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80sonpurple 80sonpurple 7 days ago

new PVZ Rumble Stories edit policy

Hello editors of PVZ Rumble Stories. In case you don’t know, my new game PVZ Clubhouse Quest is now permanently deleted by the admins of this wiki. In an attempt to fix that, I’ll be moving minimum supported edit requirements for the page. You have to be manually approved(get permission from me) in order to make an edit. In short, you have to provide info about what the edit is(unless your a moderator, admin, or higher in which you can edit for free) and I will decide whether or not to allow the edit to take place. Keep in mind, I’m only doing this to make sure the wiki does not end up like PVZ Clubhouse Quest, and that those not given permission will not be able to edit. This change will take effect at approximately 2:00 PM on January 11…

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WiLdCaRd2048 WiLdCaRd2048 9 days ago

Boss Hunt Event - Backyard Big Top

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Daissmention Daissmention 15 days ago

Hapi newyear

Happy New Year!!! (...Have I been inactive for several months?

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Mr slav Mr slav 31 December 2021

my new years resolution

hello, im not dead yet. my new years resolution is to become more active on the pvz and pvzcc wikis. probably wont happen, but its always nice to make you resolutions.

well, thats it for now

-mr slav

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WiLdCaRd2048 WiLdCaRd2048 31 December 2021

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Bloomlands

PvZ Wildside! It's here! At long last, the game that most of you have probably seen popping up in the Recent Changes is actually coming out! With a caveat, of course. There's also a twist, a condition, a wrench in the gutter. The game's not finished. It's a fact, the truth is it's probably never going to be completely finished. But we're going to do our best to provide a Wildside experience that feels about as complete and interesting as we can. A part of that is letting you, the public, see our work! So rather than holding it back longer than we already have, we've figured that the best option is to release the game now and add onto it over time, through regular updates as you'd probably expect. But we're going to take a bit of a break a…

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AbsoluteGei AbsoluteGei 25 December 2021

Feastivus Contest 2021: Contest Results

Hey guys, I'm back.

It's only been a day since the contest ended, and I gotten the results.

To be honest, it was quicker this year since we only got like...

9 entries.

AAAAAAAAAAANYWAYS, here are the placements.

In first place, we have...


We have a 3-way tie?!

Well, then. Time to get a tiebreaker.

Aaaand the winner is:

Frostbite Creeper! Congrats Onehega!

Here are the following entries, in placement order:

  • 2nd place: Fruitcake Delivery and Crumblehead Man Zombie
  • 3rd place: Snowdrop (JDFRG1)
  • 4th place: Ice Cream Vendor Zombie and Winterflurry
  • 5th place: Winterberry (Cabbagepultpvz2)
  • 6th place: Ornament Seller Zombie
  • 7th place: Schlumbash

Congrats and thank you to everyone for participating. Hopefully we'll have a larger roster of contestants next year.

Rewards w…

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WiLdCaRd2048 WiLdCaRd2048 25 December 2021

free pin - coal pin :)

this pin right here, this could be yours!

comment the word "poo" to get it!

only available today!

for everyone!


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Creepes Creepes 25 December 2021

the second day of chrstmas

for the second day of chrstmas my sani gave to me

two shitty puns

one knuckle sandwich

and a partridge in a pear tree

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WiLdCaRd2048 WiLdCaRd2048 24 December 2021

ho ho ho

that is all.

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Creepes Creepes 24 December 2021

the first day of chrstmas

for the first day of chrstmas my sani gave to me

a knuckle sandwich

and a partridge in a pear tree

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Starling36Show Starling36Show 24 December 2021

PvZCC on Reddit

Hello to all the users of this wiki, I present the biggest news that I have created in the wiki community on Reddit, you can talk about ideas, people who can help with content, post ideas, etc. If you want to see it here is the link:

Plants vs. Zombies Character Creator on Reddit

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Starling36Show Starling36Show 10 December 2021

Shadow Plants Images

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AbsoluteGei AbsoluteGei 9 December 2021

Feastivus Contest 2021

Hi guys, it's time for the holidays again. You know what that means...

Feastivus contest!!! :DDD

For those of you new to the contest thing, it's basically a page competition.
Rules for this competition:

  • Make a winter/ice/holiday-related page.
    • Use the
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Cabbagepultpvz2 Cabbagepultpvz2 6 December 2021


Hi guys, it's me Cabbagepult and I'm back for the hollidays! Just so you know I was NOT sick or anything like that, I was just not really into PvZ anymore. But, I'm back now and, back into PvZ. Comment: yay! If you're happy for me to be Back. Cheers, Cabbagepult

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BjornGmr BjornGmr 1 December 2021

How to extract PvZ Heroes' textures?

How to extract PvZ Heroes' textures (and maybe other files like music)?

The page of resources exists, I know, but those aren't high quality. I'd like to know how to extract the textures myself.

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Nuttin' to see here Nuttin' to see here 25 November 2021

Hiring artist

Okay so basically.

I'm admittedly having too slow of a development for Lost World.


I'm hiring an artist.

If you can make art that looks at least somewhat similar to PvZ2's.

Pls help me.

(The art included involves pretty much anything, including plants, zombies and anything else I left out)

Edit: Nvm I got my artists, but if you wanna join, there's always room for more.

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Rugby Zombie Rugby Zombie 23 November 2021

Food Fight Festival 2021 RESULTS

Howdy guys! I suppose zombies were too hungry and so most of the food for fighting this year were delivered to them instead which in short, means that very few entries were submitted, but I still have some judging to do. And that's done, I guess. So here are the results of the competition!

I'd like to congrat Stormzzy and his entry, Turkury, for being in first place! And in second and third are Cornucropea Pod by Gei and Hot Sauce Zombie by Flag respectively! The entries this year were actually neck and neck, so everyone did an amazing job!

Medals will be handed by admins, along with verified articles, or featured articles, by me (hopefully), depending on your placement.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the competition, hope you enjoy yo…

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WiLdCaRd2048 WiLdCaRd2048 19 November 2021


And that's all we have for now, folks! I'm hoping this blog cleared up some confusion and maybe gave you a bit of an explanation for why it's been so long since the last Road Trip 2 update! We'll see you at the end of the year when we're planning (not a guarantee) to release Wildside!

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Krushaofworlds Krushaofworlds 18 November 2021

Aussie Contest

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Konig Ju1 Konig Ju1 16 November 2021

Taking plant requests (0/5)

In order to do something productive I'm deciding to open this one more time.

Only PvZ1 Plants though, hit me up.

Please take note that this is for image requests LMAO.

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KyaOBeans KyaOBeans 16 November 2021

Free Zombie (real)

Here's a free zombie, feel free to use him wherever and whenever, as long as you credit me.

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Cryptic72 Cryptic72 10 November 2021



jk i don't have much shit


maps maybers ?

oh and gamemodes of course, for PvP

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Orthodontist Zombie Orthodontist Zombie 8 November 2021


What's going on, everyone? It's Mark here with a free badge. If you want it, make sure to type in

On a side note, I still need help with some Eggplant upgrades. The upgrades are on the page, but I don't know how to make a template. If you help, I'll give you a super secret cool badge.

Love ya'll! Have a wonderful day.

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Rugby Zombie Rugby Zombie 4 November 2021

Food Fight Festival 2021

Howdy guys! Welcome to a new contest, and it’s the returning Food Fight Festival, growing stronger than ever before! A lot of you probably know what to expect, but I’m just going to read the clarification so that you all understand! Yeah…

To make a long story short, make a creation of your own, based on or at least related to autumn (or fall), food, or Thanksgiving!

Here are the prizes for this year:

  • First place: Pumpkin Head Tofu Turkey Medal, Verified Article, and a Featured Article!
  • Second place: Mayflower Medal and Verified Article
  • Third place: Sling Pea Medal and Verified Article
  • ALL participants: Headbutter Lettuce Medal

And down below are the most important rules if you want to secure your chances in winning a prize!

  • The entry has to be aut…
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Charlies2020 Charlies2020 1 November 2021

Pixel art returns(yay)!

I'm still using PvZ2 art for Golden Hour, but I'm using pixel art for The Final Straw, I'm actually using the pixel art. What I mean is that I'm using the supposed "updated" pixel art for Golden Hour on The Final Straw.

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Fun Animator Fun Animator 27 October 2021

Lawn of Doom Contest 2021 RESULTS

After a bit of a long wait (Still shorter than last year's wait), the results of the Lawn of Doom Contest are finally here. The medals will be distributed shortly after this announcement to everyone.

I'd like to congratulate CRAWLING SCARECROW ZOMBIE by Flag zombie for winning this Lawn of Doom! It was a really tight competition, but that means that all entries were really nice.

Bloody Mirror Zombie (By Rugby) and Orange Pozzest (By Gei) complete the podium in second and third place respectively, congratulations to their creators for making some great spooky plants and zombies :)

The positions of all entries are the following:

  • 1st: Crawling Scarecrow Zombie
  • 2nd: Bloody Mirror Zombie
  • 3rd: Orange Pozzest
  • 4th: Frankenvine (By TfolChespin)
  • 5th: Astral…
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YellowWikia651 YellowWikia651 20 October 2021

Conjuring but Better

Pretty soon, Tide Turners is going to release a new form of Conjuring that will hopefully allow a more balanced form of rng. I am making this blog before my cohort is able to because he usually does these things.

  • 1 Conjuring and Offering
    • 1.1 Advanced Techniques
  • 2 Why We're Smart and ur dum
  • 3 Conjuring Changes
  • 4 Additional Notes
    • 4.1 Aditional QnA

WHAAAAAAAA? Offering? WhAt'S tHaT? CREE-

Before you judge the title of this paragraph, let me explain the new concepts.

  • Conjure X of Y - View Y amount of cards you can conjure, and choose X of them to keep.
  • Offer X of Y - View Y amount of cards you can conjure, and choose X of them to give to the Hero.

The way this works is that whenever this ability is activated, you see a set number of cards you are allowed to Con…

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Nuttin' to see here Nuttin' to see here 19 October 2021


I have returned.

I don't know what to put for the title for this blog so I just put H.

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Onegoha Onegoha 18 October 2021


OMG this thing is working

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Grahkon Grahkon 16 October 2021

Attempt at creating a template

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Creepes Creepes 16 October 2021

dog with a blog

this is you

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JammingGhosts JammingGhosts 12 October 2021

Images for free usage

Making this at 7 at night on a school week cause I was bored lol. This is just a gallery of images of mine that I have posted over time that I decided to release for free use. ✌

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Fun Animator Fun Animator 6 October 2021

Lawn of Doom Contest 2021

Hello everyone, and welcome to a new contest! This time around we have the so beloved Lawn of Doom Contest that every year passes by, bringing the most spooky creations of the wiki. Most of you already know the drill by now, but if you don't let me give you a brief explanation:

make something scary or halloween-y.

That's the short version of things, though it isn't all. So let's get to the rules and parameters so you know in detail what you must do if you want to have a good chance at winning this awesome contest.

  • The entry has to be halloween related, at least in some way.
  • Only one entry per person.
  • Only PvZ1 and PvZ2 entries are allowed, no PvZH or GW/BfN!
    • You can make plants, zombies, or worlds.
  • The idea cannot be from a sandbox prior to this …
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Fun Animator Fun Animator 2 October 2021

BYL2 Updates Blog

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YellowWikia651 YellowWikia651 28 September 2021

Test Page.nbl

225px |strength = - |health = - |cost = 1 |rarity = Super-Rare |ability = When Played: Make a 1/1 Puff-Shroom with Team-Up in a random lane. When a Zombie here is destroyed, make a 1/1 Puff-Shroom with Team-Up in a random lane. |class = Kabloom |tribe = Mushroom Superpower Environment |flavor text = The scale of life is always balanced, and life arises from death in a cycle. Think about that for a bit.}} Fungus Among Us is a Tide super-rare Plant Superpower Environment in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, and a member of the Kabloom class. It costs 1 to play, and when it is played and when a Zombie there is destroyed, it makes a 1/1 Puff-Shroom with Team-Up in any random viable lane.

  • 1 Origins
  • 2 Statistics
    • 2.1 Card description
  • 3 Strategies
    • 3.1 With
    • 3.2 Against

Its design…

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Mr slav Mr slav 20 September 2021

the return of mr slav

hello im back. this time ill stay for lnger i promise. anything interesting happened while i was inactive?

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AnonymousUser the II AnonymousUser the II 16 September 2021

An art request


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WiLdCaRd2048 WiLdCaRd2048 15 September 2021

Starfront Dev Update

Hey everybody,

For those who aren't aware, Starfront was shut down earlier this year. For those who are aware, now you're doubly so. Isn't that awesome?

Anyways, we've been steadily working on a revamped and reworked version of Starfront, with some extra traction on its tires and everything. It'll be much different than Starfront 1.0 or Marketplace long before, but will hopefully cater to a more modern audience better given both our userbase and the state of Fandom as a whole. It's not ready yet, and won't be for a few months at least, but it's getting there rather quickly.

Why are we announcing this so early? Because there's some upcoming (and short-term) changes that are paving the way for this "Starfront 2.0" that will affect those of you …

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Фаталнутый Фаталнутый 11 September 2021

Article stub:Plants vs. Zombies: Golden taco

Plants vs. Zombies: Golden taco — it's an another TD game.

  • 1 Story
  • 2 Gameplay
    • 2.1 Gamemodes
      • 2.1.1 Zen Garden
  • 3 Worlds
  • 4 Plants
    • 4.1 Normal
    • 4.2 Premium (normal)
    • 4.3 Premium (upgrade)
    • 4.4 Epic Quest exlusives
  • 5 Zombies
    • 5.1 Normal
    • 5.2 Veterans
    • 5.3 Bosses
    • 5.4 Other
  • 6 Upgrades
    • 6.1 Free
    • 6.2 Premium
  • 7 Items
    • 7.1 Multiple
    • 7.2 Unique
  • 8 Shop
    • 8.1 Plants
    • 8.2 Upgrades
    • 8.3 Zen Garden
    • 8.4 Other
  • 9 Quest Log
    • 9.1 Normal quests
    • 9.2 Epic quests
  • 10 Achievements
  • 11 Scrapped content

Work in progress

  • Adventure. The main game. Each world has 10 main levels and 5 veteran.
  • Mini–games. The most varied mode. Some levels are not much different from the usual, some have completely different mechanics.
  • Puzzles. Want to use 101% of your brain power? Then this mode is for you!
    • Vasebreaker. It is not much different from the original, except t…

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WiLdCaRd2048 WiLdCaRd2048 9 September 2021

The Scarlet Pepper - Community Challenge

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Cryptic72 Cryptic72 8 September 2021


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Фаталнутый Фаталнутый 4 September 2021

Article stub:We, zombies

We, zombies — is a game based on the puzzle "I, zombie".

  • 1 Gameplay
    • 1.1 Game modes
  • 2 Locations
  • 3 Zombies
    • 3.1 Suburb
    • 3.2 Town
    • 3.3 City
    • 3.4 Shop
  • 4 Plants
    • 4.1 Suburb
      • 4.1.1 Day
      • 4.1.2 Night
    • 4.2 Town
      • 4.2.1 Day
      • 4.2.2 Night
    • 4.3 City
      • 4.3.1 Day
      • 4.3.2 Night
  • 5 Shop
    • 5.1 Zombies
    • 5.2 Zombie slots
    • 5.3 Brain-rusher slots
    • 5.4 Other
  • 6 Items
    • 6.1 Multiple
    • 6.2 Unique
  • 7 Achievements
  • 8 Scraped content

The gameplay is not much different from the original, but there are still changes.

  1. YOU select the zombies before the level.
  2. Zombies can only be spawned on the first vertical line, but graves can allow you to spawn zombies on other lines too.
  3. Instead of the sun, you have brains. They cannot be obtained by eating Sunflowers.
  4. Sunflowers are now able to recreate previously eaten plants. Also, in certain places there are labels for…

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Fun Animator Fun Animator 28 August 2021


The results of the PvZH Contest are here! Sorry for the wait, I had to get a Plants vs. Zombies Heroes expert like Bobert to rate the balance on your entries. But now here they are, and I'm pleased to say that first place is a three-way tie between Briarcrackers, Zombot Swing Smasher (PvZH), and Shady Shopkeeper! Congratulations to their creators, Gei, Rugby, and Flag.

Here are the rest of the entries and what places they got.

  • 1st place: Briarcrackers, Zombot Swing Smasher, Shady Shopkeeper (32 Points).
  • 2nd place: Marigold Hoarder by Dt1000 (28 Points).
  • 3rd place: Beans of Light by Storm (27 Points).
  • 4th place: Mirror Zombie by Kray (23 Points).
  • 5th place: Boxer Imp by Jetjet (15 Points).
  • 6th place: Speedrunner Zombie by Possessed Gamer De OG (13…
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Shy john 2 Shy john 2 24 August 2021


Gloomshooter is a character in pvz

Gloomshooter acts like gloomshroom but shoots peas instead of water


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JammingGhosts JammingGhosts 20 August 2021

Hello men and women of the wiki

Just a friendly reminder from me towards the plentiful number of new creators on the wiki, if your creations get flagged for lack in quality or design, just follow these links below.

Plants vs. Zombies Character Creator Wiki:Rules

Plants vs. Zombies Character Creator Wiki:Manual of Style

Plants vs. Zombies Character Creator Wiki:Pagelayout

Thats all, hope you're all having a good time working on the wiki :)

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Fun Animator Fun Animator 6 August 2021

PvZH Contest 2021!

Hello everyone. Since the Wiki has been kinda deserted in contests right now, I have decided to host a contest that I'm sure all of you PvZH fans will love.

It's as simple as it gets, create a PvZH Plant or Zombie (No Heroes you poopies) before the August 19th deadline and wait for me to judge the entries so you can earn cool prizes (Not medals since I suck at those).

  • Name: 2 Points
  • Origins: 3 Points
  • Art (Card Image pls): 8 Points.
  • Ability: 10 Points
  • Strategies: 5 Points
  • Layout: 4 Points
  • Grammar: 2 Points

Total Possible Points: 34 Points

  • First Place: Verified Article, Solar Flare Badge, Wall-Knight Badge, Strikethrough Pin.
  • Second Place: Verified Article, Wall-Knight Badge, Anti-Hero Pin.
  • Third Place: Verified Article, Bullseye Pin, Double Strike Pin.
  • Four…

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Radu1000 Radu1000 5 July 2021

Been a while

how has everybody been

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AbsoluteGei AbsoluteGei 26 June 2021


ding ding ding ding ding ding ding

ding ding ding

bum bum

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WiLdCaRd2048 WiLdCaRd2048 19 June 2021

Steepslate Slopes, Shipwrecks, and more - Worlds Apart: Part One Update Notes

Worlds Apart: Part One is a giant update for Road Trip 2 that's just released! For the first time ever, there's so much stuff in the update that I can't reasonably cover all of it in this blog post. However, I'll do my best to cover the highlights and biggest additions or changes and leave the rest of it for you to find on your own. From Medals to Shipwrecks, the world of Road Trip 2 has vastly changed and this is your first (or second if you saw the blog a few days ago I guess) dive into what's new around the block. Just a quick note, this doesn't include balance changes as there are a lot of balance changes.

  • Added a brand-new world - Steepslate Slopes!
  • Added a bunch of new plants and zombies for Steepslate Slopes, and some Tricks
  • Added Tricks…

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Darkspxder Darkspxder 17 June 2021

IM BACK being inactive.


im probably gonna come back idk lol

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