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Arcadia Prime is a zombie hero in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. He leads the Techy Class.pngTechy and PvZH Hearty Icon.pngHearty classes. His signature superpower is Technological Terror, which deals 1 damage to all plants then heals your hero for 4.

He is the hero form of 8-Bit Zombie.


  • Classes: Techy Class.pngTechy,PvZH Hearty Icon.pngHearty
  • Superpowers:
    • Signature:Technological Terror - Deal 1 damage to all plants, then heal your hero for 4.
    • Other:
      • Rock Wall - A Zombie gets +5HeartPvZH.png.
      • Heroic Health - Heal your hero for 6.
      • Evaporate - Destroy a damaged plant.


"Even if he looks simple, Arcadia Prime is a very accomplished mechanic."

Strategy Decks(Free Edit)

Arcadia Prime.png Martian Mayhem (created by Cowsgomoo48)

PvZH Hearty Icon.pngTechy Class.png
Mini Martian.png x4 Arm WrestlerH.png x4 Team MascotH.png x4 Mightiest Martian.png x2 Mighty Martian.png x3
Evomartian.png x1 Rodeo GargantuarH.png x3 Martian Caretaker.png x1 Abduction.png x2 Martian Space.png x2
Zero Zone.png x2 Fatal Error.png x2 Mysterious Egg.png x3 LeftoversH.png x3 GargologistH.png x3
Pixelize.png x4
Eyes to the sky, were under attack! Use Mini Martians and Arm Wrestlers to start off the battle, and place Martian Space as soon as possible. Then use a combination of Martian Caretaker, Rodeo Gargantuar, Evomartian, and Mighty Martian to deal the finishing blow!