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Astro Dimension is a level of Plants vs. Zombies: Dimensional Travels where you need Helmet Plants to keep your

plants alive. It is nighttime, so mushrooms will stay awake and sun does not fall.


In the Astro Dimension, plants will last for 30 seconds before wilting away. To prevent this, plant Helmet Plants on top of them. There is an airlock on columns 1, 2, and 3, where it acts like Helmet Plants are planted there. On each wave, meteors will fall from the sky and do 3ndb of damage to plants in columns 3-7. Occaisinally, a zombie rides a meteor and appears where the meteor lands.

On level ?-4, a comet hits the planet and craves a ravine through the middle. The 3rd and 4th lanes become ravines. Plants that are planted in them will float around in the anti-gravity and move at 1/2 speed. An Anti-Gravity Pot will stabilize this effect and make them move at regular speed. The comet destroyed the airlock, but leaves Helmet Plants on the 1st and 2nd column. The comet will take up the first and second columns of ravine.

On level ?-10, a large meteor storm completley destroys the planet but leaves the first three columns filled with meteors. It is revealed the meteor storm came from NASA Zombie's Meteor Machine, which is the boss of this dimension. All the other columns not filled with meteors will act as ravine spaces.

Plants Introduced

  • Helmet Plant (Level before, introduced above)
  • Missileshooter (?-1, shoots missiles that do 2 damage and home like a Cattail's spike)
  • ???
  • Anti-Gravity Pot (?-3, introduced above)
  • Moon-Shroom (?-5, creates oxygen for plants in a 3x3 area)
  • Sponge (?-6, Lily Pad lets you plant in water, Sponge creates water in craters and moon ravines)
  • ???
  • ???

Zombies Introduced

  • Jeff the Killer Zombie (Knife does 12 ndb, weak to eye and irritant related plants)
  • Shuttle Rider Zombie (Acts like Bungee Zombie)
  • Astro-Suit Zombie (Has a Very High toughness, but goes slow)
  • Crazy Jetpack Zombie (Goes at an extremly high speed, insta-kills the first plant it touches, while killing himself)
  • NASA Zombie (Boss)

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