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Welcome to the Plants vs. Zombies Character Creator Wiki!


Plants vs. Zombies Character Creator (referred to as PvZCC) is a fanon wiki where you can share your fan-made plants, zombies, and games for the Plants vs. Zombies franchise!

Welcome to PvZCC! We first sprouted back on April 11, 2011 and have been growing strong with a plantastic 9,753 ideas and an unbeleafable 987,828 contributions have been made. Keep up the good work!


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  • See here for the credits to the original designs of plants and zombies featured in the wiki background.

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Featured Article

Turkury is a plant that can be obtained in Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time, obtained by finishing a level using only Thanksgiving themed plants during the Food Fight event. Turkury explodes in a 3x3, sending off small turkey berries that target areas where zombies are most prominent, causing them to explode, intoxicating all zombies in that area with mercury. Zombies that have been poisoned by the mercury take extra damage from all sources when they cluster together. Turkury's mercury also has the ability to spread between zombies that clump together.


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