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In Plants vs. Zombies, the player can earn achievements by completing their respective actions. Because of this, some achievements cannot be achieved on certain levels or modes of the game. Achievements appear in almost all versions of the game, with the only exceptions being the original PC version and the online version.

Below is a list of fan-made achievements of the first Plants vs. Zombies, categorized by year and organized by difficulty.

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Give Zombies a Chance
Let the Zombies eat your brains.
Difficulty:Very Easy Creator:Randomguy3000
Cumin Soon That's Coming Soon.png
Cannon Crazy
Stop the horde using only Cob Cannons.
Difficulty:Easy Creator:Laptop Zombie
Go Green!
Raise 30 plants to full growth in your Zen Garden.
Difficulty:Easy Creator:Coffee BAM!
Eat my cauliflowers.png
Eat my... Cauliflowers?
Use only types of Cauliflower-pults to kill zombies.
Difficulty:Easy Creator:Plantsthrust
Lawn Decoration.jpg
Lawn Decorations
Only plant plants on flower pots on any non-flower pot required level.
Difficulty:Easy Creator:DaPeaShoota
Friendly Fire
Destroy 30 zombies and 1 plant with a single Doom-shroom.
Difficulty:Easy-Medium Creator:GatlingPeaz
Few Lawn Protector
Win a single level by using exactly 10 Plants (Instant Kills are not included).
Difficulty:Medium Creator:Plant lover
Cabbage's Garbage
Lob 4 cabbages to a Trash Can Zombie's Trash Can.
Difficulty:Medium Creator:GatlingPeaz
Day Crater.png
Crater Party
Use 10 Doom-shrooms in a single level.
Difficulty:Medium Creator:Plant lover
Gloomy Day
Plant 10 Gloom-shrooms in a Day level.
Difficulty:Medium Creator:Plant lover
Grave Busters
Destroy all graves in Whack a Zombie.
Difficulty:Medium Creator:Randomguy3000
Into Davy Jones' Locker
Unlock the level to beat Karakin The Kraken.
Difficulty:Medium Creator:CattailsWelove
It's Freezing
Plant 10 Freeze-o-Tall-nuts in a single level.
Difficulty:Medium Creator:Plant lover
Ladder Trap.archivement.png
Ladder Trap
Have at least 10 plants with ladders placed in by Ladder Zombies.
Difficulty:Medium Creator:A2707
Coming Soon.png
Olive You
Survive any Hill level using only Peashooting Plants and Tramp-olives for offense.
Difficulty:Medium Creator:
Spikes kill cone.png
Spikes Kill Cone!
Kill Conehead Zombie with Spikeweed or Spikerock without a help of another plants.
Difficulty:Medium Creator:PunjiChocoBerry
Ain't ground, look down.PNG
Ain't Ground, Look Down!
Defeat at least 5 Digger Zombies and 1 Giga Digger Zombie in some levels without using any Split Plants, Magnet-shrooms or any plants that can hit Digger Zombies underground.
Difficulty:Medium-Hard Creator:Dung Dinh Anh
Crunch to Victory
Plant a Cruncher in every row in a single level.
Difficulty:Medium-Hard Creator:Plant lover
Frozen to Hell
Defeat a zombie by using Ice-shrooms only.
Difficulty:Medium-Hard Creator:GatlingPeaz
Upgrade Plants.png
Let's Play with Upgrades
Have all types of Upgrades in a single Survival Mode level
Difficulty:Medium-Hard Creator:Laptop Zombie
Trapped ball.PNG
Smashy Trap
Make three Squashes Land on a Zombie.
Difficulty:Medium-Hard Creator:Dr Edgar Zomboss
Watery goodness.jpg
Watery Goodness
Only use Tangle Kelp to kill zombies across the pool in a pool level.
Difficulty:Medium-Hard Creator:Internet Zombie
No More Cabbage!
Beat Dr. Zomboss's Revenge without planting a single Cabbage-pult
Difficulty:Hard Creator:Disabledaccount221920
Defeat the General Zombie within 9 minutes of its appearance.
Difficulty:Hard Creator:Randomguy3000
Rich man.PNG
Does This Money Bag Make Me Look Rich?
Plant at least 20 Marigold, 10 Diamond Marigold, 3 Diamond Magnet in 1 flag, and win that flag without losing any money, and no Marigold or Diamond Marigold being eaten.
Difficulty:Hard Creator:Dung Dinh Anh
Retired Zomboss
Defeat Dr. Zomboss in Dr. Zomboss's Revenge 15 times and once in Dr. Zomboss's Final Revenge.
Difficulty:Hard Creator:Plant lover
Nuclear Explosion With Zombie.png
Super Weapon
Plant 5 Nuke Cannons in a single level.
Difficulty:Hard Creator:Zomplant Jelo
File:Technology None, Mother Nature Won?file=PvZCC No Robots.png
Technology None, Mother Nature Won
Win the whole 10 levels at Dr.Zomboss's Lab using up to 5 Robotic Plants in each level.
Difficulty:Hard Creator:CattailsWelove
Complete a Nexus level without using Leek
Difficulty:Very Hard Creator:Chanieman
Grave Exterminator
Blow up at least 8 graves with a single Explode-o-Buster.
Difficulty:Very Hard Creator:Zomplant Jelo
Cumin Soon That's Coming Soon.png
Happy Halloween
Use 3 Candy Corns in a single level.
Difficulty:Very Hard Creator:
Rock the House
Complete a level using only rock and mechanical plants.
Difficulty:Very Hard Creator:[[User:|]]
Burner Melon.png
Burning Bankrupt
Plant a Burner Melon in every row in a single level.
Difficulty:Very Hard Creator:Plant lover
You Gotta Be Kidding!.png
You Gotta be Kidding!
You survived 2000 flags in Survival: Endless! You're a Sun God Peashooter!
Difficulty:Very Hard Creator:Biospark22
Gift rain.PNG
Gift Rain
Get at least 2 Black Presents in 2 levels in a row.
Difficulty:Luck-Based Creator:Dung Dinh Anh
Cumin Soon That's Coming Soon.png
Only plant Random Plant and sun producing plants in a level!
Difficulty:Luck-Based Creator:Kernel12


Lawn no wer.png
Complete a level without using a lawn mower.
Difficulty:Very Easy Creator:TheCuteDolphin
Beat it.png
Beat It
Defeat a Dancing Zombie before he summons Backup Dancers.
Difficulty:Very Easy Creator:Drek'TharSuperSword
May not contain nuts.png
May Not Contain Nuts
Defeat a nighttime level without using Wall-nuts and Tall-nuts.
Difficulty:Very Easy Creator:Drek'TharSuperSword
Cinder Slayer
Defeat a Gargantuar using only Cinder Melons.
Difficulty:Easy Creator:Daniel17
Fire Dancing.png
Fire Dancing
Kill 4 Backup Dancers with a single Lava-shroom.
Difficulty:Easy Creator:BLACK OUT
Take out 5 full size zombies with a single Explode-o-nut.
Difficulty:Easy Creator:Drek'TharSuperSword
Snow Day!
Complete a level using only Snow Peas and Sunflowers.
Difficulty:Easy Creator:McZaky29
Mysterious Use
Plant Mysterious Coral on a both land and water in a single pool level.
Difficulty:Easy Creator:TheCuteDolphin
Half and Half.jpg
Half and Half
Complete half of adventure mode and half of all the mini-games, puzzle, and survival.
Difficulty:Easy-Medium Creator:Peazrule00
Hot Potato
Complete a Day level with only using Sun-Producing Plants, Potato Mine and Jalapenos.
Difficulty:Easy-Medium Creator:MysteryBoy
Zomplant Apocalypse
Beat a level using only Sunflowers and Zomplants.
Difficulty:Easy-Medium Creator:McZaky29
Sounds like a bomb.png
Sounds Like a Bomb
Win Last Stand using only Cob Cannons (and of course Kernel-Pult), Lily Pads and defensive plants.
Difficulty:Medium Creator:Drek'TharSuperSword
Growth Chomper.jpg
Beat Last Stand using only Growth Chompers, Lily Pads, and defensive plants.
Difficulty:Medium Creator:Gubump
Time for Rich!
Make 3 or more diamonds appear at the same time in Zen Garden.
Difficulty:Medium Creator:PunjiChocoBerry
Green Thumb
Fill up your entire lawn with plants.
Difficulty:Medium-Hard Creator:McZaky29
Traffic Zombie.png
Traffic No More Zombie
Kill a Traffic Zombie without explosives.
Difficulty:Medium-Hard Creator:Reiazur
Cumin Soon That's Coming Soon.png
Wall-not Attack 2
Complete Zombotany 2 without planting defensive plants.
Difficulty:Medium-Hard Creator:Milesprower2
Future Lawn
Only use all the Robotic Plants (other than regular Sunflowers) in any level.
Difficulty:Hard Creator:Randomguy3000
Zombot BOOM!.png
Zombot BOOM!
Kill Dr. Zomboss in Dr. Zomboss's Final Revenge.
Difficulty:Hard Creator:Radu1000
Ask for permission!.png
Ask for Permission
Lose a level with a vehicle zombie eating your brains.
Difficulty:Hard-Very Hard Creator:Radu1000
Attack Of The Peas.PNG
Attack of the Peas
Plant 20 Gatling Peas in a single level.
Difficulty:Hard-Very Hard Creator:Radu1000
Cold War.png
Cold War
Defeat Dr. Zomboss without using Jalepenos.
Difficulty:Hard-Very Hard Creator:Tails Doll Plant
Fireball party.png
Fireball Party
Plant all types of Torchwoods in a single level.
Difficulty:Hard-Very Hard Creator:AjCatlove
Complete Lemonade Stand without using any Lemonade-Shrooms.
Difficulty:Hard-Very Hard Creator:TheCuteDolphin
Complete a normal Cesspit level without using Weeds.
Difficulty:Hard-Very Hard Creator:RotomGuy
Cumin Soon That's Coming Soon.png
Get to round 13,337 in Survival endless.
Difficulty:Very Hard Creator:Hypno1337
Throwing on zombies achievement.png
Throwing on Zombies
Finish a night level by planting only sunflowers (for sun) and catapult plants.
Difficulty:Very Hard Creator:Radu1000
Krazy Kat.jpg
Krazy Kat
Find Crazy Dave II in a Vasebreaker level.
Difficulty:Luck-Based Creator:Tails Doll Plant


Cumin Soon That's Coming Soon.png
Clash of the Diggers
Kill a Digger Zombie with a Fall Bean.
Difficulty:Easy Creator:Wookiethedekapon
Do You Have a "Cold"?
Complete a level using only attacking plants that freeze zombies.
Difficulty:Easy Creator:TreeTimeforAH12
Cumin Soon That's Coming Soon.png
Defeat a Batter Zombie without using Instant Kills or Lobbed-shot Plants.
Difficulty:Easy Creator:ProcastinatorMan
Spill The Beans.PNG
Spill the Beans
Plant a coffee bean and dig up the mushroom before it wakes up.
Difficulty:Easy-Medium Creator:Moon Snail
Cumin Soon That's Coming Soon.png
Call of Planty
Plant a Sniper Pea on top of a Tallnut with a loaded Boomshroom behind it and execute 15 zombie kills.
Difficulty:Easy-Medium Creator:ScourgesCustomPlants
Upside Down Gamer
Complete 5 levels with your Ipad,Iphone etc upside down.
Difficulty:Easy-Medium Creator:TreeTimeforAH12
Shooting Plants
Complete a level without using lobbed shot plants.
Difficulty:Easy-Medium Creator:AStranger195
Cumin Soon That's Coming Soon.png
So Hot!
Put one Jalapeno on one lane after one Jalapeno is planted on Adventure Mode.
Difficulty:Easy-Medium Creator:JohnHawke
Use 30 es
Difficulty:Medium Creator:PEASHOOTERFAN
Don't Step on the Lawn
Complete a day level without using peashooting plants, lobbed shot plants and instant kills.
Difficulty:Medium-Hard Creator:TreeTimeforAH12
Area Of Ultranovaes
Plant 10 Ultranovae-Pults on any Sun-level.
Difficulty:Medium-Hard Creator:MasterNinja321
Going Binary
Complete a non-Computer/Webpool level only using sun-producing plants, Bit Nuts, and computer plants!
Difficulty:Medium-Hard Creator:Jaydom Studios
Bananarang Power.png
Bananarang Power
Hit 10 Zombies with a single Bananarang.
Difficulty:Medium-Hard Creator:PowerStar856190
Pea Collector
Unlock the Pea Brothers.
Difficulty:Medium-Hard Creator:Greysword
Cumin Soon That's Coming Soon.png
Just Instant Kills
Complete a level with only using instant kills and sun producing plants.
Difficulty:Hard Creator:AStranger195
Cumin Soon That's Coming Soon.png
Bye Giga
Kill a Giga-gargantuar without using any instants (excluding Blover and Chomper).
Difficulty:Hard-Very Hard Creator:A plant
Average Planting
Upgrade 15 plants on Survival: Endless.
Difficulty:Very Hard Creator:TreeTimeforAH12
Complete a level using overpowered plants.
Difficulty:Very Hard Creator:Charmande red321
Pleased Temple
Sacrifice 10 plants to a single Vinamid Temple.
Difficulty:Very Hard Creator:TheMostAwesomer


Cumin Soon That's Coming Soon.png
Plants vs. Zombies Super Addict
Launch Plants vs. Zombies every day for a month.
Difficulty:Very Easy Creator:AStranger195
Cumin Soon That's Coming Soon.png
Cobs Away!
Destroy 15 zombies with a single Cannon.
Difficulty:Easy Creator:Wintermagnet237
Cumin Soon That's Coming Soon.png
From Hero to Zero
Defeat a Gargantuar without using any instant kills.
Difficulty:Easy Creator:Together234
Give Peas a Chance!
Only use pea shooting plants, pots and sunflowers in a Roof level.
Difficulty:Hard Creator:Awesome wiggler
The Doctor's Job
Use the Power Room 50 times!
Difficulty:Hard Creator:Cyborg Ranger


Inside out.PNG
Inside Out
Make a Ghost Zombie fly away using a Garlic
Difficulty:Easy Creator:LawnDefender072003
Hands off.PNG
Hands Off
Destroy a Hand Leaf before it grab any of your zombies.
Difficulty:Medium Creator:LawnDefender072003
Hi 3.PNG
Make two Hand Leaves face each other.
Difficulty:Medium Creator:LawnDefender072003
Throw 10 zombies away using a single Hand Leaf.
Difficulty:Medium Creator:LawnDefender072003
Lots of pea.PNG
Lots of Pea
Plant every single kind of peashooting plants in one level.
Difficulty:Medium Creator:LawnDefender072003
Cumin Soon That's Coming Soon.png
Burrow Time!
Create 20 pits in single level
Difficulty:Medium-Hard Creator:The Maverick Hunter
Termitater: Photosynthesis
Plant a column of Termitaters on any non-Last Stand level.
Difficulty:Medium-Hard Creator:RandomzSunfish23901
Cumin Soon That's Coming Soon.png
Complete a level where Leberkäse Zombies leave 10 dishes of leberkäse, 2 in each lane
Difficulty:Hard Creator:HashBrosTrolls
Average Planting (Hard)
Upgrade 15 plants in a normal level.
Difficulty:Very Hard Creator:333-blue
Déjà Bloom
Change the gimmick, then get the original back, with Transmogrifflesia
Difficulty:Luck-Based Creator:RandomzSunfish23901


Over the Garden Wall
Defeat 50 Wall-nuts in I, Zombie.
Difficulty:Medium Creator:LawnDefender072003


Cumin Soon That's Coming Soon.png
Gloomy Field
Kill 5 Zombies at the same time with fumes from a single Gloom Shroom.
Difficulty:Easy Creator:TeemuVirtanen JR
Export (2).png
Boss Loss
Defeat the first boss!
Difficulty:Easy-Medium Creator:LordOfSpaghetti
Complete Going So Wall-nuts.
Difficulty:Medium-Hard Creator:LordOfSpaghetti


Shroom Defense.png
Shroom Defense
Fill the pool with Deep Shrooms.
Difficulty:Easy Creator:Shalom Sasson
Where the Sun dosen't shine 2.0 .png
Where The Sun dosen't Shine 2.0
omplete the first I, Zombotany level with 1000 sun remaining.
Difficulty:Easy-Medium Creator:Shalom Sasson
No General's Orders.png
No General's Orders
Complete Undead's Soldier without any Army Plants.
Difficulty:Hard-Very Hard Creator:LordOfSpaghetti


Room Temperature
Defeat Dr. Zomboss without using Jalapeño or Ice-Shroom.
Difficulty:Very Hard Creator:Phrotonz


Cumin Soon That's Coming Soon.png
Your Own Medicine!
Defeat a Jalapeno Zombie using a Jalapeno, a Peashooter Zombie using a Peashooter or a Gatling Pea Zombie using a Gatling Pea.
Difficulty:Very Easy / Medium Creator:BigMickeyNeedsAWoodModel
Cumin Soon That's Coming Soon.png
Attack Re-jack-ted
Let a hypnotized jack-in-the-box-zombie explodes
Difficulty:Medium Creator:Ubai.314
Cumin Soon That's Coming Soon.png
Lawn's Closed
Complete a Pool or Fog level without planting on land
Difficulty:Hard Creator:SpookyStork06
Cumin Soon That's Coming Soon.png
Zomboss’s Non-Cabbage Quest
Destroy Zomboss Without Any Cabbage Plants
Difficulty:Hard Creator:Minecraft3193092
Cumin Soon That's Coming Soon.png
Sunny Mushroom
Beat A Level Only Sunflower And Mushroom Plants
Difficulty:Hard-Very Hard Creator:Minecraft3193092
Cumin Soon That's Coming Soon.png
How Low Does It Go?
Find the Limbo Page
Difficulty:Easy Creator:Ledal ladol
Cumin Soon That's Coming Soon.png
Winter Arrives!
Chill 15 zombies at the same time with one Cold-shroom
Difficulty:Medium Creator:Fun Animator
Cumin Soon That's Coming Soon.png
Bungee Bye Bye
Cover most of the lawn with Umbrella Leafs so Bungee Zombies can't do anything.
Difficulty:Medium-Hard Creator:Ledal ladol
Cumin Soon That's Coming Soon.png
Surviving for Centuries
Survive a whopping 100 waves of pure zombie ferocity.
Difficulty:Hard Creator:LordOfSpaghetti


Giga Grande
Find the super scary Giga Gargantuar usually found in places where zombies endlessly attack your house
Difficulty:Medium Creator:Ledal ladol
Cumin Soon That's Coming Soon.png
Zombie Pancakes
Crush 10 zombies with a single Squash
Difficulty:Hard Creator:Ledal ladol
Cumin Soon That's Coming Soon.png
Fog of War
Complete a fog level without using mushrooms, aquatic plants, and fog-clearing plants.
Difficulty:Very Hard Creator:Mr slav
Cumin Soon That's Coming Soon.png
Pumpkin Eater
Hack the demo shame on you!
Difficulty:Hidden Creator:Ledal ladol
Cumin Soon That's Coming Soon.png
Think, Zomboss, Think!
Freeze Dr. Zomboss's Bungee Zombies and defeat at least one of them
Difficulty:Hard Creator:LordOfSpaghetti
Cumin Soon That's Coming Soon.png
Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me one Pumpkin Zombie to defeat!
Difficulty:Hard Creator:LordOfSpaghetti


Level 1 Winner.png
Level 1 Winner
Win Beghouled without upgrading your plants.
Difficulty:Medium Creator:Hordeseer