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Impactus is an upgrade plant that appears in Plants vs. Zombies. It is the upgrade of Cactus and can obtained by defeating 100 zombies with its downgrade. It is the 50th plant in the Suburban Almanac.


Impactus is the upgrade of Cactus, and therefore must be planted on it. It fires thorns, like it's downgrade, but does more damage (3nds or 60dps) and can pierce through 4 zombies. If a projectile reaches its pierce limit, it will split into 2 more projectiles that travel up and down, and deal slightly less damage and pierce less than the original projectile, more precisely: 2nds (or 40dps) and can pierce through 2 zombies, but don't split further.

Unlike it's downgrade, its projectiles can be ignited via Torchwood, and can be chilled if it passes through an ice-based plants (e.g. Snow Pea, Winter Melon, and sleeping Ice-shroom). The burning projectile gets a bigger damage increase than pea projectiles, but lose the multiplier the more it pierces (3x -> 2.5x -> 2x -> 1.5x). This is the same for its projectiles begin chilled, whereas it's slow effect is weakened (-50% speed -> -40% -> 35% -> 30%).


Impactus's name is a portmanteau of "impact", which is the act of colliding with something, and "cactus", referring to its downgrade.

The plant has nothing to do with colliding, it's just there to make it sound cool.

Almanac Entry

Impactuses fire hyperspeed thorns that can pierce zombies and split into more projectiles when it hits the last zombie it can pierce
Damage: moderate (normal projectile), moderate (split projectile)

Range: straight
Special: projectiles can pierce up to 4 zombies and split when they cannot pierce anymore
Special: projectiles can be ignited or chilled when they pass through certain plants

Must be planted on Cactus

Impactus has some really rad glasses. She's gotten the respect of her plant pals. So far she has 27 cool kid points.
Cost: 375 Recharge: Fast


Impactus is a very powerful plant, due to its pierce ability and synergy with plants. At maximum, Impactus can hurt 8 zombies at once, which is already impressive. This plant can substitute Gatling Pea in Torchwood strategies due to its ability to hit multiple zombies at once, which is something Gatling Pea lacks. However, Impactus's DPS is some players will consider before switching. Gatling Pea favors raw DPS, while Impactus favors multi-target attacks.

On the cold side of synergy, Impactus pairs better with Snow Pea than Winter Melon, as the latter already has a multi-hit effect and is harder to place in all rows quickly.

This plant's major weakness is getting set up, as it's downgrade, Cactus, is incredibly weak on its own and needs support from other plants.

Related Achievements

Book Learner.png
Book Learner
Fill out the Suburban Almanac.
Collect all 50 plants, including plants from Crazy Dave's shop.
The Complete Zombie2.png
The Complete Zombie
You've won every trophy, climbed every mountain, defeated every zombie, planted every plant. Congratulations!
Cactical Formation.png
Cactical Formation
Plant a column of Impactuses with Torchwoods right in front of all of them in Survival: Endless.



  • Her flavor text refers to "cool kid points", which are the currency in the Surreal Memes Multiverse.
    • Her 27 cool kid points refers to Cactus being the 27th unlockable plant in the story mode of Plants vs. Zombies.
  • Her glasses appear to be similar, if not the same, as the ones from Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
  • The name "Cactical Formation", is a portmanteau of "cactus" and "tactical formation", which is an arrangement of moving military forces.
    • That said, plants in Plants vs. Zombies can't really move, so the arrangement part is the only part of it that applies.
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