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Welcome to PvZCC, which started on April 11, 2011. Plants vs. Zombies Character Creator is a fanon wiki where you can showcase your fan-made plants, zombies, games, features, etc.

We now have a whopping 13,660 ideas in our wiki and 786,950 contributions have been made. Keep up the good work!


The Rules

  • Please be nice to our fellow PvZCCers.
  • Please don't use swears as insults. If they are used normally, we ask for them to not be used in "mainspace", or on pages.
  • Don't steal other people's stuff without permission.
  • Don't spam, vandalize or be annoying in general.
  • Don't upload explicit images.
  • For a full list of the rules, see here.

Important Pages

  • Image Resources - Here you can find plant or zombie images to use for your games or levels.
  • Page of Resources (Templates) - Here you can find assets and templates to use for your creations.
  • Example Pages - Here you can see examples to follow while building your pages.
  • Basics of PvZCC (WIP) - Here you will find tutorials about publishing and balancing your ideas at the wiki.
  • Archive (WIP): An Archive for old, more notable articles made when the rules of page creating were way more flexible. Kept only for "historic" purposes.


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Wiki Activity


  • The website has been updated to have a custom cursor, with its own little flower.
  • The wiki has been purged of some weak assets!


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Plants vs. Zombies: The Last Reminiscence is a spin-off of Plants vs. Zombies. Unlike the previous two games, Last Reminiscence follows a storyline. Each world is also surreal and dreamy, unlike the other two games' somewhat realistic settings.


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