Guiltree flings heavy damaging leaves to the enemy, but when it kills them, Guiltree explodes.


Guiltree is your regular attacking plant. It flings leaves in a slow-place, but a bit faster than the lobbed-shotters. But when it kills a zombie directly, Guiltree will explode in its place, dealing 10 damage in a 3x3 area.


To keep it on the lawn, the finishing blow must not be Guiltree's. It is recommended to pair it with fast-attacking plants suck as Spikeweed to lower the chance of Guiltree to die.

Almanac Entry


Guiltree flings heavy damaging leaves but explodes when it kills a zombie.

Damage: Heavy

Guiltree won't say sorry to the ones he hurt. Instead, he will give up his life.

Cost: 150

Recharge: Sluggish



  • Its name is a portmanteu between "guilty" and "tree"


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