"A mix between coffee and chili"

Cofeno Bean is a plant that kills all zombies in the entire lane and wake up all mushrooms in the entire lane.
Cofeno Bean

A Cofeno Bean

It's helpful for waking up mushrooms and killing zombies. He can be planted in craters or on graves.
Cofeno Bean Explo


Created by Cofee BAM!

Cost 300 Sun
Damage Massive

Can be planted anywhere, wakes up all Mushrooms and kills zombies in the entire lane, kills every zombie in the lane including the shadow zombie.

Note: It may not kill a Gargantuar.

Recharge Very Slow
Almanac Entry

Coffee Bean and Jalapeno are Cofeno Bean's friends. "I just wanna wake up shrooms!" says Coffee Bean. "No! That's boring! I wanna explode in a lane!" says Jalapeno. After they argue, both of them tell Cofeno Bean to do it himself. Actually, he doesn't like doing this.


  • There is a similar plant in Plants vs Zombies 2 named Chili Bean.
Cofeno Bean Seed

Cofeno Bean Seed