Fishing Net Zombie is a zombie first found in a Pinata Party. He will throw a fishing net at the nearest plant anywhere on the lawn pulling it toward to him after he is done

with that he will toss the the captive plant onto another plant dealing medium damage.


what he looked like

He is based on the Fisherman Zombie from Plants vs. Zombies: Journey to the West who was removed entirely in version 30.04.

Almanac entry


Overall he absorbs 1250 dps and degrades at 625 dps.


  • Pinata Party
  • Epic Quest
  • Arena
  • Penny's Pursuit


He can be quite dangerous in certain conditions luckily hurrikale and blover can stun him for 10 seconds thanks to one of his weaknesses. Plants that are in the ground cant be pulled so theres upside.



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