money Bag.png
7 - Santa's Sleigh Choice with Norfall PineOdyssey.png Basic ZombieOdyssey.pngConehead ZombieOdyssey.pngBuckethead ZombieOdyssey.pngPole VaulterOdyssey.pngIce SkaterOdyssey.pngChristmas CelebratorOdyssey.pngPresent ImpOdyssey.pngGargiftuarOdyssey.pngTobogganZombieOdyssey.png 2 Money Bag.png
8 - Descent Snow PeaOdyssey.pngTall-nutOdyssey.pngGiftwhitesOdyssey.pngWinter MelonOdyssey.pngNorfall PineOdyssey.png Basic ZombieOdyssey.pngConehead ZombieOdyssey.pngBuckethead ZombieOdyssey.pngImpOdyssey.pngGargantuarOdyssey.pngIce SkaterOdyssey.pngPresent ImpOdyssey.pngGargiftuarOdyssey.pngTobogganZombieOdyssey.png N/A Boss Battle level, Special Delivery level Norfall PineOdyssey.png

Brain Busters and Minigames

Brain Busters

Special Delivery

Special Delivery is a conveyor-belt level. During this level, the player is forced to used all the plants that are in the conveyor-belt to pass the level. Unlike its previous levels, this one is a special (lined) level.

Last Stand

The player must survive a flag in order to accomplish the level. In this Brain Buster, the player is given an extreme amount of sun to make use of, as there is no falling suns to replenish sun for plant production to aid the player from a victory. All the sun-producing plants are not allowed in this Brain Buster, but other than these five, there are other plants as well that are not allowed. Followed by that, the player will deal then with an extreme number of zombies charging at their lawn.

Boss Battle

The Abominable Zombot is Merry Mountain's boss in the boss level in Merry Mountain. It can summon any Merry Mountain zombie except for the Christmas Celebrator, as well as Imps, Gargantuars, and the Basic Zombie trio. It also slows down every plant on the board at certain points. Finally, it has a missile attack which kills any plant in the tile it targets and summons a Present Imp on that tile. The player is given plants through a conveyor-belt.


Merry Mountain does not unlock any minigames in the Arcade Palace upon beating the world.

Related achievements





  • Ice Skaters can have a speed boost on Merry Mountain tiles specifically.
    • This is because the tiles have snow on them, which is closely related to ice.
  • The level Gargiftuar's Barge features plants that are unlocked in the Day area of the original Plants vs. Zombies.
  • This world was originally going to be 10 levels long, but this was scrapped.
    • Other Merry Mountain concepts were that originally there was a hot chocolate-themed plant, and a defensive plant called Nutcracker.
  • Auroral Alps is a reference to a Plants vs. Zombies Quest scrapped world.
  • Bing the Elf is a reference to the movie The Great Santa Claus Switch, a 1970 comedy Christmas film.
  • The town of Feastiville is a reference to Whoville, the town in which the popular children's book How the Grinch stole Christmas is set in.
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