Meany Doom

Meany is a mini version of a Chomper. They cost 50 sun and could eat a zombie whole. Its recharge time is twice as slow as a chomper but saves money.

Created by CattailsWelove

Almanac Entry

"Meany want cake now! Meany want CAKE!!!" Said meany. " What the heck!? " Said Peashooter. " Meany say Meany want Cake! Now Meany want PIE!!! No looking Low on Meany!!! Give PIE NOW!!!!"


  • Saves money
  • Kills more zombies at a time


  • Weaker than a chomper
  • Takes 80 seconds to swallow zombies
  • Takes more space
Type Plant
Upgrade No Upgrade
Cost 50 sun
Health 3 normal bites
Killing Rate 80 seconds
Recharge Extremely Long