Candy Mountain

An empty lawn.

This is a complete Candy World.

Created by: Garney the Garnet Dragon

Levels: 30

New Plants

New Zombies

  • Gummi Zombie
  • Gummi Conehead
  • Gummi Buckethead
  • Sweet Flag Zombie
  • Chocolate Flinger Zombie
  • Sugar Imp
  • Candy Corn Gargantuar
  • Decay Zombie
  • Jawbreaker Zombie
  • Zombot Cookie jar-o-tron 3000



  • Crazy Dave: Hey, neighbour! This land is toot-sweet, ain't it Penny?
    • Penny: Yes, User Dave. Agreed!
  • Crazy Dave: OMG! There are zombies here!? Well then, let's beat the dough outta them, shall we?

Level 15 (Gargantuar Level)

  • Crazy Dave: That Gargantuar is pretty sticky and swell!
    • Penny: Uh huh!
  • Zomboss: My dear fellows! I return again! Care for some candy? (evil laugh)
  • Crazy Dave: Huh, that Zomboss fella did give us candy.. (opens wraper)
    • Crazy Dave: AAAAAAA! This has worms in it!!

Level 30 (Zomboss Battle)

  • Zomboss: Oh, how sweet! You made it to my humble fortress! Now, now, you've been having SO MANY starters and so much main course! It's time for dessert! (evil laugh)