Shoots short-ranged spores, but plants can be planted on it to sacrifice them and improve its strength.









Firing speed:

1 per second


Combines the power of sacrifices into a single plant

Almanac Joke:

Evil-shroom is the most evil plant you will ever find. Sure, he gets a kick out of slaying zombies, but you could also say that for plants. He does have a very ironic secret, though: his first name spelt backwards is "Live." Oh, how he loves his homeowner!

The Evil-shroom is a very powerful plant in Plants vs. Zombies: The Final Showdown, but also very difficult to use effectively. Basically, you can plant on top of the Evil-shroom to sacrifice that plant to it, granting it permanent buffs and/or additional attacks and abilities. Different categories of plants grant different buffs, with the categories being based on the unlockable buildings in this page.

There's also an Achievement named "True Evil", obtained by maxing out an Evil-shroom's strength. You simply need to give it enough sacrifices that it cannot be upgraded further, roughly costing 5050 sun, which is something that's usually only possible in Survival: Endless modes.

Almanac Joke by EMPeachy.

Picture by Foxtail Firepaw Flames.


Most of this info is covered in the Infobox.

Cost: 50 Sun.

Recharge: Slow.

Range (basic attack): Three spaces.

Attack Strength (basic attack): 1nds.

Special: Gains powers from other plants.

Introduced in: Randomly dropped by the Zombie Yeti.

Appearance: A mushroom with black stalk and dark grey cap, blood red eyes and mouth, and purple eyebrows, with an angry expression on its face. It also has a hole in the side of the stalk where it shoots spores (and most attacks, unless otherwise specified) from. Certain sacrifices change its appearance.

Plant Food

Shoots ten spores a second for three seconds, a total of 30. However, all sun spent on sacrifices increases the spore damage. Every 250 sun equals +1nds per spore, so the full power Evil-shroom does 21 damage per shot for a maximum of 630 damage. Pretty situational as by the time you can max it out, full-screen effects and stalling become more important than damaging a single target.


There are several different types of sacrifice which improve different things and add different attacks. In order to max out a certain kind of sacrifice, you must spend 1000 sun. Only five of the nine different categories can be sacrificed to a single Evil-shroom however, meaning there are numerous potential "max" Evil-shrooms. It will slightly change appearance for each category, and a special message will occur when it reaches five categories of sacrifices, and again when it is maxed out.

Pea Sacrifices

Every 200 sun equals one regular pea fired at a time, plus one. At max sacrifices, it does not gain another pea but instead all the shots will be set on fire, allowing it to function as a Pea Pod + Torchwood rolled into one. Torchwood is considered a peashooting sacrifice. Pea sacrifices give its mouth a slight green hue.

Pult Sacrifices

Every 200 sun equals one cabbage lobbed, plus one. Each shot targets a different zombie. At max sacrifices, the first cabbage turns into a melon instead of gaining a sixth cabbage, causing it to lob one melon and four cabbages, at the front five zombies. Pult sacrifices grant a catapult appendage to lob the projectiles from.

Flower Sacrifices

Produces sun at the standard interval, producing more sun at more sacrifices. See the table below:

Sun Spent Suns Produced Sun Earnt
1-124 1 Small 15
125-249 1 Standard 25
250-374 1 Standard + 1 Small 40
375-499 2 Standard 50
500-624 2 Standard + 1 Small 65
625-749 3 Standard 75
750-874 3 Standard + 1 Small 90
875-999 4 Standard 100
1000 5 Standard 125

Flower sacrifices surround its cap in Sunflower petals.

Nut Sacrifices

Every 100 sun boosts its health by 20ndb, plus 10ndb. This gives it a max health of 216ndb. At maxed sacrifices, it also gains a passive healing effect of 1ndb per second. Nut sacrifices grant it a helmet made out of a nut's shell.

Mushroom Sacrifices

For every 200 sun, it gains a Fume-shroom shot, plus one. At max sacrifices, instead of gaining a sixth shot, its five rapid-fire shots gain the stunning effect of Plume-shrooms, an upgrade of Gloom-shroom in this game. Mushroom sacrifices give its cap a slight purple hue.

Explosive Sacrifices

Sacrificing explosive plants grants it a 3x3 explosive attack similar to the Gloom-shroom's 3x3 fumes. This attacks every five seconds and does 1nds per 100 sun plus 1nds, maxing at 10nds. At max sacrifices, range increases to that of a Doom-shroom's explosion. Explosive sacrifices grant it a fuse sticking out of its head.

Melee Sacrifices

Sacrificing melee plants grants it a unique attack where it spawns small purple mushrooms that look similar to Squashes when zombies get close. These will squash zombies with a range of just over one space forwards or backwards, but only deal 1nds per 100 sun plus 1nds of damage, up to 10nds, and are spawned every two seconds meaning they have low damage per second compared to other attacks. At max sacrifices, gains a 1-in-10 chance to spawn an actual Squash for massive damage.

Melee sacrifices give it teeth, though these are just for show.

Powerful Sacrifices

Sacrificing Coconut Cannons, Cob Cannons, Citrons, Bamboo Shoots, or Banana Launchers will grant +10% damage per 200 sun (+10%) for all attacks, up to a maximum of 50% more damage. At max sacrifices, the basic short-ranged spore attack is boosted to 5 damage.

Other Sacrifices

Sacrificing other plants which fall into none of the other categories will boost its attack speed by 10% per 200 sun (+10%) for all attacks, up to a maximum of 50% more speed. At max sacrifices, the basic short-ranged spore attack is boosted to infinite range and shoots four times per second.


In regular levels, sacrificing peashooting plants can be a simple way to give you an extremely powerful plant, capable of firing off five fire peas a second. You could alternatively do something similar with either the mushroom, pult, or explosive sacrifices, depending on what would be most useful for the current level.

Most of the time the extreme cost of it means that it's not worth using. If you're in a long level (four or five flags), you could use Garlics to funnel zombies into rows with Evil-shrooms so you don't need to get as many, but getting the Evil-shrooms totally maxed out is still out of the question. They also don't help with the "Don't lose any plants" objective as sacrificing a plant to it counts as losing a plant.

In Survival: Endless modes, Evil-shrooms are remarkably useful. It's recommended to max them out with the following sacrifices:

  • Pea, as it can grant 10dps with crowd control alone.
  • Mushroom, as the AoE, damage, and stunning is invaluable.
  • Explosive or Melee, depending on positioning, for additional firepower. Explosive is usually better.
  • Powerful and Other sacrifices collectively boost the damage of all other sacrifices by 2.25x, and even make its basic spore attack useful for single, strong targets.
  • You can also consider having a sun-producing Evil-shroom or two, preventing the need for other sun producing plants.
    • If so, make sure to still get the "Other" category maxed out as it will increase sun production rate.
    • Replacing Explosive/Melee upgrades with Flower upgrades would likely be the best choice for sun production, as those upgrades have the least dps and utility overall.

With these sacrifices, your dps against a target being hit by the full force of peas, fumes, explosions, and the basic spore will be 83.25. That's enough to kill a Gargantuar in 2.16 seconds, likely before it can even throw its Imp.

Replacing explosions with melee grants better firepower in a short range, but less AoE potential, essentially dealing up to 90 damage per second to a single target. Don't worry about it being overpowered though, there are measures in place to ensure Survival: Endless remains difficult in the long-term, even after setting up these powerful plants.

A maxed-out Evil-shroom with all those powers can prove extremely effective at saving space and dealing insane damage, but getting a whole column of them is the tricky part, as each one costs slightly over 5k, totalling around 25,250 sun. For this you'll have to do it in the earlier levels, when it's possible to have lots of Power Flowers without worrying about zombies too much. Once the five Evil-shrooms are up and running, you can let up on the sun production a little bit and get in other heavy-hitting plants that you might not have yet, such as Cobs, Cocos and Bamboo Shoots.

One thing to note is that for all its power, none of its sacrifices allow it to attack flying zombies, so you must keep that in mind.



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