Lightsaber Zombie
Lightsaber Zombie
Created by Guppie the Third
Type: Zombies
Toughness: Low (10 shots)
Speed: Normal
Cost (VS. Mode): 110 brains
Special: Slices the first plant it meets into two.

Lightsaber Zombie cuts the first plant it meets into half, basically killing it.


Absorbs 8 normal damage shots. Appearance changes upon absorption of 3 normal damage shots before dying at 8 normal damage shots.

Almanac Entry

Lightsaber Zombie

Lightsaber Zombies slices the plant it first meets into half. Killing it in the process

Toughness: Very Low

Special: "Has a weapon that can slice plant

Dr. Zomboss was a big fan of Intergalactic Warfare, a movie franchise that took place in outer space. He was really into it, so he developed a weapon that resembled the weapon used by the characters of the movie. He gave it to a regular zombie, thus giving birth to the Lightsaber Zombie.


A good strategy for this zombie is to use catapult plants with high damage to kill it before it even reaches the first line of defense. If catapult plants with high damage aren't available, you can use a freezing plant, or anything that can slow it down, so it can be killed before reaching a plant. You can also use a lot of peashooting plants if both aren't available.