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(If you can draw Machine Gun Zombie,

Machine Gun Zombie
Pic Needed
Health: Big
Toughness: Medium
Damage: Normal
Speed: Slow
Special: It's extremely powerful, but slow.
Created by: Shy

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Picture needed.

Machine Gun Zombie is a high powered zombie with a machine gun and he is a relly hard guy.

Almanac Entry

Machine Gun Zombie

Machine Gun Zombie is powerful guy. He loves to shoot, destroy, and smash. He is hard-to-eat, but moves in slow-mo.

Toughness: Large

Special: It loves shooting and wielding his machine gun. But he is hard-to-beat.

Machine Gun Zombie hates Peashooters. He only smashes them with his machine gun.


To defeat this guy, you need to knock his Machine Gun down. To do it, you must touch him 3 times.


This was originally called Spotlight Zombie, but, Shy and Dry Guy had a better idea for its name.