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Ominous Blog

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CreeperDood 3.0 CreeperDood 3.0 7 days ago


So... I've kinda moved on from the wiki. I'm just tired of PvZ, and... My pages get deleted really quickly. I mean, I don't even get a real REASON. For example, I can make a game, and it gets deleted because it didn't follow the layout. There is no set layout. I can make a plant, and it gets deleted because its a stub. Even if it has a ton of content and follows the layout exactly. I also just don't really care for the community. All I get from anyone is hate. Why? Why do my pages get deleted for some reason or another, when another page can have the same issue, not fix it, and get away with it? Why do people hate me for no appearent reason? Well, I think I know why: favoritism. People here are favoritists. People who have been on the wiki…

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WiLdCaRd2048 WiLdCaRd2048 12 days ago

Starfront Update 1.3 Patch Notes

We've got a little bit of a smaller update on our hands this time, but it still has some good changes and improvements. We've got some changes to Packs, changes to Quest, and some other general changes that will improve your Starfront experience and make everything more pleasant. There's not much to say for this update, but there's some cool things that you'll notice around Starfront that are focused around increasing quality of life and adding some more ways for you to get your Badges and Pins in ways that you are more interested in.

We've made the decision to remove both Quest events and therefore Radar Scanner as a whole from Starfront. We want to keep Starfront as a relaxed place you can go to get some Badges and Pins, and not have it t…

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Daissmention Daissmention 13 days ago

Some "sand" zombies

Zombies made for some desert-type maps and they're free-use. (I might make their pages, but I’m lazy)

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Creepes Creepes 14 days ago

tv head, where are you going?

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Jiewenwang Jiewenwang 14 days ago

Free badge

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Stormzzy Stormzzy 18 days ago



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WiLdCaRd2048 WiLdCaRd2048 19 days ago

Starfront Update 1.2 Patch Notes

The Paw Stone is a new Card that's coming to Starfront in this update, but it works a little bit differently than all of the other Cards. As our final planned Card release, the Paw Stone doesn't have a maximum storage limit - but can only be used a number of times before Paw Stone drops are disabled from Packs. Each time you get a Paw Stone from a Pack, which is relatively common, you'll be able to take home a Pet of your choosing and the Paw Stone number next to your username will increase by 1. Once that number reaches 6, which is also the number of Pets available, you won't get any more Paw Stones from Packs as they won't have any use for you anymore. Paw Stones can only be obtained from Packs and are also the only way that you'll be abl…

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Jiewenwang Jiewenwang 19 days ago

Free plant pieces

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WiLdCaRd2048 WiLdCaRd2048 24 days ago

A Road Trip 2 Announcement

Hi everyone.

As some of you know, Road Trip 2 exists. I know, it's surprising. You should go check it out. We've been hard at work developing the next Beta Phase (effectively building the game over time) and it's definitely going to be a serious game-changer. I was going to wait a couple of days to post this since there's been a lot of Sani blogs recently, but there's really not a good reason besides that to wait. However, we do have some announcements to... announce... about just generally the future of Road Trip 2 and what's in Phase 4, the Mid-Phase Update coming relatively soon, and the major changes that will be coming to our development process very soon. Before you read this, I'd like to stress that Road Trip 2 is not being canceled …

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Chickenwastaken Chickenwastaken 24 days ago

yay more badges :D

Hello again, I am back with four new badges for you. Like the previous one, you can take these badges for free anytime. If you want to go on the previous blog post and get the other badges, go here: https://pvzcc.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Chickenwastaken/Free_badge_:D

I will edit this blog post every time if I make a new badge. (I'll probably just make a new blog, it depends :D)

Type , it will teleport you to a random page in the PvZCC Wiki.

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Da F2P Scout Da F2P Scout 24 days ago


I did a lot of weird things on this wiki back in the day lol. Don't know why I was even here in the first place.

Anyway how long has it been?

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FANDOM Creeper FANDOM Creeper 26 days ago

The me is back again

Yes I'm back to celebrate/commemorate my 4th anniversary on Fandom, and finally I'm here to stay...but still don't expect to see much of me for a while since I"ll be doing a lot of editing on templates and sandboxes and not really much mainspace stuff...yet...then I'll be back.

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WiLdCaRd2048 WiLdCaRd2048 26 days ago

Quest - Yeti King's Revenge

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Fun Animator Fun Animator 27 days ago

New Badge and Shameless Advertising

I made a new kewl badge completely free! that's a lie leave while you can. This very special badge can be yours, yes, you! That handsome pal, can have this pretty Build Your Lawn! 2 badge for practically nothing. All you have to do is go comment on my new game page that people have not noticed it exists and you can have this nice badge in your userpage! Enjoy :D

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WiLdCaRd2048 WiLdCaRd2048 28 days ago

Starfront Update 1.1 Patch Notes

and have them all work in a single happy message
  • Rickroll Badge is no longer incorrectly considered a common badge, because that's an insult to Rick Astley and we can't have that
  • Snapdragon Badge is no longer incorrectly considered a common badge, because that's hurtful to all of our fire-breathing friends
  • Rolling Stone Badge is no longer incorrectly considered a rare badge, and honestly I can't think of a good joke for this one
  • Olive Pit Badge is no longer incorrectly considered a rare badge, and any users who got this badge incorrectly have been compensated
  • Background work for Quest and Battle, you won't really see this until each event has happened but they should be pretty smooth
  • Added additional details and information to Radar Scanner and …
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CreeperDood 3.0 CreeperDood 3.0 28 days ago

Ok, ok, I hear ya...

Getting 10000 pages by June is basically impossible with page deletion. But, I think that we can get to it by July. I mean, July is a while away. And, if we get to it, it would be worth celebrating. So I think every page maker should be on overdrive. Because if we get to 10k pages by July, we will be a force to be reckoned with.

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CreeperDood 3.0 CreeperDood 3.0 28 days ago

Don't read my about page

Don't do it. Im warning you. It's embarrassing. Pls dont.

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WiLdCaRd2048 WiLdCaRd2048 28 days ago

Neighborville Reignited Sunset

For those of you who weren't already aware, I released Neighborville Reignited in March in this blog with the promise of major updates and a bunch of new content coming to it in the future. However, I've realized that there's a lot of weak points in Neighborville Reignited as it stands, and I think that it would be better to work on finishing up what has already been starting and polishing up the released content instead of adding more stuff on top of it.

Since Neighborville Reignited doesn't have a solid development team and is difficult to design things for, and the time and resources that would be put into Neighborville Reignited would be better used towards Road Trip 2's development or other backseat projects that will come forward even…

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CreeperDood 3.0 CreeperDood 3.0 17 April

Get PVZCC to 10000 pages

Almost 9000 pages exist, so, try to get the wiki to 10000 pages by June 1st. If it gets to 10k by then, I will do a face reveal... or some other random thing, idk. I'll make a poll.

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CreeperDood 3.0 CreeperDood 3.0 15 April

Look at my new yt channel!


Best channel ever, right?

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WiLdCaRd2048 WiLdCaRd2048 14 April


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WiLdCaRd2048 WiLdCaRd2048 14 April

The Time has Come! Starfront is Here!

go ruin your financial lives
-sani, moments before collapsing the economy with fictional boxes

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CreeperDood 3.0 CreeperDood 3.0 13 April

Guess who I am

I've been on this wiki before, but I have two other accounts. I have two hints too help you guess:

-My bday is 4/10/2008

-I was underage when I joined but told NO ONE.

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Orthodontist Zombie Orthodontist Zombie 12 April

Oh hi persons

So you know that I'm the guy making Mesopotamian stuff (or you don't, you might even not know me at all :) ). I've been thinkin' about plants to create for Mesopotamian Riverside. Ya'll got any ideas? You don't have to give them to me here, but make sure that if you do, it has to follow my small criteria:

- Has to be related to Mesopotamian culture/crops.

- Has to be original. You have to think of it, and it can't already exist in any form.

Thanks for reading! See you at your next dentist appointment :D

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Omega138 Omega138 11 April

The PvZCC Connected Timeline

For the tenth anniversary of PvZCC, I have made this blogpost to tie all the lore of several PvZ Games and fangames here and structure it into one narrative.


BPvZ - Before PvZ

BPvZ 2 - Before PvZ2

APvZ2 - After PvZ2

  •  ??? Years BPvZ - The Ulti-Mint is born and then became hungry for power. (This might be the reason why the zombie apocalypse happened in the first place. Due to the Ulti-Mints somewhat lust for power being somewhat reincarnated into Zomboss' lust for brains.)
  • ??? Years BPvZ - The Elite Mints Confederacy has finally banished Ulti-Mint. After this banishing, several new plants have been discovered throughout the ages.
  • A few years BPvZ - Crazetopher Dave Blazing III is born. We can't pinpoint what year he's born in but we can assum…

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DsFanboy DsFanboy 11 April


Whats up my peoples,

The 10th anniversary of the wiki has arrived!! It's been a very nice ten years; lots of changes have happened over the years, from the blueprint redesign, to verified articles, the wiki sure has evolved to something great :]

  • 1 PvZCC Rewind
  • 2 10th anniversary Contest placements
  • 3 Wiki changes
  • 4 Closing words

With that, it's nice to share this little community project by !! In the works for a while, it's a rewind of lots of big events and historical moments of the wiki.

Next up, we have the contest winners for the 10th Anniversary Contest, hosted by !!

3D Modeler Zombie
Fan Favorite
Plump Zombie
Parade Drum Zombie

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Out of curiosity

Can anyone else animate here. I can't be the only one who can do that right?

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FANDOM Creeper FANDOM Creeper 7 April

I will return in 15 days

15 days since Apr 6, 2021 I'm too lazy to add an actual timer. Anyway, prepare yourselves. If you don't know anything about me, I'm Wastecasket on Discord so if you're in the Discord you can get a gauge one me there before figuring out how to prepare. Honestly I don't expect anybody to do anything but just wanted to say it

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WiLdCaRd2048 WiLdCaRd2048 7 April

Get Ready for Marketplace Storefront!

Pin without spending Stars!

And that's all we have for now! We look forward to welcoming you to Marketplace Storefront soon and working with you in the future to make Marketplace Storefront the best it can be. Remember this is all subject to change as we're working to polish Marketplace Storefront up before releasing it. Thanks!

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Requests for characters in my card game

  • It has to be a PVZ character.
  • It can be a fan-made character or the ones in the games.
  • Please @ me if you want to do a request.
  • Do not try to force me to put in cards, I'll put them in if I want to.
  • The first requests get priority on their card getting made.
  • You can also suggest stats or abilities if you want to, but I'll make any changes if I think it's OP or un-OP.
  • Enjoy!
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Creepes Creepes 4 April

undergoing mitosis

life as a single cell being is very nice and cool and nice

i think im gonna have a cup of tea

oh, would you look at the time

its mitosis-o-clock

silly me!


woah, now i am two! hello other half





im afraid i dont know what you're talking about


would'ya look at the time, its tea time

do you want some tea


oh my god....where did i go wrong????




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ShallowKelton ShallowKelton 2 April

Stonks badge.

I do not have enough time to make this today. Here is a preview though. Claim before tomorrow and you'll get it when I make it no fooling.

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Cabbagepultpvz2 Cabbagepultpvz2 1 April

PvZ : ITT Staff lounge

A little staff area for Plants vs. Zombies: Into the Temple. Staff, comment on this post to discuss stuff! NON-STAFF COMMENTS WILL BE IGNORED

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WiLdCaRd2048 WiLdCaRd2048 1 April

Totally Normal Boss Hunt

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404That'sAnError 404That'sAnError 1 April

Final Goodbyes

I'm sorry but i'm leaving :(

goodbye to all the people that have supported me


check your calendar













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WiLdCaRd2048 WiLdCaRd2048 1 April

New Project Reveal

Think you've paid enough... sorry, played enough to reach the top? Play against legitimate players (who are definitely not bots that create fake scores that are always more than yours) in levels that contain hundreds of zombies over a period of 5 minutes, where everything is extremely powerful and you earn less points the lower level your plants are! If a zombie slips through - don't worry - you can pay $2.99 to kill that zombie. Only that zombie, so you have to keep paying until all of the zombies are gone! Don't feel like playing a rigged multiplayer system? Pay $4.99 to have it count as if you've won 5 multiplayer matches (and done the impossible) and get a handful of coins for it, but only for 10 minutes before it resets.

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CreeperDood 2.0 CreeperDood 2.0 1 April

Hey guess what

I’m not dead.

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Mr slav Mr slav 31 March

free badge from mr slav

everybody seems to be doing this thing at the moment so im joining in. just write "claim" below to get this. its template name is

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Marthoon Marthoon 29 March

Popular Page?

Uhh, so, the only news is... somehow my World Mayhem's revealed content page is in popular

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WiLdCaRd2048 WiLdCaRd2048 26 March

Additional Road Trip 2 Balance Changes

Additional balance change update for 3/26/21 intended to fix issues with Grow Powers and to improve Lurkcoast Lagoon balancing. Special thanks to Miles.

  • Aloe
    • Grow Power: Band-Aid threshold increased from 20% -> 25%
  • Cherry Bomb
    • Damage increased from 1400 -> 1500
    • Explosion delay increased from 1s -> 2s
    • Grow Power: Assimilation damage reduced from 2100 -> 2000
  • Potato Mine
    • Grow Power: The Greatest Plan replaced with Hothead
    • Grow Power: Spud Tactical now reduces Potato Mine's arming time
  • Chomper
    • Bite damage increased from 25 -> 40
    • Bite attack speed increased from 1s -> 1.5s
    • Grow Power: Four-Corpse Meal now reduces Chomper's chewing time
    • Grow Power: Eater of Worlds now increases Chomper's bite damage
  • Sun-shroom
    • Grow Power: Exponential Growth grow time increase…

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CCogStudios CCogStudios 26 March

World Tour World Help

I made a google form regarding PvZ World Tour. If you want to help out, I'd love it! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSecZe-ibphtFEvSTLV9zh8itfWP60iuX7amaoFhdtrENujbtg/viewform

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WiLdCaRd2048 WiLdCaRd2048 24 March

Mid-Phase Road Trip 2 Update

  • 1 Mid-Phase Minor Content Update
  • 2 Full Patch Notes
    • 2.1 Gameplay
    • 2.2 Balance Changes

We're making some adjustments to the Lurkcoast Lagoon roster as well as making other quality of life and gameplay improvements. Mid-phase updates add a small amount of content and adjust what's currently there, such as adding a new item to the shop or adding something to a template. Some of the changes here were already made previously but will be compiled here as well. There will be at least one other mid-phase update between now and the release of Phase 4.

  • Reduced the price of most items that are for sale in Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies
  • Zombies drop coins slightly more often, because coins were too difficult to obtain
  • Frostline Peak has gained 2 additional levels and…

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WaffleMan22 WaffleMan22 21 March

PvZ BoBs Staff Lounge

A little staff area for Plants vs. Zombies: Battle of Both Sides. Staff, comment on this post to discuss stuff! NON-STAFF COMMENTS WILL BE IGNORED

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AsterWasTaken AsterWasTaken 20 March

PvZCC's 10th Anniversary Contest

I'm glad to announce the new and improved 10th Anniversary contest! Enter the contest for a chance to earn some medals, verified articles, a chance at a featured article and perhaps even a chance to be on the Wiki Background!


  • Participants: Football Plant Medal
  • Third: Durian-pult Medal, Featured on the 10th Anniversary Background
  • Second: Durian-pult Medal, Verified Article, Featured on the 10th Anniversary Background
  • Fan Favorite: Stoplight Zombie Medal, Verified Article, Featured on 10th Anniversary Background
  • First: Stoplight Zombie Medal, Durian-pult Medal, Chance at Featured Article, Featured on PvZCC's logo, Featured on 10th Anniversary Background


  • You must make a plant or zombie that is from the original Plants vs. Zombies, Plants vs.…
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WiLdCaRd2048 WiLdCaRd2048 14 March

Lurkcoast Lagoon, Twiddydinkies, and more - Road Trip Phase 3 Update Notes

  • 1 Beta Phase 3
  • 2 Full Patch Notes
    • 2.1 Gameplay
    • 2.2 Balance Changes

After what feels like a lifetime, Phase 3 for Road Trip 2 has finally arrived! Many moons ago we introduced Acorn Valley, and slightly fewer moons after that was Sleepy Hollow introduced. These two worlds, along with Cranium Capital, have had their names changed to fit more with the naming style of other worlds, and have gotten a set of Achievements as well! What are Achievements? Pretty much what you think they are, just little goals that can help guide you through your Road Trip 2 experience. Street Party was previously announced for Road Trip 2, but was since pushed back to Phase 4 to make sure it has enough time to get polish.

We've released Road Trip 2's third (already!) epic w…

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Cabbagepultpvz2 Cabbagepultpvz2 12 March

Free bages!

Hello ! These are free for anyone who wants them!just type Springining badge or DevouringBadge! Type "Claimed!" in the comments

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AsterWasTaken AsterWasTaken 12 March

PvZCC News - 12/3/2021

PvZCC News - 12/3/2021

Welcome to the second ever PvZCC News and our first one for this year! If you didn't know, these blog posts are where we tell you about the latest and greatest news about this wiki. Be prepared for new fangame information and new quality of life changes.

March's Featured Article

For our first topic, we introduce this month's Featured Article, being Active Volcanoes, the third world found in Plants vs. Zombies: The Wacky House. It takes place on a stranded island filled with active volcanoes and of course, lava.

Check out Active Volcanoes here.

New Odyssey world reveal 2: Electric Boogaloo

Plants vs. Zombies Odyssey will have a world released in the coming months, and unlike Merry Mountain and the new Firework Festival, this…

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AbsoluteGei AbsoluteGei 12 March


lost all my stuff on my old account because i can't access my gmail for that account

before you say that i could log in with my user, it doesnt work for me for some reason

the world really hates me :(

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