The Dungeon Dimension is the 14th dimension in the game, Plants vs. Zombies: Dimensional Travels. This takes place in a dungeon where there is no light but dim candles. Because of this, you will find NO sun dropping from the sky. However, you start off with a lot more sun, and killing zombies drops sun as well, depending on the type. Luckily, this dungeon is quite old and broken, so you will not need flower pots, since dirt has replaced much of the stone flooring.

Made By: DarkPwnage

Starting Sun: 200

New Plants

New Zombies


As said, there is no sun drop, meaning you cannot collect sun normally. Instead, you start off with more sun to use and must kill zombies for sun. Because of this, this makes you think more about what you should plant, as well as rendering sun producing plants completely useless, because they cannot get sun from the sealed dungeon.

Amount of Sun Gained From Zombies

  • Regular Zombie (50)
  • Flag Zombie (75)
  • Conehead Zombie (150)
  • Buckethead Zombie (250)


  • Because of the dim and dark nature of the dungeon, Mushrooms do not need a coffee bean to wake up.
  • This dungeon is the only dungeon with multiple ways of obtaining. Either through playing PvZ3 normally, buying it, or doing a hard joke achievement.
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