Plants vs. Zombies Character Creator Wiki

Hover Board Zombie

Hover Board Zombies hop over the first 2 plants it sees. They are extremely ANNOYING.

A HoverBoard Zombie


HP: 20


Special: Hops over the first 2 plants it sees
Almanac Entry: He found this Hover Board in Dr.Zomboss's childhood storage.


These Hover Board Vombies are also able to hover on pool levels,and are able to avoid any Tangle Kelp,Spikerock,Spikeweed and Potato Mine as they are hovering on the board. Magnet Shrooms have no affect on the board. The use of Lily Pads will not trigger their jump nor Puff-shrooms or Sun-shrooms or Flower Pots. This Zombie requires some trickery to beat. First, plant something that is non ground or small. Sunflowers, for example are good for wasting their jump. If you can, Plant some Tall-Nuts to block their jump.