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The Abducted Zombie is a regular, Conehead, Buckethead, Screen Door or other variant of a common Zombie that got abducted by the Zombalien UFO. When the UFO is destroyed, the zombie that got abducted is released, and it will lose any protective equipment, but the zombies in the UFO experiment on it, making some very unusual things happen.

Firstly, it will split into five Imps when killed, so make sure you have AoE plants to help deal with it.

Secondly, there's a 10% chance every second that it will mutate into a Zombalien, which will split into five Abducted Zombies!!! Thankfully, these Abducted Zombies won't be able to mutate back into a Zombalien.

Thirdly, it's immune to ALL Status Effects!

Lastly, the Zombie speeds up by 10% every second, and this includes attack speed. The Imps it split into will maintain whatever speed the zombie was moving at when it got killed, and will not speed up any more. If it turns into a Zombalien, that Zombalien and the Abducted Zombies it splits into will maintain the speed the Zombie was going at, AND the Abducted Zombies will be able to speed up even more too!

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Health: 10nds.

Speed: Slow, increases over time

Attack Strength: 1ndb per bite.

Special: Splits into five Imps when killed, sometimes mutates into a Zombalien, immune to Status Effects.

Threat: 5/10.

Brain Cost: N/A.

Recharge: N/A.

Sun Cost: N/A.

Introduced in: FP: Zomboss's Base (?-3).

Appearance: A regular zombie, but with a slightly larger head, lots of green spots and stripes on it (not its clothes though), and part of a brain hanging out of the back of its head.


Since Zombalien UFOs don't usually appear until the later parts of the level, the Abducted Zombies they leave behind shouldn't be too much trouble to deal with, due to their low health. If your defenses are strong, you can kill them in seconds. AoE plants are recommended to deal with the Imps they split into though. Don't bother with plants which stun, slow, freeze or burn this zombie, or anything like that. It's even immune to hypnosis, so basically ANY Status Effect is useless, all your plants can do is damage it and block it while it eats them.


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